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Sayonara Piano Sonata Volume 1: Main/Content Page

Author: 杉井 光 (Sugii Hikaru)
Illustrator: 植田 亮 (Ueda Ryo)

"I will disappear when June comes"——that was what Mafuyu said.

The month before she disappeared,
we had refused to give in to each other, and kept butting heads.
We had our fair share of quarrels; we occasionally helped each other,
and I had seen her cry,
but despite all that, I was by her side the whole time—

"If we don't find it, will you listen to anything I say?"

We had met each other during the spring break before the start of high school.
The piano girl prodigy who disappeared from the music scene two years ago.
For some unknown reason she avoided human contact and holed herself up in an empty classroom, practicing those extremely difficult electric guitar techniques
......Wait, what about the piano?
Her real personality, which can't be seen through her CD covers or on television
is actually a girl who is hopelessly selfish, foul-mouthed, violent, and thorny, but at the same time, who gets scared easily and is a cry baby.
Though she is quite special...... she's about the same as any other ordinary girl out there.

"We still have to do our best even if life is boring. I'll root for you, just a little."

I was stunned when I saw the class assignments for high school.
From elementary school to middle school, my childhood friend has been my classmate for nine whole years, and now, we're in the same class yet again.
Perhaps this is some sort of prank by some god out there, because he thought it'd be interesting for our unsavory ties to continue.
She's unreserved when she speaks to me, and because of that, our classmates mistakenly viewed us as a 'married couple.'
And on top of that, she started dragging me along to join some questionable club activity as well.

"So young man, you shall work till you drop for the sake of my romance and revolution."

As for the questionable club activity, this senior is the chief of the Folk Music Research Club.
A self-proclaimed revolutionist, she is a wild and unruly guitarist.
She seems capricious, and is really manipulativeI'm always getting tricked by her.
Since she always goes all out for every pointless thing, she can be really hard to deal with.
I heard she wants to create a band that consists of only cute girls,
so why is she interested in me?

As for me, I'm just an indoor-type that only knows how to repair machines.
I grew up in a musical environment because of my father's job.
Despite enjoying listening to music,
it's really troublesome when Senpai comes to invite me to join the band. It's not like I'm that good at playing musical instruments.
I'd secretly sneak into a derelict classroom after school,
and my original plan was to listen to my favorite music there as I pleased,
and leisurely live out my high school life, that was it.

That is, until I met Mafuyu again in May.

Even if I lose things that are important to me,
after escaping from everything,
I am still not alone.
And because I am not alone,
I have the strength to walk to the ends of the world—
That's what I feel.

Chapter 1: The Department Store at the Ends of the World
Chapter 2: Flower Field, The Forgotten Music Room
Chapter 3: Lies, Bento, Partita
Chapter 4: Stratocaster, Red Tea
Chapter 5: Toccata, Padlock, Revolution
Chapter 6: Funeral, Meeting, Funds
Chapter 7: Towel, Insecticide, Sealing Tape
Chapter 8: Princess, Revolutionist
Chapter 9: Whale, Paganini, Fighters
Chapter 10: Firebird, Beyond the Sea, Medicine Bag
Chapter 11: Desert, Heart, Kashmir
Chapter 12: Memories, Promise, Excuses
Chapter 13: Eroica
Chapter 14: Doctor, Bird Catalogue, Answers
Chapter 15: Layla, Railroads, Everything that was Lost
Chapter 16: Lucille, The First Drops of Rain
Chapter 17: Bagel Sandwich, Spring, Engineering Firm
Chapter 18: The Department Store at the Ends of the World
Chapter 19: The Song of Blackbird
Chapter 20: The Piano Sonata of Goodbye

If there seems to be anything wrong with the musical terms and their context and whatever, do not hesitate to correct me by dropping us a mail, or just posting in a reply in the comments.


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  9. One of the characters feels that he has the strength to walk to the ends of the world" and one of the chapters is titled "The Department Store at the Ends of the World," so does the character feel that he has the strength to walk to the department store? LOL.

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  18. As far as I know, this is written by the same author as Kami Memo, am I not mistaken? Then its quality is a given. Damn, among all the LN's I've read, Kami Memo may not be my favorite, but its cast is still my top 1. NEETS are justice.

    Oh Alice, don't worry. Flat is justice too.

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