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Sayonara Piano Sonata Volume 2: Main/Content Page

Author: 杉井 光 (Sugii Hikaru)
Illustrator: 植田 亮 (Ueda Ryo)

Summer's finally here.
Mafuyu, Chiaki, Senpai and I.
The four of us gathered together to form the Folk Music Reserach Club,
and welcomed summer together for the very first time.
Mafuyu's as unfriendly as ever,
and band practices were as disharmonious as before.
It was a certain day before the summer holidays when our club president, Kagurazaka-senpai suddenly said,
"The preparations for the training camp are all set and ready to go."
Why is that person saying that all of a sudden!
Is it really fine to hold a training camp just like that?

Kagurazaka Kyouko: The girl who lives for romance and revolution
"We think of swimsuits whenever we talk about summer, and we relate swimsuits with going to the beach for a training camp, right?" 
There's something wrong with the sequence of your associations, yeah?
Moreover, we're going there to practice, no?
"Oops, I accidentally revealed my true intentions."
It can't be that you actually just want to see the rest of us in swimsuits, right?

Aihara Chiaki: The drummer from the martial arts faction
"It's been a long time since I've taken a swim! I'll have to get a brand new swimsuit first~"
So you don't really care about practice either huh.
"I know, we've got to practice too, right?
We can do squat jumps at the beach during the evening."
What sort of training is that! That's the reason why you're overly sports-oriented.

Ebisawa Mafuyu: Has unrivaled willfulness
"Training camp......?"
You don't want to go?
"...... I don't know."
This girl still isn't used to getting along with the rest of the band, I guess?
And she doesn't really talk to me much either.

In any case, the summer I was waiting in anticipation for, along with a growing sense of uneasiness, had finally begun.

Chapter 1: The Real Name
Chapter 2: Problem Between the Two
Chapter 3: The Reason to Stay Here
Chapter 4: feketerigó
Chapter 5: Into the Beach
Chapter 6: So As Not To Wake Up From the Dream
Chapter 7: The Place Where She Shuts Herself In
Chapter 8: The Other Side of the Globe
Chapter 9: The Song of Blackbird
Chapter 10: Kiss it Goodbye
Chapter 11: Rainbow


  1. Oo pool chapters :)

  2. Hell yes! Been waiting for this.

  3. All the pretty illustrations in color. Well I hope that this is translated.

  4. Mafuyu-chan in bikini?
    That is cool, we all know how she will react, she follows the standard Tsundere, anyway, it will still be cool to read about Mafuyu in, well, every scenario, that is why it is called a SOL.

    Still, I hope it doesn't get looped in the same SOL base scenarios, pool, beach, summer festival, well, it probably will, what i mean is, I hope the author find a way of making it something more than just a normal SOL.

    Anyway, want to read it, eagerly waiting.

  5. Sayonara Piano Sonata is never a slice of life.

    It's a story of romance, the band members, and music.

  6. Mafuyu is so cute...I'm really looking forward to this...

  7. is the series completed or is it ongoing? Another thing is how many volumes are there currently?

    1. the series is completed at volume 5 per baka-updates.

      Many thanks to the pple at this site for translating this novel!!

      Now the fans of this novel, please vote for piano 2 translation =D

  8. Thank you for your hard work, hope you guys will continue doing the translation. Appreciate it very much

  9. I really appreciate the work you people have put into these translations (I really do consider anyone who allows those who don't know other languages to read great literature to be gods-among-men.), but if I could just be a little more selfish, I wish that there would be some sort of collaboration with Baka-Tsuki because I really enjoy reading light novels on-the-go on my android device (they have a great application for it).

  10. pdf Vol 2 new version ^^

    1. So, is this the completed volume or a work-in-progress?

    2. it's completed for now... though maybe I will fix the imgs a little bit in the future ^^

  11. Vol 2 pdf reupload:

    Damn MF for deleting all of my files >__<

  12. Here an EPUB version of this volume:

    1. I corrected an error so here's the new link:

    2. First I want to say thanks for the epub, but the new epub only has the first two chapters in it, so if you could I would really appreciate it if you could fix it.

    3. Nevermind, I think its just the reader that i'm using.

    4. For iBooks on any iOS device it only displays the first two chapters. To fix this issue download calibre and click the convert books button at the top. Convert the epub of volume two to epub, but go to the page setup bar on the conversion page and choose output profile 'iPad'. Then re-upload the new converted epub to iTunes and it will now display the whole book.