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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 1.02: Yuu Part 2

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Akios, Skat

Version: 2.01


Yuu Part 2

Hibino Kazufusa’s turbid eyes gazed straight at Yuu.

Yuu gulped down her breath as she tightly clenched onto the CD in her hand.

Within the eyes of the teenage boy which could not reflect anything — what exactly was he trying to tell Yuu?

Yuu understood what the teenage boy wished for.

“N-No… That’s impossible…”

Yuu shook her head, and took a step back.

“I don’t even know who that (Ladybird) person is… Not to mention, this matter involves Mushitsuki…”

The teenage boy had become like this all for the sake of delivering the CD to the person named (Ladybird)— and now, someone known as (Kasuou) was coveting this disk; furthermore, it seemed that the police were on their side as well.

“Aside from Lady… No one else can see it…”

From the goggles that were being beat by the raindrops, the teenage boy’s voice rang again.

This was undoubtedly (Centi)’s “Last Words”.

Yuu swung her head to one side.

This is just too sly of you ---!

Yuu cursed at the teenage boy before her within her heart.

The emotions that she hated the most: uneasiness and fear. She was nothing more than an ordinary junior high student... who liked working hard for her education, and was scheduled to graduate to a senior in two months. She would smoothly get admitted into (What her friends stated as, "Average") Ouka East High School, and live a quiet three-year high school life. As for the university entrance exam that came after that, she planned to work hard in order to prepare for it as well. Of course, her top choice would most likely be some run-of-the-mill university that she could get into without even trying—

"Your lack of response means you're beat doesn't it? (Centi)! I...(Kasuou)-sama... shall immediately send you to heaven— Oi, go contact (C)! Tell her to transmit this bastard's location to my spare goggles—"

(Kasuou) roared loudly. Her ending statements seemed to be directed towards the people around her.

“I’m going to tear you to pieces, (Centi)!”

“Want to… fight together… with Lady once more…”

The two voices that came from the goggles were fighting against each other inside Yuu’s head.


--- Within Yuu’s heart, some sort of string snapped.


Stepping over the puddle on the ground, Yuu picked up the goggles. She held the CD and the goggles in her arms, and ran away from the scene.

Even though her whole body was beat by the furious rain, Yuu still ran through the narrow alley at full speed. However, directly before the exit of the main road, she suddenly stopped.

I can’t go out to conspicuous places, (Kasuou) said… the police was on their side.

Yuu held back her frightened tears, turned around, and ran back into the narrow dark alleys. How could she still analyze so clearly even though her mind was in a mess? She calmly thought about it somewhere within her head.

--- Where should I go? Who is (Kasuou)? And where is this (Ladybird) person?...

So scared, so scared, so scared.

Why was she running?

Up until now, Yuu had always been very prudent. During P.E. class, she definitely did not do anything that could cause her to become injured. Even if there was something that she suddenly wanted, she still saved the previous month's pocket money and never dared to spend it.

Don’t understand! I don’t understand myself anymore!

Yuu's heart was beating violently. Even though she clearly felt the fear of being hunted, she still managed to recall the map of Akamaki City, where she had been living up till now.

First… I need to stay calm! The place where I won’t be found out that easily is ……

The first place that came to mind was the park along the shortcut leading from the cram school to the national highway. Even though she might pass by that location in the morning, she wouldn't usually go anywhere near there during this time of day. However... that place was the only place which she could think of at that moment.



From the goggles came the teenage boy’s voice. Yuu’s heart, as if it wanted to break out from her body, beat furiously against her chest.

“P-Please stop talking! Everything is all your fault---“

Suddenly, Yuu subconsciously came to a halt, and noticed that some of her front hair was dancing in the air.

Accompanied by the sound of air being ripped apart, the ground cracked before her.


Yuu gasped as her whole body stood dumbfounded.

An unknown black object flashed across her view and blocked her path. If she hadn't stopped at that instant she would, most likely, had gotten pierced by it and turned into a human skewer, wouldn't she?

“Eh…? What…!”

When Yuu came back to her scenes, she had already started running. But because she crashed into a pole with her shoulder, she kneeled on the ground.

“Yo, you dropped something, midget.”

In front of Yuu, who turned her head around, an abnormal monster appeared.

There were no other adjectives which could describe it. Amidst the quiet alley, was a mist-like "Thing". A part of the mist extended outwards, before forming into a claw-like shape halfway. But it wasn't any ordinary claw; it was a gigantic sharp claw that was almost the same size as Yuu. The voice just now, originated from within the mist.

After the sound of a hard object falling onto the ground, an object rolled to Yuu's feet.

It was her cell phone— the phone that she dropped next to the teenage boy, and forgot to take back. From the looks of its shattered LCD screen, it was probably already broken.

“Who are you? (Mushibane)’s comrades?”

A familiar high-pitched voice suddenly came again from the mist; it was the voice of the shouting (Kasuou) that Yuu had heard before, from the goggles.

The startled Yuu shook her head left and right desperately. Due to the overwhelming fear, she couldn’t even sound a word.

"Well, it doesn't matter. Be a good kid and hand that thing over... You have it right? Did (Centi) ask you to deliver it?"

Yuu shook her head once again.

“Oi, listen up! I asked you two questions, one is whether you have the disk or not, and the other one is are you (Centi)’s comrade or not. You only shook your head, how the fuck would I know what you mean?”

However, Yuu was still shaking her head.

“…If so… Ok, let’s switch to a much simpler method.”

(Kasuou) shouted impatiently:

“Just go die, brat!”

Before (Kasuou) shouted this line, Yuu had already dashed toward the opposite direction of the mist. Her body that was unable to move due to fear before, was now running desperately on instinct.

The sound of destruction came from behind Yuu. Countless claws that derived from the center of the mist began to wriggle like spiders, and charge straight at her.

The walls of the surrounding buildings were crumbling from its devastation, and the surrounding wire poles snapped in half; the broken wires were sparking blue and white lightning in the midair.

“W-What?! What was that? What the hell is going on???!!!”

Monster, monster, monster.

This word filled the mind of Yuu who was currently running desperately.

T-That … is the (Mushi)…? 

The creatures, that only existed in rumors till now, was now flying over Yuu’s head. She had always thought that it was merely a rumor. But if it really existed, it would definitely be ranked as first in the list of things that Yuu absolutely didn’t want to see in her life.

And now, Yuu just wanted to run away from this terrifying existence as soon as possible, even her destination didn’t seem to matter to her anymore.

The mist's speed didn't seem to be as quick as Yuu thought it would be. By the time Yuu had escaped the labyrinth-like narrow alleys, there wasn't a single trace of the mist. Should she consider herself lucky? Or was this just a tiny piece of happiness, which could bring a person to tears; amongst this series of misfortune...

Yuu immediately hid behind a wire pole that was a distance away from the inclined street ahead.

What should I do?!…… this place will definitely be found very soon! And then that claw will… !

The rationale that she was barely sustaining seemed to have reached its limits. The Yuu now couldn’t even perceive the simple logic that her hiding place was too damn exposed.

I’m going to get killed…! I’m going to get killed right here…!

Irresistible trembling was coming from within her body.

Just then, the sound of someone talking suddenly came from her side.

“…Hoo, let’s take a break right here. That was really tiring…”

Yuu originally thought (Kasuou) appeared, and was so scared that she almost had a heart attack— only to find out that it was a completely different tone than (Kasuou).

“A-Are… you okay?”

“Seriously, it was all because of (Fuyuhotaru)-tan wouldn’t help me! Onee-san I had to work extra hard okay?!”

“Uhm, Shiika… I’m Anmoto Shiika.”

Yuu walked back into the alley fully alarmed.

There wasn’t anyone when I passed by before… Where they came from?

The streetlights illuminated the duo’s figures.

The two of them appeared to be taking shelter from the rain in front of a closed restaurant. It was a petite teenage girl, and a tall slender figure who wore strange white garments. Judging from the voices, the fully white attired figure should also be female.


Just when Yuu was about to call them for help, she immediately stopped. It was because she noticed the goggles that were covering the female’s face, and became stunned.

Those goggles were exactly the same as the ones that were in Yuu's hands. Concerning the long coat that the woman was wearing— it was some strange design that Yuu had never seen before.

Large belts could be seen wrapped throughout her body. Although Yuu didn’t know what kind of materials the coat was made from, she could at least deduce that it was completely waterproofed.

W-Why is that person wearing the same goggles? W-Who… is she? Enemy? Or a comrade?

Next to the Yuu who was in a chaos, the female’s voice continued on.

“It sure is unbelievable just from looking at you… Shiika-tan, are you seriously a level one ranked just like that (Ladybird)?”


Yuu’s body moved one step ahead of her mind, and dashed out from behind the wire pole.

The two people that were sheltering from the rain turned to look at Yuu’s direction.

As if she had completely forgotten about the doubts she just had, Yuu charged straight into the arms of the white attired figure.

“You know that person called (Ladybird)?! Please save me…! A b-black colored monster is chasing after me!”

“W-Wait, what?? Who are you?! I don’t understand a word that you just said!”

The goggles-wearing figure tilted her head to one side. The petite teenage girl next to her also seemed to be confused.

Just then, the sound of earth shaking came from behind Yuu.

“Don’t waste my time, you damn brat!”

By the time Yuu turned her head around, the mist-like monster had already appeared into her view.

Upon seeing the center of the mist which was illuminated by the streetlights; Yuu, this time, was truly pushed into the depths of despair. Rising amidst the black mist was a figure fully clad in white clothing.

Just as Yuu had expected from her voice, (Kasuou) was indeed a girl. She had beautiful shoulder-length blond hair, and a petite but curvaceous body. Although the large goggles covered half of her face, one could still see her sharp canine teeth through her slightly opened vivid lips.

That teenage girl was wearing a snow-white long coat.

Yuu then turned to face the tall slender figure that she just begged for help from. She was wearing the exact same coat as (Kasuou).

Yuu immediately slumped.

I’m doomed ---

This is the worst situation ever, why did I turn to enemy for help…

Yuu instantly lost the strength to run away.

“Wow --- Are you kidding me?”

However, the situation was different from what Yuu had imagined --- the two white-coat wearing figures didn’t attack Yuu.

Both of them were staring at each other, while Yuu was in the middle.

“This girl… she actually brought the person that I didn’t want to see the most here……”

“(Karasu)? Oi, I didn’t ask for support from your squad ---“

Trailing off midway, (Kasuou) became stunned upon seeing the petite teenage girl.


“Ahya, so you already knew what she looked like.”

“…Explain this at once, (Karasu)! Why is the Hishu level one ranked (Fuyuhotaru) here?!"


Something doesn’t seem right…

Yuu recovered to her calm state, and shifted her gaze at each of their expressions on the side.

“Uh… I received a top-secret task issued personally by the vice director: currently executing the mission to secretly transfer (Fuyuhotaru)!”

“Top-secret task? Rather than picking the Ishu level three ranked me, or other high ranking members, the vice director ordered you, a no-rank, to carry out the task? That’s really impressive……”

“This is just the result of my everyday diligent hard work!”

“What kind of bullshit are you trying to pull?! Stand there and don’t move, if you dare to move, I’ll immediately turn you into a limbless human stick.”

(Kasuou) warned with a low voice. Yuu saw (Karasu) was contritely biting her lips.

(Kasuou), however, did not immediately pursue (Karasu). Yuu noticed a slight confusion that flashed through the blond hair girl’s eyes, she seemed like she was unsure of what to do first… That’s what Yuu guessed.

And just then, a timid voice suddenly sounded and broke the heavy atmosphere.

The voice came from the petite teenage girl that had been quiet till now.

Her immature looked seemed very childish; to the point where others may become skeptical, if one were to say she was Yuu's classmate. She was looking at (Kasuou) with an innocent expression as if she hadn't the slightest idea of what was going on. Her extremely slender body figure gave an unreliable impression. In addition, Yuu also noticed that the clothing that the teenage girl wore, seemed very similar to the one that (Centi) wore.

“What are… you guys… ummm… doing? That girl, she just said “Save me”……”

The teenage girl questioned (Kasuou) as if she knew the answer.

“You be quiet. I don’t have any obligation to politely explain the current situation to you.”

After being angry yelled at, the teenage girl shrank her body.

Is she timid? Or perhaps just an air head? 

In the scene that was enveloped by a tense atmosphere, the teenage girl really stood out. She was exuding a strange yet tempting aura that make one could hardly avert their gaze from.

(Karasu) smiled once again.

“No, you noticed the key point, Shiika-tan.”

Shiika, that seemed to be the teenage girl’s name.

"(Kasuou)-tan seemed really troubled; as if she was unsure whether she should retrieve Shiika-tan first, or that girl! Why is that so? Perhaps that girl has something that is of the same value... or maybe something even more important than (Fuyuhotaru)? How is that possible!? How could there exist anything that is more important than the Hishu level one ranked Shiika-tan..."

“(Karasu), you bastard ---“

“For example… the thing that this little girl has been carefully holding since the beginning?”

Upon seeing (Kasuou)’s change of expression, (Karasu) grinned.

“Hey, you over there, where did you get those goggles?”

Being suddenly asked by (Karasu), Yuu gazed at the goggles in her hands before replying:

“T-There’s a man’s voice… said that he wanted to give this disk to Lady…”

Those were all Yuu could say for now, the rest of the words were stuck in her throat.

And then, the sound of someone clicking their tongue came, it was from (Kasuou).

“He used the recording function huh? That fucking bastard… makes this so much more troublesome for me… Hey, you! What did that guy say?!”

Upon being glared by (Kasuou), Yuu shrank her body while (Karasu) said with a smile.

“Ohh, I see! So only this girl knows the contents of the recording huh?! Shiika-tan.”

The slender-tall teenage girl turned to the Shiika who was next to her:

"Could you destroy those goggles for me? Because the members' equipment are considered confidential, the goggles were set so that the headquarters could detect their location and retrieve them, regardless of where they were lost. Even though my goggles' are only capable of the communication function, I can destroy them during my fusion... The goggles used by the highly ranked members on the other hand... Well, I don't know the exact details.”

Yuu immediately widened her eyes,

So that’s why (Kasuou) was able to find me so easily --- 

“B-But, this has… the last words of that person name (Centi).”

“The CD or the goggles, which one is more important?”

Upon being asked by that question, Yuu instinctively held the CD tighter. (Centi) fought for the sake of protecting this CD disk after all.

"So just discarding it is not good enough. If they aren't of the utmost importance, then they would be better off destroyed! No need to purposely leave any Intel that SEPB may want.”

“(Karasu), You bastard ---!”


“B-But… I…”

“It’s not the time for you to be stubborn again okay? If this keeps on, aside from Shiika-tan, this girl and I will both get killed. (Kasuou)-tan is merciless when it comes to that.”

(Karasu)’s words, caused Shiika to suddenly change her expression.

“I’ve decided… The first one will be you, (Karasu)… You’re the only eye sore that I need to wipe out first!”

(Kasuou) lifted one arm, and swung down the giant claw that had already materialized from the mist.

However, the claw immediately stopped.


At the space in between (Kasuou) and the trio, a white colored object gradually floated into the air.

Yuu gazed straight at the scene, almost forgetting what kind of situation she was supposed to be in.

The creature surrounded by the white aura was floating in midair; although it seemed similar to a firefly, a firefly in reality wouldn’t emit light throughout its body would it?

Its soft aura enveloped the surroundings.


A crystal clear voice rang out of nowhere as a bright light fell down from the sky amidst the heavy rain.

“[Just a little…]”

The glowing white snowflake fell onto the object on Yuu’s hand.

And in the next instant ---

As if it was being crumbled up like a piece of paper, the goggles in Yuu’s hand began to distort. Yuu who was shocked by this immediately threw out the goggles.

The aura enveloping the goggles came in contact with the ground, and made a loud sound as the ground began to crack.

With the destroyed goggles in the center, the ground concaved inwards. Countless cracks could be seen appearing onto the cement-paved road.

Walls, wire poles and buildings were, one after another, dragged into this endless whirlpool of destruction.

“… Stop, I-It’s enough…!”

Although the teenage girl cried out, the destruction did not end.

Underground pipes were being crushed from the pressure, causing water to spew out through the cracks of the road.


The cracks in the ground pulled the distance between (Kasuou) and the trio further away. (Kasuou)’s figure then disappeared beyond the splashing torrents.

“Gonna fly now! Hold on tight!”


Yuu’s body was suddenly wrapped by a black-cloth like object.

She turned her head around, and saw that (Karasu)’s appearance had dramatically changed. The originally white-colored garments had become a pair of black wings which stretched out from her back. The thing that wrapped around Yuu originated from behind (Karasu).

And then, Yuu flew into the night sky.

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