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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 3.00: Shiika Part 4

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Keito, Skat

Version: 1.02



Shiika Part 4

The only thing she could remember from back then was the beginning of a conversation she had with a woman, whom was wearing round sunglasses.

“Hey, could you tell me your dream?”

It was a tall figured woman wearing a crimson red coat. Her mouth showed a calm smile, while she gazed leisurely towards Shiika.

The sudden question coming from a complete stranger made Shiika stagger.

Shiika was still young at that time, preparing to grow her hair longer, just like her sister’s. Shiika was walking home from her elementary school as usual; in a road over the sparsely populated residential area stained by the bright orange sunset.

“Don’t be afraid, I just wish to know. Because … you have a rather delicious dream, but you’re stopping in place instead, hesitating to move forward.”

Shiika didn’t understand exactly what this woman in front of her was talking about. She was not sure whether she should run away or not, but even so, her body couldn’t move, as if it was locked to the ground. No, perhaps there might have been some sort of power blocking her actions.

Shiika’s lips slowly opened, the stare of the woman was making Shiika’s body move on its own.

“My dream is …”

--- When Shiika regained her consciousness, something had already lodged within her.

It was not long after Shiika became a Mushitsuki that she was targeted and hunted by the SEPB.

She had nowhere to hide, so she ran throughout the whole town. Those people, whom covered their faces with weird goggles, came to assassinate her one after another. Shiika somehow managed to survive their attacks and during the process, Shiika understood that it was the woman, named (Oogui), the person capable of producing the Minion type Mushitsuki. She was the one that turned her into a Mushitsuki. In addition to (Oogui), there were two other Mushitsuki capable of producing other types of Mushitsuki; hence, they were called (The Original Three).

And then, when Shiika had no energy to escape further, she met a boy named (Kakkou). In retrospect, through Shiika’s eyes, the presence of (Kakkou) standing on the snow was filled with dignity, along with sorrow. His appearance that year was imprinted deeply within her memory; even after this four-year period.

Shiika suddenly awakened in response to her body’s jittering.

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes, was the unrecognizable ceiling. In a room that was surrounded by pure white wallpaper, there wasn’t any other furniture other than the bed Shiika was lying on.

After groping through her blurry memories, Shiika finally remembered what happened the night before.

Right after Shiika and Rina met, she went to Rina’s residence under Rina’s invitation. Rina seemed to be living alone in a quite highly ranked apartment.

Yesterday, Rina had also briefly explained to her the status of her organization, (Mushibane), a resistance group composed by many Mushitsuki. Although Rina invited Shiika to join, Shiika said she needed time to decide. So then Rina joked: “Well I figured! If someone like Shiika joined, then there will be nothing to worry about!”

Shiika still hadn't told Rina, about the fact that she was locked down by the SEPB. She was not concealing it deliberately, but rather, missed the opportunity to specify her current situation.

However, Shiika’s desire to leave this city as soon as possible hadn’t changed, but the fact she had no place to go and no money to spend, made her accept Rina’s offer to settle at her place for now, until her situation is more stable. She would then part her way after properly thanking Rina for what she had done for her.

Shiika walked out of the room wearing a pair of pajamas that Rina lent her. An aroma was wafting toward her from the other end of the hallway.

“The other areas … … Hotaru … … Southern district leader “Efemera”? … … I don’t want to get him involved… … Fusion type?” [TL note: original Note from Author; Efemera (The Japanese translation for Mayfly) , which also known as (Ephemeroptera), is an insect similar to Dragonfly, also called [planktonic].]

Shiika could slightly hear the sounds of a conversation, but she could only hear the voice of one person, a phone conversation perhaps?

“Ok, tell Efermera to standby for now! Other areas … no, can you get the leader of the Western district here? After all, they knew about Centi’s situation…”

The sound was discontinued after that last sentence.

“Mor… Morning…”

Shiika walked shyly into the living room, while Rina welcomed her with a smile.

“Morning --- slept well?”

Rina put down her cellphone, as she stirred a pot of miso soup. She wore an apron outside of her school uniform.

“Ah … … S-Sorry, I’ll help you.”

“Don’t worry, it’s all right. Why don’t you sit down first?!Just a second, breakfast is almost ready.”

The way Rina served the food was so quick and precise that Shiika realized she would only be a nuisance if Rina let her help.

“Oh… Okay.”

Shiika sat on chairs of the dining table according to Rina’s instruction, while looking around the living room casually.

Even though the room was spacious, only everyday furnishings were around, such as a table and a TV. The walls were covered by canvas, and pens and paints used for painting, were scattered all over the floor. Every painting that could be seen was unfinished, and almost all of the paintings were landscapes; not a single portrait. Each of the paintings however had a magical charm, able to attract people's attention. The majority of the colors used was tending towards red— a burning red hue to be precise; as if the sun itself was attached to the painting.

“I've been meaning to ask since yesterday … … Rina, do you always do your paintings here?”

Rina put the empty plates down on the table, while she answered Shiika’s question.

“Nah, mostly in school. Although the environment here is nice, somehow I am able to stimulate my imagination better in school… … As such, I always do my paintings there.”

“Is that so …”

“Ah, it’s just a simple hobby; I’m not being that picky about it!”

Despite the fact that Rina was referring to them as a simple hobby, Shiika could still tell from the level of her paintings, that they were simply beyond the level of “simple hobby”. But Shiika didn’t mention it, and asked something else instead.

“Are you … … going to continue painting then?”

Rina eased her expression a bit.

“I still have other aspirations, so... I don’t have enough time to continue.”

An expression of realization was craved on Rina’s face. Shiika probably knew what her objective was.

“To go against the SEPB… right?”

Rina responded Shiika’s question with a wry smile. It seems like whenever Rina felt troubled, she would give that wry expression.

“I’m really simple, right? I can only think about revenge … an eye for an eye. It's because they deprived so many people’s places of belonging, so I’m going to take them back. This issue is more important than anything else right now.

Rina’s tone was very straightforward, without the slightest hint of confusion. But during her speech, her line of sight didn't face Shiika even once.

Then Rina… what about your place of belonging then? ---

Despite Shiika wanting to ask, she didn’t say it because Rina had already walked in the kitchen.

“It’s finished! Applause please~!”

Shiika followed Rina’s instruction and started clapping her hands, making a *Pa, Pa, Pa* sound.

On the table, there was the Japanese style meal consisting of grilled fish as main dish. Both the look and the smell were impeccable. Shiika was rather surprised because Rina didn’t seem capable of doing any housework.

“Go ahead and try.”

Shiika picked up her chopsticks and said quietly under Rina’s urge.


She first tasted the pot-stewed vegetables from a small plate, and it was as delicious as she expected. Due to Shiika not eating anything since yesterday, the warm breakfast’s distinctive flavor made her really pleased.

“It’s really delicious… ”

“Well, duh. I filled it with my love! Nyaa ------”

“Lov… Love…? Nyaa ----?”

“There is more, so eat as much as you can. Oh! You’re going to meet your boyfriend in the afternoon, right? So you better fill your body with nutrients then. Ah! I’ll lend some clothes for you to wear later on.”

“He is… He is not my boyfriend!”

Rina looked at Shiika, whom was shaking her head with a blushed face, deliberately sighed dramatically.

“Oi Oi, Who’s this lucky boy that is able to get such cute girlfriend like you? Anyway, you have to be more careful; there are a lot of terrible guys in this world. For example, the kind that acts like a good boy in order to please others! Or a self-centered idiot, who is strong and mean at the same time … and so forth.”

Rina drank her miso soup while complaining. Shiika looked at her expression, and suddenly figured something out.

“Rina likes that type of people?”

Rina sprayed out the miso soup she had in her mouth, coughing with a blushed face, while staring at Shiika.

“You… Ah, how did you come to such conclusion?!”

“S-Sorry… I just thought it might be …”

After seeing Rina’s sudden fierce attitude, Shiika back down timidly.

Rina started at Shiika, while wiping her mouth with a tissue.

“Those types of people that I just told you, one of them is my enemy! He is a Mushitsuki from the SEPB’s, called (Kakkou), that son of a bitch! How the hell could I like him?!”

Rina noticed that Shiika was displaying a weird and confused expression, so she began to question things.

“Shiika, what is the matter? Do you know him?”

“No … I don’t…”

Shiika quickly shook her head. She was surprised at herself for lying.

“Well, I thought so too, it’s impossible for you to have met him anyway. Since almost all of the Mushitsuki that met him were defeated and became Fallen.”

“Ri… Rina do you hate that person?”

“Of course!”

Rina’s expression suddenly became serious. Since her eyes were, by nature, filled by a strong will; whenever she thickened her senses, her surroundings would gain a heavy atmosphere.

“That guy… only that guy… I definitely will not forgive him! Many of my comrades became Fallen because of him. If it wasn’t for him, we might have already found our paradises …”


Shiika listened quietly to Rina’s words.

Four years ago when Shiika and he met, she didn’t feel that the boy was such terrible person.

“However, there is another guy that’s completely different from him.”

Rina’s expression was slowly easing down; she exposed a complex look of a “bit troubled and a bit shy”.

“He is a classmate of mine. He doesn’t have any outstanding features, nothing good or bad about him …… However, a few months ago, I saw his expression when he got serious. The look he had that time was totally different than the easy-going look he usually has… How should I put it, it was as if he was a total different person…”

Rina smiled. The furious expression she was exposing just a second ago had disappeared, and she continued to describe the boy’s details shyly. She didn’t seem to notice the sudden change of speed in her speech.

“Is he great?”

“No… I don’t mean that…. …! Argh, how should I put it… it’s like a feeling of me wanting to paint him down, like a portrait.”

“A portrait of him?”

“I’m surprised at it myself. I never had that kind of feeling from just seeing a person.”

Rina turned her head away shyly from Shiika with a shallow smile.

“Oh---, Rina is smiling so happy too!!”

Just when Shiika said that line with a smile, Rina’s expression suddenly darkened.

"But it’s impossible… That person and I are living in totally different worlds.”

“Why? Didn’t you say it yesterday? Even if we’re Mushitsuki, there’s nothing to worry about.”

“No, Not that … … It’s not related to whether we’re Mushitsuki or not.”

Rina shook her head and said:

“…I killed my father.”

Shiika widened her eyes upon hearing that. A look of disgusted emerged on Rina’s face; an expression different from the time Rina had when she mentioned (Kakkou).

“My father was the worst. He would pretend to be a gentle father to the outside world, but at home, he would just beat up my mother every day, for no reason. He was rich and powerful, so I couldn’t run away even if I wanted to. In my memories from elementary school, I could only paint the sceneries I saw through the window, in a room that had nothing in it, not even a TV. For my mother, it was as if she only existed to endure his fists or something. As such, ever since I matured, the only thing I could think about was killing that guy.”

Rina’s voice was calm as she went on with an icy tone.

“When my mother passed away, I was sure I would be his next target. To die like my mother who didn’t do anything, to die without gaining anything… … I didn’t want to die that way. So I wanted to kill him before he killed me. Once I decided that, I became a Mushitsuki.”

Rina tittered and said:

“That feeling was hard to put into words, the whole thing happened when I walked by her, as if it was a coincidence. The moment when that strange woman with a pair of round sunglasses stood in front of me, I suddenly felt my senses fading away; then by the time my senses came back, I could tell that something was living inside me … … In short, it felt as if I was divided into two, and then the other part of me flew away. The first thing I did once I became a Mushitsuki, of course, was to kill that bastard.”

“Rina … …”

“In the end, his good luck made him survive, but he can never wake up again. I pushed him into a never ending abyss.”

“…. … Rina, Stop it… …”

“I obtained power, a power that will not let anyone trample upon me, or let me lose to anyone. This time I will use my power to defeat the SEPB. That’s right, they are the monsters, I will never let those guys … …”

Shiika could no longer hold on to herself anymore and hugged Rina tightly.

Tears fell down Shiika’s cheeks. Because Shiika was looking at Rina ever since she started to mention her father, the corner of Rina eyes immediately turned flush. Although her tone was calm, she had been crying the whole time.

“Rina, really … … don’t say it anymore … …”

Rina didn’t make any sound in Shiika’s arms, she just smiled quietly.

“So I … don't have the right to stay by his side.”

Rina’s voice sounded very lonely, but was also filled with tenderness.

“Whenever he spoke to me … I felt very happy. I think he still hasn’t found out? Ever since I found him smiling while looking at my painting, I have been paying attention at him, so I really don’t want him to find out the real me … …”

“That’s not true.”

Shiika said.

“He is the person Rina likes right?! Then he should be able to understand you.”

“Maybe … he might”

Rina moved a bit away from Shiika, her face was showing a frank smile. Shiika believed that the Rina, whom was smiling, was also hoping for it from the bottom of her heart.

“However, I still have something to do. And it is not related to him, who’s living a normal life; so forget about that matter for now. After all, I have received new relevant intel.”


Compared to Shiika’s face, which was filled with surprise, Rina was smiling instead. She collected the dishes and stood up.

“(Fuyuhotaru).” [TL: 冬蛍, Fuyuhotaru, the English translation of the kanji would be “Winter Firefly/Snow Firefly”.]

Shiika’s heart skipped a beat.

"I heard it from a member of the SEPB. (Fuyuhotaru) is a male…or a female? I don't know actually— but if we could find him and make him one of our allies, then we can definitely discover the way to awaken from the Fallen state. Not only that… we can also learn the location of the "Isolation facility"; which is the place where the SEPB take the Fallen to, from (Fuyuhotaru) as well.

Rina’s eyes were shining with hope, while she said with a strong tone.

“Then, that way, I can finally rescue the comrades that became Fallen! And it will be time for us (Mushibane) to win against the SEPB, and create our place of sanctuary. In order to do that … … I have to find him no matter what.”

Rina continued with a rave tone while smiling.

“Perhaps… Shiika, you’re (Fuyuhotaru)?”


I don’t know the method to awakening from the Fallen state ---

Rina stared at Shiika, whom was thinking about what to say, and relaxed her expression. She carried the dishes and walked into the kitchen.

“Just kidding, I don’t think things would happen this easily. And to be honest, I don’t think that Shiika is that strong anyway!”

Shiika stared at Rina’s back, speechless.


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