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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 4.09: Yuu The Last

Came like a boss, left like a boss!


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Yuu The Last

“ --- Could you tell me your dream?”

As if she were trying to entice Yuu, the teenage girl reached her hands towards her.

“Rina? How’s this possible……”

Akatsuki murmured dazedly on the side.

Just then, some people appeared from behind them; they were the Central Headquarters’ members who finally caught up.


“How’s that possible?! Didn’t she already---?”

Their panicking voices could be heard coming from behind.

The teenage girl --- Tachibana Rina showed a smile as purplish scale powder-like glitter could be seen showering down from her uniform blazer.

It was a swallowtail butterfly. Yuu’s gaze was completely drawn by faint glowing butterfly.


Yuu then walked closer towards Rina.

“Wait, Yuu!”

Akatsuki immediately grabbed Yuu’s wrist, his eye remaining fixed at the swallowtail resting on Rina’s shoulder.


A look of fear emerged onto the teenage boy’s face.

“That person is not Rina… Rina doesn’t smile like that. That person is --- Yuu!”

Yuu forcefully shook away Akatsuki’s hand.

“Don’t get in my way!”


“I have to…deliver this to Ladybird…”

Akatsuki widened his eyes surprised as Rina deepened her smile.

“You can’t, Yuu!”

Yuu glared at Akatsuki who was trying to stop her.

Akatsuki-san is also the enemy.

He is trying to take the CD away from me, even though it is something that’s only meant for (Ladybird) and (Kakkou)-san---

Yuu made a quick step backward.

Rina continued to smile as purple scale powder began to exude from her body.

The white-coated figures that came in contact with the scale powder suddenly dimmed their expression.


Akatsuki was also affected by the purple scale powder, which caused him to show a painful expression. He dropped to his knees, using his hand to support himself while clenching his teeth, enduring the pain.

Every single one of the white-coated figures was standing still, not moving in the slightest. Akin to sleepwalking, their soulless gazes remained fixed at the Yuu who was walking closer to Rina.

And then, Yuu dived into Rina’s arms, causing more purple scale powder to shower down. Within Yuu who breathed in the scale powder, a sense of comfort enveloped.

“Yuu, you’ve always wanted to see me right?”

Rina smiled.

And Yuu replied with a smile as well.

We finally met.
After enduring countless fears and uneasiness for the past few days, she finally arrived here. The painful things and sorrowful things that happened during the trip, every single one of them was for the sake of meeting this person.

Embraced in Rina’s arms, a sweet sense of euphoria enveloped Yuu.

--- Eh?

An alarm, which was sent from the calmest part of her mind, echoed.

The encounter with (Centi), Shiika, and Ubuki,

After encountering her precious people, and received many helps, she finally arrived here.

Akin to a dim ember that was barely glowing amidst the strong wind, Yuu’s last remaining rationality whispered lightly to her ears.

--- For what did I come here for?

Yuu held tightly onto the CD as she murmured in her heart.

Rina turned Yuu’s body facing Akatsuki and the others, before embracing Yuu from behind with her cold arms.

“Come on… Let me hear that delicious dream of yours that just birthed not so long ago……”

Dream ---

Yuu remembered.

That’s right, Yuu had a dream.

Because of her encounter with Shiika and Ubuki, she finally had something that she wanted to do. No matter how long, or how hard it takes, she definitely would not give up realizing it --- This was the dream that Yuu had depicted.

“Don’t answer her, Yuu! If you tell her, you would ---!”

Akatsuki, who was pressing against his head in pain was stabbed by a (Mushi)’s sharp claw from behind.


The Central Headquarters’ members suddenly attacked Akatsuki; his shoulder was pierced by a (Mushi)’s sharp claw.


Akatsuki dropped to the ground, before slowly raising his head to look at the white-coated figures walking past him. Dozens of combatants were standing in front of Rina and Yuu, preventing Akatsuki from getting any closer.

Rina then whispered lightly next to Yuu’s ears:

“Now come on… Yuu… Let me hear your dream!”

Yuu slowly opened her mouth.

Have to say it… I have to tell her… my dream right now… It was for that reason that I’ve come here…

Suddenly, Akatsuki roared.

Next to the kneeling teenage boy, the golden mayfly twitched and whipped its twin tails.

Countless beams were then projected across the vast open space shrouded in twilight. Passing through the white-coated figures and narrowly grazing passed Yuu’s cheek, all of them were shot directly into Rina’s body.

“Efemera, how could you do this to me…? Unbelievable.”

Yuu raised her head to look at Rina.

The teenage girl’s face had completely disintegrated; a large amount of shining purple scale powder was spurting out from within.

Akatsuki continued roaring:

“I will never forgive you for insulting Rina like this… (Oogui)!”

Purple scale powder then exploded.

Rina’s figure disappeared without a trace --- instead of her, was a sunglasses wearing beauty embracing Yuu with her arms. Yuu noticed the woman’s pupils that were hiding underneath the sunglasses were shining with a colorful glow.

“You’ve became quite strong, Ogata Akatsuki.”

(Oogui)’s rosy lips slightly twitched.

At the same time, the white-coated figures initiated their attack on Akatsuki.


Yuu gazed dazedly at the battle unfolding before her.

“Now… Tell me, what is your dream?”

Whispering with a sweet voice, (Oogui) tried to provoke the inner desire hiding within Yuu.

Want to tell her… I want to scream my dream out loud without holding back… I ---

“Snap out of it, Yuu! Don’t get turned into a Mushitsuki!”

Akatsuki shouted while suppressing the white-coated figures.

--- Don’t get turned into a Mushitsuki.

Her other half was whispering next to her ears.

--- Why not?

Yuu tried to recall.

--- Because, Shiika-san and Ubuki-san they……

Before she could recall any further, she was interrupted by (Oogui)’s sweet voice.

“Tell me, Yuu… Give me your delicious dream!”

Yuu’s rationality was silenced.

--- …

“My dream… is …”

Just when she began to speak, a black shadow entered her view.

“That’s right, Yuu is a good girl! Now… Let me hear ---“

The smiling (Oogui) urged her halfway, and paused.

However, Yuu shifted her gaze away from (Oogui), and looked at the distance behind Akatsuki.


Yuu muttered lightly.


Just that instant, in addition to (Oogui) and Akatsuki, all the white-coated figures stopped their movement.

Above the residential building where Yuu and Akatsuki came from, there was someone standing there. The glare of the sunset illuminated the pitch black figure that was overlooking the vast open space. The long coat that was dancing with the wind seemed just like a pair of black-colored wings, and due to the reflection of light, his erected hair gave an impression of horns.

--- The pitch black demon, was holding a giant revolver singled handed.

“East Central Division!”

The demon shouted.

In that instant, a large number of black-coated figures appeared behind the revolver-holding figure. And at the same time, countless (Mushi) appeared along onto the building.


The black-coated figures jumped down all at once. They ran passed the injured Akatsuki, and initiated their attack on the white-coated figures. Moans and cries could be heard coming endlessly from within the vast open space.


Akatsuki glared at the black demon with an expression as if he would throw himself at him any time if it weren’t for the fact that he was severely injured.


Yuu subconsciously repeated with a mutter--- within Yuu who had lost her ability to think, a wave of ripples could be felt.

(Kakkou) looked down at Akatsuki.

No, it would possibly be more correct to put it as a look of contempt. Akatsuki replied with a look of hatred as he clenched his fists so tightly that his nails could be seen digging into his skin.

“I don’t wish to be saved by you at all!”

Akatsuki then turned his head facing Yuu --- glaring at (Oogui).

At the same time, the golden mayfly outburst lasers at her direction, tracing light arcs across the sky.

“You can’t!~”

(Oogui) whispered lightly:

“How could you get in the way of your mother having meals?”

(Oogui) widened her colorful pupils.

Shining scale powder immediately surrounded (Oogui) and Yuu. The instant right before the mayfly’s lasers hit (Oogui), they were twisted as if a mirror reflected them. The beams that had their direction changed pierced through the steel frame towers standing next to Yuu and the others. The giant towers that had lost its foundation, gradually fell towards the direction of the residential building.

And then, the tower crashed into the ground, causing an earthquake to shake the whole vast open space.

The steel tower landed a few inches away from (Kakkou)’s feet, yet he didn’t seem moved even the slightest by this nor did he take a glance at it.


Suddenly, the black-coated figures that raised their head to look at the sky were screaming in fear.

The sunset had disappeared, leaving a dark shadow to befall the vast open space. Akatsuki also looked up at the sky, and was so stunned that he couldn’t mutter a word. Only (Kakkou) remained unmoved; his eyes were staring straight at (Oogui).

Ouka City’s sky was covered by dark clouds.

No, after looking closer, it wasn’t a black cloud.


Yuu dazedly raised her head, and saw the pair of eyes that was floating in the sky.

The purple swallowtail completely covered the sky; its gigantic body could no longer be described with the word “huge”. Not only did it cover Ouka City’s sky, its enormous body also covered up Higano City’s and Akamaki’s City’s sky as well. And on the four wings that were glowing in a purple aura, human-like eyes appeared.


All of the coat-wearing figures were terrified from top to toe.

The giant eyes that appeared onto the swallowtail’s wings were rolling before fixing straight at Yuu and others.




Regardless of the coat color, all of the combatants in the scene fled after giving off terrified cries. There were even people who went berserk and attacked their nearby companions in confusion.

“Only those children without manners…get in the way of their parents having a meal!”

(Oogui)’s pupils were glowing brightly in a rainbow color, staring coldly at (Kakkou).

“Ugh…I-Is this an illusion…?”

At the scene, only (Kakkou) and Akatsuki didn’t fall into a frenzied state. (Kakkou) bit his lips slightly, while Akatsuki was showing a painful expression. Yuu, who had lost her ability to reason, did not understand what was happening around her.

Yuu was only gazing straight at the revolver that was pointing at her.

Upon seeing this, Akatsuki shouted:

“Stop it, (Kakkou)…! Are you trying to kill her too?!”

The two pairs of eyes floating in the sky turned to look at (Kakkou) and Akatsuki.


Akatsuki showed an even more painful expression as the mayfly next to him was giving off the sound of its body being gradually crushed.

It was a scene that Yuu had seen before.

Although she did not get a clear glimpse of the white snowflakes back then, this was clearly the same ability as Shiika’s---

“(Mushi)…will…be shattered…!”

Just then, (Oogui) closed up her lips next to Yuu’s ears where Yuu could almost feel her breathing, and whispered:

“Look, so many people came here to listen to you speak of your dream…”

The rainbow-colored pupils and four giant eyes were staring straight at Yuu.

“Yuu… Tell me what is your dream!”

Yuu, however, shifted her gaze at (Kakkou).

I came here for the sake of meeting him…

--- Congratulations!

--- Congratulations!

Ubuki and Shiika’s smiles suddenly flashed through.

Why did the two of them say “Congratulations” to her?

She tried to recall, as her hands that was holding CD increased strength unknowingly.

Yuu remembered that she had something that she needed to do no matter what. On the way back home from cram school, because of her turning her head around for an instant, this three-day trip began. At first, she was filled with fear and confusion.

But now it was different.

After the encounter with Shiika and Ubuki, Yuu felt herself changed.

The present that she received from Ubuki, a present that was bought by an incredibly stupid method, had made her so happy from the bottom of her heart. She couldn’t even stop herself from crying from the overwhelming joy.

“My dream… is…”

Yuu then noticed ---

(Kakkou) didn’t fix his gaze at (Oogui). The one that his eyes were looking at was none other than herself.

He didn’t speak a word, just merely looked straight at Yuu with his eyes hiding underneath the goggles. She understood the meaning behind his expression, there was no way she could be mistaken.

It was the same expression that Ubuki and Shiika had before they departed --- An expression of full trust.

Yuu then turned her head around to look (Oogui) in the eyes:

“--- I’m not gonna tell you!”

The sunglasses-wearing woman was speechless.

Before I realize my dream, I would never tell anyone about it. That’s right, it’s something that I’ve decided on my own!

After giving the CD to (Kakkou), and finding Ubuki’s pendant. Only after that day arrives would she bring herself to see those two once again and confess to them. With her best smile, tell them about the dream that she found because of them.

That was Yuu’s dream --- a never-changing dream.

A strong gale suddenly stormed across the vast open space.

The wind blew upwards, pushing back the enormous swallowtail that was covering the sky. Orange rays then pierced through the disappearing eyes.

Purple scale powder began to disperse and the sky was once again dominated by the setting sun.

“W-What just happened?”

Akatsuki’s question echoed in the vast open space. The originally moaning combatants were now gazing dazedly at the swallowtail slowly disappearing from the sky.

A cold breeze blew past Yuu’s neck.

(Oogui) caressed Yuu’s chin, and narrowed her iridescent eyes.

“We’ll meet again, Yuu.”

(Oogui) showed a distorted smile as she raised her head to look at (Kakkou):

“Until the day when your dream matures and become even more delicious…okay?”

The woman who was showing a treacherous smile was then surrounded by purple scale powder.

After an explosion, the scale powder dispersed into the air, the presence of the woman standing behind Yuu had also disappeared.

“She vanished…?”

Akatsuki muttered dazedly.

After (Oogui)’s presence fully vanished, the haze that was clouding Yuu’s mind gradually dissipated.

Everyone at the scene was standing where they were from exhaustion. (Kakkou) jumped down from the building, after putting away the revolver behind his back, he walked towards Yuu’s direction.

“Kak…(Kakkou)… That kid is…!”

Akatsuki tried to stop (Kakkou), but his severe wounds were preventing him from doing so.

Yuu’s heart was beating violently.

Gazing at the teenage boy that was slowly walking towards her, many different kinds of emotions arose from within.

Her legs moved naturally towards (Kakkou).

What should I say?

What do I have to say so that he knows?

The thoughts and feelings that she had in the past few days --- she must tell him all that. Even though she was nothing but an ordinary junior high school that could be seen anywhere, she endured all those, and arrived here.

Both Yuu and (Kakkou) stopped walking, and gazed at each other from a close distance.

--- Sorry…Shiika-san, Ubuki-san:

Yuu apologized to those two within her heart.

“This… For the sake of delivering this to (Kakkou)-san…we…”

Yuu held out the CD in front of her with both hands.

She couldn’t bring herself to look straight at his face.

Even her hands holding the CD were trembling slightly.

--- Even after coming this far… I just…can’t endure it anymore…

The shedding tears caused Yuu’s voice to slightly tremble as well.

Just then, the figure of Ubuki who was still fighting flashed through her mind.

“Ubuki-san… Please go save her…please…”

Just merely uttering those words was already Yuu’s limit.

Yuu sobbed uncontrollably; she didn’t even realize the fact that her hands had become lighter.

“Thank you.”

Yuu raised her head.

Unknowingly, the CD had already passed from her hands to the teenage boy’s hands. Different from the voice that she heard the first time from him before, it was a very gentle and kind voice. The teenage boy’s warm hands wiped away the tears that remained on Yuu’s cheek.

The eyes that were gazing straight at her were very gentle as well, but it only lasted for an instant before they returned back to the sharp look he had on him from before.

“Just leave the rest to me!”

After speaking that line with a strong and powerful tone, the teenage boy turned around and left.


She had reached her limit.

The running tears caused vision to become blurred, she couldn’t even catch a clear glance of (Kakkou)’s slowly distancing figure.

Followed immediately after (Kakkou)’s hasted departure, the unconscious white-coated figures were taken away by the black-coated figures; the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau members all left the site afterward.

“I made it… Shiika-san… Ubuki-san……”

Yuu was now in a condition near passing out at any second, but she can’t fall just yet.

In Akamaki City, she was entrusted with a CD from a teenage boy called (Centi).

And then, she encountered Shiika and Ubuki.

Being helped by them, and trusted by them, she finally arrived here.

Using her bare hands, Yuu finally delivered the CD that contained unspeakable emotions in it to (Kakkou) all by herself.

And now --- there was only one more important task remaining.

“I made it!... Shiika-san, Ubuki-san! I successfully delivered the CD to (Kakkou)-san!”

--- Besides, how are we gonna tell each other if we succeed or not…?

--- Mmm --- how about shout it out? Perhaps the other two might be able to hear it!

Shout it out loud.

Hoping that Shiika could hear it, hoping that Ubuki could hear it ---

On the vast open space where no one remained, Yuu used her remaining strength, and shouted as loud as she could.

“I delivered the CD to (Kakkou)-san!!! T-That’s why, you two ---“

Her voice was gradually shrinking.

Yuu slumped onto the ground as her hands were trying to cover up the overflowing tears.

“That’s why ---! You two, please don’t die!”

Yuu’s words quietly echoed throughout the vast open space before disappearing.

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