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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Prologue Chapter 0.00: The Others

Hey everyone, here's the first short chapter of Mushi Uta Volume 2.
It's kind of abstract, so don't feel bad if you don't get it.

[Srry, was supposed to post this up yesterday but was into writing fan fic xD]


Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat,
Last reviewed: Mith

Version: 2.02



Her cheek… was feeling the touch of the gentle wind…

And after it breezed by her cheeks lightly, she understood that the so-called ‘Wind’, in fact, doesn’t have a "Form" of its own.

The sound of wind passing by, flowed into her ears. In addition, there was also the noise of *Sha~Sha~* blending along with it.

The source that was producing the noise was an object in front of her that had a huge "Form". She walked closer and tried to touch it... After feeling a rough sensation she realized, surprisingly, that even her hands had a "Form" in itself.

I’m still fine---- A small sense of comfort filled her heart.

If she became "Formless" just like the wind, then what would happen? Without a "Form", wouldn't she just disappear without leaving a trace, without leaving any evidence of herself behind? …

The sound of *Sha~Sha*, which she had heard several times already, continued on. It was supposed to be the noise created when the wind blew by the object called [Tree]. In other words, the "Form" that she was touching right now—it should be a [Tree] right?

Behind the [Tree], there was an even bigger "Form" of an object.

And she already knew what the object was----

This was the second time she had seen this {Scene} already. The last time she had seen it, was when she was in elementary school.

That was the only {Scene} that she knew, the only "Form" that she understood clearly.

The giant bell began to ring loudly, vibrating against her abdomen.

"Come … Come inside the (Church)… …"

A voice sounded from an unknown distant; a hoarse voice that seemed to be coming from an elder.

Seduced by the sound, she walked closer to the giant "Form" of the object that was behind the [Tree].

That's right, that "Form" is a building known as the (Church).

A place where one goes to praise God and spread the teachings of God; as well as a paradise of salvation for those lost ones---- Many explanations and theories related to (Church) ---- began to surface within her mind.

After entering the (Church), she discovered there were many other little objects that also had "Form". But they were very quiet, wouldn't make any noise unlike the [Tree], and also wouldn't change their "Form". (The reason why object changes its "Form", was it caused by the “Movement”?)

The {Scene} was exactly the same as before.

And within her mind, she understood exactly what was going to happen next.

With the sound of a "Splash"---- a "Form" in the front suddenly began to change. It shaped a new fringed "Form", and started merging with other "Forms". The combination of those "Forms", began to shape into another new "Form", rising endlessly upward.

“… Burn…”

The voice began to resound from the unknown distant.

She couldn’t do anything else, besides gaze at the {Scene} in front of her.

“Burn……. Burn…… Set everything around thee ablaze … …”

As the "Forms" disappeared in an instant, a sense of fear began to invade her body.

If an object lost its "Form", it meant that the object would no longer be touchable, which would be a very sad and very scary thing.

Finally … the {Scene} had also completely disappeared.

Suddenly she recalled the [Tree] from before, and turned her head back…


A soundless voice slipped out from her throat.

The [Tree] was also devoured by some unknown "Form", and slowly began to lose its original "Form".

“Thy flame … … Thy flame shall lure other people’s dreams … … and incinerate everything … even now 'tis the same …”

She stretched her timid hands closer to the [Tree], yet she couldn’t touch it, because the [Tree] had already vanished in an instant… …

Everything else disappeared around her.

“… …Thy flame shall consume everything thou holdst precious, and ye shall continue to live such a fashion… within a world that canst not touch anything…… in solitude… …”

Many important things ----

She had many important treasures; they would speak to her with gentle voices, and surround her with warm feelings.

"Thy flame... … thy flame shall rend -all- into ashes … …"

In a world where even wind would disappear, tears began to fall from the corner of her eyes.

She cried a silent scream.

An unusually calm part of her mind began to ponder, as the {Scene} began to vanish...

The next time when she awakened, she would definitely hear this wail again on top of her bed ----

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  1. interesting but i wonder who is the character
    an old one or a new one

    1. your question will be answered later on ^^

  2. Yay! It continues!
    Thank you for this fun story.