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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 4.02: The Others

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat

Version: 1.01


The Others

Starting from the 3rd car and higher were the VIP specified cars. And since the 3rd car and the 4th car were separated, there was no way of transferring in between while train was in motion.

However, when Iori arrived there, he noticed a hole on the 4th car’s wall. Looking through the hole, one could see a white tunnel with a size that could allow a person to go through if they crawled.

Iori frowned as he walked closer.

“Are these… webs?”

The white tunnel that connected the 3rd car and 4th car together seemed to be made out of large amount of silk webs. Because it was very flexible, even if one were to step on it, it would only sink rather than break.

“No matter what, this is too unusual…”

Without any hesitation, Iori crawled through white tunnel and stepped in the 3rd car.

And when he looked forward after he came out, the scenery in front caused him to stand dumbfounded.

The 3rd car was completely empty.

Not just the passengers, but their seats had disappeared as well. Everything in sight was covered by silk webs as if it was a stalactite cave.

“What the hell is this…”

Just then, Iori noticed something that was even more abnormal.

On the wall of the car that was covered by the silk webs, many pupa shaped cocoons could be seen. After looking closer at the area where the cocoons didn't cover, he then realized that there were figures wearing brown colored coats with mechanical goggles over their faces in those cocoons. The figures gazed at the floor unconsciously with their pale faces, as countless silk webs bound their limbs against the wall.

“Are they… Fallen…?”

Iori subconsciously muttered that line out. The figures that were trapped on the wall seemed very similar to Fallen in a way.

Just then, many (Mushi) suddenly appeared out of nowhere and blocked Iori’s path. The number of (Mushi) were exactly proportionate to the number of figures that were trapped on the wall.

After those (Mushi) slowly turned around to face Iori, they suddenly leaped forward at him all at once.


While clicking his tongue, Iori called forward his (Mushi). The soldier ant next to his foot immediately swelled up its body and countered the attack of the (Mushi) herd.

The soldier ant had the overwhelming strength compared to them. After reflecting the enemy (Mushi)’s attacks with its cyan colored armor, it began to use its giant jaw to crush every single one of them.


Just then, something small fell onto the floor from one of the (Mushi)’s corpse.

It was a spider.

The fist-sizes spider was then immediately stepped on by the soldier ant, causing it to spurt out its bodily fluids.

Iori felt a chill running down his spine.

“Don’t tell me… these guys are controlled by the spiders---?”

Whenever the soldier ant killed a (Mushi), one of the bodies on the wall would tremble and twitch. Their face would first distort in pain, before moaning painfully with a lifeless expression.

After defeating all of the (Mushi), the soldier ant rejoiced loudly to celebrate its victory by roaring.

After passing through another car, more (Mushi) appeared in the empty car.

“Damn it…!”

After defeating the (Mushi) that charged at them, Iori continued to advance toward the 1th car.

The coat-wearing goggled figures that were trapped on the wall, were gazing emotionlessly at Iori as he ran by. Bearing their gazes, he could not help but blame himself a bit for their plight.

After passing through the 2nd car, Iori charged into the 1st car.

It was the same as before, there were a large number of coat-wearing figures hanging against the wall in this

However, this was not the only reason that caused Iori to become speechless.

In the 1st car, where all the seats were pulled out forcefully, a teenage boy could be seen tied up, sitting on top of the broken operator’s seat. His hands were hung up, while his eyes were closed. Next to the tattoo stickered teenager, a giant spider could be seen putting up an alert stance.


The one who was tied up over there was his classmate, Kanari Yoichi.

Why is he here…?!

Just when Iori was about to move forward to investigate, he suddenly stopped.

Yoichi, who was moaning weakly, suddenly smiled as the spider next to him sounded a weak roar.

Yoichi then slowly opened his eyes:

“Ahaha, I can’t hold on anymore.”

The laughter that could no longer be suppressed was let out from Yoichi’s mouth.

“Endou-kun, you sure are a nice guy eh? Totally did not expect you would show such worried expression for someone that’s not even close to you. I had originally wanted to scare you a bit, but this is just too funny so I can’t help it.”

Yoichi then smiled leisurely. The silk webs that were entangling him had disappeared without a trace.

“Not to mention you’re very strong, the garbage from the West-southwest Division are no match against you.”

Iori’s expression immediately became serious. Judging from Yoichi’s attitude, Iori could tell that he was the culprit who turned the car into this.

“Kanari, you bastard…”

Iori walked one step forward towards Yoichi.

“It was you that did all this?...”

At that moment, the giant spider that was next to Yoichi opened its mouth and revealed its fangs, which caused Iori to stop.

“Your (Mushi)… if using the SEPB’s standard, it should be a Kashu level five ranked. Although it’s quite powerful, my (Mushi) is still stronger, so I suggest you to not act so recklessly.”

The sudden discovery of the enemy's identity caused Iori to become silent. However, after he fully understood the situation, the heart racing feeling from before slowly calmed down. It was one of Iori's old habits; whenever he faced a strong opponent, his mind became calmer.

“What are you? (Mushibane)’s ally?”

“Endou-kun, you sure are surprisingly calm!”

“Answer me.”

“I’m not a part of the (Mushibane). But whoever I’m partnered with shouldn’t matter to you right?”

“What happened to the other passengers?”

“They would get in the way so I threw them out along with their seats… Ah, don’t worry. I wrapped them up with webs before I threw them out, so it shouldn’t be a problem. They're probably hanging from the bridge right about now.”

Yoichi replied to Iori's question with a reasonable answer. However, when he saw Yoichi's casual expression, he could feel a strange emotion rising from within.

“Those coat-wearing guys… were they also your doings?”

Facing Iori’s question that he said with a low tone, Yoichi continued to reply leisurely:

"You know about the SEPB right? Those guys are members of the SEPB— just a bunch of the local division's weaklings. So I got to thinking, "Hey, maybe even weaklings like them can be useful at times." So I told my (Mushi) to lay eggs into their (Mushi) and turn them into my pawns. It seems, when a Mushitsuki's (Mushi) is controlled by others, the host will turn into a state similar to Fallen. Of course, this was my first time using this ability, so I'm not so sure about the details."

“So the one who ambushed me in the ghost-town was ---“

“Aha, that’s right, it was me! Since data about you was much less compared to the other two, i wanted to test how strong you were.”

“Is that so… Then, I’ll ask one last question.”

Iori raised his arms that were clenching his fists tightly. Ever since he started talking to the teenage boy; he could feel a raging anger filling up his heart.

“What’s the purpose of you doing this?”

“Haji Senri.”

Yoichi, who said that line, was displaying an extremely calm expression that could send chills down people’s spines.

"For some reason, she has to make it to Ouka City no matter what; that's why the bullet train can't be stopped here. In addition, it's not only Haji-san… I also have business to take care of with Kusuriya-kun as well. Therefore, I can't allow (Mushibane) to get in my way."

“Daisuke as well…?”

“Your role has already been set in stone, just like me when I first received this job. In short, something that you could never imagine is about to start.”

Yoichi’s expression then suddenly changed from a mild smile to a disgusted look.

“Well, I actually didn’t have to go that far, but seeing you weaklings playing this sort of friendship drama disgusts me. Have you ever heard of the survival of the fittest? Weaklings should just go die!”

“… Then you will die first!”

Just then, many (Mushi) appeared in front of the roaring soldier ant.

It was not the giant spider, but rather the (Mushi) of those coat-wearing figures that blocked his path. Iori ignored their presence and ordered his (Mushi) to charge straight ahead.

After seeing Yoichi and the (Mushi) herd in front, Iori finally understood the reason why he felt pissed whenever he saw Yoichi in the past. Yoichi’s words made him clearly realize something; the current teenager in front of him was just like his past self, before he met Senri.

—Back when he misunderstood the true meaning of "Strength", and only knew how to use violence to bully the weak; back when he thought that it was natural that the weak should succumb to the strong.

Iori would never forget the promise that he vowed when he saw Senri for the second time back at Housawa Town.

Just like how Iori had hurt Senri in the past, this time, he would exclude everything that would hurt her, and protect her without fail.

“I’m definitely going to Senri…!”

As if it was replying to Iori’s promise, the cyan colored soldier ant roared loudly.

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