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[Onii-Ai v3] Chapter 4: 13th April, AM8:30

Well, for those who don't already know, Onii-ai's getting a manga port. Angry Fox Scans are doing the scanlation for that, and they are way better than me in terms of the translations. Be sure to check it out at here. Quite interested to see how the manga will go about doing a rather conversation-based story.

Oh well. Here's the 4th chapter of Onii-ai. Enjoy.

I'll give a rough introduction to the hostel, which will become the stage of our daily lives.

It is a wooden two story seventy years-old building. It is said that it was designed by an architect who is affiliated to St. Ririana Academy.

It doesn't seem like the architect is someone famous, but his impressive skills is nothing but the truth. Despite being used for many years, the building is still in a very durable state even though it had been decided that the hostel would be demolished.

There are twenty one rooms.

One of the rooms is allocated for the caretaker's use, which is currently occupied by Akiko and me. The other rooms are for the residents' use. Eight tatami-sized large, and has no toilet, bathroom or kitchen.

There's a toilet on both first and second floor, but only one bathroom on the first floor. The kitchen and canteen, which can house over ten people eating together, is located on the first floor as well.

And then.

I quite like this hostel in general, but there are a few things that I am particularly fond of. One of them is the floors of the corridor.

The floor which I think is made of oak, gives off a beautiful luster after being walked on by its residents over the course of so many years. The lined up oak floor boards have a smoothness as if it was made of obsidian. The sight of the floor reflecting the sunlight that came through the window somehow makes one feel calm and at ease.

And today, the floors that I like was giving off a much more splendid luster than usual.

"Yo, Himenokouji Akito. You came at just the right time."

If you want to know the reason why, it is because Seito-Kaichou - Nikaido Arashi was already done with polishing the floors.

"How's this? I am just done with it."

"...... Wow, incredible. It's much more shinier than before."

The two meters wide and thirty meters long corridor don't just look like obsidian. It is giving off a shine comparable to precious stones.

"Impressive work...... Could it be, that Kaichou's family are experts on polishing floors for generations?"

"Being an expert on that is so damn awkward. My clan lives off swordplay and martial arts. Didn't I tell you that already?"

"So you did. But this just feels like a really impressive job."

"Well, it is indeed true that I am used to doing this, you know?"

While smiling, Kaichou wiped away the faint traces of sweat.

"As you know, my family is a samurai family with a deep history, so we do have a dojo in our house. Cleaning up those places is part of our training. That's why, I am still quite adept at polishing the floors and stuff."

That is an acceptable reason.

Even then, it was still a shocking result, considering that she had completed it by herself within a short time.

"Ah, how about the cleaning near the main door?"

"Cleared it way early."

I took a look there, and indeed, the originally dusty area near the door, which gave an impression of being blackened by smoke, is now giving off a splendid luster as well.

"That's a job well done...... I wasn't expecting Kaichou to have these special techniques."

"Well, my skills are still far off from being special techniques."

"Could it be, that Kaichou is not just good at cleaning, but at all sorts of housework as well?"

"I won't say I am great at them, but basically, I do know the whole variety of skills, like cooking, washing and sewing. If I want to, I can become Yamato Nadeshiko in a snap of my fingers." [TLNote: Yamato Nadeshiko (大和撫子) is a Japanese term meaning "personification of an idealized Japanese woman". Wiki if interested.]

Uh- mmm.

Indeed, it was shocking when she first showed me her 'ladylike-version'. So it is not just the looks; she did not neglect what is inside as well? Nikaido Arashi is really not someone to be underestimated.

"My my, but it just feels a little wasted."

"What's wasted?"

"Because if Kaichou is to be more decent and serious, you will be a typical good woman, no?"

"Oh? Can it be you are trying to hook up with me?"


"The door to my room is always open. It is fine even if you want to assault me at night, you know?"

"That's why I say, you are wrong...... Urm, in any case, Kaichou is pretty, smart, and knows how to do housework well. You can be considered as a perfect beauty, yeah? Despite that, why do you have to dress up like that, and say those things you always do?"

"Didn't I say so earlier as well? That is to create a gap-moe, so that I can conquer my love interests. In actual fact, you had fallen for that just a few days back, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I was indeed fooled by you."

"Thus, due to you being smitten by the contrast in me, we had spent a passionate night in my room. Boy, the you back then was really intense. I was careless, but you actually were in control instead of me."

"Please do not come up with a history that has never happened. Me and Kaichou did not touch each other even once on that day, alright?"

"Oh, is that so? Ahhhh, must be due to me getting old. My memories are worsening."

Kaichou laughed loudly with a *ka ka ka*

"Oh right, I remembered. Due to you being smitten by the contrast in me, you had forcefully pushed me down. Despite me screaming my lungs off, you still had no intention of going easy on me-"

"Please do not add on things to that fake history. Didn't I say it already, that I had not even touched you once?"

"Alright alright, stop being that agitated. The only thing that should be agitated is the thing in between your legs. Gyahahaha!"


The scene of Kaichou laughing loudly had made me deeply regret my decision to praise her.

Speaking of which, who were the bastards that had voted for this group of people? The students' council of St. Ririana Academy is not helm by an elite group of students, but rather, a bunch of mentally ill patients? That incompetent sister of mine, as well as Nasuhara - they are all hopeless.



That can't be right.

I had almost forgotten, but St. Ririana Academy is a famous school, and it is a fact that the students' council wields a powerful influence. It is due to Nikaido Arashi's mediation, that this hostel is gradually changing for the better.

Kaichou's looks is probably a cover to hide her true form. I will be in for some trouble, should I be confused by her exterior, and not be able to see through her real self.

"Don't be so stiff."

Kaichou shrugged whimsically - had she seen through my thoughts?

"It's not like I'll eat you or anything. You are my cute underling in the students' council, as well as my cute housemate in this hostel. I do wish to have a good relationship with you as much as possible. That is my true feelings, yeah?"

"That's exactly what I wish for as well."

"Well, I do want to eat you up, in terms of sex."

"That line is unnecessary."

"Ah, I did tell you not to be that stiff, but it will be a headache for me if you can't stiffen the thing between your legs, yeah? Ka ka ka."


None of my complains had entered into Kaichou's head.

Well, putting her popularity and capabilities aside, Nikaido Arashi is famous for being self-centered as well. That sort of 'going my way' attitude is to be expected.

"Really, if only you can improve on that area as well, you will be a really dependable person......"

"Oh, really? I'll get embarrassed as well, if you are to praise me like that."

"That's not praising you, that's me feeling a sense of pity."

"Forget it, what's wrong with that? Didn't you say so yourself before? Compared to my prim and proper self, you prefer the current me."

"Yeah. I did indeed say it before."

"My reason for moving into this hostel is not just because I am targeting at your sister's brother-complex. I had thought about moving out of that solemn samurai family time and time again. I do have my own stands as well, but I have to act like a fine woman at there."

"Oh. Is that so."

"Yeah. Thus, I am finally able to relax myself after moving in here. Don't you think it defeats the purpose, if I am required to act prim and proper here?"

"Well, I can understand that."

I understood.

But still, it felt like the topic had went on to a different direction.

Recently, it has been a case of,

'Nikaido Arashi - she probably is on our side, but I must still be careful of her.'

My initial impression of her has become stronger and stronger.

She is as difficult to read as Nasuhara. Her carefree attitude and her ability to not show her cards, makes her harder to deal with than anyone else.

Even if she has her own difficulties, it will not do if I am to probe too deeply into it - that's what I thought.

"Ah- that's right. I have something to discuss with you."


"In regards to the cleaning of this hostel, can you let me be in charge of it?"

"Cleaning? Kaichou?"


Kaichou nodded her head strongly,

"According to my research, while this hostel was still in use, the caretaker will be giving out instructions to all the various in-charges. And so, everyone will be in charge of their own tasks."


After the decision to continue operation this hostel has been approved, we had decided to take references from the past residents here. Even if we are not to take all these into account, it is natural for us to divide the tasks equally.

The task of cooking has already been handed to Ginbe, and it will be a great deal of help if Kaichou is to take care of everything in regards to cleaning of the hostel.

"But will this be fine? You are the president of the students' council, and you have quite single-handedly managed the whole operations of the students' council, right? You should be quite busy already, will you have the time to be in charge of the cleaning?"

"Have you forgotten already? One of the reasons for me moving here, is because the two-hour trip to school is just way too long. I currently have some time to spare, so that's no problem."

"Well, perhaps it really is so."

"Most importantly, it is not like I will be doing the cleaning of the hostel by myself. Since I have requested to be the in-charge, I will be properly assigning the tasks to everyone too."

"I see. That sounds really practical."

"To add on, I stand to gain from this as well. I did mention that this can be considered to be part of the job. Things like polishing the floors and stuff, they can be a good training for me, depending on how I go about doing them. Yeah, it's killing two birds with one stone."


Since she had put it like that, I had no reason to reject her. There is a need to settle things related to cleaning, and it is for the best if Kaichou volunteers herself. Not to mention, this person is surprisingly good at cleaning.

"Understood. Sorry then, I'll leave the matters on cleaning to Kaichou."

"Alright. I shall accept it."

"Wow, that's a great help, for Kaichou to volunteer to be in charge of that. Despite what I have always said, Kaichou is still a really dependable person."

"Ka ka ka. Well, this is nothing, since it is for my cute underling."

"There you are being modest yet again. Your method on cleaning up the corridor and the main door in a flash is really something, and I am thoroughly impressed. I somehow can understand slightly, why this person named Nikaido Arashi is able to be the president of the students' council."

"You sure know how to talk. In any case, I, Nikaido Arashi, will ensure the completion of my tasks once I have accepted them. Just treat it as a safe journey on a big sturdy boat...... Alright, since I am way earlier than scheduled, do you need help anywhere? Ahh, that's right. Your sister's cleaning the bathroom, but it seems like she has still quite some distance to go?"

"You are right. Due to various circumstances."

"If so, I shall impart some secret techniques to Himenokouji Akiko."

While saying so, the happy Kaichou was planning to walk to the bathroom.

"Please wait."

"Hmm? Yessir?"

"Currently, my sister should be cleaning the bathroom by herself."

"Yeah. That should be the case."

"Meaning to say, it will be a situation where Kaichou and my sister will be in a cramped enclosed area by yourselves."

"Yeah. Well, typically, that should be the case."

"I don't think that is the case, but, could it be that you are up to something no good?"

"Ka ka ka. You worry too much."

Kaichou gave a nonchalant laugh,

"No problems. What you are thinking will not be happening."

"Is that so. That's great then."

"Yeah. Well, I'll only be using the tip, so no worries." [TLNote: the tip here refers to 先っぽ...... which can also refers to the tip of a penis.]

"Oi, hold on a second."

I regained my senses.

"It seems like you had said something that I can't just simply ignore. Can you repeat it once more?"

"Hmm? Because I am using only the tip, so you don't have to worry. That's what I had said."

"No, there's no way I can be assured by that. On the contrary, my warning sirens are ringing at their loudest."

"No no no. It is just the tip. Really."

"No no no, what's with the tip, really?"

"Nothing of importance. Just the tip means, that I will not be damaging the hymen?"

"Hymen my ass, I am talking about the things before that."

"You are a real stubborn guy. Alright, how about this. I'll not use my finger techniques this time. In replacement, I'll use my tongue-"


"Well, will tools be an OK?"

"How can that be okay?"

"Alright, I understand. I am an expert who have pleased many of my lovers before, so I won't be saying childish things. Even if I am unable to use my fingers, my tongue or any tools, just the mere breathes of mine should be enough to invoke sexual excitement-"

"Well, I can't help but to force you to stop breathing then."

"Oi oi, even that will not do? So that is what it means by being forced to desperation...... Whatever. There will still be a way around it."

She still has a way to go around things despite being restricted like that. Kaichou's sexual desires just seems to be bottomless.

The amount of drive she possess is something that is beyond the point of shock and admiration - but it did not matter, since there is only one thing that I should be doing. Stopping the barbarous acts of the nymphomaniac Kaichou, and to protect my sister's chastity - the best that I could do was,

"Hold on. Don't interfere."

It seemed like Kaichou had seen through my thoughts, and was wagging her finger with a *tsk tsk tsk*,

"I am done with my job, so I have the spare time to be helping Himenokouji Akiko. However, you still have things that are not yet done, right? As the head of the hostel, it will not do if you don't take a look at the situations of the other housemates."


"Also, not too long ago, I was tasked by you to be in-charge for the cleaning of this hostel. Since I am tasked with that, then I shall have the final say in anything related to cleaning. Even if you are the hostel-head, it will not be suitable for you to meddle in my affairs."


I was gradually checkmated.

Could it be, that Kaichou had already anticipated all these since the very beginning......?

"Alright, seems like both of us have understood my reasoning. Leave your sister to me, and focus on your work. Ka ka ka."

With that, Lady Kaichou walked leisurely towards the bathroom.

Though this is something that I came to know of later, but I shall briefly mention it here.

In the roster that Kaichou came up with later, Akiko and me has been assigned to totally different areas for our tasks. That seemed to be yet another reason as to why Kaichou had volunteered to be the in-charge. She really is a predator who is never careless, and shows no weakness.


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