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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 2.03: Ubuki Part 3

Tada~ Here's her past that some of you been looking forward to ^^


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Ubuki Part 3

Aoharima Island was an island with a population of no more than 300 people.

Ubuki, who was born on Aoharima Island, had lived with nature ever since she was little.

Her father was a fisherman. Almost all of the residents of Aoharima Island were either fishermen or farmers at that time, in addition to a few public service facilities.

Her mother seemed to have come from outside of the island. As to how her parents met, no matter who she asked, no one would answer her.

When Ubuki was still in her mother's belly, her father died from an accident when he went out fishing. Shortly after, her mother passed away after giving birth to Ubuki due to an illness.

However, Ubuki did not suffer a lonely childhood due to this.

Aside from Ubuki, there were three other children on the island that shared similar situations and had become orphans. They all lived together in a welfare agency. Among the four non-blood related siblings, Ubuki was the youngest. Ubuki was raised and milk-fed by her older brothers and sisters. Although she often argued with her older siblings, it was always the stubborn Ubuki who won in the end. The smallest Ubuki was often spoiled by her brothers and sisters as well.

Ubuki was neither discriminated nor bullied by her classmates. Because the school only had a few dozen students, everyone had to get along with each other. But thinking back on it now, it must've been because of her older siblings' merits right? It was because they were always so well-behaved and helpful, that other people were willing to stand the vexatious Ubuki.

Ubuki was particularly fond of Aoharima Island’s summer; the warm yet cool climate, and the fresh sea. Due to the fact that there were no beaches on the island, there weren’t any visitors that came to sightsee. However, if one were to climb up the hills, they could catch a glance of the island, the fishing boats nearby, and the ocean as a whole.

I want to stay on this island forever ---

It was natural that Ubuki would have such a dream. Although many residents wanted to leave the island and go out to see the world, Ubuki was not interested in the slightest by the world outside of Aoharima Island.

The first encounter between Ubuki and (Sensei) happened during Ubuki's first year of Junior High.

After taking her usual stroll up the hill, she saw a young man standing directly in front of her. His messy hair was being blown by the gentle breeze. She originally thought that he was a hobo, but after thinking carefully, she concluded that a hobo wouldn't possibly take a ship and travel to a deserted island such as this right?

“What are you doing?”

Ubuki walked closer to the unsuspecting young man and sat next to him.

“I’m looking for beautiful dreams…”

The young man didn’t seem surprised by the sudden visitor; instead he lowered his head to look at Ubuki, and smiled:

“How about you? What are you doing here?”

Ubuki was unhappy upon being asked. Since this place was her favorite spot, she didn’t want to be disturbed by a sudden interloper like this.

“I’m looking for beautiful wind and sea!”

Imitating the young man’s words, Ubuki replied. The young man immediately smiled wryly:

“Is that so… Am I bothering you then?”

“Mhm, you’re an eyesore.”

“…Aha… Would it be better if I apologize to you?”

“Mhm, apologize to me.”

“I’m sorry…”


“I wish to stay here a little longer, can I?”


“…You’re really harsh eh…”

The young man scratched his head; it didn’t seem like he intended to leave any time soon. Perhaps, he wanted to tease Ubuki? He suddenly turned around and gazed straight at Ubuki with a mischievous expression.

“It’d be best if you stay away from me!”


“Because I… will eat the dreams of those around me!”


“…Just Oho, that’s it? Is that all you have to say?”

The young man was a new doctor sent over by the mainland and he resided in the clinic of one of the public facilities.

Although the islanders were very kind to those that were born on the island, they were downright cold toward foreigners. Aside from his patients, he was never seen with any other people outside of the clinic. Ubuki was probably the only one that would go and chill with him during free time.

“Good afternoon, (Sensei).”

Of course, the young man had a name, but for some reason Ubuki only called him by “Sensei”.

“Ah, a flower! Why is there a flower here?”

“A patient gave it to what I would like to say, but I actually found it on the hill. Aha~”

“So pretty~ How come flowers are so pretty?”

“That’s because they want you to look at them!”


“Just kidding, they actually don’t want people to look at them…”

“…Then what is it?”

“Well, that’s their scheme; to make you to take an interest in them, so that you can help them transport pollen.”

“…I’m getting more and more confused about what you are trying to say!”

“In other words, the flower has no consciousness of itself. If it were to say this is their scheme, then I wouldn’t need to worry about this when picking flowers,”

(Sensei) gazed at Ubuki while saying that. Ubuki, who completely did not understand a word he just said, was tilting her head and pondering:

"It's because (Sensei) always says these kinds of hard to understand things that you aren't able to get along with the other people here!"

In response to Ubuki’s remark, (Sensei) replied with a smile.

“That’s okay. I’m fine being just like this.”

A few months after (Sensei) arrived at the island, Ubuki obtained another little secret.

It was about a strange raven dragonfly-creature that appeared around her all the time.

This insect-like creature gave Ubuki the ability to fly in the sky. Although Ubuki didn’t understand what was going on, she knew that this was abnormal. Hence she didn’t mention this to her big brothers and sisters, as well as (Sensei), because she didn’t want them to be scared of her.

Maybe later…I should go ask (Sensei) about this. He probably knows what this thing is; since (Sensei) is knowledgeable about everything! If it's him, I guess I won’t mind sharing this secret …

One day, (Sensei) suddenly gave Ubuki a necklace. It was a platinum-made necklace with a small golden ring attached at its tip.

“What’s this?”

“This was given to me by my… previous precious person… I’m giving it to you right now.”

“You sure?...”

“Yes, I hope that you can accept it…. No, I think you should have it.”

“…Thank you.”

Ubuki was sure…that was the first time she had fallen in love with someone.

She vowed in her chest that she would cherish the necklace forever.

"I hope that one day, you'll be able to use this for those that you hold dear. That way, this should be able to show you many beautiful dreams."

“No, never! I’m going to hold onto it forever!~”

The young man gazed straight at the blushing Ubuki with an eased expression. The usual stress that always enveloped him seemed to have lessened because of this.

And then, the incident happened the next day.

Ubuki could never forget the scene that happened at that time; not in her entire life.

--- The island that Ubuki grew up on was burning.

Without any warning, the incident just suddenly happened.

A raging fire enveloped the whole island.

As if they were alive, the roaring flames instantly engulfed the house where Ubuki and her siblings lived. Ubuki's big brothers and sisters all tried to save Ubuki, up until the very last moment before the flames engulfed them. Ubuki, who was pushed out of the house, could only sit there and gaze dumbfounded as the scene unfolded. It took her a while before she understood that, if she were to sit there and not move, she too would be caught in the inferno. Ubuki then suddenly remembered (Sensei) and started to run decadently towards the clinic.

Running through the streets that felt as if one were running through hell, the clinic where she finally arrived at was also the same; the scorching temperature was so high that one couldn’t even get close.

Ubuki tried to convince herself that (Sensei) was fine, and flew into the sky. This was not the time to worry about concealing her (Mushi). If she were to look from her favorite spot at the top of the hill, she may be able to find some survivors.

However, the scene that she finally saw on that hill only pushed her into a deeper despair.

Everything was burning.

Ubuki’s school, the clinic, the ports…everything was engulfed by the flames.

Within her head, the image of (Sensei) being burned alive by the flames flashed through.


The island that she grew up on, and the happiness that she thought would continue on forever, were gradually being turned into ashes.

I wanted to say on this island forever ---

Ubuki’s dream was also slowly fading away in front of her.

It was then that a woman appeared next to the crying Ubuki.

“I finally found you… My lovely child.”

She was the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau’s vice director --- Miguruma Yaeko.

The woman who could blind everything with her “Chain of Smile”.

It was later that Ubuki would find out... that the tragedy that befell Aoharima Island was registered into the files as an outburst of the past head director. As to the reason why they burned down the entirety of the island, even Ubuki who was involved in the incident, was still unable to find out. But according to rumors, it seemed that one of "The Original Three" had been hiding on the island at the time. The fact that Ubuki became a Mushitsuki was the best evidence.

The one with the alias of (Sanbikime) seemed to be a prototype Mushi that was capable of giving birth to Fusion type Mushitsuki. Due to the fact that there were so few Fusion type Mushitsuki being born, and the fact that those who became Fusion types didn't even know who turned them into Mushitsuki in the first place... it was extremely difficult to lock down the identity of (Sanbikime).

“You will forgive me right? Since I love you this much…”

Yaeko hugged Ubuki as she said that.

Ubuki's body trembled as she felt terrified from her smile.

She could never forget what she vowed on that instant in her life.

I must take revenge… 

Against the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau that deprived her of her older brothers and sisters.

And against… Miguruma Yaeko --- who deprived her of her precious person, (Sensei).

I'm going to make all of them taste the same pain that everyone had to go through. I'll laugh as I witness them!— witness their figures struggling in pain from the torment of hell.

--- Since the day she lost her dream, this wish had become the only thing that drove her to live on.

“I’m the only one around right now. But if you’re planning to run away, don’t blame me if I call others!”

(Kasuou) was sitting on the tip of a pile of wasted cars, grinning.

Black mist could be seen enveloping the blonde teenage girl. That fog of mist was her (Mushi)’s true form. It was capable of blocking external attacks, or turning into giant sharp claws to attack enemies; a weapon capable of both offense and defense. Even though (Kasuou) was thrown wholly into the ground by Ubuki earlier, she didn’t even have a scratch on her.

“So you wanted to see me that much huh?! I feel like I’ve fallen for you already, but setting that aside for now, how did you know I was going to come out from here?”

The raven dragonfly descended onto the injured Ubuki, and instantly turned into black tentacles in order to fuse together with her as one. However, due to the overwhelming fatigue, the movement of the pair of wings was slower than usual.

“Look at your leg!”

Ubuki heeded (Kasuou)’s words and looked at her right leg. Black mist could be seen wrapping around the wounds that were inflicted by (Kasuou) from earlier.

“That’s a part of my (Mushi). As long as I don’t dismiss it, I would be able to grasp your whereabouts no matter where you go.”

“Hmm… Is that so, really convenient huh.”

“Well, I guess I should at least ask before I kill you, do you have the CD?”

Facing (Kasuou)’s question, Ubuki felt stunned once again.

She had suspected this since long ago, if the mission was just recapturing a small fry like Ubuki, then the entire operation was too big to begin with. Everything was for the sake of reclaiming the CD that Yuu was holding after all.

However, Ubuki had never thought that she would be questioned about the whereabouts of the CD first.

“So to you guys…the CD was more important than the whereabouts of Shiika-tan…? (Kasuou)-tan…is that it?”

Ubuki asked in a hard-to-believe tone.

"Yuu-tan did say that she got it directly from (Centi), but I didn't believe in her at all. Because (Centi) had already become a Fallen hadn't he?... So there's no way— But...if that person was the real one then—"

“I haven't the slightest interest in that.”

(Kasuou) replied emotionlessly and continued:

“The mission I received is --- to capture the guy named (Centi), and retrieve the CD. It doesn’t matter if that guy is the real deal or not, to me at least.”

An order that was issued to a high-ranked member like (Kasuou), and was even prioritized higher than the recapture of (Fuyuhotaru).

--- It seems like that CD is something much more dangerous than I’ve ever imagined…

Ubuki readjusted her knowledge upon hearing those words.

The CD that Yuu was holding seemed to have a value of the same level, or maybe even higher than (Fuyuhotaru).

“Hehe, I have the CD on me!”

Ubuki immediately tried to deceive (Kasuou), yet she remained unmoved.

“Whether the words you just said were true or not, I haven't the slightest intention of believing in them. After I've killed you, I'll do a body search anyway.”

“Iya~, (Kasuou)-tan you ecchi~”

Right after saying that Ubuki couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, thinking that the words that she just said were pretty idiotic. (Kasuou) seemed to have entered her serious fighting mode, and ignored Ubuki’s perverted jokes.

Upon (Kasuou)'s face, who was overlooking Ubuki, a smile emerged. A twisted smile from the happiness and joy that came from the bottom of her heart, which made it seem as if she had gone insane.

"To be honest, I was really looking forward to it... Even though I didn't get to join the battle of Hashiba City two months ago, this should make up for it... A mission of a higher priority than the recapture of (Fuyuhotaru)... Do you even understand what it means?... It means that another war, even greater than any of the ones that have ever happened before, is going to erupt!"

Ubuki displayed a wry smile:

“(Kasuou)-tan you really like to fight huh?”

“Yea, I fucking love it! The reason why I came to the Central Headquarters was because there are more opportunities to fight here than anywhere else.”

“I hate fighting the most… I would be very happy so long as I could fly over the sky on that island…”

Ubuki suddenly recalled the pristine blue sky of Aoharima Island. During fair weather, the sea would flash brightly like a sapphire. Being able to fly in between the sun and the sea was the greatest, most irreplaceable joy Ubuki could ever have.

“It’s because you keep saying these kinds of naïve words that you lost your hometown!”

(Kasuou) leapt straight down from the mountain of trashed cars at once.

“Weaklings…shouldn’t complain a bit when their stuff is taken away from them, even if that means their own lives!”

“Ahaha, (Kasuou)-tan, you mean you’re going to take away my life as well now?”

Ubuki raised her brows.

“Don't you think…what you guys have taken away from me is enough?! (Kasuou)!!!”

(Kasuou)’s countless claws swung straight down from above Ubuki.

Ubuki instantly fled to her side and dodged the attack. When (Kasuou) landed onto the ground, she immediately released more claws to chase after her. Ubuki hurriedly soared towards the sky, trying to get away from her reach.

“I’m tired of seeing your back already!”

The sharp claws, one by one, pierced the surrounding wasted cars before lifting them up.


In front of Ubuki who turned to look at the ground, numerous cars had already appeared.


Ubuki was unable to completely dodge them all; her shoulder was hit by a small passenger car. She lost her balance in the air, and began to fall towards the ground.

(Kasuou) seemed to have thrown the cars, which her claws had pierced, at her. Although Ubuki was aware of her strength, she had never thought that she was this strong.

The instant before Ubuki was about to crash into the ground, she managed to recover her balance.

However, (Kasuou)’s claws immediately followed.

Although Ubuki narrowly dodged the incoming attacks, she was gradually being surrounded by the claws. She had already entered (Kasuou)’s attack range, if she were to turn her back on (Kasuou) or make even one careless mistake; she would instantly be pierced by the claws.

Ubuki took a chance and extended the tentacles behind her back, using them to grab onto a car door that had fallen nearby, and threw it at (Kasuou). However, the fog of mist surrounding (Kasuou) effortlessly reflected the door away. Even the attacker Ubuki herself found it too amusing to even call it an “attack”.

The Kashu level three ranked (Kasuou), against the no-rank Ubuki; the difference in strength between the two was so obvious that one could tell at a glance.

“If you listen to me and stay still, I will not torture you. I’ll make sure to finish you off with one hit!”

Ubuki clearly understood that because of her overwhelmed fatigue and injuries, her movement had become much slower.

--- (Sensei), I’m not going to die like this!

Ubuki forcibly bit her lips to a point where blood could be seen oozing out.

Why am I…so weak?

Through the past 3 years…the ever increasing hatred and anger that were stored within her, and the resentment of not being able to get revenge for her hometown; she had to endure all those simply because she was too weak.

--- (Sensei), I want strength… I really want to be become stronger!

Sent flying by (Kasuou)’s claw, Ubuki fell into a roll on the ground. Her body crashed into a hill made of trashed cars, causing her to momentarily having difficulty breathing.


“Haa…Haa… Despite you being unranked garbage, you actually gave me tons of fun!”

(Kasuou) walked closer to the fallen Ubuki.

In her view, that was becoming blurred due to the fatigue and pain, she caught a glimpse of (Kasuou)’s smile. Behind Ubuki, a giant hoist crane could be seen.



(Kasuou) stopped the action of lifting up her claws.

“Now that I think about it, we’ve known each other for quite a long time already… As friends, could you help me fulfill my last wish?”

The blonde teenage girl became silent as if she was pondering about Ubuki’s sudden words.

"I don't recall when I became friends with you. But... if you have any last words, I guess I will listen to them."

“My hometown…the one who burned the Aoharima Island…who is it? I only knew it was that woman that gave the order… Weren’t you, (Kasuou)-tan, also on the island when it happened…?”

“…I don’t know. I was still a member of the East Central Division at that time. I only went to that island as support because they told me I could fight all I want…”

“Is that so…”

“I also have one last question to ask you.”

The smile disappeared from the blonde teenage girl’s expression.

“Assisting (Fuyuhotaru) to escape, and helping that brat with the CD… What exactly are you planning to do? Where are you planning to go?”

“……You still don’t understand?”

“For revenge?”

(Kasuou)’s expression darkened. She bit her lips, as if she was pondering about something.

“…It’s still not too late. Tell me the whereabouts of (Fuyuhotaru) and the CD, and then flee to Ouka City! Vice director wouldn't chase after a no-rank like you. Once you arrive at the East Central Division, they would most likely be willing to hide you, I can also ask (Kakkou) to ---“

“(Kasuou)-tan you’re pretty kind eh… but you’re the only one that’s naïve……”

Under the goggles, Ubuki distorted her expression as she squeezed all her strength into her clenching fists.

“That woman probably didn’t even give a fuck about me at all… That’s the point that pisses me off the most!”

Above them came the sound of metal scrubbing against each other.


(Kasuou) immediately raised her head to look above.

At the tip of the wasted cars’ mountain, the car that was hooked by the hoister crane was swaying towards the edge.

Taking the advantage of the instant the blonde teenage girl was distracted, Ubuki flew to the side with full speed.

--- The tentacle that extended from Ubuki’s back, stretched along the ground towards the hoister crane.

During the time of their conversation, Ubuki extended and stretched her tentacle bit by bit along the ground so that (Kasuou) wouldn’t notice. The tentacle that was stretched to its limit was climbing the wire, reaching all the way to the tip of the hook.

Ubuki’s tentacle used the hook and the wire of the hoister crane, in order to move the trashed car that was at the top of the mountain.


The trashed car crashed into the ground; the figure of the blonde teenage girl was covered completely by the rusty car body.

The sudden quake caused the mountain of wasted cars nearby to lose balance, which resulted in a big landslide; great amounts of cars flooded the location the blonde teenage girl stood on within seconds.


Ubuki stood on the ground, panting heavily as her tentacle returned to its original length.

After the dust had settled down, the abandoned car factory returned to its quiet atmosphere once again.


Showing a smile, Ubuki stayed rooted to the ground, dumbfounded.

“If even this doesn’t work… What else can I do…?”

The mist that wrapped around the wound on Ubuki’s right leg did not disappear.

“You know that very well, don’t you (Karasu)?”

A claw that emerged from the pile sent all of the surrounding wasted cars flying.

--- And then, the figure of the unscathed (Kasuou) appeared.

"Before I even knew it, you've already become worthy of being called a fighter... I won't go easy or be careless with you anymore, I'll defeat you with my full strength.”

Ubuki squeezed out the rest of her strength and flew to the sky, before charging straight at (Kasuou) at full speed.


Claws stormed at her like rain drops.

Ubuki spun her body to perform an emergency rotation, narrowly dodging the incoming claws one by one. When she flew past (Kasuou), she used her tentacles to grab onto the blonde teenage girl along with the cloud of mist surrounding her.

Taking (Kasuou) along with her, Ubuki soared faster and higher into the sky.

“It’s no use! No matter how high you drop me, I’ll be fine!”

Ubuki ignored the teenage girl’s warning, and soared higher towards the clouds.

(Kasuou) created numerous sharp claws with her mist in the air to aim at Ubuki.


However, Ubuki continued to dodge the claws with wide-angle turns. The claws that were swaying left and right could not lock on properly to their target, causing (Kasuou) to suck her teeth angrily.

Ubuki continued to accelerate higher into the sky.


And faster.


By the time (Kasuou) changed her expression, they already reached the attitude where they could touch the clouds merely by reaching their hands outward.

“…You…bastard! Don’t tell…me you’re trying…to…!”

After realizing Ubuki’s purpose, (Kasuou) desperately swung her black sharp claws. The tip of the claw grazed Ubuki’s leg, causing a sharp pain to ache against Ubuki. However, Ubuki didn’t stop.

She continued to soar higher into the sky.

Faster, and faster.

--- “You… flew so fast… and stopped all of sudden… my breathing… ahh… my head also feels rushed …!”

Those were the words that Yuu had said. After hearing that, Ubuki muttered and pondered about it before she fell asleep that day.

“You gotta…be kidding me! I won’t…lose…to anyone…!”

(Kasuou)’s shouting was gradually becoming weaker and weaker.

After breaking through the clouds, Ubuki’s vision turned completely white.

At the same time her consciousness was also becoming more and more blurred.

Her body was feeling weaker and weaker, as the whiteness in front of her slowly eroded by darkness.

And then, what Ubuki saw --- was the same illusion as always.

In the pitch-black darkness, she herself that was reaching her hands forward. Trying desperately to hold onto something in the middle of this darkness, yet her hands could never grasp anything.

--- I can no longer obtain anything…can no longer take back anything…

After the illusion flashed through, Ubuki’s speed began to slow down.

Under the strong glare of sunlight, transparent tears began to ooze through the gaps of the shining goggles.

--- I already knew such things… But I’m not smart… I just couldn’t think of any other better ways… (Sensei) …


After a few minutes, Ubuki descended onto the ground.

She released the unconscious (Kasuou), who had become motionless, from the grip of her tentacles.

Due to the side-effect of constant acceleration, the rate of blood flowing toward one’s brain would become much slower, which in the end would result in a symptom known as “Blackout”. This symptom was known to often occur among jet pilots.

Ubuki gazed down at the unconscious (Kasuou). The mist that wrapped around her leg before had disappeared the instant the blonde teenage girl lost her consciousness.

(Kasuou) was one of the people that happened to be on Aoharima Island 3 years ago, doing this to her might have fulfilled a part of her revenge.

Yet Ubuki couldn’t feel anything; not only did she not feel a sense of fulfillment from achieving her revenge, she couldn’t even feel the slightest bit of joy from defeating a high-ranked member.

She didn’t utter a word, and merely held onto the pendant hanging in front of her chest.

Looking at (Kasuou), she couldn’t help but suddenly feel very sorrowful.

Ubuki then turned around, and left the blonde teenage girl. The raven dragonfly de-fused from her body.

“Hehe, I beat (Kasuou)-tan, (Sensei)…”

Trudging her body covered with wounds, Ubuki left the abandoned car factory.

“I’m amazing right?... Even I couldn’t believe it myself…”

Amidst the hoarse murmurs, a faint sobbing could be heard mixed along. Her following words were covered by the sound of a train passing by her.

“…(Sensei), come praise me……(Sensei)…”

During these past 3 years, Ubuki thought she had already gotten used to loneliness.

She thought that the pain of losing those precious to her, had finally alleviated.

And instead, the desire for vengeance had grown stronger day by day.

--- Those were what she thought was happening to her, but she was wrong.

“I want to…go back…go back to the island… I don’t want to fight anymore… want to go back to the island where Onii and Onee, and (Sensei) are at…”

Through the past 3 years, Ubuki had not changed the slightest.

The never-ending homesickness and loneliness had pushed her into an infinite solitude. This sadness was so painful that it was unbearable; she even began to have thoughts that revenge didn’t matter anymore.

Her legs naturally moved towards a certain place.

She herself clearly understood that there won’t be anyone there; she already knew…that there wouldn’t be anyone waiting for her anymore.

But even so, she had no other choice. Because there were no other places she could go anymore, there were no other places she could go back to anymore.

By the time she reached the bridge that connected to Higano City, the sun had already been dyed red.

Gazing at the ships floating above the water, Ubuki walked down the stairways beneath the bridge. There weren't any signs of people on the riverbank.

Ubuki’s body was gradually losing strength as her consciousness began to become blurred again… Was it because of the fact that her (Mushi) had devoured too much of her dream?

“Ahaha…… Is this where I’m going to end…?”

She already knew that there wasn't anyone waiting for her.

And just when Ubuki was about to give in and collapse ---

“I-Is she going to come, Shiika-san?… She might have already gotten finished off by (Kasuou), or …”

“Don’t worry, Ubuki will definitely come.”

“You have been repeating that same line over and over… P-Perhaps, Ubuki-san has already abandoned us…”


“W-Why did you stop talking?! You have to deny what I just said, Shiika-san!”

Ubuki widened her eyes, these voice were definitely not her delusions.

Focusing her gaze at the shade beneath the bridge, on the other side of a wall made out of cardboard boxes, two heads could be seen moving.

Strength began to return to Ubuki’s body as the fragments of her dream began to restore within her.

--- (Sensei)…

Ubuki lowered her head, before forming a smile on her face.

--- It looks like it’s still too early for me to die…..

Ubuki then suddenly raised her head.


Ubuki roared out loud, causing the two heads over at the cardboard boxes to flinch.

“(Kasuou)-sama is here~! I’m going to eat you all!~”

Shiika and Yuu poked their heads out. Upon seeing Ubuki, they showed smiles filled with relief, but Yuu immediately turned around with a slightly angry expression.

“Ubuki! You were okay…!”

“I-I had originally wanted to go ahead! But Shiika-san said…that we made a promise to go to Ouka City together, and wouldn’t listen… to me…”

“Ubuki, are you hurt?!”

“It’s nothing to worry about, It will heal by itself really soon! Putting that aside, I’m hungry!~ Yuu-tan buy something for me to eat!”


“What’s wrong, Yuu-tan?”

“U-Uhm…I-I will try my best to not to be a burden to you guys! So please ---”

Ubuki showed a smile. If it weren’t for Yuu’s words, she could have never won against (Kasuou) right?

“Yuu-tan you’re not a burden!”

“So please don’t --- Ehhh?”

“Putting that aside, I want to eat steak or BBQ! Yuu-tan go buy meat, I want meat!”

“W-We don’t have any extra money for meat!”


“Shiika-san! Stop making that kind of looking-forward-to-it expression!”

Underneath the bridge that was colored by the rays of sunset, the riot between the three teenage girls continued for a while.

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