Thursday, January 2, 2014

App Game: Thousand Memories

Happy New Year, everyone!

Just going to be introducing a new app game that has got some of us (ahem, translators *glares at self and wing*) here addicted.


Thousand Memories, made by Akatsuki (company).

Abbreviated to 千メモ (Senmemo).

Basically, this game plays like a mixture of Chain Chronicles and Puzzles and Dragons, leaning more towards PaD. Typical of a lot of Japanese app games, there is a gacha system, in which you obtain character cards, called returners, that you use to build a team of 9 characters, which you take into quests and fight monsters. Combat revolves mainly around chaining together the characters that appear on screen and doing combos in a manner very similar to a sideways puzzle game.

The story in this game is largely ignorable, but if you are curious, the basic premise is that you are the reincarnation of a legendary hero who defeated the demon lord five hundred years ago. The world is once again in peril, and you can unlock your memories to call your former comrades from five hundred years ago to the present, hence why characters are called "returners" in this game.

I'll introduce the combat and the various menus in the game. The game is somewhat complex in its crafting system and team building, so some things need to be explained.

Apk for Android:
For iOS, download directly through iTunes.


Still having issues with screencasting/recording in Android, so I'll just link to a high level player on Youtube. The video is from this website, an useful website too for information (if you read Japanese or broken Google Translate non-sense English).

Combat basically involves setting up large combos to deal damage and healing. Skill usage is also very, very important. Various combat mechanics will be mentioned in the menus section. Comment if there are any questions.


In all the menus, there will be a HUD at the top and on bottom.

At the top, it'll display your level, display name, exp % to level up, AP and time remaining to restore 1 AP, total amount of stones, gold, and FP (used for leveling up characters).

On the bottom, there are six menus that you choose. In order, they're main page, returner (characters are called "returners" in this game), equipment, shop, gacha, and friends. Clicking on them will take you to their individual menus.

Main Menu

Here is the main menu. When you log in, you'll be automatically at this menu. Basically here, you can do story quests (the red button with Adventure on it), send Toto, your cat thingy, to "Fetch" for things (button on the right), do quests and special event things (button on the left). You see an overview of the three characters you set as 1, 2, and 3 in party setup. This is what other people see and use when they select you to use as a friend or guest. You also see your total party hp and attack here.

Quests are limited time events generally. Dailies are the only exception (they come once a week, usually). Check the wiki for a full schedule of dailies. Something to note for this game though: there is currently a bug if your system time is not set to JST and you won't be able to do some quests if at your system time the quest is available for at the server time its already expired. Simply set your system to JST, or use an app to change your system time every time you start senmemo (I'm on android, and I use TimeZone Switcher. Works amazingly.). I already emailed Akatsuki and they're aware of this bug.

Some quests are repeatable, while some are not. Repeating a quest gives the full exp/fp/item drops, but does not progress the quest.

Items drops in quests are random, generally, from a loot table.
Story quests-permanent. Do these if you want to progress story, or if there is nothing else going on. You can also repeat earlier story quests.
Toto, go fetch! Good kitty, bring me back some 3 stars. You can get a variety of things from here. Even 3 star characters on occasion. Just send Toto to fetch, and she'll come back in 4 hours with something. You can spend 1 stone to make her return immediately, but no point of doing that.

There is a subset menu that you can select here, in the middle of the screen. Also, if you have any presents, there will be a presents menu that you can go into to claim your presents (usually bonuses from events and things like that. I don't have any presents right now, so I can't view the menu).

In the subset menu, there are a lot of of options. In order, they are news, recruitment (I will elaborate more on this later), serial codes, options, name change, transfer, forums (Lobi), help, inquiries, code of conduct, and user license.

News. You see the various events and other announcements going on.

Recruitment. Every account is able to send one referral to someone's friend ID, and that person will get credit for that referral. Currently you get a stone and FP for every referral, and bonuses at 1, 5, 10, 20, and 30. Also, the person who sent the referral will receive 1 stone as well.

Don't give me your referral; I won't get any stones since I already have 30 referrals.

There is a transfer system in the game. Basically, you enter a password and then you get a code/pw combo that lasts for a month that lets you transfer to another device. I recommend keeping this on all the time and save your code somewhere; you never know when you might have to transfer data (phone's data got wiped, virus, accidental uninstallation, etc.). Keep in mind this transfer only works once; you have to set it up each time you want to transfer an account.

To load a transfer, you go to the title screen, and its at the bottom right. Enter your code and password there. This will overwrite whatever data you have currently for Senmemo on your device.

Character Menu

Here is this character menu. In order, characters list, party set up, selling returners, and set favorites.

Character List
In your character list you can see all of your characters. Clicking on the gray button near the top will sort them various ways. For example, my list here is sorted by rarity.

The red button near the top allows you to fill all your characters with recommended weapons. There are a few choices here:

Left column:

Highest overall stats        
Equip the weakest characters with the strongest equipment.            
Unequip all slots except for locked ones.

Right column:

Equip empty equipment slots with weapons
Equip empty equipment slots with armors
By abilities

Characters are members of your party that you take out into combat. There are five rarities in the game currently: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars, with 5 stars being the most rare and valuable. The main differences between the tiers are max levels, max stats and how powerful their abilities are. Of course, there are character in a tier that better or worse than other characters in the same tier.

Upon the start of the game, you will be given a 3 star, a 2 star and a 1 star. Your goal should be to obtain more characters at this point. You can obtain some 1 and 2 stars by defeating them in combat. Also, there are occasionally challenge events that show up that has a chance to drop the character boss you're fighting. They are challenging, but a way to get good 3 and 4 stars.

However, the main way you attain characters is through the character gacha. Every roll of the gacha can get you either a 3, 4 and 5 star. Basically all luck.

There are 5 types of characters. Slash, blunt, pierce, shoot and magic. Some monsters take more damage from one type than another, but these are mostly for preferences or for team-building concerns.

Character Sheets
Pressing a character will bring up the character sheet. This will list their stats, equipment, skills, and story.

For example, for Diane here:

栄光の聖剣ディアーヌ (The Divine Sword of Glory, Diane)
5 stars

タイプ(Type): 斬(Slash)
Lv: 37/99
[Type Icon] with Attack: 1557
Hp: 1432
Recovery: 1313
Luck: 25
  [R]    [N]
[lock] [lock]

[Skill] [Special Abilities] [Story]

SP Attack:   Holy Sword [Lvl]
Deals 3x dmg 3 times to a single enemy.

Leader Skill:   Square Kill
Doubles attack of characters on square (red) markers

Skill:   Sealed Sword of Glory
Changes star (yellow), circle (blue), and triangle (green) markers to red markers.

   [Level Up]  [Recommended Equipment]

[Skill] [Special Abilities] [Story]

Special Skill #1
Miracle Lv 2
Increases HP and recovery by 10%

Special Skill #2
The Iron Rule of the Weapon God
Increases the effect of equipped weapons by 10%

Weapon Skill #1/2
A Legendary Power Lv 3/1
When set as a finisher character above 5 links, increases damage by 7%/3%.

[Skill] [Special Abilities] [Story]

You can see the sprite here. If you can read Japanese, also the character's background.

Google translating this wiki can help if you don't read Japanese.

Here's the breakdown for stats:

Attack is for when they're on a colored square (deals damage).
HP is how much they add to your total HP pool.
Recovery is the stat used when they are on a pink square (heals).
Luck is related to chest drops.
SP Attacks are special attacks that have a chance to be triggered automatically when attacking with that character. Also, sometimes the character will arrive onto the field with a blue aura; this means that they have a 100% chance of triggering their SP Attack.
Leader Skills are abilities that only work when the character is the leader of your party (in slot #1).
Skills are abilities that can be used by you during combat (from characters in slots #1, #2, and #3).

Special Skills are special skills possessed by characters. Special Skill #1 is always the same for that character. The interesting thing is that Special Skill #2 is unlocked, and is totally random. You can unlock Special Skill #2 by having that character as the last link of a link chain; that character will automatically have a chance to "flash" (in-game terminology) and unlock a random skill. A skill can also have levels, which are randomized as well. You can find a list of the skills so far reported here.

To level up a character, you go to this menu, select [Level Up] option, and go into the level up menu. In there will be two options. The top one is leveling up the character, and the bottom is leveling up their SP attacks. Leveling up the character will increase his or her stats, while leveling up the SP attack will increase the % chance of it occurring (up to a 4% increase). Either of these will consume FP, which you can think of as the overall exp for the entire party that can be distributed.

Party Setup
Party composition is really important in this game. Building a team around your leader skill is the basics of building a party. For example, if your leader skill is magic damage and hp x1.5, you'd want a team of mages. If your leader skill increases the attack of a particular marker, then you'd want #2 and #3 slots to be characters that have skills that boost that marker. And so on.

Setting Favorites
Favoriting a character is equivalent of locking the character, preventing the character from being sold accidentally.

Equipment Menu

Here is the equipment menu. In order, equipment list, equipment leveling, equipment evolution, sell equipment, set favorites.

Equipment are very important in this game, because of the large effect they have on a character's stats. There are five current rankings in this game.

Equipment Leveling
Equipment leveling is more like leveling characters in other similar games. Basically, you tribute other equipment in order to level up the weapon. Weapons will increase in stats with each rank. Note that feeding equipment of the same type will give 5x the normal exp. This will cost gold; the higher level the equipment is, the more gold it will cost to feed it fodder.

An easy way to earn gold is to level up a random R weaponry to about level 30ish, then selling it off. You get 1-2 million from doing this.

Equipment Evolution
You can evolve a weapon by getting specific ingredients required for its evolution. These won't be visible until you actually get the reagents. They are gotten from various quests and the evolution daily.

Setting Favorites
Same as setting favorites for characters. Favorited equipment cannot be sold or be used as a fodder for leveling other equipment. However, they can still be evolved.

In order, buy stones, restore AP to full, and increase the maximum numbers of characters and equipment you can hold. Buying stones will naturally cost real money. Restoring AP will cost a stone. Expanding inventory will also cost a stone.

For every completion of a chapter of the story or a quest, you get a stone. You also get a stone from various other events; for example, there is currently a beginner quest that will get you 10 stones total and a free SR if you finish all the objectives (all pretty easy). Also, there is a recruitment campaign going on that will net you a stone for every referral that you get, up to a a maximum of 30 and with bonuses along the way, for a total of 42 stones if you get the maximum amount of referrals.

Akatsuki is rather generous with giving stones away; there is a log in system that give you stones, they gave away 5 stones for New Year's Day and an additional 1 stone every day for log in. There is a 0 ap cost quest that you can clear every day for this week that will give you a stone every day. Additionally, some 3 star and 4 star characters are very strong, and rival or sometimes even better than those a tier above. The friend system is also very convenient and important; I'll explain this later. So, you can comfortably play this game free.


Weapon Gacha
You roll here for weapons. You can get up to SR (or at least highest confirmed so far) equipment from this gacha. It costs 200 renown points per roll; you get these from log ins and from friends using you.

Returner/Character Gacha
You roll here for characters. It costs 5 stone per roll, or 50 stones per 10 rolls. There are events that increase the chances of getting 4 stars and 5 stars occasionally, such as now. In addition, there is an event right now where rolling with 50 stones for 10 times will guarantee at least one 4 star and above in from the gacha.

Friends. Learn to love your friends. No really; friends are an important of this game. You can use the #1, 2, 3 slots of your friends when you fight, and also their leader skills. Having powerful friends is a good way to increase the power of your team dramatically.

In order, friend list, search for friends, accept/reject friends, view your friend requests.

You can set friends as favorites pretty much the same way for weapons and characters.
Your friend ID is in this option. Feel free to add me, by the way; say who you are though.

Like other Japanese app games, it's possible to reroll like mad until you get a good starting character. However, unlike most games, this game has a horribly large download if you uninstall to reset (won't work for iOS users anyway). So rerolling with one device is tiresome and eats data/time like mad. If you do plan on rerolling, I recommend using two devices (or one device and Bluestacks or Genymotion). What you do is set up transfer, transfer to your second device to wipe the data from your first device, and then you can restart again without doing the download.

Or, alternatively, you could pick one of the starters from this extensive list. They are all SRs that I and others got from rerolling.
Please only take one of them.

Kukuri+Kyashi: 694283715546 pw: qwerty
Kyashi: 214315557684 pw: qwerty
Agate: 876785126119 pw: qwerty
Silvana: 591628948531 pw: qwerty
Lionado: 883630419449 pw: qwerty
Agate: 631073004428 pw: qwerty
Scarlet+Yuria: 348978539904 pw: qwerty
Rinka: 160826403517 pw: qwerty
Kanon: 540084370066 pw: qwerty
Kyashi: 940699366167 pw: qwerty
Yuria+Margriet+Bezarius: 994870950403 pw: qwerty
Cecillia+Biito+Lionado: 491954959533 pw: qwerty
Kukuri: 175690096604 pw: qwerty
Kuuran: 983739101401 pw: qwerty
Kanon+Agate: 493478478450 pw: qwerty
Rinka: 127026098035 pw: qwerty
Rinka+Cecillia: 456751360160 pw: asdfgh
Lionado: 411133727843 pw: asdfgh
Rinka+Margriet: 901743938380 pw:asdfgh
Yuria: 367501287479 pw:asdfgh

Two SR I forgot which were inside, so think of it as surprise xD: 847999852181 pw:asdfgh

Link to the all the SR in Senmemo, check out their abilities and skill here: Link  
And do note that all the above accounts have done referrals and have done 3 rolls.

Comment below if you take one so I can cross it out.

Enjoy, and have fun!

Blame this game for me and Wing being slowpokes. Lol.

Put your referral codes/Friend ID in the comments below, too.

Leader: Diane-ID: 444383329 (Full referrals)

Slash team's friend ID:807834952 (Have enough referrals)
Spear team's friend ID:476912297 (Still need more referrals on this one, so send me some if you can xD)


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    ID: 816023079

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    Thanks so much for your guide, I've been using it a lot.

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