Sunday, November 13, 2011

New editor get!

Well, I was thinking of getting another editor to help, since Alice and Merc can both be busy with their college stuff.

Lo and behold, someone emailed us and offered to be an editor. What a great timing.

And so we have Yeb, our newest editor from America.

I'll leave it to him to decide if he wanna intro himself or something.


  1. Welcome my noble friend.

    May your life now be filled with hard work. :P

    You guys know Keito is always here to help out, but Keito isn't very good so only use Keito as a last resource. :P

    Anyway Keito is happy that the team is growing and Keito wishes you good luck.

    Keito will also like to say that Keito hate talking about Keito as if Keito wasn't Keito and Keito doing it makes Keito hate Keito a little bit more. Keito. :P

  2. Keito, your confusing post has melted my brain.

  3. yo.thank you for sharing your time we really are glad to have you.yep.thank your for translating and good luck.

  4. Anonymous is anonymous, unless it isn't.