Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mushi Uta Bug Volume 1: Main/Content Page

The Silver Lance of Dream’s Continuation.

 Author: 岩井恭平(Iwai Kyohei)Illustrator : るろう (Rurou)


Story Synopsis:

The sudden appearance of a “Mushi” in front of Ichinokuro Arisu happened immediately after the death of her close friend Hanashiro Mari. In addition to following Arisu closely, the four antennae silver-colored Morpho butterfly would sometimes transform into a variant long lance to protect her. Why is that? Together with Kusuriya Daisuke, a teenage boy who was sent by a top secret agency “The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau” to monitor over her as a “Mushitsuki”, Arisu began her search for the answer.

Engraved eternally by the shining sliver-lance,

This is the highest and the worst girl meets girl!


01. - The Silver Lance of Dream's Continuation -
[Cd-Drama Download Link - Should be playable by VLC player]

02. - The Night's Song that Weaves the Dream -

03. - The Holiday of a Sinking Dream -

04. - The Hunter that Entrusts the Dream -


Sveroz (Translator)
Wing (Translator)

Skat (Editor)
Akios (Editor)

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Wing - We have decided to use Lance. Wooya~


  1. Yaaay, thank you, can't wait!
    "Lancer" does sound cooler so I hope it'll be that way~

  2. Ooooo Pretty pictures. . . Lancer makes me think fate/zero or stay night, but I like the sound.

  3. Mind if I ask you the is the immortal mushitsuki?

    1. You mean who is the immortal Mushitsuki?

    2. Yes...
      I regret I didn't check my question if I missed something. :(

      Who could the immortal mushitsuki be?

    3. He is a character that will come out later in the volumes, hence i can't spoil too much about him ~ Well, you just have to know that he is strong, and doesnt die lol xD

    4. Thanks.

      The introductions of several strong people make Daisuke kinda pale in comparison. And he's called the strongest? :(

  4. highest and worst girl meets girl?, yuri! XD

    1. Finally someone pointed that out! xD (Iwai-san was probably bored of normal route)

    2. oh god cant stop laughing...XD
      is there actually any "romance" (lol) or is it just a deep friendship? (judging from mushi-uta, we're already into two volumes and the most they've done is hug)

    3. Well, this side-story focus on the deep friendship between Mari and Arisu, and some complicated relationship between Arisu and Daisuke.

      And in regard to Mushi uta, you probably won't see anything beyond hug between Daisuke and Shiika (lol) but there are indeed some romance for other characters (kisses and stuffs). There are also some weird route other than Yuri ~ like Incest... but no Yaoi! (I hope >.>)

      Nonetheless, these series are shonen type light novels. Romance is only added from time to time (a small bit of amount?)

    4. incest??? O.O
      holy shit iwai-san....instead of romance between shiika and daisuke, you give us romance between minor characters.....srsly bro? >.>

    5. Well, its not that big of incest, but she really has it hard (brother-complex). And i bet you wouldve enjoy it as much as i do lol =P.

    6. that so...
      @wing, why does the pink haired girl's hairstyle keep changing lol? First it's ribbons, then braids....

    7. Who knows, but she looks cute nontheless, my Waifu~
      Btw, the first chapter is up ^^