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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 1.01: Daisuke Part 1

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Well, this should be consider as the aftermath of Volume 1, (as well as the anime). Quite Interesting if you ask me, since it talked about the *seemingly bad guys* of the Volume 1. Who knew Haji Keigo was such heroic person eh? (Not to mention a biggg sis-con as well).

Translated : Wing
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Version: 2.02


Daisuke Part 1

During the daytime, the general hospital would always get unbearably noisy due to the large number of hospital staff and patients.

After passing through the entrance, Daisuke walked straight to the elevator without even looking at the counter. The reason being that he was hospitalized here just a few days ago; so he had already familiarized himself with the environment.

His clothing was very simple; it was only a hooded jacket layered over his blazer. Since this morning was the opening ceremony of the third semester at Ouka East High School where Daisuke studied at, he had to come here directly while still in uniform; he didn’t even get a chance to eat his lunch yet.

While walking past the reception room, he unknowingly stopped.

The TV that hung on the wall of the reception room was broadcasting the news, with the large heading reading: "The mysterious (Mushi) has appeared once again?!"

Behind the heading, a group of people could be seen debating; huddled around a bunch of ugly monster models that looked like insects.

“Hey, did you know about the incident at the Ouka City coast park? I heard that (Mushi) really did appear ----“

“Yea, my friend once said he had seen those Mushitsuki with his own eyes… but for some reason he suddenly refused to say anything about it afterwards… Perhaps, he was blackmailed by the Special Environmental something organization ----“

Daisuke heard the whispered chatter from the nurses next to him.

He then gazed silently at the TV.

Right now, there were currently some unknown existences rioting throughout Japan.


They were the mysterious creatures that manifested themselves onto humans and devoured their dreams in order to grow. Even though their sizes and traits varied, due to their appearance being very similar to insects, the general public referred to them as the (Mushi). In addition, the humans that were infested by the (Mushi), were known as the Mushitsuki. Although the government never publicly acknowledged their existence, the fear and discrimination of both (Mushi) and Mushitsuki was already deeply rooted into the general public’s heart.

And Daisuke knew it very well, the creatures known as (Mushi) really did exist.

The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau – Also known as SEPB, was an organization that would secretly capture those that were infested by (Mushi), and further isolate them from society. And the vast majority members of the SEPB worked in a variety of different fields throughout society, in order to mask their true identities.

Recently, there had been news regarding the organization throughout the media, however, the details of the organization had not been made known to the public yet. Perhaps it was because the media still hadn't grasped the true identity of the SEPB, or maybe the organization was controlling the media and using its authority in places Daisuke didn't know.

Daisuke took off his coat before leaving the reception room, and then walked into an elevator across the hallway.

After reaching the third floor, he noticed that someone was standing at the end of the corridor of the other side. Even though he could only see the back of the figure, Daisuke could still tell that the figure was a long haired, suit-wearing, and slender-bodied woman. The woman was holding a pile of documents in her hand while standing there dazedly.


Daisuke’s sudden greeting surprised the woman, causing her to tremble her shoulders.

“D-Daisuke-san ---!”

By the time she turned her head around, the woman’s face was already filled with tears. Without saying anything, she charged straight at Daisuke and dove into his arms with the piles of documents she was holding.

“Wah! W-Wait, Touko-san! Stop that! Why so suddenly… …!”

“W-What…What should I do?! It seemed like the Central Headquarters wants me to take over Haji-senpai’s position and become the deputy director of the East Central Division! ----“

The woman gazed tearfully at the blushing Daisuke.

Aside from the fact that the hair on the back of her head was sticking up due to a bad sleeping pattern, as well as the fact that she wasn't wearing any make-up, and the situation in which she clung desperately on the sixteen year old Daisuke like a child, etc... This woman was indeed a beauty. However, her potential feminine traits were overwhelmed by the negative traits she possessed.

Gorōmaru Touko --- As far as Daisuke knew, she had just graduated from a national university last year, and is currently twenty-three years old. She worked as a government official at the new Internal Affairs of Ministry, and also as a member of the SEPB that was labeled on the news as the “A mysterious organization that was filled with unknown color”. The East Central Division that she just mentioned was one branch of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau.

“Touko-san is going to become the deputy director?”

Even though Daisuke felt puzzled, it seemed like Touko was even more puzzled than him on many levels.

"I don't know what to do anymore..."

"Well, let’s go over there and talk."

Daisuke avoided the pathway of the elevator and walked straight to the end of the corridor with Touko.

Gazing at Daisuke, who walked silently, Touko tilted her head and asked confusedly:

"Umm... Daisuke-san... How come you're not surprised?... Someone like me is going to take over Haji-senpai's position?"

"Well, I knew Haji had recommended you before, that's why I'm not surprised."


The light of the emergency exit sign illuminated the path they were walking on as they came to a stop.

Daisuke released his hand, and turned around.

"Before the battle at the Hashiba City, I had already heard that he recommended you."

Touko suddenly darkened her expression.

Kusuriya Daisuke is a Mushitsuki ---

As well as a member of the SEPB. Under the ruling of the SEPB, Mushitsuki that were captured would be trained and further managed as tools to capture other Mushitsuki. Carrying the alias of (Kakkou), Daisuke was known as the strongest Mushitsuki in the SEPB.

The SEPB would also categorize the Mushitsuki based on their characteristics, and further assign them respective rankings. The Mushitsuki that had outstanding ability in combat would be classified as “Kashu”; those that had some sort of special ability would be classified as “Ishu”: and those that had all sorts of unique condition would be classified as “Hishu”. Then those Mushitsuki would be ranked from number one to ten based on their effectiveness, while other that were not qualified into ranking would just be classified as "No-Rank".

Daisuke was registered as a Kashu level one Mushitsuki.

"Touko-san, have you seen Haji yet?"

"Not yet... Uhm..."


Daisuke bit his lips lightly.

This was what happened one week ago ---

The SEPB had a full-scale war against the (Mushibane), a resistance organization that was composed of unregistered Mushitsuki. And the fuse of the war was a fifteen years old Mushitsuki girl, coded (Fuyuhotaru).

There were only two fates that awaited Mushitsuki ---

Either they would die after their dream was fully devoured by the (Mushi); or if the (Mushi) was eliminated before that, the host would lose every emotion they had and become "Fallen".

However, (Fuyuhotaru) was able to awaken from the stage of Fallen. Aside from the fact that it was something that was never heard of before, (Fuyuhotaru) had become the only clue of restoring oneself to ordinary humans from Mushitsuki stage, hence a war was triggered. And because of the importance and the danger (Fuyuhotaru) processed, the SEPB ranked her as a Hishu level one.

Another teenage girl coded (Ladybird), the leader of the resistance organization, was also a Kashu level one Mushitsuki that joined the incident. During the incident, (Kakkou) fought (Ladybird) on the behalf of the SEPB. And the result of these two strong Mushitsuki's battle was a complete destruction of an entire city.

That's right, the city was "completely destroyed". Just because the two of them fought with all they had, the function of the city that served as an experimental facility to the SEPB was completely paralyzed. Among the five existing level one ranked Mushitsuki, three of them had joined this war. Moreover, even the leader of the third force, Harukiyo, whom was ranked as Ishu level one, had appeared before Daisuke once.

Even though (Kakkou) barely won the war, he had successfully captured (Fuyuhotaru).

However during the incident, Haji Keigo, the director of the East Central Division that (Kakkou) belonged to, was seriously injured. After losing consciousness, he still hasn’t awakened yet.

"I still find it hard to believe... That Haji-senpai had become like that... … He took care of me a lot, yet I'm saying these heartless words..."

Touko suddenly revealed a good-for-nothing smile. Even though the smile was something that Daisuke used to seeing, it seemed a little more disconsolately than usual.

Technically speaking, Touko was not Haji's Kohai. Since she worked at the New Internal Affairs of Ministry, while Haji belonged to the Bureau of Legislative Affairs. The reason that she addressed Haji as senpai was because they have known each other before; prior to joining SEPB. Yet the most useful thing she had done for Haji in the East Central Division was just filling for drivers. [TL Note: I suppose you all should know Kohai, if not, it meant the opposite of Senpai. Somewhere along the line of lower classman]

"Um... Daisuke-san, about the recommendation, what did you mean by that? Did you know what was going on……?"

Touko asked. It seemed like she wanted to change the subject, which Daisuke sighed in response:

"I don't know the reason. But Haji had said it once before, if anything happened to him, the Central Headquarters would probably follow his first recommendation and let Touko-san take over.”


Daisuke hesitated a bit before saying:

"Haji had always deceived the Central Headquarters in the past, which was making him stand out. I suppose, after Haji...they would probably send an obedient person to take over the leading position of East Central Division, in other words, they were attempting to take over the East Central Division through the...puppet they sent.”

Touko stood dumbfounded right on the spot.

--- She is really useless.

Daisuke suddenly recalled Haji's words.

--- But she can only stay useless for now.

The words that the young man had said with his usual contemptuous smile, even now, Daisuke still couldn't understand the meaning of it. However, according to what Daisuke experienced, Touko really didn’t seem like a talented person.

Touko tilted her head slightly, scratching her head as she said wryly:

"Aha … That's more like it … You're right … With my ability, how can I ever take over Haji-senpai's position? The Headquarters probably knew it very well right?"

"Well, 'That's the main point'."

"… … Eh?"

"That guy had said so before."

"What does that mean?"

"Who knows? I couldn't even figure out what he was thinking nine out of ten times."

Daisuke shifted his gaze away from Touko, while scratching his head as he finished his words. He leaned against the wall before continuing to ask:

"… … How is she now? Do you know?"

"Uh... Huh? What did you just say?"

"I'm mean Shiika... … (Fuyuhotaru), how's she doing and where is she right now?..."

Touko looked at Daisuke surprised.

At the war one week ago, Daisuke had personally captured (Fuyuhotaru), whose real name was Anmoto Shiika. And it seemed like Daisuke was holding some special feelings for Shiika.

Even though it was unavoidable, the Shiika who had been kept prisoner, how was she doing now? During the past week, Daisuke's mind was filled with thoughts about her.

Touko also knew about the special relationship between Daisuke and Shiika, since Haji had told her purposely before. Suddenly, Touko realized something, and began to look through the files in front of her chest.

"W-Well, regarding that case ---"

She took a transparent folder out of the files, and read the contents on it.

"Uh...… On the day (Fuyuhotaru) was captured, she was sent to the related facilities within Ouka City. Right now, she should be undergoing health diagnosis, physical and psychological testing over there … If there is no problem, she will probably be transferred to other cities of East Central Division and start living a normal life as an ordinary person under the accompaniment of watchers; in order to observe any change in her … … As to which city they send her to, it is still under debate. In addition, this case is classified as a confidential issue and can only be viewed by those that are ranked director or higher... Ehh?! Ah! This seems to be a top secret case … what should I do...?"

"Is that so..."

As if a big rock was lifted away from his heart, Daisuke breathed a sigh of relief.

Knowing that she was all okay was enough for him. Shiika is very strong... Until the day Daisuke comes to pick her up, she would probably never give in no matter what, right?

"Umm.. Uhhh, Daisuke-san? … …"

At Touko, who gazed worriedly at him, Daisuke replied with a smile:

"Touko-san, don't worry. I will protect the East Central Division. As long as I'm here, the Headquarters and many others— like the remnants of (Mushibane) and Harukiyo, won't act so rashly.


After hearing the words from the teenage boy that was younger than her by seven years, Touko expressed an eased smile.

Yet suddenly her expression changed, as if she had recalled something, Touko's expression darkened.

"Touko-san, what's wrong?"

"Um... Umm, Daisuke-san… I have something... to … Uhh..."

Touko was stuttering her words as she raised one of her hands to adjust her tilting glasses, but the action caused the files she was holding in front of her to fall on the spot.

Touko and Daisuke immediately picked up the files scattered on the ground.


"Touko-san, it'd be best if you can learn to be calmer... Huh?"


Daisuke caught a glimpse of a document that fell on the ground, and began to widen his eyes.

On the document file, a photo shot of a teenage girl was attached to it.

The teenage girl's age was similar to Daisuke's, around fifteen to sixteen years old. Maybe because of the reflection of the light, her long hair was reflecting a bit of dark blue color. In addition, her slightly drooping eyes made her look like a very modest and lovely girl.


Although Touko tried to cover up the photo immediately, her arm was seized by Daisuke's hand.

"Why... ---?"

Daisuke shifted his gaze at Touko and knew immediately she was frightened by his sudden change of attitude.

"Why do you have Senri's photo?"

Touko trembled with fear, yet Daisuke ignored this and continued shouting:

"Isn't this the registration notice of Mushitsuki? Why is Senri... The fact that she is a Mushitsuki, only me and Haji are supposed to know! Why is this here?...…"

"D-Daisuke-san! Stop, it hurts... it really hurts...!"

"Touko, give me your explanation now!"

"Daisuke-san, please... please calm down…! Even though you aren't wearing the goggles, why did you become (Kakkou) all of sudden?"

Even though Touko tried desperately to appease Daisuke, it didn't seem to work at all. Confusion and anger had deprived Daisuke of his consciousness, causing him to grip onto Touko’s arm harder as he glared at her harshly at close range.

A nurse that probably heard the shouting, arrived at the scene, but Touko replied with a wry smile at her while saying: "It's... It's fine... Please don't mind."

She then turned to Daisuke, and began explaining after a deep breath:

"I... I only heard the instruction right before I came to the hospital, so I'm still not quite sure about all the details... But it seems like the SEPB had already noticed the fact that Haji Senri --- Which is Haji senpai's younger sister, was a Mushitsuki."

Daisuke's heart skipped a beat as if it had just endured a violent punch, while he gradually loosened his hand that was clutching on to Touko’s arm.

"At the Housawa Town where she is convalescing, the watchers from the West Southwest Division had already infiltrated and are currently monitoring her. Aside from Haji-senpai, the director of the West Southwest Division that was in charge of the Housawa Town was the other person that knew about the matter... … However since Haji-senpai became like this... The director of the West Southwest Division reported the situation to the Central Headquarters. And since the Headquarters felt that the fact Senri's (Mushi) had the same characteristics as (The Original Three) --- the ability to devour other's dream was way too dangerous; they immediately decided to deploy the highest ranked member into Housawa Town to capture Haji Senri."

Even though Touko’s explanation was plain and straightforward, Daisuke muttered dazedly in respond:

"The highest... ranked member...?"

"Kashu level one ranked member (Kakkou)… Daisuke-san, that's you."

Daisuke was speechless this time. Touko frowned as she continued on:

"(Kakkou) will temporarily leave his position at the East Central Division to infiltrate the educational institution where Senri attends and monitor her until further instruction. In addition, the most important matter of this mission is to prohibit any combat activity that’s out of his respective division's area. If he disregards this rule and perform any battle, he will immediately be executed with level one penalty by other members: Above is the decision made by the Central Headquarters."

Touko was getting more and more quiet as she continued:

"As for the level one penalty for (Kakkou)… He will be dismissed by the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau and further be considered as a target of capture. At the same time, the truth will also be reported to his non-blood related family relatives... …"

Daisuke released his hand from Touko at that instant.

Touko bit her lips, and lowered her head.

Silence enveloped both of them as they faced directly at each other.

"Ha ---"

Daisuke’s laughter broke the silence.

“In other words, I’m kicked out of the East Central Division, right…?”

“In principle, you’re still a part of the East Central Division… That’s why they are prohibiting you from fighting at other regions ---“

“Haji is still unconscious you know?! (MinMin) and (Kabuto) aren’t here as well! And even (Namie) is still missing! If I’m not here, who’s gonna protect the East Central Division?... Who’s gonna protect Shiika……?”

The enraged Daisuke immediately grabbed Touko by her collar.

“Stop joking around! (Mushibane) and Harukiyo both are still coveting for Shiika! Yet they want to transfer me to the West Southwest Division at time like this… While prohibiting me from battle? Isn’t this an obvious excuse for them to take over the East Central Division? What did you do in the end? Just watch them make such foolish decisions and accept it without saying a word?


It seemed like Touko wasn’t able to hold on anymore, she counter-grabbed onto Daisuke’s arm and argued back, while tearing lightly:

“I only happened to learn about it today as well! Whether it was this major decision made by the Central Headquarters, or Haji-senpai’s condition … I wasn’t told until today... I still can’t believe that senpai had become like this…”

“Even so, shouldn’t you at least protest against it? What the hell did Haji taught you?”

“He only taught me physics and chemistry during the time when he was my home-tutor; and after joining SEPB, he made me serve as his driver! Do you think any of those would help?!”

“Ahaha, that’s more like it. It’s because of your uselessness, that you’re able to take over Haji’s position after all!”

“Aren’t you the same?! It was because of you being so strong, that they purposely delegated you! Oh… Excuse me, you’re now the strongest Mushitsuki (Kakkou)-sama right?!”

Both of them were grabbing each other by the collar as they glared at each other.


After letting go of Touko, Daisuke fiercely punched the wall.

“In the end, what the hell am I protecting……!”


Touko bit her lips lightly.

Even though they were all parts of the SEPB, the Central Headquarters and the East Central Division had been on bad terms with one another for long time already.

The Central Headquarters was always dissatisfied with them because of Haji; who always liked to use tough methods and was not afraid of making enemies. Yet in past, due to Haji's intelligence and Daisuke's strength, the Central Headquarters had kept their hands off the East Central Division.

After the Hashiba City’s battle, Daisuke was determined to protect Shiika. While Haji risked his life as a member of the SEPB, for the sake of his younger sister that was a Mushitsuki.

However, the result had become something like this.

The Central Headquarters' intentions were way too obvious. Despite Daisuke being the strongest Mushitsuki they had, the Central Headquarter still saw him as dangerous. During the Hashiba City incident, not only did he defeat the matured Ladybug, he also captured (Fuyuhotaru). Even though it was a great success from the mission's point of view, his strength was alarming to the Central Headquarters. So taking the advantage of Haji’s absence in authority, they had deliberately delegated him to the border. It was indeed ironic to the point where he began to wonder… what exactly was he fighting for.

“… I’ll go to Housawa Town tomorrow.”

Even though the decision was unacceptable, it was really meaningless to complain about it in front of Touko. What he could do right now was to finish the mission as soon as possible and come back to Ouka City. Yet despite Daisuke accepted the mission verbally, his clenched fists were constantly trembling from remorse.

Just when Daisuke was intending to turn around, Touko called out to him:

“Ah, D-Daisuke-san, please wait. There is some news about the Housawa Town.”


“Recently, there had been news regarding the remnants of the (Mushibane) rioting about in Housawa Town, and in addition… there has also been witnesses of (Church) at the outskirt of the town.”

Daisuke turned his head around.

“(Church)…… you said?”

Touko nodded her head in response. Daisuke then laughed with a distorted expression while saying:

“In addition to the remnants of (Mushibane), even one of (The Original Three) had come… And they are prohibiting me from fighting at such place, what the hell is the Central Headquarters thinking?”


“Touko-san, please prepare the necessary details of the mission, I’ll come and pick it up tomorrow morning.”

Daisuke said that as he turned around. Yet Touko immediately raised her head and asked, while panically collecting the files that was scattered on the floor.

“Eh? What? You… want it by tomorrow morning??”

“You have other tasks?”

“Ah, not that… It’s not a big deal… it was just… that someone invited me to a match up party today…”


“Well…… I have also stepped into the society you know… one of my colleagues, Kyu-chan, said I should learn how to get along with guys more, so she purposely arranged this match up party for me, Ahahah!”

“… I forgot to bring my gun.”

“Just kidding! That was just a joke! Aha, ahahah…”

Touko threw up her hands to surrender, while trying to fudge it over with a wry smile.

“I’m also the same as Haji…”

Daisuke sighed as he gazed straight at Touko.

"Please don’t trust the Central Headquarters... they think that the task of capturing the unregistered Mushitsuki is far more important than defeating (The Original Three). I even heard that within the Headquarters' isolation facilities, they were having inhuman experiments with Mushitsuki... Their true goal was Mushitsuki themselves, as long as they could discover the truth behind the existence of these mysterious creatures (Mushi); they wouldn't care about (The Original Three) at all.”

Touko’s expression took a dramatic change.

Even within the SEPB, there were only few that knew the truth Daisuke was talking about. And Haji was the first one to realize the Central Headquarters' plan. It wouldn’t be strange at all to say that he was targeted by them because of it.

"Ah... Ahaha... How's that possible.... That's so off ---"

"Haji was the only one that had been keeping track of (The Original Three); He didn't care about the fact that he was being hated to the bone by Mushitsuki. Everything must be done for the sake of not increasing Mushitsuki like his sister; he hated the fact of Mushitsuki was being born more than anyone else."

"…… Haji-senpai."

Touko muttered weakly. Daisuke then continued saying:

"We still need the East Central Division now. We don’t care about other people's hatred, or what we have to give up along the way to fight. However, if we were to lose the East Central Division, we won't be able to continue fighting. And if we're not able to move forward, we will really become monsters that only know how plunder the dreams of others..."

Daisuke gazed straight into Touko’s eyes, before continuing:

"Before I return... or before Haji returns, please do your best and protect Shiika --- (Fuyuhotaru), if the East Central Division was to lose (Fuyuhotaru) now, everything will be over... So no matter what, the dreams the Mushitsuki of the East Central Division and ours all depends on you now, Touko-san."

The words that Daisuke just spoke, was really what he had prayed for within.

The (Fuyuhotaru) that had awakened from the Fallen status, would probably be eyed on by many other organizations from now on right? This was why she was the trump card. (Fuyuhotaru), a Hishu level one Mushitsuki, even if everyone was coveting for her, they probably wouldn't dare to attack the East Central Division now after knowing the powerfulness behind her ability.

In addition, Daisuke had his own planning as well.

Shiika was still waiting for him. Yet the one who she was waiting for was not (Kakkou), but a non-Mushitsuki ordinary teenage boy --- Kusuriya Daisuke.

However, Daisuke shouldn't appear before Shiika yet. He felt that he must redeem his sin— the fact that he had turned Shiika into a Fallen four years ago— before he could properly face Shiika again.

"I will definitely defeat (The Original Three). That's why Touko-san, please protect the East Central Division until I come back."

Facing Daisuke's plea, Touko expressed a not-so-reliable smile in response:

"Daisuke-san, please be careful."

After smiling, Daisuke turned and walked away.

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