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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 2.04: Shiika Part 3

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Shiika Part 3

The three of them that had finally escaped Akamaki City, were now peeping at a building on the border of Higano City.

“So what if there’s people there? SEPB won’t check places like these!”

“T-That’s not the only problem! Just thinking that people might see us is already… It’s definitely a better idea to look for an empty house to stay overnight at than this, definitely!”

“Eh---I don’t want that! Shiika-tan you also don’t want to stay in such a cold place right?

“M-Mmm…Yea…But, uhm…”

“Stop wasting our time, let’s go ---!”

Being pushed by Ubuki, Shiika and Yuu stepped into the building.

“W-What are you doing, Ubuki-san!”


“Stop greeting us like you’re the staff here!”

“Ah look, the sign says the counter is right over there!~”

“T-There shouldn’t be anyone here right? We’ve been trying to look for places where there’s no one around, so obviously there wouldn’t be anyone here but still… E-Eh, how does this works?”

“Ah, this room looks so big! Awesome, there’s even underwear vending machine in here. Here I go! Press~!”

“Ahh! That room is expensive! I’ve told you many times that we needa pick a cheaper ---“

“Uhm…guys…someone is coming…”

“Kyaa---! We have to go! Hurry!”

The three of them ran for the elevators, and headed toward the room written on the key that they received.

When they saw a couple in the hallway, Shiika and Yuu pressed against the wall and moved out of the way.

“Hey, are you guys in love?”

“S-Stop messing around, Ubuki-san!”

The three of them entered the target room, however, despite entering the room, the noisiness still continued.

“Okay, listen up! Because of this room, our funding has shrunk dramatically. Hence, we’re only taking a short break here! We don’t have much time left, and not to mention we can’t afford to pay extra for staying any longer---“

“Shiika-tan, you want a drink?”

“U-Ubuki-san! Don’t open the fridge without asking! I told you we don’t have that much ---“


“Kya!!! Shiika-san, y-you can’t! TV, t-turn it off! You can’t watch that kind of stuff!”

“Ohh, this tastes good, one more bottle~”

“I told you already you can’t open the fridge!!”

By the time they arrived at Higano City from flying under the bridge, it was already evening.

In the end, they listened to Ubuki’s suggestion and concluded that --- it was too dangerous to move at night, so they should move tomorrow morning. Not to mention, the three of them were very tired already, hence they were planning on using their remaining bit of money to spend a night at a hotel. However, it was not like they could just find a random hotel.

They were looking for a hotel that fit their special criteria. And since this hotel was self-service, even if there were just three teenage girls like them, they wouldn’t be suspected by anyone.

Although the appearance of the hotel was rather old on the surface, its interior was decorated very aesthetically. Within the room, there was a king-sized bed, a TV and a refrigerator.

“I’m going to use the shower first! Here Shiika-tan, help me hold onto this.”

Ubuki handed her necklace to the blushing Shiika who had just turned off the TV.

“This is something very important to me, don’t lose it! Oh, perhaps you guys wanna come with me? I’ll take good care of you~~”

“O-Of course not! And what do you mean by “taking good care of us”?!”

The one who replied first was Yuu.

“Something very important…”

Shiika gazed at the necklace she was holding in her hands. The ring that was hanging at the tip of the silver necklace was shining brightly from the reflection of the light.

“Is it some kind of gift from your boyfriend?”

Yuu asked in a mischievous tone, which Ubuki nodded in response:

“Kya--- don’t say that, I’ll be embarrassed!”

“Eh?! Really?!”

“Ubuki you actually have a lover…?”

“One that got killed by SEPB that is.”

The Ubuki who took off her sweater blurted that line out bluntly.

Both Shiika and Yuu were stunned by this, and turned to look at Ubuki at once.


“Just kidding! This necklace… how should I put it… Well, it’s something like a remnant of my hometown! After all, everything else was burned up.”

Ubuki spoke in a casual tone as she removed her clothes one after another. After taking off her headscarf, burn marks could be seen on her exposed forehead.

“W-Why are you taking your clothes off here?! Please go to the bathroom and undress there!”

“Comon, what’s the big deal~? A wordy kid like you should be taken away with force! Come, let’s gooo~”

“W-What! Wait, stop! I told you I’m not going to shower with you already didn’t ---”

Just like that, Yuu was taken away by the naked Ubuki without even getting a chance to fight back. Shortly after, the sound of them shouting at each other could be heard coming from the bathroom.

The Shiika who was left behind gazed at the necklace in her hands.

--- “If I were to obtain that freedom, then there would really be nothing left of me!”

Shiika suddenly recalled the words Ubuki had said.


She silently held the necklace against her chest.

After taking their showers, the three of them immediately plunged into the quilt. Because of the fact that there was only one bed, they had to sleep side by side, with Yuu stuck in the middle.

Perhaps they were too tired; the three of them didn't talk anymore and immediately fell asleep.

Giving in to the drowsiness willingly, Shiika quietly fell asleep.

And after who-knows-how-long had passed, a weak sound caused her to open her heavy eyelids slightly.

There was a figure moving in her vision.

It was Ubuki.

The slender teenage girl, who’d been in her underwear when she’d crawled into bed, had already dressed up. Ubuki walked closer toward the hanger, furtively doing something that Shiika couldn’t see.


From the pocket of Yuu’s clothes, Ubuki quietly took out a CD with both hands. She then turned around to look in the direction of the bed.

Shiika hurriedly closed her eyes; she could feel Ubuki gazing at the sleeping Yuu and her.

By the time Shiika reopened her eyes, she only caught a glimpse of Ubuki walking out of the room. Ubuki was holding her long coat and goggles in her arms.

--- Ubuki…?


Shiika quietly got off the bed and dressed up, trying to follow Ubuki, who had left the room.

But by the time she walked out into the hallway, Ubuki had already disappeared.

She looked around anxiously, only to find out that the door leading to the emergency exit stairway at the end of the hallway up ahead was slightly opened; Shiika then jogged towards the direction of the door.

It seemed like it was closed to sunrise outside; the ray of dawn shined brightly against Shiika when she opened the door.

Upon seeing Ubuki sitting on the emergency exit’s stairway with her back facing her, Shiika instinctually hid behind the door.

In front of Shiika, Ubuki put on her goggles. Accompanied by the sound of air being released on the side of the goggles, which was the spot above her ear, an elongated slot appeared. Ubuki inserted the CD into the slot.


For a period of time, Ubuki stayed where she was, not moving in the slightest.

After several dozens of minutes had passed, the CD was ejected from the goggles, yet Ubuki still didn’t move at all. Even though Shiika knew something was wrong, upon seeing Ubuki’s trembling shoulders, she could only hold her breath and watch.

“--- I will definitely kill you…”

Ubuki’s sudden words, spoken in a suppressed, low voice, caused Shiika’s heart to skip a beat.

“That woman…I will definitely use my own hands to make her suffer the pain of living hell! Why is she doing these kinds of things?! I-I can’t believe that (Centi) was the real one... But if so, doesn’t that make Shiika-tan… Just how long do you want Mushitsuki to sacrifice their lives for you until you’re satisfied?!---“

Ubuki muttered angrily, which caused the scared Shiika to take a few steps back. And it was then that Shiika’s feet touched the door, making a slight noise.


Ubuki immediately turned around stunned as she held onto the CD and took off her goggles.

“Did you think I was going to run away like this, Shiika-tan?”

The Ubuki who turned her head around, showed a threatening smile.

“Don’t worry! I still have a lot of things waiting for Shiika-tan you to help me finish! I won’t run away, and I won’t let you go either!”

Being pressured by Ubuki’s strange manner, Shiika curled up her body.


“What is it?”

“What exactly are you…trying to do? What is it that you want me to help you do?”

“About that, I can’t tell you right now… But…”

Ubuki grabbed Shiika’s wrist. Her tight grip caused Shiika to lock her brows.

“Don’t forget, the one that saved Shiika-tan was me! After you obtain the thing you requested, you have to follow what I said according to our promise!”


“Where’s your answer? It should be “Yes, I understand”, right?”

“If I listen to you, would that make you feel better?”

Facing Shiika’s question, Ubuki instantly became stunned.

“The thing you said about the necklace was true, right? The things you’re trying to do, if they are revenge or retaliation, I…”

Before Shiika could finish, Ubuki brutally pushed Shiika against the wall.

“What are you trying to say?!”

Ubuki suddenly changed into a raged expression, and glared at Shiika.

“You’re telling me that you’re not gonna listen to me? If so, then this little game of escape is over! I’ll disclose our whereabouts to SEPB, and drag you along with me!”

“But, things like revenge ---“

“What do you even know?!! Have you seen the scene of your family being burned in front of you, the scene when the person you loved the most was being burned alive, and the scene when everything you held dear was being turned into ashes?! Tell me, have you seen anything like that?! Shiika-tan you’re different from me; it’s because you’re strong that you’re saying these kind of nice things with such ease! Someone that’s as dumb and weak as me, what do you want me to ---!”

“There was once a person that thinks just like you…only wants to use evil against evil!”

Shiika could not endure it and raised her voice. This caused Ubuki to stop immediately; it was the first time Ubuki had seen Shiika shouting after all.

“But, that person… she died…!”

Recalling her memories, Shiika shed tears one after another. The teenage girl, who had also said similar words to Ubuki’s, had disappeared in front of Shiika in a blink of an eye.

“Rina she…s-she died…!”

Ubuki showed a startled look, but immediately locked her brows.

“Even if I were to die, it has nothing to do with Shiika-tan! A Hishu level one ranked like you would never understand.”

“I don’t want to see those that had forgotten their dreams and are suffering painfully for the sake of revenge anymore…… There actually isn’t any Mushitsuki that’s strong…”

Shiika raised her head to gaze at Ubuki.

Just at that instant, Shiika noticed the eyes of the slender teenage girl suddenly lost their luster and became void. However, Ubuki immediately shook her head left and right as if she had come back to her senses right after.


Shiika knew exactly what this symptom was.

It can’t be wrong… It’s the symptom when one’s dream is about to be devoured completely by their (Mushi)!


Ubuki slapped away the hand of Shiika who was trying to support her.

“It’s already too late! These past three years, I’ve been dying to take revenge against that woman every single day! My hands…can no longer hold onto anything else! I can no longer take back anything with these hands anymore! That’s why, I’m going to strangle that woman with these hands! These hands only exist to take the life of that woman!”

Ubuki, who was filled with rage, brutally grabbed Shiika, yet Shiika gently placed her hands on top of Ubuki’s hands.

“I’m not strong at all… Compared to you, I’m probably a lot weaker…”

“That’s not true! If I were to be as strong as you…!”

“That’s why…When I do this, I’ll be able to feel at ease… When I touch someone’s hand, I would be slightly relieved…because I’ve always been alone… Just by touching your hands right now, would make me feel at ease!”

Ubuki’s eyes were starting to waver from being shaken.

“Your hands, should only exist to do this…”


The headscarf teenage girl felt her vision began to distort slightly. In Shiika’s eyes, she probably had an expression close to tears.


Ubuki lowered her head and shouted:

“Don’t touch my hands!”

She forcefully pushed Shiika away, and turned away. As if she was protecting the hands that were just touched by Shiika, she squeezed her hands tightly against her chest.

“Shiika-tan, you also wanted to take it away from me...? If I were to lose this feeling… if I were to lose this hatred then… Don’t take it away! Stop depriving things from me anymore!”


The Ubuki that was holding her hands, curling up her back trembling, seemed just like a terrified kid.

Coming from behind Ubuki, Shiika hugged her arms around her. Upon being embraced by Shiika, Ubuki’s body flinched.

“…Why did you guys have to be there under that bridge…?”

Ubuki asked with a whisper:

“Why did you guys wait for me… Even without me, Shiika-tan you should be able…”

“I’m not telling you!”

Shiika imitated Ubuki’s manner of speaking and replied.

Even though she was surprised, Ubuki immediately pouted her lips:

“Stop copying me!”

“It was probably because… I felt I need to see you again.”

Ubuki widened her eyes.

“Because you saved me, that’s why I wanted to go to Ouka City with you. If it were only Yuu and I… we would get caught immediately.”

Ubuki spaced out for a while. But shortly after, she showed a weak smile.

“Let me remind you of this first! Shiika-tan you’re still my slave! Don’t forget that!”


“Of course Yuu-tan too! But for Shiika-tan… I guess I’ll treat you as a slave that’s a little bit higher in status than Yuu-tan.”

“Should I say…thanks…?”

Just when Shiika was tilting her head to the side, a shout suddenly came from the other side of the emergency exit.

“Shiika-san! Ubuki-san! Where are you?!”

It was Yuu’s voice.

Shiika and Ubuki poked their head out from behind the door, and saw Yuu circling around anxiously, looking around.

“Where did you guys go?! The CD is gone… Don’t tell me you guys are gonna leave me like this…!”

Yuu immediately slumped onto the ground.

“Why did you guys go without saying anything?! Didn’t I say I would try to not become a burden to you guys… Didn’t Shiika-san say we’re gonna go to Ouka City together…?! W-Why…Why did you guys left me behind…! Uuwaaa!”

Yuu began to cry out loud, causing the surrounding tenants to come out of their rooms to see what was going on.

“You idiots! Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot! I hate Shiika-san and Ubuki-san the most! You jerks!”

“…This looks fun, why don’t we watch this for a while?”

Shiika ignored Ubuki’s suggestion. She just wanted to return to Yuu’s side immediately and make her feel at ease ---

“Ubuki-san you idiot! Shiika-san you ecchi!”

The Shiika, who was about to stand up, stopped moving upon hearing this.

“She should be referring to the incident when Shiika-tan you turned on the AV Video right?... Can’t believe someone like you would actually do something like that, I guess it’s true when it comes to the saying that one can’t judge a book by its cover… Aha… Just kidding… don’t show that kind of scary face….”



Just like that, Yuu’s crying voice continued all the way until the sun rose.

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