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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 2.01 The Others

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The Others

When he heard the announcement in the park, (Kakkou) knew something was wrong.

Just when he came out of the exit as instructed, the phone in his pocket suddenly started ringing. The ringtone was the recent hit song performed by the band “Crawling Life” that targeted middle school students as their central audience.


Although he really wanted to pretend that he didn’t hear the ringtone, he knew that even if he did that; it would be meaningless and so he could only give up and answer the phone reluctantly.

“It’s me ---“

“Ah, (Kakkou). How you feeling at the moment?”

(Kakkou) started getting angry since the person on the line didn’t even finish listening to his sentence after “It’s me”, and just kept talking in a light tone.

“… Hearing your voice gives me a stomachache, and makes my head spin. To be honest, the symptoms are serious.”

“Well, you should be taking better care of yourself! So where are you at the moment?”

(Kakkou) could only sigh towards the guy who didn’t even budge after his undisguised sarcasm.

“At the worst place right now, do you really want to know?”

“[I repeat, the park will be performing an emergency check on some facilities—]“

The speakers in the park were replaying the announcement. Even though only 10 minutes had passed since they started playing the announcement, all of the citizens had already vanished. In place of those citizens were strong burly men wearing camouflage gears, while carrying defense equipment.

“I am very sorry, but the park will be closing soon, could you please leave the premises immediately?”

The man spoke to (Kakkou) in a very polite tone that was filled of persuasive power. However, another man came running by with a panicking face.

“Oui, dude, that kid over there… he is actually a personnel from the SEPB ---“

“Get lost.”

After hearing (Kakkou) speak, the men backed away with pale faces. Since the job of the self-defense force was only dispersing the crowd. In their point of view, (Kakkou) was no different; it was just an eye for an eye, and a monster against another monster.

(Kakkou) once again returned to his conversation on the phone.

“Well you heard it.”

“Splendid, even a guy who enjoys taking a walk like those old folks has some use at times! It saves me a lot of trouble picking you up.”

“I told you beforehand that I’m not going to do it! This is not a job for an Inspector. By the way, where is (Kabuto)? Oh, right! He is still helping out at West-south division. If so, what about (MinMin)?”

“Wait a second; this job is yours you know?”

“--- What does that supposed to mean?”

“It means that everything is already ready.”


(Kakkou) raised his eyebrow; he completely did not understand what the other person was saying. And since (Kakkou) knew how cunning this person was, He figured that the person definitely had something up his sleeves this time.

“I will just debrief you simply. Well the gist of it is, our opponents this time are the brave and pitiful rebels --- the (Mushibane), and this time even their leader has come to the frontlines. That is correct, the target is the one you are “inspecting” at the moment. Just this fact alone, proves that this time it’s clearly your responsibility.”

Upon hearing what the other person said, (Kakkou) could not help but feel annoyed.

“Tch… that dumb girl again….”

“Actually there is another issue at hand that proves that this job is yours ... However, I will explain this reason to you clearly later. We have arranged for you to head towards the north entrance, all your equipment has already been sent there. For the sake of your dream, keep up the good work~!”

“No matter how I listen to this line, it sounds as if you are making fun of me right?”

After saying that line, (Kakkou) cut off the conversation on the phone, and sighed as he headed out.

“… …!”

A sudden faintness caused him to hurriedly lean against a nearby tree for support. His consciousness was fading, which caused him to just stand there.

“Damn it….Is it already over for me?”

A green insect came out of nowhere and landed on (Kakkou) who was talking to himself quietly. (Kakkou) stared at the relaxed insect that was shaking its antenna and cursed,

“I really lost to your hunger… … Just how much of my dream do you intend on eating before you are satisfied?...”

Although the dizziness had not completely subsided, he still had some strength remaining within. He could not fall from such a trivial matter.

“Just you wait….One day I will definitely…”

(Kakkou) gritted his teeth and continued making his way towards the park entrance.

The gear that was prepared for combat purposes was already placed inside the self-defense patrol unit vehicle by the time he arrived.

Interestingly enough, there was not a single self-defense member guarding the vehicle in the vicinity. Perhaps, it was due to the restraining order that no one was to enter this park that they couldn’t spare any units here to guard… or maybe it’s just they don’t want to come close to this place intentionally.

(Kakkou) thought:

It's probably the latter…

Who would willingly come close, knowing that the other party is a monster?

While thinking that, He donned a combat outfit that was created from the fusion of tree resin and strengthened fibers, and a pair of boots that was made up of a soft metal that reached all the way to his knee.

And on top of this outfit, he put on an unexpectedly light weighted pitch black coat that, although it did not look like it, is said to be capable of withstanding extreme temperatures of up to a several hundred degrees.

But even if the coat could handle that temperature, wouldn’t the person inside be doomed anyway?

On top of a desk with its legs welded to the floor, an awfully solid black object could be seen. (Kakkou) then grabbed the object and put it on.

The object was a pair of goggles that were created from the fusion of a soft metal and rubber. The goggles were large enough to completely cover the eyes, and all the way up to the forehead and ears as well.

Inside the goggles was a pair of lenses which prevented people from being able to clearly see the wearer's eyes.

Although the goggles were capable supporting wireless communications and recording videos, its true purpose was to prevent people from recognizing the appearance of these monsters known as Mushitsuki.

(Kakkou) then grabbed another piece of equipment --- an automatic revolver sheathed inside a holster—and placed it inside his huge coat before finally putting on a pair of gloves made of leather. Now prepped and ready to go, figure clad in black from top to bottom had appeared.

… Do they have to go to such an extent for concealing our existence? Well, it's for the best anyway.

Every time (Kakkou) put on his battle gear, he could not help but to think about this—though he understood the fact that this heavily geared equipment was meant to reduce impact from the outside to its best extent. But truthfully speaking, this gear’s real purpose was to prevent information from leaking out, right?

If their organization were to be question by the media, all that they had to say is that the figures covered in black do not actually exist and be done with it.

While sighing, (Kakkou) walked down from the truck.

The dry winter winds blew forth, causing (Kakkou)'s hair and shadowy coat to sway in the breeze.

He didn’t hate the season called winter.

Even though it was quite cold, (Kakkou) actually liked this feeling. Being able to feel the cold was a sign of him being alive, and as long as he thought about withstanding the cold, it proved that he still had the will to live on.

He felt that, if he was to take a step back and take another look at his surroundings, the things that he liked and appreciated would probably be unexpectedly high in number.

“Good work, (Kakkou)!”

In front of (Kakkou)'s line of sight suddenly came a lively voice.

At the deserted park entrance, a figure that came out from nowhere could be seen standing.

Although the person was wearing the same outfit as (Kakkou), judging from the vest like coat and two long twin tails above their ears, it was clear this person was female. And judging from her height and voice, her age was about seventeen or eighteen. Probably older than (Kakkou) by a bit.

“It’s the first time for me to be grouped with you right? Well please take care of me, the legendary Kashu level one ranked Mushitsuki-san!”

Upon hearing the lively voice, (Kakkou) could not help but frown beneath his goggles.

--- Currently, the existence that was known as the (Mushi) that could devour people’s dream was only found in Japan.

Just how much of this was true? (Kakkou) honestly didn’t really know. But according to the organization he’s from called The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, that was the truth.

The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau— or simply called the SEPB, does not actually exist in name. Regardless of whether a member of SEPB was an official, civilian, worker, or just an information provider, they had to disguise themselves in society as ordinary humans while living their own lives. Only until they receive news of a Mushitsuki appearing, would they then act under the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau's identity and use its authority. They do not do so just for the sake of capturing Mushitsuki; but to prevent the existence of Mushitsuki from being revealed to the public instead.

Ironically, the ones capturing the rogue Mushitsuki were actually Mushitsuki as well; they are those that work under the government with the condition they be given a certain amount of freedom.

Those Mushitsuki that became an employee of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau would be further categorized according to their ability and capabilities.

Furthermore, the Mushi may be categorized into three different types in accordance with their traits— Minion type, Special type, and Fusion type.

In addition, those that contain purely offensive combat power, and are equally capable Mushitsuki will be classified as “Kashu”; those that have a unique special ability will be classified as “Ishu”; while those that have a special condition with a great importance or shrouded in mystery will be known as “Hishu”. These types would then be further broken down into different levels of threat, ranging from level one to ten, one being the highest.

Currently almost all of the Mushitsuki were classified as Kashu. However, only a very few Mushitsuki were worthy enough to be ranked into levels within this majority. And SEPB possessed majority of those ranked Mushitsuki. Among them, (Kakkou) who achieved the title of level one ranked Kashu was said to be a miracle.

“Eh, you’re going to ignore me? You sure are just as unsociable as before— or maybe ….the great (Kakkou)-sama, will never bother with a Kashu level five ranked Mushitsuki like me?”

Opposite of (Kakkou) who remained silent, the teenage girl that was wearing a goggle --- (MinMin) —spoke in a very lively voice.

(MinMin) is a part of the East Central Division, and also one of the very few Mushitsuki that was ranked a level. The combat squad that she was assigned to was a squad whose main tasks were to capture and exterminate any of the Mushitsuki that have not been registered into the government list.

On the other hand, (Kakkou), who only started in spring, was assigned to the Inspector squad; whose main tasks were maintaining surveillance on marked Mushitsuki.

“… ”

(Kakkou) ignored the teenage girl and surveyed the quiet park.

He actually does not hate (MinMin).

But it was the opposite case for her, (Kakkou) knew that (MinMin) detested him; and he had a rough idea of the reason behind the hatred.

The fragrance from the lake which filled the air; had been polluted with the stench of smoke. There seemed to be battles occurring somewhere in the park already.

(MinMin) completely did not mind that she was being ignored as she walked into Kakkou's sight with light footsteps.

Her soft lips moved into a smile.

“Hey (Kakkou)-kun. Have you heard the latest news?”

(Kakkou) did not show any special reaction to her words. He thought that the topic of the conversation would be something unimportant; but the information that came out from her mouth was something that he did not expect.

“The Hishu level one ranked Mushitsuki that was turned into a Fallen four years ago ---- (Fuyuhotaru), had escaped from the isolation facility yesterday.”


(Kakkou)'s heart was beating so fast that he felt as if it would burst.

He then turned to look at (MinMin) who was laughing happily.

“Ahaha, you were indeed shocked! I guess it can’t be helped, since the person who turned (Fuyuhotaru) into a fallen was you after all! At that time, I still hadn’t become a Mushitsuki so I’m not sure about the details. But it did show on the database that incident was a disaster that turned more than half of the SEPB’s members into fallen, isn’t that right?”

The teenage girl’s tone contained traces of sarcasm.

--- (Fuyuhotaru) actually escaped….?

The memories from four years back began to awaken like flash.

After crossing a barren land that seemed surreal, and passing by countless bodies of his comrades, he arrived at his destination.

Yet the scene that lay before him was so unbelievable that it seemed like someplace from his imagination.

In that quiet residential area where the sound of snow falling onto the ground was deafening enough for one’s ear. It was there that he talked with the young girl.

When the young girl turned about to face him, her pupils were already losing their light.

“To be precise, it was not her escaping on her own, but rather another person that helped (Fuyuhotaru) to escape.”

It was only after hearing the bunny head girl’s voice again, that (Kakkou) came back to his sense. He was subconsciously clenching his fists tightly.

“Ahaha, it appears that you also have an interest in this matter, right? Since after all, there are only five Mushitsuki that were ranked level one. If you were to fight once more with (Fuyuhotaru), it is not guaranteed that you will emerge the victor. Perhaps, (Fuyuhotaru) might win this time?”

“… ”

(Kakkou) silently stared at (MinMin).

“Wa --- so scary, (Kakkou) is actually angry! What should I do --- I am going to be killed—“

(Kakkou) purposely diverted his sight to another direction, shifting his attention away from the teenage girl.

As to what extent the information given by (MinMin) was true, was unconfirmed at the moment; but it would definitely be a big issue for the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau for sure.

(MinMin) who was making noise on her own suddenly calmed down, and questioned (Kakkou) in a very low voice.

“But judging from your reaction, you’re probably not the one who helped (Fuyuhotaru) on escaping, right?”

(Kakkou) silently looked into (MinMin)'s eyes… He was sure that, from the moment that the news of (Fuyuhotaru)'s escape had spread, he was already suspected as the one who committed it.

“The person who was in charge of monitoring (Fuyuhotaru) was (Namie), a Kashu level five ranked Mushitsuki just like me. According to the list of Mushitsuki that was registered, there weren’t that many that could escape from (Namie). And since you had some connection with (Fuyuhotaru), of course the Central Headquarters would suspect you for it! In the worst scenario, they would probably issue you a confinement order. --- And if you're wondering how come I’m so knowledgeable on the situation, it was all because of the trip to the Central Headquarters yesterday with Haji-san. You already know that Haji-san has so many enemies, right? That’s why he requires a bodyguard to follow him whenever.”

(MinMin) completely paid no mind to (Kakkou); who remained silent throughout this time, and happily talked to herself.

Just then, from a speaker within their goggles, came a familiar voice.

“Attention all SEPB personnel, are you in position?”

It was a calm voice that contained some traces of laughter which came from person that (Kakkou) was conversing with on the cellphone a while ago.

He is the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, East Central Division’s director --- Haji Keigo.

“I think that all of you already know this, but the opponent this time is the members of the Mushitsuki rebel force, (Mushibane). If we were against those lackeys under normal circumstances, just (MinMin) alone would suffice. However, due to the fact that the queen and her special bodyguards of the (Mushibane) are here today, we requested for (Kakkou) to head out. Other personnel that have no instructions given besides, (Kakkou) and (MinMin); are to draw the enemy forces towards the position where (Kakkou) is situated. If you do incite the (Mushibane) too much, and cause their leader to be serious…. You will easily cease to exist from this world.”

Although the contents of his words were serious, Haji’s tone was rather light hearted.

For the sake of rebelling against the government’s decision to hide the existence and oppress Mushitsuki, in one short year, a gathering of Mushitsuki users from around the country occurred.

That is the Mushitsuki organization known as (Mushibane). Their objective is to protect any newly discovered Mushitsuki from being captured by the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau. It is said that their organization not only contains Mushitsuki, but civilians as well that actually support their standpoints and ideals.

Unlike the SEPB that relied on a few high level ranked Mushitsuki, the reason that the (Mushibane) could expand up to their current size was completely due to the contribution of their esteemed leader. The leader of (Mushibane), who possessed a high overwhelming offensive power, has already cost the lives of many SEPB personnel. Hence, the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau has regarded the head of the (Mushibane) as a major threat and assigned her with such title ---

Kashu level one ----

(Kakkou) is the (trump) card of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, and is on the same level as the (Mushibane)’s leader. Discovering another Mushitsuki user that had been classified as a level one after a few years caused fear within the staffs of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau. Which they quickly reassigned (Kakkou) from the combat squad to the inspector squad so that he can monitor and control the enemy at the same time.

“Good, since the mission has already begun, there is one issue that I would like to ensure that all personnel within the park to take note of. But I think many of you had already known about this already since this world has too many people with a loose tongue. Nevertheless, if this goes on, it will cause confusion on the commanding side. So to all personnel who are in charge of their respective areas, please pass the information to the other personnel in the area.”

“Yes sir ---”

MinMin put her hand into her coat and took out a thin file like object.

“Tada! This is that data! Here, this is (Kakkou)’s share!”

After he received the file, (Kakkou) took a look at the cover page. On its cover in large text, were the words (Outsiders Secret), and a list of punishments to those who break the regulations.


Haji’s words caused (Kakkou), who was planning to flip through the contents of the file to stop in his tracks.

"Those who were present during the aforementioned case are few in number I presume. The corresponding party involved is the Ishu level one Mushitsuki user that was turned into a fallen because her (Mushi) was killed by (Kakkou) four years prior. If I were to state that, that the aforementioned case was the disaster that cost the lives of half of the members of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau; then it would be easier for everyone to understand just how grave the current matter is right? … Yesterday, (Fuyuhotaru) had escaped from the isolation facility "East – 33.” [TL note: Fuyuhotaru was classified as Ishu when she was first discovered, but after awakening from the fallen status, she was then classified into Hishu. Just a head up]

Even though Haji’s tone was light and contained no traces of panic. The personnel inside the park would still probably be shaken by it; just like how (Kakkou) reacted when (MinMin) brought him the Intel.

Four years ago---

A unique and very powerful Mushitsuki was found.

The Mushitsuki was then registered as a Hishu level one Mushitsuki and given the name of (Fuyuhotaru). After being discovered a few days later, she was detained after her (Mushi) was killed.

The one, who successfully detained (Fuyuhotaru), was a young Mushitsuki who had only just entered the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau.

His codename was (Kakkou).

As a result of (Kakkou) completing such an important mission, he was assigned the title of Kashu level one, the strongest Mushitsuki.

“According to (Namie) who was in charge of monitoring (Fuyuhotaru), there seems to have been someone assisting (Fuyuhotaru) in her escape. Although the injured (Namie) was unable to identify who the culprit was… I was able to obtain some very interesting information from (Namie), who continued to monitor the situation. It seemed that (Fuyuhotaru) has managed to recover from her fallen status and has once again returned here, to Ouka City.”


This time, (Kakkou) was really dumbfounded by the news.

“… Is it really true?”

(MinMin) meekly muttered to herself, it seemed like she was not informed about this news as well.

Having one's (Mushi) killed, and then recovering from the fallen condition was something that had never happened before. Well at least (Kakkou), up until now, had never heard of this ever happening.

--- Another problematic matter …

(Kakkou) mumbled to himself within.

If the news that she has managed to stand up once again from the fallen state is true, then, Mushitsuki would definitely want to get their hands on (Fuyuhotaru). Since everyone wants to avoid the reality of them turning into a fallen one day, they would definitely want to find out a way to free themselves from this condition called “Mushitsuki”…

"As to why she would return to the place where she was born and turned into a fallen, we still do not know at the moment. Considering the situation at hand, it is obvious that returning to this city would pose the most danger for her. Of course, there is also the possibility that she is still in a confused state at the moment, since she has just awaked from being a Fallen."


(Kakkou) clicked his tongue.

When he heard the news about (Fuyuhotaru), the first feeling he felt was irritation.

If it was just an escape, she probably would have been taken away by “Someone”. But, if she was to awaken from the Fallen state, the situation was no longer that simple. She was most likely acting under her own intentions, and decided to return to this city.

----What the hell is that idiot doing?! If she had already awakened, then she should have escaped to some place far away already….!

While complaining to himself in his heart, he started suspecting the Haji’s motives.

He completely did not understand this man, who was in charge of the East Central Division of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, what exactly was he planning?

No matter how he thought about it, the contents of Haji's briefing, were issues that should not have been brought up at that particular moment. In this case, needless to say, not only would it cause trouble for those in command, but it may in fact create the opposite of its intended effect. The issue of (Fuyuhotaru) would mostly likely preoccupied their mind, caused them to divert their attentions away from the enemies in front of them right now, right?

Yet in contrast to (Kakkou)'s worry, Haji continued on as he spoke in a light hearted tone.

“What is really shocking is that we have not yet confirmed the news of (Fuyuhotaru)'s (Mushi) coming back to life. I intend on ordering (Namie) to maintain surveillance on the (Fuyuhotaru) situation. This is also to find out the results of the research being carried out at “East-33” which is also known as (GARDEN).”

(Kakkou) raised his eyebrow behind his goggles.

“Research? What is that? Did they do something at that place and achieved such result? That sure is --- impressive.”

Although (MinMin) said it as though she is in awe by it, (Kakkou) just could not believe it as easily as her. Haji’s words were just too sudden, and the timing just seemed too perfect.

After seeing (Kakkou)’s expression, (MinMin) immediately changed her attitude.

“If it is just some idiot foot soldier, they will probably think the same way I did right?”

She gave a smile which seemed to signify more than it seemed, she then said as she faced (Kakkou):

“As expected of (Kakkou), you still seem to be calm. However, my mind seems to be much sharper than yours; I've already guessed Haji-san's main motive.”

“… ”

(Kakkou) glanced at the ecstatic bunny-headed girl once, before continuing to read the cover of the data in his hand once more.

He then stared deeply into the contents of the “Outsider’s secret”, before grabbing it with both of his hands tightly.


(MinMin) let out a surprised voice.

(Kakkou) used both of his hands to tear the data, which he had not even seen, right in front of the teenage girl; and threw away the torn paper at his pleasure.

“Oh---You are trying to show that “This has nothing to do with me” right? I never knew that you could actually show such an attitude, yea ---”

(MinMin) stared coldly towards (Kakkou), and placed her hand on her ear beneath her goggles, and lightly coughed.

“Ahem --- (MinMin) urgently reporting to branch director, urgent report! (Kakkou) didn't even look and the Intel and merely tore it apart on the spot, is this an act of treason?”

She purposely spoke in a panicked tone and after reporting, she laughed and turned towards (Kakkou).

(Kakkou) leisurely ignored the teenage girl.

“Ok, I will find some other opportunity to give him another copy! Next time, should I offer a circle of flowers as well?”

Haji’s reply carried a hint of sarcasm. The one who was shocked this reply happened to be the bunny headed girl instead.

“But…! Why…”

"(Kakkou), more than anyone else out there, clearly knows what he must do right now. Regarding the matter with (Fuyuhotaru), as long as (Namie) maintains watch of her, we can make our move at any time. What I would like to point out, is the matter that should be of more importance; and that is the enemy before us— the (Mushibane). This is because the enemy is said to be the as strong as (Fuyuhotaru) … a Mushitsuki that is also ranked as a level one—(Ladybird). [TL note: using English name (Ladybird) since it's already said in katakana instead.)

“Well then, how did the meeting yesterday go? (Namie) seems to have seen a glance of the culprit that took (Fuyuhotaru) away, and the report seems to describe it as someone similar to (Kakkou)…Does this mean that there is enough evidence to place the order of treason on (Kakkou)?”

(Kakkou) frowned from her words.

“--- Kashu level five personnel, (MinMin).”

Once the bunny head girl heard Haji’s deep voice, she immediately changed her attitude.


“Please take note that you are not to say anything that disrupts the chain of command…bluntly put, the main base's commands are nothing more than a formality only. They are very clear, that only (Kakkou) can deal with those level one Mushitsuki — like (Fuyuhotaru), (Ladybird), and Harukiyo.”

“B-but…ok, I am very sorry.”

(MinMin) seemed to want to say something, but tried to hold it back silently. She averted her anger, and stared at (Kakkou) with hatred …

(Kakkou) of course just ignored her just as before.

However, (Kakkou) could not pretend that he didn’t hear the statement that (Namie), who monitored (Fuyuhotaru), had made.

Kashu level five (Namie) --- (Kakkou) had heard that this individual was a female. It seemed like there was a need to meet her in person, to understand the actual situation.

Haji continued to talk in a very light hearted tone as before:

"Right, talking about Harukiyo made me remember that, his companions appear to be in this park as well. Although this has not yet been confirmed, several sightings have been reported to me already."

“Eh!? That stinks……”

(MinMin) gave an unhappy expression on her face.

Even though (Kakkou) did not show it on his face, he had the same feeling as (MinMin). Just (Mushibane) alone was already difficult enough to handle, and now another troublesome foe has appeared.

The so-called Harukiyo, is said to be the third force of Mushitsuki besides the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau and (Mushibane).

Other than the information that their leader is addressed as Harukiyo, and a few reported sightings of their comrades' (Mushi), the rest of their organization was a mystery.

Unlike the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau and (Mushibane) that had overwhelming numbers, they are said to be an organization that consisted of a few but highly capable members. Alongside their leader Harukiyo, who is an Ishu level one Mushitsuki.

(Kakkou) bit his lip tightly, and clenched his fist inside his coat.

For a long time running and up until now, the three factions which had a level one Mushitsuki each: The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, (Mushibane), and Harukiyo— have been in constant conflict with one another. Although the factions were not completely evenly match, they maintained a sort of balance. But now that another level one Mushitsuki… (Fuyuhotaru)… has emerged, the situation is now rapidly changing.

--- It means that everything is already ready!

Haji’s words flashed through his mind once again.

Haji Keigo was definitely planning something. From his words, it seemed that everything was going according to his plan.

"Ah, in the past, Harukiyo has always been one of the targets that we have sought to exterminate, this time however, you may ignore them. Everybody please remember your priorities— the most important target to destroy is (Mushibane). The matter of (Fuyuhotaru) can always be settled at our leisure. Well, in regard to (Fuyuhotaru)’s revival, I know that it’s not merely an interesting topic to all Mushitsuki out there, but I hope that everyone can remain patient for the time being. As to the matter with Harukiyo… let us assume that their current objective is to observe the situation. Well then everyone, good luck in the battle!"

Everyone thought that Haji had finished talking, but then once again his voice popped up.

“Ah right, I almost forgot, this time I am also present in the battlefield. So please do not draw enemy forces towards the south entrance of the park where I am situated. Well the other issue is the same old protocols; please do not forget to record the situation… that is all!”

After saying those words, this time was really the end of the transmission.

(Kakkou) raised his eyebrow. Haji came!? Why the hell would a director who’s in charge of command come to the frontlines specially!?

“Well that shows (Fuyuhotaru) has become the hot topic these days right?”

(MinMin) said in a sweet voice.

Yet, (Kakkou) kept his attention fixed on the park, and did not reply.

“You know that you could say something right!? If you do not like the topic of (Fuyuhotaru), we can always change it!”

Even though she was completely ignored, (MinMin) didn't seem to mind. Maybe you could say that she had something wrong with her mentality? Or you could also say that she already did not expect (Kakkou) to reply to her conversation.

"Disregarding the fact that Harukiyo’s members are here… Why does the (Mushibane) want to fight against us? Don't you agree that Mushitsuki are actually quite powerful? They can almost be called superhuman. And not to mention, we of the SEPB are the chosen few amongst the many, so then why do they refuse to become one of us."

(Kakkou) silently turned away, and looked at the hilltop with shrubs growing near it… Yet (MinMin)’s bunny head suddenly blocked his view.

“You must think that you alone are enough to handle the situation, right?”

(Kakkou) and (MinMin) both exchanged looks. Although she seemed to be smiling, her voice contained animosity… she revealed her true emotions after all.

“I will immediately kick you down, and become the next lead Mushitsuki of the SEPB, that is my dream.”

(MinMin) smiled with a sense of challenge towards him.

“(Kakkou), what is your dream?”

After (Kakkou) was asked, he looked up towards the sky. At the end of the clear sky, a lot of dark clouds could be seen floating.

Looks like it is going to rain soon…

In this sort of season, anyone would hope for snow right? Even he was looking forward to a snowy Christmas a few days from now.

“…Well, I hope that it will snow on Christmas.”

Upon hearing (Kakkou), who finally opened his mouth, the teenage girl tilted her head.

At that moment, a loud explosion could be heard in the distance. The sound continuously boomed, and slowly got further away from the north entrance where (Kakkou) was situated.


If they were to follow Haji 's strategy, the fight should be drawn closer to this area instead. However judging by the current events, the South Gate, which was situated opposite of the North gate— would probably become the battlefield.

As (Kakkou) analyzed the situation, he suddenly recalled the words of the teenage girl earlier— "I will kick you down."

No matter how he thought about it, those words didn’t seem to be appropriate to say to one’s comrade.

The moment when (Kakkou) looked back, (MinMin) was simultaneously calling out her (Mushi).

“As expected of (Kakkou), you have realized it already? However, it is already too late!”

A (Mushi) appeared at the teenage girls’ feet.

Although it was so small that you could hold it with both hands, judging from its dark brown shell and four glowing eyes, one could tell that it was not normal. It looked like a cicada, however the difference between its six wings and its main body, was just too huge.

The cicada rapidly beat the rear wings on its back, and sounded an ear piercing chirp.

An attack with an intense change in air pressure charged straight towards (Kakkou). An ear piercing sound wave that was way beyond the limits of human hearing then surrounded (Kakkou).

With (MinMin) as the center, everything in her surroundings began to burst from swelling within. Huge trees, the long benches on the pavements, and the lamps above the head, were turned to dust after the intense vibration.

Being affected by the mind-splitting sound waves, (Kakkou)’s vision distorted as an intense pain began to stir his entire mind.


(Kakkou) forcibly maintained consciousness, and jumped from the ground as he stared downwards.

Facing (Kakkou)’s action of increasing the distance between them, the cicada remained motionless in place silently. Yet, the ear deafening sound continued to intensify as the cicada’s body began to vibrate from the sound played.

(Kakkou) then reached into his coat and drew an automatic revolver.

“Tch! Kakkou!”

A green insect that came from nowhere responded, and landed on top of the barrel of the revolver; it was an insect with a similar appearance to a Cleridae. [TL note: It’s like a checkered beetle, but with abnormally long antennas. I will be keeping it in Japanese name, and the Mushi in its name will not be braced.]

Kakkou Mushi then fused with the revolver.

Afterwards, many feelers came out from the gun frame, and wrapped around the body of (Kakkou). The feelers began to fuse with (Kakkou)’s body as the arm and shoulder parts of the coat was torn apart from within; On his right arm, green and black patterns could be seen.

In an instant, (Kakkou) fused with his (Mushi), and pulled the trigger while aiming at the brown cicada.

A heavy gunshot rang throughout.

However, the brown cicada rapidly jumped towards the side with the bullet narrowly missing it. The wooden bench behind it on the side of the walkway was blown into bits.

“(MinMin), what stunt are you trying to pull? Don’t tell me you are….”

“You never expected that one of the members would defect towards (Mushibane) eh? Well, I have always wanted to fight you!”

The cicada landed near the foot of (MinMin) who was grinning. Not just the wings, but the entire body of the cicada’s body began to vibrate fiercely.

At the moment when (Kakkou) aimed his gun again, the cicadas chirping suddenly quieted down.

“After building up power, my (Mushi) will not lose to your gun!”


(Kakkou) immediately pulled the trigger.

However in an instant, the cicada suddenly vanished. The bullet that came out from the revolver created an impact crater in the ground, which that had nothing in it.

After that, a spinning shadow, approaching at high speeds appeared in front of (Kakkou)’s eyes. (Kakkou) immediately dodged the shadow after landing onto the ground, and a loud noise sounded behind him.

The cicada dug away the ground, and reappeared in front him after shaking away the dirt.

--- Kashu level five Mushitsuki, (MinMin), her (Mushi) has two abilities.

One is to generate powerful sound waves through the vibration of the wings, and the second is high speed tackling after building up power. Among the abilities, the latter is capable of matching up to (Kakkou)’s revolver’s firepower.

“(MinMin)! Are you serious about this?”

(Kakkou) readjusted his combat stance, and after raising his gun, another loud explosion was heard again in the distance. However, this time it seemed further away from the ones earlier.

While (Kakkou) and (MinMin) were facing off, the enemy seemed to be advancing in the opposite direction and head towards the south end of park.

“… Damn it!”

"Nonono! You cannot leave now! You still have to play with me more!"

(Kakkou) could hear (MinMin)'s voice behind him, as she spoke in a leisurely tone:

A super sound wave stormed once again.

(Kakkou) swiftly hid behind a tree, yet the big cedar tree suddenly exploded within before crumbling into powder.

Facing (MinMin) with his back, (Kakkou) ran at full speed towards the south end of the park. He got off the paved walkway and dashed into the forest.

Every time a loud noise sounded from behind, the trees in the surrounding would explode from within.

(MinMin) is a Kashu level five ranked Mushitsuki; even though her overall firepower cannot match (Kakkou)’s; she was still a powerful Mushitsuki. In the current situation, (MinMin) defecting is a huge blow to the SEPB.

“Just handling (Mushibane) and Harukiyo is already a pain, and now I have to deal with internal turmoil within the Division … …what the hell are you trying to do, Haji?!”

(Kakkou) grumbled to himself as he dashed through the forests. Right when he reached the front of a small pond, a group of shadows came down from the sky; it was a teenage girl holding on to the leg of her (Mushi).

“Your face sure is pale; totally unlike the cool image that (Kakkou) gives! Do you really care about Haji-san that much?”

The abnormal cicada began to beat its wings once again.

In the instant before (Kakkou) was about to struck by the supersonic wave, he jumped with all his might. After fusing with his (Mushi), (Kakkou) had attained superhuman physical capabilities, and could easily vault across the teenage girl’s head.

“How can that be…!”

(Kakkou) ignored the shocked teenage girl, and once again jumped forward; he crossed the pond, and ran through the center of the grass patch in the middle of the park.

If he were to engage combat with (MinMin) right now, he probably will not lose. But before that, he must confirm one matter.

(Kakkou) thought to himself as he ran at full speed.

---Would that person really defect?

Even judging from the actions of the teenage girl just now, (Kakkou) still found it hard to believe it.

The teenage girl called (MinMin) was actually quite well known within the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau. She admired the East Central Division branch-director Haji Keigo to an unbelievable level, and even been suspected for having a special relationship with Haji.

Even though he was unsure of the truth of the current situation, did (MinMin) actually defect to the rebels? Not to mention the fact that she evaded Haji's grasp— whose strategies and antics were of genius caliber.

Thinking deeper into what (MinMin) had said earlier. Her dream was to become the top Mushitsuki in the SEPB. (Kakkou) felt that what she said was probably her own true intentions.

(Kakkou) ran quickly into the south end of park, and opened a link on his wireless radio in his goggle, but only static could be heard; he was completely unable to tell what the other party was saying.

After passing by the walkway, he could see a countless number of silhouettes moving about in front.

There were about tens of people, along with the silhouettes of their (Mushi), and the one in the corner was ---

“So that guy really came after all? That idiot!”

(Kakkou) pulled his coat over himself, and charged into the center of the square which was becoming a battlefield.

A green colored (Mushi) with glowing eyes appeared in front of his eyes as if it was intending on blocking his path.

“Get out of my way!”

(Kakkou) shouted out, and waved his other hand which was not carrying the revolver forward. The green colored (Mushi) was sent flying from this superhuman blow as its whole head was smashed to pieces.


Exactly when the people in the square sensed the appearance of (Kakkou), and turned their head back at the same time. He took this chance, and moved towards the opposite direction of the square.

“It sure is rare of you to shout out so loudly, do you care about me so much?”

A tall young man who was wearing frameless glasses, said in a very awkwardly-timed lighthearted tone. Although his five senses seemed to be working fine, his face looked pale like a sick person. His suited figure in this kind of crowd made him stood out a lot.

He is Haji Keigo, about twenty eight years old, the East Central Division’s branch director of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau’s.

(Kakkou) stood beside Haji and cursed:

“Judging from your tone, you probably already know why the situation has become like this right!? Or perhaps, you're purposely setting this up so that you could find out who the traitor was?”

"It sure is disappointing; you've only managed to guess half of it! I actually already knew that (MinMin) had connections to (Mushibane) — however; it was probably because of me dumping her, which led to her betrayal. Even though we have lost a very valuable combat asset from our standpoint, it's best for us to just clean them out all at once. That's why I used her a little bit in the end."

Upon seeing the frivolous smile of Haji, (Kakkou) could not help but frown.

In other words, despite Haji being knowledgeable about the situation, he still chose to become the bait for this dangerous mission. Not to mention he especially handed (MinMin) over to the enemy, just so that she could be used as a pawn to gather all the enemy forces to one location. Should he be considered as brave or just simply cunning? Nonetheless, his plan is really good. Judging by his capabilities, he could easily obtain a position within the Central Headquarters— However, it seems like the brass of the Central Headquarters are well aware of his capabilities; and that’s why they purposely appointed him to a position elsewhere right?

Or could it be that the people from the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau was hoping for a stalemate between them and (Mushibane)?

(Kakkou) groaned to himself in his heart.

"Haji… What exactly are you planning? Just like before, with your speech about (Fuyuhotaru), I really don't have a clue as to which of your words are true; not to mention that research— or something…"

“No need for you to be concerned about it. For now, everything is going according to my plan. Although there are still some issues that I am a bit concerned of!”

“(Namie)’s situation seemed to be a bit… Ah whatever, this matter can easily be investigated. You do not need to think about it too much, and now since (MinMin) has left the organization, please put in two to three more times the effort to fill in the gap!”

“… Now I feel like rebelling as well…”

“Haha, I know you would not do that! You still haven’t fulfilled your promise with (Fuyuhotaru) yet, right?”

After hearing that, (Kakkou) could only remain silent.

And because of (Kakkou)’s appearance in the battlefield, a loud yet calm voice suddenly rang through.

“(Kakkou)….you again?...”

Although the voice was suppressed, it still sounded very clear; (Kakkou) turned to face the opponents in front of him.

Surrounded by the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau personnel, was a group of people of varying sizes, the only special trait that they shared, was that all of them were wearing white masks resembling the visage of a wolf or a fox or other animals, covering the region around their eyes and noses. The scene of them standing beneath the sunset gave off a supernatural feeling.

At the center of the group of white-masked individuals, a figure with a dog mask could be seen. The figure was the only one seemingly unfazed by (Kakkou)'s sudden appearance and did not panic like the all others. Although the face of the person could not be seen, judging from the voice and their body figure, this person should be a girl in her teens. With her beautiful shoulder length hair, and her clear voice— even if she didn’t intend to, she was very eye catching.

“Good timing, I intend to kill you along with that spectacled guy!”

The masked group began to gather around the teenage girl in the center.

“Hey, Lady…who is that guy? He seems to have fused with his (Mushi)…?” [TL note: rather than calling her Ladybird, her comrades call her Lady]

The teenage girl named (Ladybird) answered her white masked comrade’s question with a look of hatred.

"That guy is (Kakkou), everyone probably has heard of him before right? His (Mushi) is different from our Minion type, it's a Fusion type— a very special type."

“Ka…(Kakkou)? That’s him?”

The white masked group suddenly began to riot.

“Lady, since our objective has already been achieved, you should retreat. Let us divert (Kakkou)’s attention!”

The dark-brown-haired male, that was wearing a fox mask, quietly said near (Ladybird)’s side.

The young lady glared at the teenager in the eyes.

“Do you think that I will lose to him, Centi?”

“No that's not what I meant. It is just as you said before; (Mushibane)’s purpose is not for combat, but to save more Mushitsuki right?”

“That is correct. But (Kakkou) is different, you may not know this, but many of our comrades have been turned into fallen because of him.”

(Kakkou) diverted his attention away from (Ladybird) who was continuing her argument, and looked at little girl beside her. She was the only one among the masked group that did not have a mask on.

“That kid over there is the reason behind this battle?”

Upon hearing (Kakkou)’s short question, (Ladybird) moved the little girl behind her back.

“That is right. For the sake of saving her mother who almost fell down the plaza stairs, she used her (Mushi). Yet her mother ran away from her after that, and started saying something about how her child was a monster, whilst running away faster than anyone else."

(Ladybird) bit her lip.

“Why…Why did this child have to go through such a thing? Is it because she is a Mushitsuki? She is the flesh and blood of that mother! Surely this kind of treatment is just too much?...”


Haji’s laughter rang throughout the plaza.

"From the country's perspective, Mushitsuki are just a nuisance; monsters with insane combat abilities… Even though the existence of Mushitsuki still have yet to be revealed outside this country, it is only a matter of time before news of it gets out. And if the existence of these monsters becomes acknowledged to the world, it would cause unimaginable chaos within the country. In the worst case scenario, Mushitsuki will be regarded as biological weapons by other countries, and be used as a reason to justify their invasion into the country."

The teenage girl shouted back,

“I cannot believe you actually called us biological weapons…!”

"Calling you biological weapons is actually very generous, you guys are much scarier than those "actual" biological weapons. It's because you guys are not on anybody's side. Nobody knows when you will do something bad. We will eventually find out where the creators of you guys are, (The Original Three), and let (Kakkou) annihilate them. After that, all we need to do is to eradicate the existence of the remaining bands of Mushitsuki like you guys, and peace will return to the once again. (Ladybird), for the sake of maintaining world peace, please lend us your aid for a while. So what do you think?”

The teenage girl clearly was angered— even her companions were all emitting a presence of anger.

“Are you telling us to die?”

"I never said that. As long as we kill the (Mushi), and turn you guys into Fallen, we shall be able to spare your lives— and that is why (Kakkou) and I will aim solely at the (Mushi). However, there are many people within the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau that disobey my commands... That's why… I feel that you guys should be thankful that you met me~"


(Kakkou) cut off Haji’s sentence as he gave a frivolous shrug.

“What do you mean by just attacking the (Mushi) … Does that kind of thing matter? Do you know how many people have lost their homes just because of you and (Kakkou)?”

(Kakkou) could hear the sound of the teenage girl gritting her teeth.

“Even if we are Mushitsuki, we deserve a sanctuary……! But you people just keep destroying our sanctuaries one by one! We are all working hard to live….We are also very normal people……! Why do we have to die for the motif of “For the country”?! We are just using our strength to find our one place which we can call home!”

“…That’s the reason why you formed this organization of rebels?”

(Kakkou) questioned and (Ladybird) responded strongly:

“Ya! It’s just for that reason! If we could just exterminate you SEPB, Mushitsuki will be able to find a place of refuge! I can also find the place where I belong! That is my dream!”

“Ah, comrades who share the same dream, actually have to fight against one another, to bear such a tragic fate…”

Haji said softly. Even after (Kakkou) stared him in the eye, the young man still did not feel any sense of shame. He used his index finger to push up his spectacles, before continuing:

“(Kakkou), I shall only tell you this. You do not need to fight (Ladybird) here seriously, just exchange blows with her for a bit and let her go.”

“… What did you say?”

“I think I told you already. Everything is already set in stone; she has other roles to play.”

(Kakkou) looked at the smiling young adult and remained silent. He was completely unable to understand just how much the man in front of him had foreseen. Perhaps the little girl, who was the reason for the battle, and the escape into this park were also part of his—

“… I will obey orders.”

“You sure are dependable. People should definitely have friends who share a mutual understanding and capable subordinate. And of course, you are definitely the former.”

At that moment, the bunny head girl appeared from the rear of the white-masked group.

“Finally caught up. (Kakkou) sure runs fast, it would be nice if my (Mushi) could fly longer distances.”

It was the former SEPB member, (MinMin). (Ladybird) turned and asked her:

“(MinMin), are you alright? Being that guy’s opponent must have been quite rough for you.”

“It was okay, not that big of a problem.”

“What the heck. You still haven’t turned her into a Fallen yet? I thought that you had already finished her before coming here!”

(Kakkou) did not miss out on the sudden change of (MinMin)’s expression when she heard what Haji just said. The bunny head girl seemed to want to say something, but immediately gave up that thought.

Haji’s voice then sounded throughout the plaza.

“All the actors seem to be here… now then, go ahead and kill each other please! Fellow Mushitsuki.”

The sky above the park was suddenly covered by black clouds.

The goggled and white-masked groups all dispersed in an instant.

The sound of (Mushi)’s screech then resonated throughout the plaza.

(Ladybird), (MinMin), and the dark brown haired teen, that was wearing a fox mask, all charged towards Haji and (Kakkou).

“(Nanahoshi)!” [TL note: (Ladybird)’s Mushi is a seven-spotted ladybug, that’s why her (Mushi)’s name is (Nanahoshi), which means seven stars.]

After (Ladybird) shouted, a gigantic shell like creature appeared behind her. It had a semi-spherical body with a lot of swelling on its back, and on top of those were seven red spots.

(Nanahoshi) is the (Mushi) of (Ladybird) that was capable of matching up to the Kashu level one ranked (Kakkou).

That semi-spherical body that landed on the ground looked almost like a mini hill top. (Nanahoshi) spread its wings that were two times larger than (Ladybird)’s body size, and roared.

(Kakkou)’s vision was covered by the gale caused by the blast.

The cemented ground was upheaved into the air by the roaring wind, as the path struck by the gale was laid barren.

(Kakkou) and Haji immediately jumped to the side, avoiding the huge gust, yet because of the range of the shockwave being too wide, the two of them were unable to completely avoid it, and fell to the ground.

One (Mushi) was then struck directly by the blast; its whole body was spewing fluids as it was blown into pieces. A SEPB personnel who was in the distance immediately collapsed to the ground lifelessly.

Just this attack alone was sufficient enough to render one quarter of the entrance plaza into a barren field. Regardless of friend or foe, they all were stunned by its unbelievably destructive capability.

(Kakkou) then shouted to Haji as he quickly got back on his feet.

“Haji, can you just leave this area already!? You're diverting my attention just by being here.”

“Aw, don’t say that. Who do you think taught you how to use a revolver? Even though I am unable to fight (Ladybird), I can still at least be of some use … Now that I think about it, did you forget to record?”

Upon being reminded, (Kakkou) touched his goggles and pressed a button near his temple. The lens now displayed the three lettered word “REC”.

“Oh come on. I only took up this job so that I can see the instant when other people’s dreams are eaten by their Mushi.”

“… Sooner or later, will I also become a Fallen just like this video?”

“If you were to become a Fallen, it would mean the end of the SEPB, and at the same time, the time when the country will no longer be unable to control the Mushitsuki and fall into ruin. Please take note of that.”

“… …”

After the storm caused the (Ladybird)’s (Mushi)’s attack had stopped, a gigantic wall like (Mushi) had already jumped in front of (Kakkou). It was a giant centipede that spanned more than ten meters long.

“All bodyguards forward! Protect Lady!”

The fox-masked teen shouted.

The body and shell of the (Mushi), which looked that a gigantic centipede, then began to split up into several segments, and extended out like rubber. Its sharp fangs were flying towards (Kakkou), with the intent to crush him alive.

“In this battlefield, the ones who live are the victors.”

Haji’s hand swiftly reached into his pocket, and took out a revolver; it was a large barreled revolver that did not match the thin appearance of the young adult.

After that, two consecutive gunshots were fired a second before the centipede lunged forward with its teeth.


The distant fox-masked teenager suddenly bent down painfully.

The bullets that Haji fired accurately pierced through the eyes of centipede.

When the (Mushi) is affected by any injury, it will strongly affect the mental state of the Host. The brown haired teen’s face twisted in pain as he pressed down on his chest.

Haji just stood there and fired his revolver single handedly— continuously firing his bullets into the joints of the seemingly tough shell. Even though the centipede was still trying to lunge forward, it was forced to retreat slowly under the precise hail of the bullets.

After the ammo was emptied out, Haji took out fresh ammunition with a simple and neat movement from his pocket. Just when the empty holder was dropped to the ground, he was already firing once again. Every time the gun sounded, the recoil of the gun would hit Haji’s body, but only shallow smiles could be seen on Haji’s pale face.

“Ugh… Ahhhh!”

However, the owner of the giant centipede still didn’t give in, he still ordered his (Mushi) to lunge towards Haji.

(Kakkou) raised the gun that was fused with the Kakkou Mushi and took aim at centipede. With a force as powerful as the one fired from a cannon, a huge hole was blown open into the giant centipede's chest.


“Centi, stop forcing yourself! Just leave these guys to me…..!”

For the sake of protecting the teen, (Ladybird) moved (Nanahoshi) in front of the centipede. Even the slightest movement from giant ladybug's thin limbs was enough to cause quakes on the ground.

Just then, a black coated figure blocked (Ladybird)’s view.

“Die (Kakkou)!”

(MinMin)’s giant cicada beat its wings as it flew down from above their heads.

Ear piercing sound waves that were beyond the limit of human’s hearing enveloped the entire plaza.

Regardless of friend or foe, everyone let out cries of pain.

“Go die! Die!! Why must people like you be better than me… !”

As if it was responding to (MinMin)’s shouts, the cicada intensified the sound waves emitted.

Many (Mushi) with thin shells were screeching in pain as their bodies disintegrated into pieces. (MinMin)’s (Mushi)’s attack worked extremely well against the other (Mushi).

Seeing her comrades fall because their (Mushi) was killed by the ear piercing sound, (Ladybird)’s face changed drastically; she shouted as she covered her ears.

“(MinMin)! Why are you attacking our comrades?! What are you trying to do!? Stop it!”

“Ah you’re too noisy! As long as we can defeat (Kakkou), this kind of small thing does not matter!”

“Ugh... Argh…!”

(Kakkou) tried to raise his revolver as he endured the ear splitting pain; however, his hands were trembling nonstop, so he couldn’t aim properly.

(MinMin)’s attack was causing unimaginable damage to (Kakkou) who had fused with his (Mushi). The Kakkou Mushi was forced to defuse from the revolver, while struggling violently in pain.

The cicada cries now had reached its highest point.

After the cicada built up enough power, it flew towards the immobile (Kakkou) at high speeds. (MinMin) intended on taking the chance to tackle (Kakkou), who was now an ordinary human. If he was to take that hit from the cicada, it would pretty much be a fatal blow.

Regardless of friend or foe, all the (Mushi) that were in the way were knocked away by the cicada.


“(Kakkou), you really are useless! Are you really a Mushitsuki with the caliber of a Kashu level one?”

A figure came between (Kakkou) and the cicada.

It was Haji. He raised his gun and took aim at the approaching cicada.

The gunshot rang almost at the exact moment when Haji was knocked away; the cicada’s painful cry could then be heard echoing throughout the plaza.

The bullet Haji fired pierced the cicada’s wings as Haji was struck directly by the cicada, blowing his whole body to (Kakkou)’s side. Haji then spit out blood from his mouth after he stopped rolling.

“N-No!! I didn’t mean to do that … Haji-san!”

(MinMin) suddenly became flustered, and ran towards Haji.

“Why...Why did you have to save him?!”

“You are right… I was just too impulsive…”

Haji’s calm yet twittering voice was overwhelmed by the sound of heavy cannon fire.

After the cicada stopped its attack, (Kakkou) fused with his Mushi once more and fired a bullet from his revolver. The bullet hit the cicada’s chest, causing it to spurt out a large amount of liquid as it was blown away.


(MinMin) twitched as if her body was electrified.

“Keigo … san … …”

(MinMin) looked at Haji as she slowly fell over… before lying motionless on the ground.


(Ladybird) cried out as (Nanahoshi) released a shockwave flying towards (Kakkou).


(Kakkou) looked at the Haji who fell near him for a moment before raising his revolver.

Using his enhanced feet, he should be able to avoid this attack. But if he were to dodge it, Haji who was now lying on the floor would definitely be consumed by the shockwave.

--- (Kakkou) really intended to save his strength, but the current situation didn’t allow him to do so.

(Kakkou) focused his power onto the arm that was holding the revolver.

The antenna of the Kakkou Mushi that had fused with the revolver began to wave as its sapphire-colored compound eyes glowed brightly. The bullet in the barrel that was fused with the mouth of the (Mushi), was also giving out an ear piercing sound as it spun in high speed.

After that, a deafeningly loud cannon fire sound rang throughout the plaza. A bullet that had a high rotating speed and power incomparable to a regular bullet clashed head on with the shockwave.

In the space between the dog-masked teenage girl and (Kakkou) surged a strong and intense gust.

The shockwave that was released by the ladybug and the bullet fired by (Kakkou) intensely clashed, resulting in it being cancelled out by the other. After being interrupted, the shockwave was split into two vortexes that narrowly missed the fallen Haji.

(Kakkou) jumped past Haji, and went straight into the aftermath of the blast. He crossed the dust that was raised by the blast, and charged towards (Ladybird).

However, something charged out of nowhere and stopped his advance.

“Woooooooo!!!” [TL: The sound of war cry…]

The fox-masked teen --- Centi roared. The giant centipede stood straight up and extended its countless disgustingly wiggling feet, and sharp claws at (Kakkou) from all sides.

“No! Don’t do it Centi!”

(Ladybird) shouted.

Although (Mushibane) outnumbered the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau in terms of members, there were only few that were assigned a level within the group. It was an organization that solely built with (Ladybird)’s strength as the center. There was no way that the (Mushi) of the teen called “Centi” could defeat (Kakkou).

But then ---


(Kakkou)’s chest suddenly felt an intense pain, which caused his vision to black out momentarily.

The energy used for that gunshot fired earlier must have taken more than what he expected. In this case, it was probably not his best time to face off (Ladybird) yet.

(Kakkou) dodged the incoming Centipede, which attacked from the side, and raised his hand silently.

When the remaining SEPB members received the signal, they all charged towards the (Mushibane) at once.

The sea coast park became a battlefield in an instant.

(Ladybird) clicked her tongue. Because her Mushi was too powerful, once it entered the chaos of a battlefield, she was unable to control its power freely.

However, the small shockwaves sent by the (Nanahoshi), was still able to kill the SEPB’s (Mushi) one by one.

“Everybody retreat! If we were to face them head on, we have no chance of winning!”

Although (Ladybird) was shouting in a loud voice, the (Mushibane) members were focused on an intense battle with the enemy, hence were unable to hear what she said. The teenager called “Centi” was also facing a tough battle against two combat squad members, and was pushed further and further away from (Ladybird).

(Kakkou) charged in alone, and was advancing quickly through the battlefield towards a certain spot.

Upon seeing the direction where (Kakkou) was charging at, (Ladybird) spaced out for a bit before realizing what he was trying to do.

“Don’t tell me he …!(Nanahoshi), stop him!”

(Nanahoshi) obeyed her master’s command, and spread its giant pair of wings.

However, a (Mushi) suddenly came into the view of (Ladybird).


It wasn’t a (Mushi) that belonged to the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, but rather (Mushibane)’s. It was (Kakkou) who grabbed the leg of a nearby (Mushi) with one hand, and threw it directly at (Ladybird)’s direction.

(Ladybird) swiftly mobilized (Nanahoshi) to release a weak shockwave. Her comrade’s (Mushi) landed nicely in front of the path where it was fired, but (Kakkou) took this chance and reached his destination.

In front of (Kakkou), a little girl could be seen ---

She was the Mushitsuki that started this battle.

Upon seeing (Kakkou), an expression of fear surfaced on the little girl’s face as she walked backwards unsteadily. Just then, a flying (Mushi) that was about one meter long appeared beside her foot. The (Mushi) carried the little girl on its back, and tried to escape by gliding.

However, (Kakkou)’s speed was much faster than the flying (Mushi). After he swiftly caught up to it, he grabbed the collar of the little girl, and pulled her down from the (Mushi).

“Stop it ---“

(Kakkou) could hear the screams of (Ladybird).

Yet (Kakkou) did not stop. He threw the little girl onto the ground without hesitation, and pointed his gun at the defenseless head of the flying (Mushi).

“Stop it!”

(Ladybird)’s scream sounded at the exact same time as the heavy gun fire.

The little girl who wanted to get up suddenly twitched for a moment before her body froze like a corpse, and like a slow motion clip, slowly dropped to the floor.

“… Mama…”

(Kakkou) felt as though he just heard the faint whisper of the little girl. And beside her face, which looked as if she was praying, a small droplet of a tear fell onto to the floor…

A sudden silence enveloped the entire park.


(Kakkou) gave a short but clear order to the members of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau.

The remaining forces of the black coated group looked as though they just came back to their senses, and launched a full scale assault on the (Mushibane). On the other hand, (Mushibane) was clearly shaken.

But before the battle started, a mutter was heard echoing throughout the battlefield.


The SEPB members all stopped in their tracks at the same time.

“Why did you have to kill that child’s (Mushi)?! (Kakkou)!”

(Nanahoshi) roared.

The air surrounding them vibrated violently— all the Mushitsuki remained still as if they were stunned.

The (Mushibane)’s leader – (Ladybird) was glaring hatefully at (Kakkou); a tear could be seen forming beneath her mask.

“Why did it have to be that child? That child…that child she… is not even part of (Mushibane) or the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, she was only a small… yet why did you have to …!”

(Kakkou) glanced at the remaining band of comrades. Even though they regained their morale for a moment, after seeing how the expression of (Ladybird) became serious, they all lost their will to fight.

(Kakkou) gazed silently at (Ladybird).

“Look at the current situation.”

“What...What do you mean?”

“That girl was with the (Mushibane). That is the reason why I turned her into a Fallen. It was to set an example for the future, that way, people will know what will happen to them if they were to come in contact with you. Anyone that is related to the (Mushibane) --- will be turned into a Fallen. That way, there won’t be any Mushitsuki willing to assist you guys anymore.

--- (Fuyuhotaru) was also the same.

Deep inside his heart, (Kakkou) added that line.

“Just for this… this reason…?”

(Ladybird)’s attitude took a drastic change as she said in a weak voice:

“Just this reason alone, was enough to turn her into a Fallen? To take away her dream? Using all of your comrades as bait, and your enemy as a shield, just so you can take everything away from such a small girl…?”

“Please do not misunderstand, the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau never intended to uphold justice. We are just a bunch of people banding together in order to protect our own dreams, and are willing to do anything in order to do so. That kind of game…being the ally of justice— you can play on your own.”

“… What do you mean…”

“However, we are definitely going to live longer than you guys.”

(Ladybird) raised a mocking smile.

"So long as you have yourself it's enough, am I correct? Why do you think in such a way… You already have people that are slowly forgetting their dreams, and are afraid of being devoured by their (Mushi) beside you… And since you've become a Mushitsuki; it means that you have a dream as well, right? Yet you—"

“There are currently five level one ranked Mushitsuki.”

(Kakkou) suddenly blurted out this unrelated issue:

“And I know who these level one ranked people are. (Ladybird), you among the five are the weakest.”

This line made the teenage girl reach her boiling point.

“I am going to kill you……”

(Nanahoshi), that was behind (Ladybird), spread open its huge wings; everything in the surrounding area suddenly began to vibrate before turning into dust.

“I am definitely going to kill you! And after that I will create a place where Mushitsuki belong!”

As if it was responding to the anger of (Ladybird), (Nanahoshi) beat its wings intensely.

However in the next instant, the dark browned hair teen in their sights suddenly collapsed on the ground.

“Ugh…Argh… …!”

(Nanahoshi) immediately stopped its movement.

“… Centi?”


The fox-masked teenager cried out in pain.

His (Mushi) suddenly stood facing the sky, its thin and long body started twisting violently, while it’s countless feet struggled desperately. Its six eyes were also glowing with a deep red light.

The erratic movements of the giant centipede seemed to imply that it was in pain, but it looked as though it was dancing ecstatically. And quite a few (Mushi) in its vicinity were knocked away by its wiggling feet.

“That’s impossible…? Unless…”

(Ladybird) muttered silently as she stared at Centi.

Meanwhile, (Kakkou) clicked his tongue, and held his revolver tightly.

“Damn it…It is actually “Maturing”!“

Everyone in the plaza panicked when they heard (Kakkou)’s words.

Centipede continued to howl. It was giving out cackling noises, while extending out its hundreds of feet. The spikes that were on top of its thick shell dug away the cement ground, while smashing the nearby (Mushi) into pieces.

Maturation -----

The (Mushi) would consume the dreams of its host piece by piece. Every time the host would call upon the power of the (Mushi), they had to sacrifice a portion of their dream as its price. As a result, those individuals who became Mushitsuki would slowly forget their dreams and lose their way. In addition, if a (Mushi) were to be killed during this time period, although it could prevent the death of the individual, the Mushitsuki would turn into a Fallen due to their dreams having been greatly devoured; resulting in the loss of all their emotions and cognitive abilities.

So what if the (Mushi) had managed to consume all of the dreams of its host, what would happen?

That is Maturation.

When the (Mushi) has managed to consume enough of the host's dream to reach a level that it could evolve itself, the (Mushi) will first of all rebel against its master. It will then leave the host and become a matured (Mushi). Afterwards the host, who was drained until he had nothing left of him would— die.

“How can this be…It’s a lie right? Centi……”

(Ladybird) slowly moved closer towards the teen that was already curled up and clutching onto his chest.

(Kakkou) gritted his teeth.

The total combat strength of the remaining members is just too little…

“If he were to fully mature, it would be disastrous. First squad! Move behind that guy’s back and go all out on it before it fully matures.”

A number of members followed (Kakkou)’s orders and moved behind the back of the evolving centipede.


With a howl, every member that went behind was knocked into the air; none could dodge its attack.

The sharp claws of the centipede, which looked like dancing whips, extended out several meters all the while cutting through the air. The members, who were knocked into the air, all spurted out huge amounts of blood from their body.

Everyone who witnessed this carnage froze.


Even (Kakkou) couldn’t hide his expression of shocked.

If he remembered correctly, the (Mushi) of the teenager called “Centi” was assigned with a Kashu level nine rank. He is one of the few Mushitsuki within (Mushibane) that was ranked a level.

—There had been very few cases of ranked Mushitsuki maturing in the past. Although (Kakkou) had witnessed the maturation (Mushi) a few times, they were mainly the (Mushi) of unranked Mushitsuki. Even so, to repel a matured (Mushi), required at least three ranked Mushitsuki.

If he were to fully focus fire on the enemy, (Kakkou) would probably not lose to it. But the risk of this gamble was just too much, and now was not the time to be choosing such a method to deal with the situation.

“… (Ladybird)!”

(Kakkou) called out to the dog-masked girl:

“We can only rely on the both of us now; if we act any slower, it will be too late!”

However, (Ladybird) remained unresponsive to (Kakkou)’s call.

She grabbed onto the shoulders of the dark browned hair teen and called out to him feebly:

“This..This cannot be true right? Centi, you cannot go on like this…Didn’t you say you wanted to go overseas and rescue many different kinds of people… Answer me!”

“(Ladybird)! He’s already done for! Hurry up already!”

(Kakkou) shouted out to her as he commanded the remaining members to charge towards the centipede.

Centi‘s slowly dimming eyes caught a glimpse of their shadows as they ran towards him.

Just then, long sharp claws rained down on them.

The SEPB members were unable to dodge its hundred claws, and thus were pierced one by one. Although every member used their (Mushi) as a shield to avoid fatal injuries, they were unable to get up ever again.


Even though (Kakkou) relied on his nimble reflexes to dodge the attacks, he was unable to escape unscathed, his coat was torn as fresh blood was oozing out from his skin. Just avoiding the attacks was already very tiring for him, hence he was forced to maintain his distance between himself and the teen.

(Kakkou) took aim with his Revolver without any other choice, and fired at the centipede in a distance.

A loud gunshot rang throughout the clouds.

Quite a number of the centipede's feet were blown into pieces, yet there was no direct hit on its body. It seemed that the only way to deal with it was to get closer, or to raise the firepower of the revolver, however no matter whichever method he used, (Kakkou) would probably not be able to escape unscathed.


Centi’s cry and the centipede’s roar sounded at the same time. Even the (Mushi) of his fellow comrades from (Mushibane), were cut down by the dancing blades.

“Centi…You need to pull yourself together, Come on…”

“(Lady), run away …I…Don’t think I can hold on much …longer…! Hurry up and escape…Otherwise my (Mushi) will…..”

“What the hell are you saying, there’s no way I could do that ...”

“(Ladybird)! That guy is done for! Give up already!”

Enduring the pain, (Kakkou) shouted at (Ladybird).

(Ladybird) turned to face (Kakkou).

“But...If we were to do that, Centi will become a Fallen…”

“If this goes on any longer, he will die!”


“…As long as he still lives, there will definitely be a day where he can be saved!”

(Kakkou) shouted.

If he were to take the chance of the giant centipede going berserk and aim at Centi from afar, he should be able to land a direct hit right. This way, the (Mushi) would lose its host and disappear into dust before it could fully mature.

However, (Kakkou) was only focusing his attention at the centipede in front of him. Four years ago, ever since he pointed his gun at (Fuyuhotaru), he had vowed that from then on, no matter what people say, he would only attack the (Mushi).

(Kakkou)’s shouts were mostly overwhelmed by the roars of the centipede, but (Ladybird) seemed to have heard very clearly. The dog-masked girl widened her eyes.

(Kakkou) inputted more force in all his holding hand. The centipede had already become a foe that could not be dealt unless he uses full strength.

“(Lady), escape quickly… Since I am like this, let me deal with that bastard…If it’s the (Mushi) that I have now... I can definitely…”

The guy called Centi pushed the dog -masked teenage girl behind him as if he wanted to protect her.

(Kakkou) then gazed at Centi in the eye; before saying:

“If you continue to do this…You will die.”

Upon hearing (Kakkou)’s warning, Centi responded with a smile:

“It is alright…As long as Lady is safe… (Mushibane) will definitely destroy you SEPB, and create a true sanctuary for us…”

(Kakkou) remained silent as he looked at (Ladybird) who was behind the teenager.

The teenage girl shrugged her shoulders. She was completely different from the person earlier who was giving off an overwhelming presence in her fury.

(Kakkou) sighed as he put his revolver back into his holster that was inside his coat; also the green and black spots, there were starting to become clear before, slowly disappeared.

“(Kakkou), what are you trying to pull…! Come on and face me!”

“Idiot woman, you are taking forever to make your decision…”

Centi frowned before turning around surprisedly.

(Nanahoshi) was spreading its huge pair of wings behind (Ladybird).


“Centi, I am sorry… I have caused you so much trouble……”

Although (Ladybird) wanted to smile, she just could not bring herself to do so.

“Just wait a moment… I will save you immediately…”

(Nanahoshi) released a giant shockwave and blasted the giant centipede into pieces in an instant.

After convulsing for a few moments, Centi collapsed to the floor lifelessly. Meanwhile, (Ladybird) turned away and avoided the sight; she could not bear to see the look of the fallen Centi. She clenched her fist as her tears wet the dry cement beneath her.

“Dam it….Dam…”

After everything had come to an end, the center of the sea coast park, returned to its peaceful state once again. A long shadow was cast over the remaining Mushitsuki.

Just then, a droplet of rain fell onto the ground in the center between (Kakkou) and (Ladybird).

Unknowingly, besides (Kakkou) and (Ladybird), everyone else was lying on the ground.

Some people collapsed due to their injuries, while there were also some who collapsed unscathed. The latter was probably due to their (Mushi) being killed…but, the majority of the people were defeated because they were trying to take down the Matured (Mushi).

“…What the hell is this…”

The silently surveying (Ladybird) said quietly as more and more rain drop drenched her hair.

“(Kakkou)…What the hell is this ……?”

(Kakkou) remained silent, and stared at the teenage girl in front of him.

“Why do only Mushitsuki have to suffer such treatment? Why do we have to come across such a terrible thing……We are also ordinary people…Just because we all have a small dream, we are targeted by (The Original Three)… Are our dreams that special? Are they really so amazing that our dreams must come to such conclusion? We were only trying to fulfill our dream and pursue the things we wanted …”

“That is why I say you are weak.”

(Kakkou) coldly responded

“You’re only thinking about hating the treatment you received, fearing (Mushi) while hating other people. You are scared, so scared that you cannot control yourself. Afterwards you only think about pushing the blame onto someone else.”

(Ladybird) glared at (Kakkou) in the eye.

“What is wrong with being scared of (Mushi)? If we are going to die eventually, after our dreams are devoured, of course everybody will be scared! Yet, you said that I am pushing the blame onto someone else? It sure sounds really nice to hear, but if it weren't for you guys…isn’t it all because of you people taking away our homes, and forcing us into despair trying to escape endlessly from the eyes of others?! Yet, you guys are… the same as us… all of us are Mushitsuki…”

“Ha, don’t group me together as you lot.”

(Ladybird) came closer to (Kakkou) who was mocking her, and grabbed onto his coat forcefully.

“How are we different from you guys?... No, aren’t you guys the ones who are more underhanded? You guys are just a bunch of people who not only fear the government, but also are willing to serve those underhanded people within the government!”

“I don’t deny that, we actually are those sorts of people.”

(Kakkou) silently accepted the scolding of (Ladybird), which made the teenage girl even angrier.

“You mean to say that you are different? That you do not fear (Mushi), or even other peoples' impressions of you?”

“I am not afraid…”

(Kakkou) calmly yet clearly responded.

(Ladybird) could not say anything and let go of his coat.

“Nothing is scarier than that…”

“…What is “that”?”

“You don’t know? That is why you are weaker than me”

(Ladybird) gritted her teeth, and shifted her sight away.

“I don’t understand it! I don’t understand a damn word you are saying! I also don’t want to know!”

(Ladybird) threw this sentence before leaving in the rain.

“Next time, I will definitely finish you off…..If we continue to let “Outsider” see this, I would really explode.”

“You noticed? I think it must be Ume again…you are not taking your comrades with you?”

(Ladybird) tightly clenched her fist; one could tell that she was trying to hold back her anger.

If she were to take the fallen comrades back with her, she would have to fight against (Kakkou) once more. And if this happens, the SEPB reinforcements would definitely come and push (Ladybird) into a dead end. If the situation really turned out that way, she would have wasted the sacrifices that her comrades made, in order to allow her to escape.

The dog-masked teenage girl walked towards the fallen Centi, and said some words to him as she kneeled down. (Kakkou) could hear “… I am sorry.” That probably was not a simple farewell; she really seemed like she wanted to save Centi.

“If it were (Fuyuhotaru)……”

(Kakkou) muttered behind (Ladybird)’s back.

The scene four years ago flashed in his mind.

That girl was crying in front of him who had his revolver raised. Yet, the girl was not afraid of him, or the (Mushi); she was just weeping clear tears, while smiling ---

“If it were her, she probably might have understood….That person already knew, what truly was terrifying….”

(Ladybird) bit her lip, and got up.

“I heard from (MinMin) regarding the Intel on this Mushitsuki called (Fuyuhotaru). We will definitely find her, and rescue her. Afterwards, we will save all our comrades that were turned into fallen. (Kakkou), before that, you better remember this……!”

(Ladybird) threw that line at him, and ran off immediately after as the rain was getting heavier. (Nanahoshi) shrunk down to the size of a balloon and followed behind its owner.

(Kakkou) did not intend to pursue (Ladybird) at all.

That was because Haji ordered him to let her go.

After (Kakkou) could no longer see the silhouette of the teenage girl, he moved through the plaza.

After crossing the field, that was filled with smell of the melting Mushi, he walked towards two figures that were lying on the ground.

He lowered his head to look at Haji, who was completely unconscious, and (MinMin) who had fallen beside him.

Just then, the silent (Kakkou) felt the presence of someone approaching.

“(Kakkou), you sure are powerful!”

The moment when (Kakkou) looked back, a small sized figure appeared, standing beside the fallen tree.

The figure’s hair was not only particularly bright from being drenched by the rain, even his big eyes looked like watery.

With a child-like face that looked innocent, it was hard to tell what gender he was. The left sleeve of his jacket and his right trouser of his pants seemed to be have been torn off, as he had tied a leather belt around that area. In such cold weather, a figure like him showing off an their immature arm and leg was rare.

“On the other hand, (Ladybird) is still just as weak…I think, that even I can beat her at her present state!”

That figure who was unidentifiable in gender said in a clear voice. However, his tone didn’t have any intent of underestimating (Ladybird); but rather it brought a sense of loneliness.

Kusezaki Ume.

(Kakkou) only knew that this guy is one of the members from Harukiyo’s group, which was under surveillance by the SEPB just like (Mushibane). However, (Kakkou) had no intention to report the appearance of Ume, to the SEPB, even if was to Haji.

“Ume, are you secretly watching again? Even (Ladybird) found out.”

(Kakkou) said in a serious tone.

His word caused Ume to bite down on his lip, before he replied with unhappy expression.

“If I could, I really wanted to talk in the open with (Kakkou) and (Ladybird).”

(Kakkou) diverted his gaze from Ume, and looked at the two people fallen on the ground once again.

“Well, since you heard the Intel regarding (Fuyuhotaru)… help me pass a message to Harukiyo.”

(Kakkou) said towards the teenage boy behind his back,

"Do not interfere in my matters. I haven't been taking any action because you guys have only been watching from the sidelines in the past; but if you really intend to take action against (Fuyuhotaru), I will treat you guys as enemies."

“I got it; I will pass the message on to him.”

Ume immediately replied in an innocent manner.

“However, the final decision is still in Harukiyo’s hands! Because, no matter how you put it, we can’t just leave a Mushitsuki that recovered from the Fallen condition alone! Even (Ladybird) said so… For now it is still unclear whether (Fuyuhotaru)’s (Mushi) has revived, right?” That means, Mushitsuki still have a chance of becoming normal humans again, right?”

Ume’s voice seemed to contain a hard to suppress anticipation.

“Being a Mushitsuki as well, there is no reason for me to just leave a person with such a solution alone after learning about it. Even if it is (Kakkou), you won’t be able to fight against (Ladybird), and deal with us at the same time right?”


“Your words seem to be contradicting your actions, no? Aren’t you supposed to be uninterested in (Fuyuhotaru)? You even tore the documents; in that case, why does it matter whoever gets her to …”

Before he could finish, Ume suddenly shut his mouth. It was probably because he noticed (Kakkou) was clenching his fist.

“I am sorry… Are you angry?”

“No I am not, you brat!”

“You are indeed angry! I think I better leave here before I get beaten up. Bye bye (Kakkou)! It would be great if we could see each other alive once more.”

See each other alive once more--- when (Kakkou) heard this line, he subconsciously inputted more force into his clenching fist. Being a Mushitsuki, there was no way he could guarantee that he could meet him alive once more.

Kusezaki Ume disappeared without a trace, just as he had appeared.


Just then, Haji sounded a slight groan near (Kakkou)’s foot. It seemed like he was about to wake up

(Kakkou) then looked at (MinMin) who was beside Haji. Although it seemed that she was looking at Haji; her pupils were akin to one of the dead.

“(MinMin), Get up.”

(Kakkou) said.

Afterwards, (MinMin) got up like it was nothing. She didn’t even look at Haji, just stared straight at (Kakkou) with her pale empty eyes. A Mushitsuki who had lost all her emotions, with traces of tears on her eyes, was standing there.

“You know where (GARDEN) is right? Lead the Fallen here to the “EAST- 33” area.”

(Minmin) made no response to (Kakkou)'s instruction, not even a confirmatory nod— but instead silently turned her body, and walked near the fallen Mushitsuki's side.

Mushitsuki with their (Mushi) slew would turn into a Fallen that had neither dreams nor emotions. Although their body will not have any changes, they will only obey commands from the outside, and because they have no desire, as long as they are not given any commands, they will starve to death or lose their lives due to other causes.

Once a person became a Fallen, they would be unable to get back any of their emotions.

That was what people in the past had thought.


“That idiot…why did she return to Ouka City…”

(Kakkou) looked up towards the raining sky, the raindrops was blocked away by the goggles as it turned into water droplets and slid down his face.

The SEPB would never let off any Mushitsuki that had recovered from the Fallen state. With this in mind, Harukiyo and the (Mushibane) also shared the same situation. The longstanding balance maintained among the three, is now about to be broken. And the cause of this was (Fuyuhotaru).

---My dream is … to find a place that allows me to stay… a place where I belong…

During these past four years, (Kakkou) had never forgotten that timid voice. (Kakkou) then recalled the figure of that petite girl whom was assigned the title of Ishu level one because of her powerful ability.

“Wouldn’t it be better if we had no dreams? That way… it might be easier for us …”

Nobody could answer the quiet whisper of the teenage boy.


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