Thursday, November 3, 2011

Onii-ai manga (Chinese) has already began the scanlation of Onii-ai manga till chapter 3. It's in Chinese, so......

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Thanks to Mixhe for the heads up.


  1. Woooo~ you managed to post onii-ai manga, does it mean that you've already finished your assignment? so we can start hoping bout Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden vol 2 then? xD

  2. He haven't translated this or anything, he just found them and decided to share. I guess.

    Just be patient, his deadline is the 18th, he may still take some time after that to start translating.
    Just let him focus on his job, after all, that's more important then a couple books translated.

    And as nek0 (easier then zgmfx09a) posted the chinese I'll share the Japanese RAW I got some days ago, forgot to share, sorry. :P

    Thanks to @ShinOtoko who is the one keeping me posted on this. :P

  3. @Keito, oh umm... okay then.. thx for the info =) just finished read Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden vol 1, couldn't wait for vol 2 but still, RL comes 1st!

  4. @Shiroyuki

    Now share with Keito, who is that lovely girl in your profile?

  5. "And as nek0 (easier then zgmfx09a) posted the chinese I'll share the Japanese RAW I got some days ago, forgot to share, sorry. :P"

    Yeah, everyone just call him Nek0, it'll discourage him from making SNs in the future that flaunts his Gundam SEED fanboyism.

    It'll also be funnier when I make the "I'm sorry to inform everyone that the blog is shutting down because Nek0 was caught kidnapping and holding lolis captive saying that he was 'just loving them tenderly'" post in the inevitable future, as opposed to calling him xgmfblahblahblah.

  6. GReat news ;)
    This manga is going to be monthly right?

  7. thanks for taking this project.
    i wait patiently for your version
    good luck in all your works.
    PD: i have a question: are there news about onii-ai vol 4?

  8. > thanks for taking this project.

    Urm, no. I am not doing the manga.

    No news about Onii-ai 4 yet. No raws even.

    Also, it feels strange for people out of my gaming circles to call me Nek0.

  9. All the Japanese raws are available on jcafe24

  10. @Keito it's Yunee~chan from Ikoku Meiro no croisee, most kyawaii anime heroine last season

  11. @November 4, 2011 8:44 AM

    As, God forgive me, I'm lacking the interest to look it up I guess I will not have access to the raws yet. Tomorrow maybe.
    If anyone cares to post a link before I do I would be very grateful.


    I really thought that face looked familiar. Croisee is in my "watch if I ever have time" list, maybe I should push it up a few positions. :P
    Although, and you may want to kill me for this, I don't really like too kawaii chars, I fell like it starts loosing its meaning after some point.
    Akiko is in the perfect measure, anything past that I think is too much.

    I have a final question, and that is due to studying Japanese more then anything else.
    Is your name really supposed to mean "white snow" as I think it does or Shiroyuki have a different meaning?

    I was going to say something else but I forgot.

  12. @Keito perhaps a bit different, it's a more manly version of "Shirayuki(snow white)", which girls usually use.

    P.S, u should move croisee to "I should watch" list, it's both kawai and touching at the same time, not to mention the subtle romance in it ^^V

  13. Check this out, here are the weekly manga and light novels rankings for October 24th - 30th.:
    And Onii-Ai Vol. 4 is ranked fifth ;)

  14. @Shiroyuki
    So I wasn't very wrong after all. :P

    Perhaps I should. But if i keep adding good anime to my should watch list my internet connection would not be able to manage.
    Brazilian internet sucks. :/

    Update on Onii-ai 4, I couldn't find the raws on jcafe24. :/
    But I kept searching while I downloaded haganai and i bumped into something.
    It's not the whole book, but is the best I've found so far.
    If I get anything else I'll share whit you all.

  15. news:
    came out vol 4 in lq in jcafe.

  16. I don't know about jcafe but buddy on twitter @ShinOtoko sent me the link.

    Is LQ and no matter what Akiko is mine.
    Just wanted to make it clear.
    Thanks to Shin. :P

  17. Any plan on translating volume 4?