Friday, January 3, 2014

White Album 2 Introductory Chapter Anime Finale

A late Happy New Year to everyone!

DM here with a quick write-up of White Album 2; Nek0 and I had a $5 bet on which ending they'll choose to do for the anime series, and the show has already gotten about 1/3rd of the way through the story.

The anime has followed the VN relatively faithfully up to now, though they excluded some minor(arguable?) scenes because of the 13 episode time constraint. I feel like they've done a relatively good job of not deviating from the original material though. However, I've heard from several friends that they thought it stopped being interesting and has since dropped the series, but what they didn't understand was that this is supposed to be the intro (hence the name of the game).

For those of you who've been following the anime so far, what did you guys think of it? For those who haven't played the VN, were you surprised at how intro chapter ended? Also most importantly, who are you rooting for now and have you jumped ship between Team Kazusa and Setsuna?

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  1. I know its constrained by 13 episodes, but I can't say that I liked them leaving out some of the scenes, especially the more amusing ones. Have to enjoy them while we still can. Mhmm. Other than that, it's pretty well done. Looking forward to CC/coda.

  2. Well, I haven't played the VN, but I gotta say that I loved the anime, it was really nice. As for the characters, I am still #TeamSetsuna4Life, but I've grown a distaste for Haruki >.>

    Was I surprised by the end? No not really, however the first part of episode 13 was quite the surprise (then I remembered it was based off that kind of VN...)

    Also, I can't help but be happy that this was like just the introductory chapter of the VN cuz the ending was sadddddd ;_; I need more anime to watch, this beautiful story can't end like this... It just can't.

  3. Kazusa all the way for me

    And yeah the MC was kind of a scumbag.
    At one point I was rooting for a yuri ending

    Setsuna: "If only you were a guy..."

  4. I havent played the VN, though i am hoping to someday, i loved the anime. Didnt know it was an introductory chapter, so was a bit disappointed with the end but now it just seems awesome. I have never been so conflicted about choosing someone, both setsuna and touma are awesome and i would hate to see either of them sad.
    So yeah im gonna root for a harem ending lol, but on a serious note i guess seeing as haruki loves touma i guess it makes more sense tht I should go with Team Kazusa, though just by making me think so much WA2 has done what not many anime.manga,VNs or LNs have been able to do successfully, they have done a love triangle right.

  5. Kazusa all the way for me and i'm pretty sure that i'll stick to that choice. Because c'mon Kazusa best girl!!! not that setsuna is bad just not as good as kazusa for me. And i saw some comparison between WA2 and school days(haruki and d*ckoto), all i have to say is fox that sh!t. haruki is the man. Though he may had made some stupid decisions,His action define his character and that made the girls fall in love with him and above all he not a lucky,horny,scumbag full of sh!t like makoto is

    1. I dunno man....haven't played the VN but anime Haruki was pretty whorible as is :/ And in Mankoto's defense, he has a harem route xD And at least he was a through and through scumbag...unlike Haruki....I had high hopes or him...but nooo~....he had to act like the angsty, hormone-secreting whore that he was.....*end rant*

  6. I'm glad that I read your post - I thought that it was a final episode, but now it looks like second season is coming. Can you spoil me a bit - how much years they'll timeskip after event at the end of this season?

    Oh, and yes, I switched from team Setsuna to team Kazusa, cause... Well, it looks like I'm more in introvert kind of girls.

    1. ***Spoilers***

      They skip a few months; less than a year but I'm not exactly sure how long. Introductory chapter ends at High School graduation, Closing chapter starts soon after the beginning of University first year.

      ***End Spoiler***

  7. Kazusa all the way, Setsuna is an interesting character, but in the end she is still a manipulator who got in the way of Haruki and Kazusa. She attempted to force herself into a place where she never belonged, and she did this with full awareness also. All the things people criticize Haruki for would have never happened if Setsuna didn't interfere either. She could have had anyone, yet she had to choose Haruki, despite fully well knowing that for Kazusa she would only ever love Haruki, and that detestable.

    Also after finding out about the VN endings, I say Kazusa all the way even more, Setsuna's ending is so contrived, it feels so out of place. Kazusa's true ending feels like its happiness that was earned, and it feels like the true ending to the great story that is White Album 2.