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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 4.10: Shiika The Last

Godspeed, Shiika!

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Shiika The Last

She could faintly hear something.

The sound of someone’s shouting.

The painful moans, angry roars, and the sharp sound of things shattered onto the floor.

Was that the dying screech of a (Mushi)? Not just one, but a dozen of this sound echoed.

"Are you guys...(Mushibane)’s ---?!"

Someone's voice rang but immediately disappeared the next instant.

Silence returned once again to the surroundings.

Shiika weakly opened her eyes.

It seemed like she had passed out after being sent flying into the art classroom's wall. Due to overwhelming fatigue which resulted from all the running, she thought her heart had almost stopped beating. But it most likely could happen really soon right? Hearing the sound of her extremely weak heartbeat, she could not help but have an illusion that it would stop any second.

In front of her eyes was the floor of the art classroom.

The figures of the white-coated people lying motionless on the floor entered her view.

Although she tried to raise her head, she just couldn't do it. This time, she really pushed herself beyond her limit. Not only could she not feel anything from her limbs, her field of vision was also blurred.

"Get up, (Fuyuhotaru)."

Shiika heard a deep voice. Only after a few minutes had passed did she realize that those words were spoken directly at her.

"You brought this upon yourself. Whether it is the pain that your body is feeling, or the wounds in your heart aching. If only you had used your (Mushi)'s ability to get rid of the enemies, your pain would have lessened. Yet, you chose the path that hurt yourself rather than hurting others."

Shiika tried to apply some strength to her neck, yet she just couldn't raise her head no matter what.

"Do you want to look this way? Let me help you."

Suddenly, another voice rang.

A hand then appeared into her view, touched her chin and helped her changed the direction her head was facing. Through her eyes that would close any second, she caught a glimpse of two people.

One of them was a middle-aged man that had a few gray hairs on him. He had a very vigorous look; the suit outfitted on him signaled the possibility of him being an employee of a large corporation, he must be someone with a really high status right? But for some reason, when Shiika raised her head to look at him, he immediately looked away to avert her gaze.

The other one was a teenage boy. His hair was dyed in a tea-brown color, and he seemed to be around 15 years old. The teenage boy quietly gazed at the Shiika who was lying on the floor.

"Get up, (Fuyuhotaru)."

The middle-aged man continued, while still looking away from Shiika.

"Although I do not know what sort of feelings will you harbor as you move into the future from here on out. There is something I'm certain of. Ahead of you, will be realities that there're even harsher than what you've gone through already. Don’t be so sure that there will definitely be salvation up ahead—Perhaps in the end, there may only be despair waiting for you. If you do not wish to step foot onto this road of no return, then lay still, we will kill your (Mushi) right now and relieve you of your suffering."


Shiika shifted her view, and suddenly noticed that even now, she was still hugging Daisuke’s portrait that Rina drew, tightly in her arms.


Shiika whispered faintly.

The middle-aged man took a glance at Shiika, before immediately turning away again.

“That’s right; we’ve come here to meet you upon her request. Ever since she signed a secret treaty with us, (Mushibane), during one of her missions long ago; she had been waiting for the chance for revenge. She secretly releases (Mushibane)’s members from SEPB’s capture, while we will assist her in her revenge… She had the same goal as us. The original plan was to send you back to the Central Headquarters after you got what you wanted here --- What we hoped was the mutual destruction of both you and the Central Headquarters.”


“However, in our last contact, she suddenly changed the content of the request and told us to deliver this message to you.”

The man’s gaze never fell upon Shiika as he spoke the contents of the “Message” with a flat tone.


Shiika pursed her lips as tears began to shed down from the corner of her eyes.

Thank you.

Thank you, Ubuki.

Thank you for trusting me, and granting my wish.

A throbbing feeling could be felt surfacing from within; this bittersweet feeling gave Shiika a little bit of strength.

“If you wish to rest in place, then you better lay still. You should’ve been through this kind of situation numerous times already, in future and beyond, there’s no guarantee that this will not happen again.”

What the man said was true.

While Shiika was still in elementary school, she was turned into a Mushitsuki. After that, she was immediately hunted down by the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, and became a Fallen after encountering (Kakkou).

Until a few months ago, when she met Daisuke.

But in this street, in this school, she collapsed once again. She was then recaptured by the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, and spent the next couple of months living in solitude, away from the outside world.

And now, it was the same.

Shiika was already exhausted.

In the path beyond, just how many times this cycle would repeat? Getting hurt after she recalled her dream, falling down after becoming exhausted…

This kind of cycle might continue on forever.

But, there weren’t always those things happening either.

A pure wish, caused Shiika to stand up every times she wanted to give up.


Just then, the pure white firefly flew in front of Shiika.

Shiika gazed at her (Mushi) as the faces of people whom she had met till now flashed through in her mind.

She encountered Rina.

She encountered (Kakkou).

She encountered Yuu.

She encountered Ubuki.

And then ---

--- I hope that you can wait for me next year…

She then recalled the most important person that she ever encountered.

Along the way, she met many people; those were definitely not just coincidence.

Even though every ounce of energy that she put into her body would cause various body parts to scream in pain, Shiika didn’t want to give up.

Even if her energy was already used up before coming here, even if she was now completely exhausted, even if she couldn’t move anymore---

--- The several encounters that she treasured which happened in the past.

The encounters and promises made between them, always pushed Shiika back on her feet. Those were the strengths that always gave the weak Shiika the will to stand up every time she fell, every time she wanted to give up.

Even if the cycle continued, it was okay.

Because the encounter would also continue.

And someday, there would definitely be a “Reunion”.

Shiika continued to encounter many people.

That’s why it was possible for her to stand up again and again.

Their encounters, made Shiika believe that her dream --- a place where she belongs definitely existed out there somewhere.

“I have someone… that I want to meet again…”

Reluctantly standing up with her feet, Shiika gazed at the middle-aged man.

In the portrait that she was hugging tightly in her arms, was someone that she wished to see the most.

“That person made me believe in myself... and would always wait for me…”

There weren’t tears in her eyes anymore.

“That’s why I have to go… please take me with you.”

The man who never looked eye to eye with anyone nodded his head in response:

“My name is Munakata Kaiji… I’m (Mushibane)’s sponsor.”

The teenage boy who had been silent until now also opened his mouth:

“I’m (Aijisupa). From now on, no matter what happens, I’ll be by your side watching over you.”

Shiika pursed her lips before slowly turned to face the window rendered by the sunset, and squeezed out a slightly trembling voice:

“Ubuki, Yuu-chan… I’m off…”

--- Besides, how are we gonna tell each other if we succeed or not…?

--- Mmm --- how about shout it out? Perhaps the other two might be able to hear it!

Since she didn’t have any energy to scream out loud anymore, she screamed as loud as she could in her heart instead.

Yuu-chan, Ubuki! I won’t lose! Someday, I’ll definitely realize my dream…!

Shiika finally understood.

Even though there may be endless waves of enemies up ahead obstructing Shiika in the future, the worst enemy of all was actually her own weak heart hiding within her.

Just destroy everything --- no matter what, she had to overcome that self that would think as such when she faced setbacks.

The arms that were holding the portrait gradually began to lose strength.

“…I’m off… so that one day… I’ll be able to… --- you two again…”

The instant before she collapsed, her body was supported by the teenage boy called (Aijisupa).

“After you awaken, please give us your order, as the new leader of (Mushibane) --- (Sunoufurai)”
[T/L: literal translation would be “Snow fly” like in firefly but replace it with snow. xD]

Hearing the teenage boy’s mechanical-like tone, Shiika gave in to the darkness.

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