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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 1.03: Ubuki Part 1

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Akios, Skat



Ubuki Part 1

Surrounded by darkness ---

Whenever she used the power of her (Mushi) to fly, this scenery would always emerge in her mind.

Was it due to the fact that her dream had already been burned out long ago, that caused her to see that kind of illusion?

Surrounded by darkness.

The only thing she could see was pitch darkness.

She stretched her hands into the darkness.

As if she was searching for something; as if she was seeking something.

However, she was unsure of what she was supposed to hold onto with her hands anymore.

In the dimension dominated by the darkness, Ubuki desperately tried to look for something; tried to hold onto something.

However, in the end… Her hands eventually vanished into the darkness, and disappeared.

Indescribable despair and sorrow gripped her heart tightly.

Although it was always the same illusion, and always the same ending, it was the pain, only that pain that she could never get used to.


At that moment, the familiar illusion suddenly disappeared.

After escaping from (Kasuou), Ubuki flew at high - speed through the narrow alleys. She used her arms to carry (Fuyuhotaru), while two tentacles grabbed onto the other teenage girl.



Making a turn, Shiika and the teenage girl behind Ubuki screamed while wheezing heavily.

Ubuki then raised her head towards the sky, while maintaining her balance with her rapidly vibrating wings. Her vision, which was enhanced by the fusion with her (Mushi), could clearly see the (Mushi) herds that were flying high in the night sky.

Those were the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau’s reinforcements. If she were to raise her altitude any higher, she would definitely be spotted.

With no other options, Ubuki made an emergency stop and flew closer to a window of some two-story building, with the intent to hide. The building seemed to be an abandoned store, and a hole could be seen through the middle of the dust-laden windows.


She released a tentacle which was wrapped around Yuu and reached it towards the window; after drilling through the gap, it opened the window from within.

“Hide, hide!! Before the scary enemies find us first, hurry up and hide!”

Shiika and the bespectacled teenage girl jumped into the building through the window, and immediately sat down on the floor.

This caused the dust to scatter, and made the two of them cough. The three of them were soaking wet from the heavy rain, from head to toe.

Ubuki hurriedly closed the window, and stood alert to the situation outside. It was still raining heavily outside.

Finally safely escaped from (Kasuou)-tan. Even though (Kasuou)-tan is almost invisible during battles, her movement speed is extremely slow. As long as we don't face her directly, then we should be able to shake her pursuit.

“Okay! Phew, that was a really close one there… Eh, what’s wrong with you two?”

Ubuki tilted her head, and gazed at the other two that were close to passing out on the floor.

“You… flew so fast… and stopped so suddenly… my breathing… ahh… I feel a rush in my head …!”

The teenage girl complained to Ubuki, while panting heavily.

Even though they just met, this teenage girl, who was wearing extremely befitting honor-student looking glasses; looked nothing more than a normal junior high student in Ubuki’s eyes.

“Uhm… A-Are you okay?...”

Shiika who was also feeling unwell, reached her hand towards the teenage girl, trying to comfort her.

But ---


Shiika watched, as the teenage girl who was frozen stiff, suddenly hug her book bag and immediately move back against the wall.


Upon seeing the teenage girl’s reaction, Shiika showed a sorrowful expression.

“W-What exactly are you guys……?!”

“Hey, that’s my line! Do you know how hard I worked to successfully get Shiika-tan out of the Headquarters?! It's all because of you, that we were found by (Kasuou)-tan; onee-san was so scared that I felt like my life span had been shortened by a good several years!”

Ubuki complained while un-fusing her (Mushi) from her body. The goggles and the long coat had returned to their original states, and the tentacles that de-fused from her body turned into a raven dragonfly. [TL: Real name is Chlorogomphus brunneus (カラスヤンマ/Karasu Yanma), since that real name is too long… I will be using raven dragonfly for the nickname.]

“A-Are you guys … really Mushitsuki…?”

“Can’t you tell just by looking --- Oh right, Shiika-tan, so you can do it when you really try huh?! I can’t believe that piece of tiny snowflake could have such unbelievable power!”

Although Ubuki was praising Shiika, Shiika lowered her head with a sorrowful expression.

Today was the first time Ubuki witnessed the strength of a level one ranked Mushitsuki, and it was far more destructive than what she had imagined.

It seemed that the incident caused by (Fuyuhotaru) four years ago, which pushed the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau to the brink of destruction, was real after all.

I won’t let go anymore ---

Ubuki gazed straight at Shiika.

I have finally obtained, the power that I can use for vengeance against that woman ---

I've waited more than 3 years for this day. Acting obedient under the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, and being treated like trash… Even so, I still gritted my teeth, and now the opportunity has finally come!

(Sensei), just you wait and see… This time, I’ll definitely make that woman have a taste of what it felt like on that day ---!

Ubuki gently placed her hand on her chest, and felt a tiny and hard metallic sensation beneath the long coat.


The teenage girl, that was fully alert just a second ago, sounded a cry as if she remembered something.

“T-That’s right…! Lady!”


Shiika looked at the teenage girl surprisedly.

“Do you guys know that person called (Ladybird)? Where is she right now…?”

“I know her… but…”

It was Shiika that replied, and Ubuki immediately nodded her head and followed:

“Yea, Shiika-tan used to stay with (Mushibane) for a while!”

“Because Rina is my friend.”

Shiika bit her lips.

“Then, can you please tell me…… Where is that person right now…?”

“Rina she ---“

“Wait a second, Shiika-tan.”

Ubuki used her hand to cover Shiika’s mouth. The glasses teenage girl frowned.

“If you want us to tell you, then you should first tell us everything that you know. Although, judging by your appearance, you don’t seem to be a Mushitsuki; why would a normal human like you… be chased down by (Kasuou)?”

“That’s because…”

The teenage girl stuttered, thinking about what to say.

(Kasuou) was known as one of the strongest members ofthe Headquarters. There’s gotta be a serious reason why this teenage girl was hunted down by her. That was why Ubuki decided to save this teenage girl. The secret that this teenage girl holds, perhaps, might become her trump card to use against the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau.

“You two… are not the allied with the girl from before right…?”

“You mean (Kasuou)-tan? If we were comrades, then we wouldn’t have been attacked nor would we save you, would we?”

Perhaps according to the teenage girl's rationale, all the Mushitsuki were grouped as enemies?

In society these days, thinking as such was probably the most correct way. Mushitsuki were nothing more than existences on the same level as monsters. But even so, Ubuki still felt it was hard to accept being feared so blatantly by someone. She pondered whether or not to just snatch the CD that the girl was holding in her hands and kick her out of there. However, Shiika suddenly intervened in between their gazes.

“I think it is normal for you to be afraid of us. Even I’m afraid of myself.”


“But if you know something related to Rina, I hope you can tell me. Because Rina is my only friend.”

The bespectacled teenage girl looked at Shiika with a troubled look, before shifting her gaze at Ubuki’s direction.



Ubuki suddenly made a scary pose, causing the teenage girl to immediately scream and curl up like a small animal with a terrified expression.


Shiika immediately scolded her.

The bespectacled teenage girl seemed to have recognized Shiika as someone on her side. She moved closer to Shiika, while hiding away from Ubuki, before telling what had happened.

The teenage girl --- Ebina Yuu, encountered a Fallen known as (Centi) on her way home from cram school. His last words were recorded in the goggles that he stole from (Kasuou). According to the contents of the message, the CD seemed to hold some majorly important Intel. Aside from the person named (Ladybird), absolutely no one else should see it. Yuu followed his will, took the CD and ran away ---

Ubuki, who listened to her story from the beginning to the end, honestly stated her opinion.

“Yuu-tan you seriously are a big idiot!”


“Because of a stranger that you chanced upon, you ended up being hunted down by the SEPB. That kind of thing… Shouldn’t you just pretend like you didn’t see anything and walk away? There’s gotta be a limit to your goody-goodiness!”

Yuu was speechless for a moment, before arguing back desperately with flushed cheeks:

“Of course I know that! I don’t even understand why I did that, myself! But… B-But, that’s the only thing I could’ve done! I have already heard… that person… that person called (Centi)’s voice!”

“So what if you heard him? Did that guy have a hypnosis ability or something?”

“No, it’s not that! Not like that! That person… For the sake of the person called (Ladybird)… For her sake… H-He…”

"Also, let me tell you something. It's impossible for Yuu-tan to encounter the person called (Centi)! (Centi) was the captain of the (Mushibane)'s bodyguard squad, and he's already been turned into a Fallen by (Kakkou) two months ago. He should currently be accommodated in the Central Headquarters' F building!"

According to the Intel that Ubuki had gathered, there was only one person that had ever awakened from the Fallen state.

And that person was Anmoto Shiika.

Shiika was very special, that's why she was so valuable. She was someone that both the SEPB and the (Mushibane) had been dying to obtain; even if they had to destroy countless streets for her— the one and only trump card.

"That guy may have truly turned into a Fallen, but he could never have been (Centi) for sure! Are you sure he wasn't lying to you.?"

“T-There’s no way he would've lied to me! That person really was……!”

Just then, Shiika walked closer and blocked the astonished Ubuki.

“Thank you.”

Yuu gazed straight at Shiika with a surprised expression. Shiika’s hands touched Yuu’s hands that were holding the CD disk.

"Although I don't know who (Centi) is... I believe that, to him, both this disk and Rina were very important. I have also experienced that sort of situation before so I know... the lonely and sad feelings, the instant when dreams are about to disappear... It could make people feel scared— as if they would disappear just like that... and also... would make a person want to leave their will behind to someone..."

Shiika gazed straight back Yuu with a smile.

“So thank you, thank you for accepting his last will.”


Yuu, who couldn’t hold on anymore, covered her sobbing face with her hands. Soon, large amounts of tears began to overflow.

She leaned her head against Shiika’s chest, and cried as loud as she could. After experiencing this series of unfortunate events, Yuu must have pushed herself till now right?

The emotions that she had been suppressing within burst out without holding back.


Ubuki scratched her head, and looked to the side. The scene of the two of them hugging each together, made Ubuki feel somewhat unpleasant.

--- (Sensei)… Why do I feel so irritated…?

“Sorry… for hiding from you guys earlier……”

After crying, Yuu wiped her tears while apologizing to Shiika.

“I-It’s fine.”

After Yuu had calmed down, Shiika was the first one to move back. In Ubuki’s eyes, it seemed like Shiika was the one that was more afraid of the other party. Although she had just met Shiika not so long ago, she could tell that Shiika probably wasn’t good at being with others.

“I’m Anmoto Shiika.”


“And me, Shirakashi Ubuki!”

Ubuki called out her name, while taking off her goggles and long coat. Both her hair and the head scarf wrapped on her head were soaking wet. The sweater inside the long coat was sticking onto her body, showing her stylish figure.

“I’m currently a beautiful, amazing, blossoming 16 years old! Yea~~”

While Ubuki put up a victory sign, Shiika let out a surprised sound:


“What’s wrong, Shiika-tan?”

“Uhm… I’m… also 16 years old…”


Both Ubuki and Yuu gasped at the same time.

“So you two were same age huh?... That’s really unexpected……”

“Ahaha, I didn’t know we were the same age! Okay, I’ll specially permit Shiika-tan to call me Ubuki directly!”

Ubuki lifted her head high and puffed her chest out while saying so; this however, caused Shiika to lower her head in embarrassment with blushed cheeks.

“How about you, Yuu-tan? 3 years old?”

“I’m already 14 years old!”

“Oh is that so…. Well, just give me that CD, and get going then!”

“Huh… W-What, I have to give this to that person called (Ladybird)---”

“But she’s not here anymore. (Ladybird) died already.”


Yuu gazed dumbfounded at Ubuki, before shifting to Shiika.


Shiika pinched her lips, and turned around. Shiika’s silence had indirectly proven Ubuki’s words.

Yuu’s gaze slowly fell onto the ground. With a light sound, the CD that she was holding in her hands fell onto the floor.

“She… died…?”

Yuu muttered weakly. The CD that she had been protecting with her life till now was actually meaningless. Ironically, the person that she needed to deliver it to wasn’t even in this world anymore. She probably suffered from quite an impact right?

“It happened around the time when (Centi) himself became a Fallen… It was probably around two months ago! The beautiful princess, (Ladybird), blew up the whole Hashiba City along with dozens of SEPB members, and then died, the end.”

Shiika stared at Ubuki who was summarizing with an indifferent tone, but Ubuki didn’t care the slightest. She lowered her body, and reached her hand toward the CD disk next to the stunned Yuu’s feet.

“I can’t believe that guy could actually defeat that kind of monster… As a fellow Fusion type Mushitsuki, I have to admit he is really something, that (Kakkou)…”


Yuu suddenly widened her eyes and snatched back the CD disk before Ubuki could reach it.

“…What’s the meaning of this? What else do you want to know, brat?”

Ubuki immediately removed the smile on her face, and closed up on Yuu with a serious expression.


Yuu moved back, and held tightly onto the CD.

“Is there someone named (Kakkou)?”

“What about (Kakkou)-kun?...”

Shiika moved closer. Yuu averted Ubuki’s gaze, and turned to face Shiika.

“That guy also said… Aside from (Ladybird), (Kakkou) can also see it… I think… No, he had indeed said that!”

“Yuu-tan, your words are filled with contradictions, you know? Even if that guy was the real (Centi) himself, why would he ever have wanted to give something so important to the enemy that turned him into a Fallen? Giving it to the enemy --- that killed his most important master? Not to mention, (Kakkou) is a Mushitsuki that’s even more cold-blooded, and evil than (Kasuou)-tan ---“

“He is not like that!”

Ubuki gasped.

Shiika was looking straight at Ubuki, her tone completely different as if her timid figure from before was just an illusion. She was clearly defending (Kakkou).

“(Kakkou)-kun didn’t kill Rina. Because he told me, he couldn’t save Rina……”

Ubuki was defeated by Shiika’s aura; however, she immediately frowned and replied:

“Although I didn’t witness the actual scene of (Kakkou) defeating both (Centi) and (Ladybird) myself… But Shiika-tan, do you understand the meaning of the words that you just said? The reason why you were captured by the SEPB, wasn’t it because of him? Even if it’s not like that, wasn’t it because of that demon that you were turned into Fallen four years ago?”

“(Kakkou)-kun he… is also my friend.”

The words Shiika said caused Ubuki to become speechless. Ubuki even doubted if the teenage girl in front of her had gone insane or not.

That demon is her friend? The person who had turned her into a Fallen, and recaptured her after she had reawakened, she called him a friend?

“(Kakkou)-kun and Rina are friends who harbor the same dream. That’s why that person called (Centi) would say that; I can understand. If it’s (Kakkou)-kun, for Rina’s sake he would probably …”

“Okay, S-Stop for a second there… The words that you've said are just too simulating, I feel like my head is about to spin… Shiika-tan, could you please be quiet for a moment? Ah, as for Yuu-tan…”

Ubuki reached her hand toward Yuu.

“I won’t hurt you, but can you give me that? It shouldn’t be anything important anyway.”


Yuu held tightly onto the CD, and shook her head hard left and right.

“To be honest, even if you gave that thing to that demon, nothing good can come of it. In fact, he may just turn you over to (Kasuou)-tan with a “Here, for you”. According to rumors, they used to be on good terms when they were in the same branch.”

However, Yuu still shook her head.

“… There’s no way a midget like you could deliver it to (Kakkou). It would be difficult enough to just get out of Akamaki city alone. Not to mention, people like (Kasuou)-tan are currently looking for your whereabouts! Do you think this city is even close to the Ouka City where (Kakkou) is situated?”

Yuu continued to shake her head. Upon hearing the name of (Kasuou), her tears began to burst once again.

“Okay okay, I got it! I’ll help you give it to (Kakkou). I’m Yuu-tan’s life savior, of course you would believe in me right?”

Yuu still shook her head --- This caused Ubuki to reach the limits of her patience immediately.

“Okay, forget it.”

Ubuki approached Yuu, however, Shiika blocked her path; this caused Ubuki to show a displeased expression.

“… Shiika-tan, what’s the meaning of this? All in all, I’m also your life savior!”

“W-What are you planning to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I'm going to take the CD, and say bye bye to Yuu-tan. The one I’m protecting is you, who is coveted by the SEPB— not Yuu-tan. A person who doesn’t even believe in their life savior … Isn’t that kind of person the worst of all?”


Yuu suddenly realized her stance, and bit her lips.

“Of course, Shiika-tan you can support this girl as much as you want, but do you think you can afford to take the responsibility?”


“The responsibility if this girl were to die. How’s that? Can you afford to take it?”

Shiika stood speechless, while Yuu shouted with a desperate expression:

“I won’t die! I don’t want to die…!”

“There’s no proof that you won’t die! If you don’t want to die, then give up the CD disk!”

“Why do I have to go through this… T-Today… I was supposed be home by now, after I sent an email to Chie, I would've start practicing and reviewing my homework…!”

“Mhm, you should just go do that, that’s why ---“

“B-But, I can’t! I have to do this…!”

Yuu cried as she shouted that.

Ubuki honestly couldn’t understand --- She was clearly terrified, not to mention she didn’t even understand the reason she’d done this in the first place, why was Yuu still so insistent?

Was it because Shiika’s gaze encouraged her? But honestly, the things Shiika said were also a mess. She actually said (Kakkou) was her friend, and even defended Yuu who she just met for the first time.

Ubuki’s displeasure reached its boiling point, causing her to stare straight at the two petite teenage girls.

“I still have to go get the thing that Shiika-tan wants, and then do a very important thing after that. I don’t have any time to waste with kids like you!”

“The thing I want is… the drawing that Rina had left behind…”

Shiika spoke.

“It should still be in the Ouka City… In the Ouka East High School’s art classroom…”


Ubuki this time was really speechless.

“Ubuki also saved me for a reason right? It’s okay, no matter what you say, I’ll listen to you… As long as I can find that drawing Rina left behind…”

Ubuki suddenly felt the darkness of despair envelop her completely.

This means, we have to go to Ouka City?

From Akamaki City where the Headquarters was situated to the Ouka City where the East Central Division was situated; just how many enemies would be in their way? How difficult would this whole journey be? Just imagining it would make one feel despair enough.

Ubuki suddenly felt an urge to roar out load, and beat the crap out of the two in front over her, and make them listen to her. Especially Shiika, she was the main motivation behind her actions, that's why she decided to escape from the Central Headquarters. She actually didn't care in the slightest, about the situation Shiika was going through.

But the weak Ubuki couldn't do anything like beating them up and forcing them to listen to her. If she were to do that, there's a chance that Shiika might rebel and retaliate. Or she may just outright leave Ubuki.

She definitely had to avoid that kind of situation at all cost, since she had finally obtained this tremendous power after going through so much trouble.


Ubuki angrily grinded her teeth:

"Listen up, there is a flying force currently guarding the skies over Akamaki City, so we can't fly. Even if we were to take public transportation, there will definitely be a scuffle along the way, so that's a no no as well. There's at the very least, a small combat squad situated around each district of the city. Strong Mushitsuki like (Kasuou)-tan are everywhere, there are(Mushi) that can see objects from a few kilometers away, and there also exist (Mushi) that are very sensitive to smells. There're absolutely no blind spots in the sky or on the ground. Just escaping from Akamaki City alone is dangerous enough— and you want us to pass through the neighboring Higano City, and travel to Ouka City?"

Upon hearing Ubuki’s analysis, Shiika and Yuu’s expressions changed.

“And also, the CD Yuu-tan is holding --- For the sake of protecting confidential Intel, the SEPB always uses discs that easily to deteriorate, and designed it as such that the data within will corrupt in 3 days. Take a look, there should numbers written on it.”


Yuu looked at the CD. On the transparent case that she held in her hand, a small series of numbers could be seen engraved onto it.

“That’s today’s date, so that means… The disk was recorded right before Yuu-tan took it from him. The data inside will most likely disappear around afternoon or evening 3 days from now at the latest!”

Ubuki stared at Shiika.

--- Give it up!

Escaping from Akamaki City under the Central Headquarters’ watch, then passing through Higano City that’s still under their control, and then finally arriving at the Ouka City. A journey that has enemies no matter where you look; and you want to arrive within three days, that’s definitely impossible!

Just give up! ---

For the sake of telling Shiika to say that line, Ubuki stared at Shiika as hard as she could.

“Let’s go, to Ouka City.”

Oh My *beep* God!

Ubuki was so close from shouting that line out loud.

Ignoring Ubuki who was clenching her fists, Yuu looked at Shiika happily.

--- I should have never saved her!

Ubuki regretted the fact that she saved Yuu from the bottom of her heart. If it weren’t for her, at least there wouldn’t be a 3 day time limit.

But in return, Shiika said she would listen to whatever Ubuki said.

Then, Ubuki could only believe in these words. To the weak Ubuki, there weren’t any other options.

“Okay, fine! I got it!... Let’s go to the Ouka City then!”

Ubuki’s line caused both Shiika and Yuu to sparkle with joy.

I will have to find a way and send Shiika to the Ouka City. And as for the CD in Yuu’s hand, I’ll just have to snatch it when the opportunity arises. 

(Fuyuhotaru) is currently standing on her side; no matter what kind of strong enemies they encounter, as long as she’s here, they will definitely be able to break through.

(Sensei), I’ll take revenge for everyone really soon… !

Right now was the time to make up her mind. As long as they could safely arrive at the Ouka City, Ubuki’s wish would also come true.

“But in return, I also have a request.”

Ubuki smiled as she said that:

“From now on, the two of you belong to me! I’ll take good care of you!”

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