Sunday, June 22, 2014

Next chapter for SPS Encore Pieces

Shinonome Yuuko's vol 1 is about to come to an end pretty soon. I have mentioned before I will revisit SPS once in a while to work on the encore chapters when I feel like it, and I guess finishing Shinonome is a good time to do so.

I have in mind to do 1 chapter for now though, so I guess I'll have a brief look at what you guys prefer. Do take note that this will only be for reference, so if you dislike the possibility of me rejecting your views and wasting your time, then don't do it.

<If There's No Name on the Wing> is a pretty...... boring chapter in my opinion, so I'll prefer to work on either <Stereophonic Love> or <The Final Interview>.

<Stereophonic Love> focuses more on Mafuyu and Naomi's love during high school from Yuri's point of view. <The Final Interview> is more of a standalone on Kagurazaka's first love.

So yeah, post a comment if you have time.


  1. I hope this won't slow down Shinonome v2 too much :(

  2. stereophonic love plz~~~~ xDDDD In as much as I'd love to know how Kagurazaka was rej-- like with her first love, I want more xD

  3. While I wouldn't mind reading stereophonic love, I'm actually more interested in V2 of Shinonome. I am really loving the story and, since volume 2 is past the contents done in the manga, it will be new and, I hope, as sweet as the first one.

  4. anything from piano is nice. more Mafuyu is nice.

  5. Stereophonic Love please

  6. Stereophonic Love!

  7. Shinonome please.

  8. Anything from SPS is good for me. I'd prefer finishing a series so that my reading list won't grow too much

  9. I vote Yuri chapter.

    No one likes Kagurazaka =(

    1. "No one likes Kagurazaka"

      Fight me