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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 4.01: Shiika Part 6

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Shiika Part 6

In the art classroom that was colored by the rays of sunset, a silence laid peacefully.

Surrounded by a large number of people with white masks, Shiika lowered her head quietly.

“You said you don’t know how you recovered from that state?”

A remark of a slimmer tall man echoed loudly in the quiet school compound. Everyone that was in the art classroom was stunned by this. It seemed like Shiika’s words were too shocking for them.

Aside from Shiika, Rina was the only one among the group that didn’t wear a mask. At the corner of the art classroom, Rina was motionlessly leaning against the wall. She didn’t intend on explaining the situation to her baffled comrades and instead, she gazed dazedly at the view outside of the window, as if she was deep in thoughts.

“Lady, what’s the meaning of this? Didn’t you say that once we found (Fuyuhotaru), we would know how to awake from the state of Fallen?”

The white masked people’ gazes all gathered at Rina, who was standing at the corner.

Due to her not having any reactions ever since the meeting started, they thought that she wasn’t paying any attention toward the conversation. But that wasn’t the case. Rina sighed deeply, and said:

“We may have known … … Didn’t (MinMin) and I say so? It’s your fault for having such expectation.”

Shiika had told everything she knew to Rina. From the moment when she became a Fallen by (Kakkou)’s hands four years ago, to the moment she met Daisuke and suddenly awakened from the Fallen state unknowingly a few days ago. And she also told Rina about the “Isolation Facilities” where she was living at during the past four years ----

After that, Rina only smiled warmly and said:

---- Thank you for telling me everything.

Her voice was surprisingly calm and quiet, enough to make people feel uneasy. Shiika was very clear at that moment that Rina had made up her mind.

“But … We finally found (Fuyuhotaru)…”

“Are you trying to say that it was meaningless?”

The man was speechless after being stared by Rina’s shrilly gaze.

“Come on, you guys forgot already? We are neither terrorists nor killers! Have you all forgotten our main objective after struggling with SEPB for so long? In order to save ourselves and the other Mushitsuki, we started searching for Shiika ---- Searching for (Fuyuhotaru) right?! But, aren’t we also trying to save her as well? She already suffered so much from becoming a Fallen, how could we still pressure her right now? “

After the white masked people heard Rina’s firm speech, they stopped their complaining.

“I am really glad that I met you, Shiika. To be able to know more about you in the end, it made me really happy.”

Shiika imposed more force into her praying hands that were in front of her chest. Although she was happy from Rina’s confession, she could not help but feel unease when looking at Rina’s eyes. From what Shiika saw, Rina had been acting weird ever since last night; the smiles that she would occasionally show were unreal, as if she would immediately vanish.

“In the end … …?”

Shiika raised her head up.

“Rina, what do you mean by ‘in the end’?”

Rina twitched her lips a bit to show a smile. It was totally different from the ones that she always shows; a smile that was beyond the beauty of the world.

“To be able to find out the location of the isolation Facilities was lucky enough already.”

The white masked people started to riot.

“Oi, Lady, are you …”

“I’m going to Hashiba City”

Shiika immediately widened her eyes.

The male wearing a wolf mask said:

“But, Our (Mushibane)’s combatants are still scattered apart. Not to mention that all of our district leaders are currently being targeted by the ranked Mushitsuki of the SEPB … Damn! Why is this happening?!...”

“It is most likely that spectacles guy’s doing. After knowing that we have retrieved (Fuyuhotaru), he probably ordered the other divisions of SEPB to act. Even so, the time has come; any further delay will only weaken our current strength.”

“No, Rina! That place is ….!”

Shiika walked closer to Rina.

Shiika, who was staring at Rina, was particularly dazzling in Rina’s eyes.

“Actually, I had already gathered relevant information regarding the isolation facilities, known as (GARDEN), was located in Hashiba City.”

(MushiBane)’s members started to get noisy again.

“(MinMin) told me before that the city was one of the isolation facilities, but I didn’t fully trust her at that time, I feared the information would be a trap, which was why I didn’t inform you guys. However, everything is clear now.”

“But, how is that possible? The entire city is actually an isolation facility of the SEPB? …”

Hashiba City is located next to the Ouka City, a city that is in rapid development just like Ouka City. However, due to their low population, the city was gradually falling to its trend.

“Anyone went there before?”

Rina’s question silenced everyone in the room.

“… … I thought so. In order to enter that city that was surrounded by the sea and river. Aside from sea route, you have to go through at least two bridges, or take the train and walk out from the station. Since it was originally an artificial island made to fill the gulf, it is not a necessary place to stop at if you’re going anywhere. If there is no particular purpose, no one will go to Hashiba City. There are only few of one-way trains heading there every day as well. If SEPB uses their power, I think it is quite possible for them to control that place entirely.”

“That city is …”

Shiika’s voice was trembling.

The memories of living in that city were resurfacing. Although everyone seemed to be ordinary on the surface, there was actually not even one single human. Only those that lost their dreams, and were unable to think wandered about like ghosts. Everything in that city were human artifacts, even the people that lived in there didn’t realize that they were just bunch of empty shells.

“I believed that the isolation facilities is real … no one could escape from there … … and no one ever thought about escaping from there …”

Just by remembering it, Shiika could feel a chill running down her spine. Even though nothing in particular happened during the past four years of living there, and it was mainly because that she was unable to think … Even now remembering it would make her scared.

Rina walked closer and hugged Shiika who was trembling her shoulders.

“The Fallen that was brought to that place had to “pretend” to do things every single day. Pretended to be family with other strangers … … Pretended to go to school … … Pretended working, pretended to smile, pretended to be angry … … And in a place filled with Fallen, no one would open their mouth and speak, aside from “Order”, they won’t listen to anything else, they couldn’t even suspect themselves being alive or not… ….”

Shiika grabbed Rina’s arm tightly and raised her head. She then stared directly at the teenage girl who had been protecting her willingly, and continued:

“Why do you have to go there… …? Please don’t go… That place is ...”

Shiika shed tears as she stared at Rina, her entire mind was filled with image of Rina becoming a Fallen; an image she absolutely doesn’t want to see. Even if Rina didn’t become like that, Shiika knew that she had made up her mind; Rina probably intended to fight until her last breath. There was no way Shiika could stand experiencing such a sad thing.

Just then, Rina gripped onto Shiika’s slender shoulders.

“I’m going, I have decided! I’m going to use the remaining time I have left onto creating a place where Mushitsuki belong, and can live peacefully in … … That is my dream. I will not let anyone obstruct me anymore, and will no longer hesitate.”

Rina smiled. Her eyes, which were looking at Shiika, emitted a shining aura.

“Ah … I am really glad I met you, Shiika. Even though there are many comrades in the past that fought by my side, there was actually none that I considered as friends … … it is just so weird! But I felt that as long as you were by my side, no matter what I do, I will be forgiven. Many things happened in the past … … There were many things that I hated as well, but just the fact that you are willing to cry for me … I’m really glad that I have lived up to now. I felt from the bottom of my heart, that being able to strive to survive was truly terrific … …”

Shiika could not help but to grab onto Rina tightly, she had completely forgotten the existences of the white masked members, trying desperately to persuade Rina:

“Rina, if that is the case, then let’s run away … … let’s forget about everything, and escape to a place far away where there is no Mushitsuki and no SEPB …”

Rina showed a troubled smile. Just the movement alone was enough for Shiika understand Rina’s response.

“Then… … I’m coming as well, I will go to Hashiba City with you, Rina … … So please don’t leave me … I don’t want to be left alone again … …”

Rina’s expression was shaken … She lowered her head in order to hide her tearful eyes, while biting her lips as if she was enduring something.

She grabbed Shiika’s shoulder, and gently pushed her away.

“… No, Shiika, you must stay here.”


“Shiika, you are not alone anymore. There is someone … … Someone out there that already noticed you. That guy…Kusuriya, I know he will definitely help you no matter what. Even though it might be very painful for you, but I felt that, you should see him again to confirm his stance.”

Shiika widened her eyes in surprise.

How did she know Daisuke-kun’s name ----?

Rina raised her head before Shiika could ask, there was not even one a single trace of sadness on her expression.

She exposed a joyful smile that was never seen in the past.

“I will go, so you should stay here and fulfill your dream! If you could find your place of belonging, then that also means my dream is fulfilled … …”

“ … … Rina …”

Rina slowly walked away from Shiika, and stood at the center of the room.

Shiika became speechless; she could only stare at Rina’s back. Her figure that was shined by the orange rays of sunset was slowly becoming the scenery-like view that was in her painting.

“(Mushibane) from now on will be heading to Hashiba City”

Rina’s determined voice echoed the art classroom, making sharp tension arise spontaneously.

“The credibility of the information obtained from (MinMin) is still uncertain. And the key point method of reviving the Fallen is still unknown … … However, if we can find it and rescue our comrades that were trapped there, then it would be our victory. Even if we couldn’t do that, it will still be our victory if we could defeat that spectacled guy and (Kakkou). No matter what, there should be no one that could replace both of their spots in the SEPB … … as long as we can defeat them, SEPB’s combat ability will surely be halved. Then from there, each district leader of (Mushibane) should be able to take over with advantages… …”

Rina’s voice was very firm, without a hint of confusion in her tone.

“I had intended to make this my final battle; I don’t even know if I can come back safely, so I don’t want to force anyone here. But if there is anyone here that is willing to fight to protect their dream, willing to risk their lives for the future, then please come with me!”

No one among the white-masked people hesitated. They all stared at their leader, Rina, while emitting a strong aura of unshakable determination.

Rina smiled weakly under Shiika’s gaze.

“This is more like it … … We were fighting our hardest for this day after all!”

Rina turned around and looked at Shiika.

“Shiika … … Please don’t cry. For the sake of fulfilling our dreams, we will have to live on no matter what happens, so … …”

In the end, Rina’s voice that was mixed with all the emotions she could no longer suppress became awfully unclear.

“So … … Please remember me … …”


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