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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 1.01: Shiika Part 1

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Akios, Skat

Version: 2.01


Shiika Part 1

Shiika was standing still, surrounded by the sound of cluttered footsteps.

Many people walked past Shiika, who was hanging her head low.

A woman walked closer to Shiika; it seemed like she wanted to give Shiika a tissue sample.


Shiika still didn’t raise her head; her face was a bit pale.

Perhaps the tissue-handing woman had given up; she looked at Shiika for a bit before leaving.

Not so long after Shiika felt relieved, numerous teenager boys surrounded Shiika. They looked at the petite Shiika while talking amongst each other; she couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

Just then, one of the teenagers lowered his body and gazed at Shiika’s face.


Shiika’s shoulders trembled as she shrank her whole body.

There wasn’t anything reflected in the pupils of the teenager that was closing in on Shiika. Not only was Shiika’s figure not shown, there weren’t even a slightest reflection of light.

The voices of the teenagers could be heard coming from above Shiika.

Shiika pinched her lips, hoping that they would leave her alone soon.

Not a single passerby had turned their head around to look at Shiika since then. Everyone displayed lifeless expressions as they walked about like machine dolls. Although she could see the figures of middle-aged women chitchatting in front of her, their voices still came from above her head.

Within the range of her vision, the street extended all the way beyond the horizon.

However, Shiika was the only one alive in this scene. This street, that was filled with emotionless expressions, caused Shiika to recall the isolation facilities that accommodated her once before --- (Garden).

The street of Fallen --- (Garden).

The instant when Mushitsuki's (Mushi) were killed, they would lose all their emotions and memories, and become will-less empty shells that would only obey external commands—"Fallen". Mushitsuki were in fear of their dreams being devoured by their (Mushi), as well as becoming a Fallen should their (Mushi) ever be killed. After turning into a Fallen, (Mushitsuki) could never return to being normal— this was what everyone had believed up till now...

However, just a few months ago, an individual recovered from Fallen for the first time ever.


On top of Shiika’s clothing, which was a white colored one piece similar to the one that hospital patients wear, an insect appeared.

It was a snow white colored firefly. However, it was different compared to normal fireflies; its body was giving off a blue white aura.

The firefly spread its wings, in an attempt to take off, but was immediately stopped by Shiika’s hands.

I’m fine already……!

Shiika shouted desperately within herself. The firefly quietly stared at Shiika’s expression, before folding its wings.

Anmoto Shiika --- She was the first Mushitsuki ever to awaken from the Fallen status.

Several months ago, in order to compete for Shiika who’d just awakened, numerous intense battles had occurred. To Mushitsuki in general, Shiika was their only hope on how to revert from the Fallen status; hence they could not help but trigger a war to despoil Shiika.

There were two organizations that were involved in the war. One was the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau which disguised itself as an investigation agency to the public— But was actually a government top secret agency that deployed Mushitsuki to capture, isolate, and turn other Mushitsuki into the "Non-existent creatures" that they claimed them to be to the public.

The other organization was a rebel organization assembled by groups of Mushitsuki, the (Mushibane).

The result of the war was victory for the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau. A Mushitsuki codenamed (Kakkou), defeated the leader of (Mushibane), a teenage girl codenamed (Ladybird); and successfully captured Anmoto Shiika. (Mushibane), which had lost its leader, gradually fell apart from within; while Shiika was kept under the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau's surveillance.

These were the incidents that happened two months ago.

Shiika had once deprived many Mushitsuki of their dreams. Her power was just too overwhelming, even a momentary loss of control was enough to turn the surroundings into ruins.

“I’m not afraid anymore……”

Shiika raised her head, and gazed at the emotionless street.

I won’t run away anymore

If I were to run away, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill that promise that we made together.

Daisuke-kun ---

Shiika called the name of the teenage boy that was somewhere far away within her heart.


A sudden burst of light covered Shiika’s sight.

In front of Shiika’s squinting gaze, the street that was originally there had disappeared. It was as if everything that happened was just a dream; even the buildings and the crowds had also vanished without a trace.

The place where Shiika was situated now was a vast dome-shaped space.

The height of the ceiling was at least a few meters tall. Many lighting equipment and loud speakers could be seen hanging off the exposed metal framework. The sound of footsteps and conversations that she heard from before on the street must have originated from there.

Aside from Shiika, there wasn’t anything moving in this vast space that was as large as a baseball field. There were only complex mechanical devices connected with countless wires surrounding her in this space. The sound of an air-conditioning functioning came from above.

The white robed figures that brought Shiika here referred to this place as the “Isolation facilities”. Similar to the one of the East Central Division, this place as well was buried deep underground.

Just then, a tremor similar to an earthquake came from below Shiika.

The only access door of the isolation facilities began to slowly open. It seemed like a door that couldn’t be pushed open by merely human strength.

The white robed people must have come to pick her up right? This scene had been repeated over and over again for a whole month ever since Shiika was transferred here from the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau’s Headquarters.

However, Shiika’s expectation was wrong today.

The first one that stepped into the isolation facilities was a white-suit-wearing woman; a person that Shiika had never seen before.

After this woman, another suit-wearing slightly overweight man, and the usual robed figures followed directly behind.

In addition, there were a few other white-clothed figures wearing giant mechanical electronic goggles and heavy long coats which seemed to focus more on protection rather than agility; one could also see large belts wrapped around it.

“I finally get to meet you, (Fuyuhotaru).”

The woman that was leading ahead showed a smile, and moved her face closer to Shiika.

“I’m sorry. My myopia is pretty bad, but I dislike wearing glasses. So I can’t really see that well if I don’t move in this close… Come; let me take a closer look at you!”

The smiling woman moved her face closer.


Shiika frowned.

The woman that was closing in on her had a calm expression that would make one feel at ease. Her slender eyes and the mole beneath the corner of her eye made her really stand out. Her age should be around twenty five years old. Not only was the woman not afraid of Shiika, she even approached Shiika very affectionately.

In contrast to the woman, the attitudes of the figures behind her were obviously different. They were looking at Shiika with terrified gazes, while keeping a distance with the woman in front.

Because the woman had moved her face so close that one could even feel her breathing, Shiika could not help but move back in response.

The smile disappeared from the woman’s expression.


A burst of chills ran down Shiika’s spine.

There was only a short distance between them, yet the woman’s gaze immediately fixed onto Shiika. Shiika instantly stopped breathing as an unknown fear invaded her body. It felt as if invisible chains were crawling up her feet, freezing her in fear.

Within Shiika, who had experienced death quite a few times already, her instinct was sounding the strongest alarm ever.

This person is very dangerous ---

“It seems like I’m over doing it… It can’t be helped, we just met after all.”

The woman returned to her standing posture, and smiled once again.

“But you just don't know… don't know how much I love you.”

“V-Vice director, that should be enough right? Let’s go back to the monitor room and observe from there!”

The man next to the woman was speaking hurriedly as if the emotions that he stored within him had erupted. From the look he had from gazing at Shiika, one could clearly tell that he was terrified.

“Even if her appearance is no different from a normal girl, “She” is undoubtedly that Hishi level one ranked Mushitsuki! If there’s a mishap, who knows if this isolation facility would make it or not..!”

“Mishap? That’s impossible, Commissioner Inose.”


“Because from now on, she will also be in love with me.”

The woman gently hugged Shiika.

“Please forgive us for treating you as such, but everyone is doing this for your sake… Everything has to be done for the sake of releasing you from the shackles of (Mushi)…”

The woman’s gentle voice was ringing in Shiika’s ears, causing her awareness to disappear subconsciously.

“V-Vice director… She is a Mushitsuki ---“

“Do you have any doubts, Commissioner Inose?”

The woman turned her head around and smiled without hesitation:

“Do you doubt the love between us?”

A heavy silence immediately enveloped the whole isolation facility.

“No… I do not…”

Inose lowered his head, before finally squeezing out that line. A droplet of his sweat dripped onto the floor.

“Let’s get out of here, (Fuyuhotaru).”

The woman said so. The frightened Inose immediately interrupted:

“Y-You can’t, vice director!”

“Why not?”

“Although (Fuyuhotaru) is accommodated under the Headquarters, she’s a property shared by the whole Special Environmental Preservation Bureau! If we were to conduct level B or higher experiments, we need to first receive permissions from other branches, before applying for a permit from the head director. We should at least consult the head director that’s currently traveling abroad for advice before we do anything…”

"Isn't the best time to test us, the subordinates' abilities, precisely when he is not present? Isn't that right?"

“B-But ---“

“You also don't want to stay in a place like this right?”

The woman asked the Shiika. Shiika didn’t know what to say.

“See, she also said this place is too boring.”

The woman smiled once again.

“B-But… That……”

“What’s the progress of the experiment?”

“…… By sending the experimental variable to the three-dimensional image simulated living space, we have collected varying types of statistics and information. At our current stage, we still can’t allow her to go out in the real streets… After confirming her differences between a normal Mushitsuki, we will then move onto the next stage of the experiment ---“

“Please immediately prepare the transfer of (Fuyuhotaru). It shouldn’t be a problem right, experimental squad director?”

“Y-Yes! Eh, but… we… haven’t obtained all of the data yet…”

“I have to go now. Take care, my lovely child.”

The woman released the arms that were hugging Shiika, and used her hands to hold up Shiika’s cheeks.

“I’m Miguruma Yaeko, the vice director of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau. Remember that okay?!”

At a distance in front of Shiika’s nose, Yaeko slowly moved her lips:

“It’s Mi-gu-ru-ma Ya-e-ko. Got that?”

Yaeko was still smiling when she lightly kissed Shiika’s forehead.

“Let’s go, Commissioner Inose.”


Yaeko turned around and said:

“Next we’re going to inspect the condition of another level one ranked… How’s “Sleeping Beauty” doing?”

“S-Still the same, no response ---“

Shiika could hear the conversation between Yaeko and Inose as they left.

“Transfer (Fuyuhotaru) to Building F.”

After saying that line, the person in charge of the experiment left the isolation facilities in a hurry as well.

The only people that were left behind were the five white coat-wearing figures.

Shiika clenched her lips as she followed the instructions and moved forward.

It is fine; I can still bear with it ---

No matter where she was sent to, no matter what kinds of plights awaited her, she would endure it.

Because there was someone waiting for Shiika; someone that made her believe in those words from her heart.

This is actually nothing compared to the pain that you have suffered right, Rina…?

Within her heart, Shiika called for her dear friend.

Tachibana Rina --- also known as (Ladybird), the leader of (Mushibane), who passed away during the final battle of (Garden).

For the sake of creating a place where Mushitsuki could belong, Rina fought to her last breath by sacrificing all of her dreams as a tribute to her (Mushi). This teenage girl who would only cry in Shiika’s arms, how much pain had she suffered? No one knew.

Shiika then recalled the scene where she last saw Rina.

At the place where Rina left, where Shiika’s (Mushi) had gone berserk; the one “thing” that she saw.

Why didn’t I think of it till now?

She originally thought that “thing” had already been destroyed without a trace from her outbreak. But that might just be her assumption; perhaps that “thing” was still there.

Near the exit of the isolation facility, Shiika suddenly stopped walking.

The white coat-wearing figures were terrified as they immediately distanced themselves away from Shiika.

“W-What are you doing! If you want to resist then ---“

“I-I’m not planning on resisting. But, just that…”

Upon seeing the terrified expressions of the white coat wearing figures, Shiika re-acknowledged the danger of her existence once again.

“I want to have something.”

“……Something that you want?”

“Yea, no matter where you guys bring me to, I will not resist… So… Please…”

The white coat-wearing figures seemed to feel troubled by Shiika’s plea, and were whispering to each other quietly.

Shiika could hear them saying such things in their conversation: “Should we contact the vice director?”
“That’s why I said I didn’t want to come here!” “Why did the vice director have to pick such timing so as to come here when (Kasuou) and other high ranked members were not around?!”

“(Kasuou)-tan is not in the Headquarters right now?”

Suddenly, a sweet voice unfit to the current atmosphere sounded.

The owner of the voice stood all the way in the back, behind the white coat-wearing figures. In contrast to her child-like tone, she was rather tall. Aside from the goggles that she was wearing was a scarf which covered her head.

“Shut your mouth, (Karasu)! This is not a problem that you can interrupt!” [T/L: (Karasu) = Crow. P.s She also likes to add tan (similar to chan) after people's name]

“Hmm --- Ohh --- So it’s that …”

The slender and tall teenage girl didn’t seem to mind in, the slightest, the scolding she received from her comrades. She placed her hand under her chin as if she was pondering about something. After consecutively nodding her head, she suddenly turned and faced Shiika.

“Hey… Your request is simply impossible, (Fuyuhotaru)-tan.”


“Although I don’t know what is it that you want, but in here, you’re not allowed to bring anything from the outside world! Especially Building F, its security is even more severe; the Mushitsuki that were sent there were merely objects. Not only are they not served a single drop of water, there might not even be a bit of clothing of food!"

That is fine… I ---

Just when Shiika made up her mind, she was immediately shaken by her next line.

“Since that place was only meant for the Fallen after all. But, (Fuyuhotaru)-tan you are ---“

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up? Stop provoking (Fuyuhotaru)!”

Her comrades stepped forward, trying to seize the slender teenage girl.

Just at that instant, a black shadow appeared out of nowhere and landed on the teenage girl’s shoulder. Its appearance was a bit similar to that of a dragonfly, but slightly different in a way as well: an abnormal creature with two pairs of wings and eight feet. The two tentacles stretching from the root of its wings swayed about as its big compound eyes on its head stared straight at Shiika. Its fanged mandible was wriggling at the shocked Shiika as well.

“Does (Fuyuhotaru)-tan really want that thing no matter what?”

The teenage girl’s words caused Shiika to return to her senses.


Shiika nodded her head.

To be honest, she was really scared even now, and even more scared of the things that awaited her in the future, but if she was able to keep the drawing that her dear friend left behind --- the portrait of her promised one around her, then Shiika believed that she could endure everything.

“No matter what… even if I request you to go take something in exchange… will that be okay?”

Shiika again nodded her head.

“Under--stood. Then I’ll leave my fate up to you, (Fuyuhotaru)-tan!”


The black insect on the teenage girl’s shoulder suddenly began to transform.

The dragonfly’s wings became tentacles and instantly wrapped around her body. The tentacles then fused as one with her goggles and cloak, slowly turning them to a black color. After transformation, the goggles turned into two lens-like objects that were similar to an insect’s compound eyes. Her long coat was split into four parts, before turning into two pairs of long slender wings behind her back.

“(Karasu) You…!”

Her comrades were stunned by this as they tried to act, however the teenage girl had already acted before them. Two tentacles stretched out from the root of the wings behind her back and tripped their feet.


The two in the front fell onto the floor because of this, also implicating the two behind them.

In the next instant, the slender teenage girl appeared in front of Shiika.

It was because the teenage girl had flapped her wings, and made a short flight. She used her arms to hug Shiika tightly before taking flight again.


After her body felt the pressure of air resistance, Shiika noticed that she was already far away from the white coat-wearing figures.

No, it was all because the teenage girl who was holding onto Shiika was flying really fast at low altitude, causing them to arrive at the center of the isolation facility almost instantly.

“(Karasu), what’s the meaning of this?!”

Four Mushitsuki appeared and blocked the exit of the isolation facility.

Alarms began to blast as the door began to slowly close up.

Because of the air pressure of acceleration, Shiika puckered her cheeks as she took a look at the teenage girl’s (Mushi).

“That (Mushi) is the same as (Kakkou)-kun’s…!”

“That’s right… It’s a super-rare Fusion type. But… compared to him, I’m different ---“

“What are you doing?! Hurry up and catch them! The opponent is nothing but a no-rank weakling! If she were to cause (Fuyuhotaru) to go berserk, everything will be over!”

A furious voice suddenly came from the speakers overhead.

“That’s right. I’m super weak! So that’s why we are running away now! Hang on tight!”

“--- Run --?”

Shiika’s word was overwhelmed by the sudden burst of air pressure.

The teenage girl named (Karasu) instantly flew high into the air.

The isolation facility that was enveloped by silence just a second ago was now overwhelmed by shouts and the sound of alarms. Undoubtedly, Shiika and this teenage girl were the center of this chaos.

“Even if we were to escape through the front gate, we’ll be immediately caught. Let’s escape through the top then!”

Shiika’s view was half covered by (Karasu)’s soft breasts as she caught a glimpse of iron stands flashing by them one by one.


This time, a sudden burst of pressure from the opposite direction invaded Shiika’s body. And it was because (Karasu) suddenly made a stop in the middle of the air; Shiika thought that she almost passed out from that.

“Hey, (Fuyuhotaru)-tan, destroy that. It should be connected to the upper ground.”

Shiika raised her head to look above, and saw that there was a hole in the middle of the iron wall with a size that would possibly allow one person to go through. From the outside, one could see the spinning blades of a giant fan through the metal mesh; the hole was probably a vent used for air-conditioning.

“Destroy that, it should be rather easy for you right?”

“I… can’t.”

Shiika finally responded.

“Eh? You can’t use your power?”

“I don’t… want to use it.”

“…… Seriously… (Fuyuhotaru)-tan, if you’re going to be stubborn at times like these, I’ll seriously spank your butty okay? Do you want us to be caught right here right now?”

Shiika bit her lips and shook her head.

Once she used the power of her (Mushi), Shiika was unsure whether or not she could control it or not.

That was also the reason why Shiika didn’t escape from this facility.

Her power had once trampled countless dreams ---

Four years ago, as well as the outbreak a few months ago, she had turned more than hundreds of Mushitsuki into Fallen. They were the same as her, the same as her dear friend Rina; Mushitsuki each holding their own precious dreams.

She really didn’t want to see anymore Mushitsuki… shedding their final tear of life in front of her anymore.

Even though they were all Mushitsuki that harbor dreams, and had to fight in order to survive. Different from Tachibana Rina and (Kakkou), Shiika chose a different path, a path of “No Fighting”.

“Mmm --- this is quite troublesome; I guess I can only rely on myself to solve this?”

Two tentacles appeared from behind (Karasu). The tentacles wrapped around the metal mesh, and forcefully pulled it out. After that, it began to advance toward the fan. However, the high-speed gyrating blades easily cut the tip of the approaching tentacles.


(Karasu)’s expression distorted in pain because of this.

Whenever a (Mushi) was injured, the damage would rebound back to its host mentally. Shiika who had personally experienced, locked her brows again.

Below them, the white coat-wearing figures were grabbing onto their flying (Mushi) and gradually approaching.

(Karasu) laughed with a self-deprecating tone.

“Can’t even destroy this thing… Ahah, why am I this weak…?”


“I don’t like people calling me that, just call me Ubuki!”

The tentacles began to challenge the fan once again.


Despite it being cut down one by one by the fan, the tentacles were still moving forward.

“You no-rank Mushitsuki that only knows how to fly! Don’t you dare to think you can get away like this!”

The (Mushi) that was rapidly approaching showed its claws, charging straight at Ubuki.

And just at that instant, Ubuki’s tentacles seized the fan; after a sharp sound resulting from metal friction, the blade of the fan stopped spinning.


Ubuki used all her strength, and uprooted the whole fan. After spinning a few times, the tentacles threw the fan at the incoming (Mushi).


“Whew…Ha…! Let’s go now, (Fuyuhotaru)-tan!”

Without waiting for Shiika to respond, Ubuki accelerated at once, narrowly dodged the incoming enemies. The remaining three (Mushi) bit the thin air where they were at.


Ubuki and Shiika charged into the vent where light couldn’t reach.

The strong wind pressure blew Shiika’s hair. Within this dark tunnel, Shiika was unable to understand how Ubuki was able to see and fly at such a blinding speed. Where would this ventilation hole lead them to? Shiika pondered about that as light occasionally flashed by them from left to right.

“First of all, we have to get away from the Akamaki City……!”

Shiika seemed to have heard the voice of Ubuki’s whisper.

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