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Mismarca V. 1, Chapter 3: The Boy Who Sells Darkness (First half)

Hi everyone. Long time no see. Here is the first half of the third chapter.

I'm kind of dead? Stuck between work, school, life and Phantasy Star Online 2 haha. Honestly, don't expect very much from me now. I lost a lot of motivation to translate, and only do it on whims now. If anyone is interested in helping me with translations or willing to pick this up from me, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I'll just proceed at the snail's pace I've been doing this at haha.

The next morning, Mahiro gathered the remaining officials in the war room. Since so many of the important officials were missing, half of the seats around the large, round table were left vacant. In attendance instead were young, inexperienced captains and anxious high officials who did not usually attend these types of meetings.

Not to mention that they now know what happened yesterday.

"Pariel, are you serious!?"

"Those weren't just the Prince's babblings?"

"Tell me those were lies, Pariel!"

(Why are they all saying these things to me...)

It was obvious that these high officials did not trust Mahiro. In the first place, Mahiro had never come to this conference room before, so this meeting felt very weird and out of place.

The only ones calm amidst all this chaos were the Internal Minister Kalro, futilely trying to calm those around him down, the steel-faced Edelweiss, and...

"Quiet down! You are in the presence of His Highness Prince Mahiro!"

The one who shouted in a loud voice was the Prime Minister, Cayenne. He was an intrepid young man, not quite thirty yet, who wore his black hair back in a knot and sported a monocle over one eye.

He was a genius who had studied politics at the university of Republic's capital, graduating there at the top of his class. Everyone had expected him to hold high office in the Empire, if he was a majin, and even if he was not, at least become a high official in the Republic. However, for some reason he had come to this tiny country in the Middle Plains.

"P-Prime Minister, did you already know of this...?"

"Edelweiss-sama had already informed me of this last night."

But then why were the city gates still not closed, and why was there still no preparation for battle? To answer that question, Cayenne repeated what Edelweiss had said yesterday. Everyone seemed to accept this, as, after all, dawn had come and still the Empire has not invaded yet.

However, Cayenne was still not finished speaking.

"Still, we can't wait here forever. Since the Imperial forces are planning to launch a surprise attack, their spies must have already infiltrated the castle town. After they determine that there are no traps, they would once again resume their invasion. Even if they do find traps, they are running out of time."

The king had left the country yesterday with many soldiers accompanying him, so Mismarca's defenses were greatly weakened. There was no way that the Empire would miss such a perfect chance.

Cayenne continued with a bitter expression.

"Even if we start conscripting soldiers right now, we would not have the time to train them. Since other countries in the Middle Plains are faced with the same shortage of troops right now, there is no way they could afford to send us reinforcements. So that leaves us with but one path; gather what volunteers we could from the citizenry and guard this castle to the death."

Guard this castle to the death.

Just as Cayenne's words spread waves of unease and trepidation...

"I dislike violence."

Mahiro declared.

"So I am willing to sacrifice everything in order to prevent the people of this country from being harmed."

There probably was no one who found anything wrong with that, given how serious and sincere the prince seemed. Cayenne nodded his head to the prince's words.

"Then let us gather the troops at once, and inform the citizens that-"

"Though I said that, I think that it's acceptable for humans to hunt animals. I want to eat delicious steaks and have wild boar hot pots. It's also acceptable to use violence to drive back the demons. In order for humans to secure their living places, to acquire essential resources for their livelihoods, violence is an important tool. But..."

The look in Mahiro's eyes suddenly changed as he raised his face to look at everyone present there.

"...I cannot accept violence being used for humans to fight other humans. We are different from animals or demons. Why must we, who possess consciousness and the ability to communicate with others, hurt each other? This is the only thing that I cannot accept."

The officials began to discuss amongst themselves the unusually solemn and powerful speech that Mahiro gave.

What the prince said was undoubtedly correct. But, this was not the time for such naive thoughts.

Cayenne caught a glimpse of what the prince planned to do from his unnecessarily strong words.

"But, even if you think thusly, Prince, I do not think that you could have such a conference with Princess Lunas, who knows only of martial matters."

That was so. Though Lunas had said that she wanted to meet the prince, that was only for the purpose of asking him to surrender. A discussion would be a completely different matter. In the first place, what would be the proper place to hold such a conference, and what would they prepare as bargaining chips for such a discussion?

The Prime Minister severed such a path of action.

"We have no cards that we could play against the Empire. Besides, the Empire will be invading with the violence that you mentioned earlier. As such, what other response could we mount but resistance with force?"

Mahiro, though, still was unrelenting.

"Soldiers are still people. Father has entrusted this country to me. And it was Father who taught me that a country belongs to its people. I will not let anyone in this country be harmed."

Cayenne sighed.

"Then...what do you propose?"

"I'm thinking of setting a trap."

Mahiro, who had returned to his usual demeanor, said something astounding once again. Everyone, including the Prime Minister, became dumbfounded for a moment.

"In the first place, they're not attacking because they suspect a trap, so why not let us really set a trap during this time? If it's a trap, then the people wouldn't get hurt. Well, at least the Imperial army will be in for a painful experience."

Cayenne let out a deep, deep sigh.

"That won't solve the root of the problem here. The reserve troops are the real problem here."

"Reserve troops?"

"They only have around a few hundred knights. If they were able to hide in that mountain, then at most they will number around a thousand. Invading a country with that small amount of troops is way too lacking, even if it's a small country like Mismarca."

There were numerous mutterings of agreement and understanding at the Prime Minister's words.

"...In other words, what you see before you, Prince Mahiro, is the vanguard of the invasion. If the surprise attack proves successful, the real invasion force will come in and suppress the country, that is probably their real objective."

"Ahh. I see, hmm. That's right."

"Then...let's set traps all over that mountain, or how about an unreasonably large trap."

"This is no longer on the level that could be dealt with by traps. That is what I believe."

The Prime Minister started to get a bit impatient.

"Still, as with anything, if you don't try, you won't know. Maybe they got this close only because they planned this surprise attack. Didn't Father even say that it will take some time before the Imperial army could move? All I have to do is to defend this castle until Father comes that not so?"

Mahiro laughed a bit by himself, then raised both hands, palms facing upwards, and said frankly.

"Anyway, I really will not go to war. Actually, if I were in command, wouldn't we lose a war that we otherwise would win? Is that all right with you?"

In other words, a threat.

A heavy air began to settle over the space in the strategy room.

"If so, then I order a surprise attack right now! Of course, I'll be at the spearhead. I'll ram and kill Princess Lunas with my beloved horse! No, seriously. Wait, is that really all right? If there are no objections then I will sortie right now."


"I...I understand, Prince..."

Even the Prime Minister broke out in a cold sweat at this and gave in. He usually dealt with the king, generals, and high officials, and did not have much contact with stubborn people, so dealing with Mahiro, whom he was unused to, drove him to total exhaustion.

Even though there were quite a number of important officials left in the country, Mahiro was still the one who was made the steward of the country. Well, this was probably the dark side of this royal kingdom that prided itself on its liberalism.

Cayenne straightened his monocle that was dislodged.

"Being patient until the King returns...those words have their own merit. But, Prince...what kind of traps are you planning to set?"

"Hahaha. Look at this!!"

Bam! Mahiro slapped on the table a single notebook.

"This is the greatest secret of my secrets. The Trap Datapack!"

Everyone present went "Huh?" at this.

"Its motto is "one trap a day". In here are the records of strategies and of how to continually trick and deceive people in and outside the castle; that's the sort of relic it is."

"Isn't that something bad!?"

Pariel shouted out subconsciously. Probably because she had fallen into a hole from these traps before.

"That's how it is. Well, in this castle right now, the only person that hasn't fallen for one of my traps is probably Edelweiss."

"...Wait, even the King?!"

"He got really angry that time..."

Mahiro let out a big sigh, but his spirits quickly returned.

"But, after so many hardships, perils and experiments, at last, this! Against those pig fighters from the Empire, these traps will be successful a hundred times out of a hundred tries; rather, a hundred falls into a hundred holes! I'll turn you guys into pork nabe! Anyway, this is the enthusiasm we need, right?"

"Just having enthusiasm is no good!"

Pariel said, but Mahiro only let out a laugh.

"And so, everyone, let's get to work setting traps. The details are shown here."

With a rustling noise, Mahiro next took out a map of the castle. Actually, looking closely at it, it was a map of the town around the castle. After looking at it, someone voiced out an objection.

"But, Prince, if there is any large movement of soldiers in the town, the people will panic. Considering that, such a large commotion will..."

"That won't be a problem. I racked my brains for something fun like this. This will be the preparations for a festival!"

Festival? Everyone furrowed their eyebrows at this.

"Yes, a festival! I've always thought that it sad that there's only the harvest festival. Now it is the time to ask the people this!"

"Erm, but, eh...what does this have to do with traps?"

"If it's a festival, then the people will naturally think nothing of it, and will help set decorations in place...and the so said decorations will, in truth, be traps."

Ooooh...sounds of comprehension and admiration spread throughout the meeting room.

"I see, that would solve the problem of lack of manpower, wouldn't it?"

"And, also, the Empire won't be suspicious, thinking that we were reinforcing our defenses, since we'll be setting up for a festival."

"Ohh, this would be killing two birds with one stone. As expected of the Prince, you're a master at clever little things like this!"

The kind Internal Minister, Kalro, commented so.

"When Your Highness ordered everybody in the nation to put on maid uniforms, I was so worried!"

"Since we haven't used up all of our money, we must as well as spent the rest on traps. And I didn't say I wanted everybody in the nation to put on maid uniforms, only every female between the ages of 12 and 35. If a guy tries to wear it, then I will mete out punishment with the jeweled sword that's handed down in the royal family!"

"Don't mention that again!"

Pariel hurriedly stopped the prince, who was becoming more and more excited.

"Ehh. Then, here's that. Here are the blueprints for the various traps."

He took out more and more technical blueprints.

"On the surface, these look like they're decorations. Even the craftsman and the people who set these won't be able to tell the difference; that's how intricate they are. But, careful timing and coupling, in order to maximize the power of these, are needed, so we need to consider their placement. Though it's not quite as binding as ryanhan in mahjong, but let us aim for at least a three hit combo, yes!"

Mahiro raised a thumbs-up.

"Anyway, in order to find more materials for making traps, I'm going to make a trip to town."

He stood up.

"Cayenne, Edelweiss, I leave the rest to you two!"

And ran away.

"Wait, he's leaving again!? Hey! Wait for me!"


After Mahiro left, the meeting was adjourned.


Cayenne walked alongside Edelweiss as they left the strategy meeting.


"What exactly is the Prince thinking of doing?"

"No idea."

"What are you planning to do, Edelweiss-sama?"

Edelweiss raised the map in her hand in response to the question.

"I'll send out the maid team."

"Is this really all right?"

Cayenne looked at the map that he held in his own hands.

"I don't know. But this is His Highness's orders. You and Prime Minister Kalro may command the soldiers aside from those in the maid squad as you wish."

Cayenne replied in a low voice as he walked alongside Edelweiss.

"If you were to confront Princess Lunas, wouldn't all of this be solved?"

"You must be joking."

Though she said that, there was not a single trace of a smile on Edelweiss's face.

"When I was studying politics in the Republic, I had heard of a woman capable of assassinating an entire squad of knights. By herself."

"You speak too highly of me."

Edelweiss's face did not budge in the slightest. This person probably would not change the expression on her cold, beautiful face no matter who died in front of her.

"...It may be over-thinking on my part, but perhaps you have other plans, Edelweiss-sama?"

"Think whatever you may."

Again, the unchanging facade. She did not budge even under his suspicions. There were no traces of anger, or even of anything at all.

"I follow only what His Highness dictates, and do everything in my power to act as he says. That is all."

"...If that is so, then it is all good. Forgive my disrespect."

She was someone who held no inherent loyalty towards this country, but who instead was someone hired with money. It was for this reason alone, if nothing else, that made her motives simple and clear.

"Think nothing of it. But if this is about His Highness, then even I at times don't understand what he's thinking."

That was to be expected, though. The prince's stupidity was on a completely different, incomprehensible level, even when compared to this woman who showed no expressions towards anything.

"But, 'the country belongs to the people', was it? At least Prince Mahiro's dedication towards the country is real."


Edelweiss confirmed.

"That, at least, is not to be doubted."

"But, from my perspective, he's still being far too kind."

"I think the same. The world being the world it is. Even the King, on occasion, has lamented about this."

Edelweiss parted from Cayenne, leaving for the headquarters of the maid team, while Cayenne went towards the headquarters of the military.

Today was the same as yesterday. The two disguised themselves, then headed to town. They went through the northern gate which was connected to the castle, and arrived at the central plaza. This plaza was the largest plaza in the town, complete with a fountain in the middle. Even though this was the heart of the town, it was especially lively and active today, more so than usual. Considering that a festival has just been announced, however, this was probably normal.

"I didn't think that there would be commotions for a festival at this time!"

"Even the idiot prince can think of good things once in a while! Makes me look at him differently!"

The citizens who knew nothing of the situation merrily prepared for the festival. Among them, the carpenters were especially busy, sawing and shaving wood and standing them up. With a cursory glance, there was nothing but preparations for the festival all around, with arcades and gates being set up and lamps being made.

Then, according to instructions from the soldiers, the finished objects were transported to the main road that ran north and south. This route was undoubtedly the route that the imperial army would take as they begin their invasion.

"Hurry! Since this was the idiot prince's idea, the king would definitely stop this once he returns!"

"Let's hurry and have our fun while the ogre is away!"

And everyone's motivation was filled to the brim.

"Are they complimenting or insulting me?"

"W-well, Prince, look, at least everyone is having fun!"

And then, a huge shadow appeared behind them.

"...I see. The Prince always wanders out of the castle like this, huh?"

"Ah, Cayenne-sama..."

Pariel turned around and found the monocle-wearing prime minister standing behind them. Even though he usually sat in the castle and directed matters pallidly, for such important tasks  he came out to personally lead at the forefront.

"Hey Cayenne. As expected, you finished your work early."

"Your praise honors me. Though this is not really my specialty..."

This person was similar to Edelweiss. Inside the castle, he always had an impervious barrier around himself. Watching him make a troubled face and scratching his head was oddly charming.

"Well, why don't you use this chance to get yourself a tan? You'll get popular! Popular with the ladies, you know!"

"Really, Prince, there's nothing I can do with you...But, speaking frankly, I was doubtful of this plan succeeding but..."

He stretched out the map that Mahiro had given to him in the war room, and then started matching it to the scenery on the streets.

"It wasn't until the operation had begun that I realized that, somehow, this was a rather reasonable plan. It was especially clever to use the festival as a pretext. If we use this opportunity to prepare for war, then the people would not be suspecting these movements."

In this small country, it was easy for citizens to find out what was happening. If they found out, even if they were in support of resisting, they would still harbor some doubts, and eventually fall into despair.

But, right now, moving around merrily in the central plaza, everyone's spirits were high. Everyone's eyes shone with energy, whether it was the men who were working on the construction, or the women who made and delivered pastry and tea to the men, or even the children, fighting with each other for a chance to help the adults. Everybody was excited at this sudden festival. The preparations proceeded very rapidly.

"I never would have thought that Prince Mahiro could be such an excellent tactician."

"I don't like being praised by others, so I have nothing to give to you for that."

Though he said that, it was obvious that the prince was wriggling with pleasure.

"Hey, about this, if you want you could touch these."


"Stop randomly pointing at people's chests! And what are you saying!?"

", Prince, I was sincerely admiring you. Also, the ambush in the mountains, did you also predict that...did you know of it beforehand?"

Mahiro massaged the bump below his large cap.

"Even for my esteemed self, that would be impossible. But now that I think about it, if someone were able to infiltrate so close by, then that mountain would definitely be the best spot for them. It's just that I sometimes go to that mountain since I have a test course on it."

"I see...then, it's still my fault as prime minister to have been so lax with security, isn't it..."

In reality, even though the one ruling was the king, the ones who handled most of the tasks were the high officials. But the one who advised the king and approved the actions of these officials was indeed the prime minister. This was comparable to the relationship between the general and his officers in an army.

"Don't think too much into it; Edelweiss even said that governance is your specialty. Worrying about this now won't change anything."

"Thank you for your reassurance. It seems like the people were right when they said that you have a kind heart."

"Ahh, don't praise me so...if you'd like you can touch th-"


"...My head hurts, so I think I'll be leaving first..."

"Hahaha, please take care."

Mahiro waved his hands,  Pariel bowed deeply, and then the two headed off to somewhere. Cayenne stared at the backs of the departing two.

(A tactician, huh? Is Edelweiss helping him secretly? Or is it...)

"Prime Minister, sir, the south gate captain reported some issues with the decorations near the gate..."

"I understand, everything here should be fine. Let us depart for the south gate. Call a carriage."


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