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[Onii-Ai v3] Chapter 3: 13th April, AM6:15

Akiko's speech is glorious as usual.


After the breakfast, Kaichou came up with a suggestion.

"The people in charge of our meals has been decided. It is about time for us to think about the allocation of the other jobs - isn't that right, Himenokouji Akito?"


"You are the head of the hostel. You shall be in charge of coming up with the list of chores that will be shared among us all. Even if we should work together in all sorts of things, it will still be better to assign someone to be in charge of each individual jobs."

"Indeed. We should decide as quickly as possible, especially on things like the roster for cleaning duty."

As there used to be only my sister and me living in the hostel, we only needed to clean the places that we had used. However, that will not work from now on.

Things like the bathroom and the washing machine will basically be shared by everyone from now on, and it does not make sense to restrain the usage such that there is a specific period for each individual use. Stuff like the second floor, and the weed-inhibited garden and etc that we had ignored will have to be cleared up gradually as well.

"Everyone here is not used to living together with others, and there are no seniors here who is familiar with things like these. There are limitations to what is written on the data which I have brought here. In any case, we will have to feel our way through blindly - however, it still makes the most sense for you to be making the final decisions. Make sure you do it properly, Himenokouji Akito."

"Ah, haha."

If we are to talk, it just feels like Kaichou should have greater experience in terms of organization techniques, operations and etc. Did she hand over the task to me in respect of our current stand? Compared to her as the Seito-Kaichou, my position in the students' council is really nothing to brag about.

"If you can't come up with anything within such a short time, how about trying to organize a spring-cleaning first?

"Haa. Spring cleaning huh."


Kaichou shot me a look while pursing her lips into a smile.

On a side note, that person's typical attire is your so called kinagashi. Her chest was revealed in a rather daring manner, and the way she stuffs her two hands into her clothes, she sort of resembles a handsome vagabond who frequents Yoshiwara. [TLNote: kinagashi (着流し), casual cloths typically worn by guys. Yoshiwara (吉原), red-light district in olden Tokyo. Wiki/google if interested]

"Ignoring how things used to be back when you siblings are living together by yourselves, we are to be officially living together in this hostel from today onward. Meaning to say, this place will become a recognized facility of St. Ririana Academy, so it will not do if we do not make it more presentable. At the current state, with things like the garden full of weeds and many others, we will not leave a good impression on our neighbors, and we can't exactly lift our heads up high in front of the school council as well."

"Haa, well, you are right."

"It is written on the rules as well. 'All residents are to put in effort in daily cleaning, to ensure the cleanliness of the hostel', as well as 'All residents are to do their best to establish friendly relationships with their neighbors'. Like that."

Just like she had said.

In actual fact, this place was previously like a rented apartment for both Akiko and me, and we had neglected a lot of areas which we were supposed to put attention to, due to us busy with stuff like house moving and work. However, we can't continue like that from now on.

"Also, from a brief look around yesterday and today, I've realized that there's quite a few faults with this hostel. There's lots of places that leaks, and rusty doors that can't be opened, and things like that."

"Ah- that's because this place is old. We did want to repair the broken places, but we lack the financial resources to do so."

"No worries, I had talked to the council about it. The school will be forking out some cash for the maintenance of this hostel."

"Ohhh? Really?"

"Yeah. They have already set aside some funds for hiring a repairman, but it will be better for us if we can list all the faulty areas, right? We do have a budget, but it is not limitless as well. It will not do if we do not prioritize what areas to repair first."


"Thus, we can get the list done while we are cleaning each and every corner of this building - that's my plan. To add on, we can also know which part of the building requires our attention in cleaning, as well as how long it takes to clean each area. They will be useful in coming up with the roster later on."


As expected from the Seito-Kaichou, her plan to that was indeed flawless. However, it will still be much better if she is without her unnecessary strong sexual drive and her crazy sense of fashion.


And so.

The whole of today will be spent on spring cleaning the hostel.

Also, as it is very inefficient for everyone to be cleaning the same area together, the situation had thus became such that the five members of the students' council will each have their own area to handle.

The task of cleaning the bathroom and the changing room is assigned to Akiko.

Kaichou will be in charge of the area from the entrance to the corridors.

Ginbe is in charge of the empty rooms that are not in used.

The job of clearing the weeds in the garden is left to Nasuhara.

Ignoring the second floor, which can be postponed for later, the areas to be cleaned have generally been assigned to everyone already.

Incidentally, while monitoring the overall progress of the spring cleaning, I will have to help out in areas that are falling behind schedule, or places that are difficult to clean.

The word 'supervise' does sounds rather nice to the ears, but to put it bluntly, I am the all-purpose errand-boy, which is the most troublesome job. Since I am the head of the hostel, as well as the Deputy Assistant of Secretary of the students' council, it seemed like this job is fated to be mine.

To add on, Akiko was throwing a huge tantrum about the job assignment.

"I want to be together with Onii-chan!" - like that. Well, that was her normal stance as usual, but Kaichou and Nasuhara and Ginbe had all disagreed. They said something like 'we don't compromise just because you two are siblings'.

"It felt like our blood-thicker-than-water relationship has been looked down on."

Akiko was pouting while scrubbing the tiles of the public bathroom in a *goshigoshi* sound.

"We are siblings who are left by ourselves, and we know each other better than anyone else. It is natural for us to be together. We are as difficult to separate as the two faces of a coin. You can say that our existence is unique, since we are like two souls sharing a single body."

"Mhmm. Yeah."

"But what's with that? Nikaido-senpai, Nasuhara, and Ginbe. They had made it sound as if it is a crime for me to be with Onii-chan. It's just spring cleaning, so what's wrong with the two of us doing it together?"

"Forget it, what's wrong with this? Despite all that, I am still here helping Akiko. Helping you before anyone else."

"That is not wrong, but......"

While putting on an expression that showed her unwillingness in accepting the situation, my sister continued scrubbing the tiled walls of the bathroom with all her strength. It was as if she wants to vent her burning anger onto the tiles.

Well, it's not like I couldn't understand her feelings.

It is a fact that the three new residents of the hostel have formed an anti-sister alliance to pick on her brother-complex. I did not say it explicitly to Akiko, but I guess she had more or less figured it out already.

"I can't accept it. I really can't accept it."

"...... Compared to the usual times, you are more unwilling to give up today."

"Because, today should have undoubtedly been a happy day, isn't that so? Shopping with Onii-chan, buying things, eating together, then taking a stroll at a park or somewhere. Our hands will finally entwine together naturally, our body will get closer and closer, and we will succumb to the mood and enjoy a sweet night - if those people did not move in, that would have been what is to come."

"Nope. I do not have those sort of plans?"

There has to be a limit to your wishful thinking.

"Well, in any case, we will have to do spring cleaning sooner or later. This bathroom is barely passable for use, so you can't exactly say that it is in a good condition."

"It is as you have said."

My sister gave a pout. It still seemed like she could not accept it.

"Alright. It seems like we have cleared quite a bit of the cleaning here. Since Akiko looks fine by yourself, I will be heading off to look at the situation of others."

"Huuh? Onii-chan is saying that he wants to leave me, to be with some other women?"

"Despite that being right, it sounds wrong somehow."

"You said you love me - is it just a lie?"

"Of course not. But under the premise of loving you as a sister."


My sister gave out a really easy to understand onomatopoeia, and turned her head away.

"Onii-chan is always like that. Even though in the eyes of the almighty love, blood-related relatives and stuff like that are all insignificant matters...... Me, the cute little sister of yours, has suffered tragic experiences due to Onii-chan being bound by some silly outdated rules. A man should never make a girl cry. I request that you do some serious soul-searching, and at the same time, improve your treatment towards your cute little sister."

"Fine fine fine. You are really right."

"Uuuuh? That sounds like a perfunctory speech from you...... Akiko has suffered from a huge blow."

"In actual fact, it feels like you are still sticking way too close to me, even as of now."

The *goshigoshi* sounds of her scrubbing the bathroom rang on as I continued.

"Ever since I have lived together with you again, how much time do you think is spent on us not being together? Almost none, right? We are in different class in school, but you will come to me during breaks. We will meet each other again after school due to the students' council. Even after returning back to the hostel, we will be together naturally until the morning comes. I think, our time spent together has way exceeded that of any other siblings in the world."

As for this seventy-years-old hostel, even though it has been decided that it will be demolished, its cultural values is definitely not low. It is constructed by building a frame of metal and clay, then finishing off with huge amount of oak - something rarely seen in the current days. It has a sense of sturdiness that it can pride itself on, way more so than any of those historical relics that one can see just about everywhere. The decision to destroy it came after various fights and squabbles, but despite all that, it is still a perfectly fine hostel that can be put to good use.

This huge bathroom is the product of the constructing techniques popular back in the olden days, condensed into a single place.

The taps and water pipes are all made of brass.

The tiles that covered the floors and walls, have an elegant design consisting of blue background and pictures of flowers.

Everything is quite old, but they are all articles of beauty, and the fact that they are still in good condition makes one feel deeply relieved. Regardless of the past or the present, one can easily see the depths of the funds of St. Ririana Academy, which it prides itself on.

"I feel really blessed, and I am very satisfied already."

I said that, while carefully cleaning away the molds that were in between the joints of the bathtub.

"Despite having a troublesome side to this, ultimately, I am still living together with you. For me, that is something that is more important than anything else. Whenever I am facing something that does not go my way, they will all be nothing once I recall the sort of happiness I am living in. Akiko, don't you feel the same?"

"...... Uuuuuuuh~~~!"

Akiko gave yet another moan of dissatisfaction. She then scrubbed the tiles at a speed higher than before.

"I understand all that! Of course, it is the most blissful to be living together with Onii-chan! Thinking back to those days, I will be punished by heavens if I am to make any sort of unreasonable requests. I think so too! But even then!"


The hands that were scrubbing the tiles moved at a faster and faster speed.

"But that's not it, this has nothing to do with my extravagant wishes, nor me facing the wrath of heavens! Instead, the thing about me being together with Onii-chan whenever I can, is something that can be considered as a basic human right, a right that is bestowed to the billions of younger sisters in the world since the day they were born! Or should I say, that Onii-chan is a basic necessity for me, to the point where it is like water and sunlight to the plants...... Ugh, though I can't quite express my feelings well enough, but you can treat it like this - please marry me Onii-chan, as quickly as you can!"

"So things have still boiled down to this huh."

I am stunned, but I still managed to understand what she was trying to convey.

"I say Akiko. You have indeed followed my instructions, and have grown up to be a good girl. Entering into an elite school, getting good grades there, and being in the students' council - I am really happy about your achievements. You are really impressive. Really."

"Fufu, of course. I am a cute little sister who really listens to Onii-chan, and I will offer my body to no one else but Onii-chan as well. You can treat me as a faithful servant of Onii-chan's - no, perhaps it is more fitting to call me your slave."

"I think there are quite some problems if there is any elder brother who treats his younger sister like that."

"Rather than being a slave, you can say that I wish to become a sex-slave of Onii-chan."

"You can leave those words to Kaichou or Nasuhara...... In any case, we are lucky you have became such an excellent lady. For me, I have the duty to protect your stands with all my might. You understand that?"

"Yes, I understand."

"However, should you continue to put your brother-complex in full display, and should you continuously repeat those perverted words and action, your efforts that took you great pains to accumulate will collapse from all that. It will be very troublesome if you are to declare your love for your twin elder brother in public - you understand this too, right?"

"No. I don't."

My sister was that direct and straight-forward.

"I am faithful to Onii-chan and my life revolves around Onii-chan. The feelings of me being deeply in love with Onii-chan is something irreplaceable and I have always thought that loving Onii-chan is not something to be ashamed of. Therefore, no matter how I am preached by anyone, I will not stop loving Onii-chan; no matter what I lose, I will still love Onii-chan deeply."

...... Uh— mmm.

That was indeed her honest confessions that should stir the hearts of people - if the person in question wasn't me.

"That's really troublesome...... Since you finally became such a fine lady, I was hoping to assist you in living a life that you deserve."

"A life that I deserve? Generally speaking, what sort of life is that?"

"For example. Finding a guy who is much better than me, have you marrying him and probably starting a family with him. Something like that."


My sister's arched her eyebrows immediately.

"Impossible. Unbelievable. Onii-chan has said something incredibly violent just now. Being Onii-chan's younger sister, as well as your lovely wife, I demand Onii-chan retract what you just said, right now."

"No no no. What do you mean by violent speech? Common sense says that it is something totally decent, no?"

"Common sense or whatsoever has nothing to do with this. I have been saying, that the Himenokouji household have our own Laws of Himenokouji."

"And I've been saying as well, I do not remember that such a set of rules existed. Also, I was almost fooled by you but me being your other half is something that isn't true, yeah?"

"In any case!"

My sister gave a loud yell, and turned away from me,

"My feelings right now are at pit bottom. I don't care about Onii-chan anymore."

"Even if you're feeling angry due to that...... all I did was say something that is surprisingly normal."

"In the eyes of almighty love, normal or not does not matter at all."

"Speaking of which, I said it just now. I've spent too much time with you, just like how we are together now. I am thinking that you can give me more plus points because of that."

"That too. If you can increase our time together, I won't whine. Yup."

"Uh. Is that you being sarcastic with me?"

"Yes~. Pre~cisely."

My sister was still facing away from me,

"Even though I feel really happy just being together, that alone will not satisfy me. I wish to receive much more doting and love from Onii-chan."

"Am I not doting on you enough already? Like right now."

"No, that is still very very far off. I use my love-Onii-chan-the-most beam constantly but Onii-chan has always been ignoring it...... If so, my desires and dissatisfaction will only become worse and worse."

"Eh- so I see~"

"Enough is enough, you have reverted back to your casual and perfunctory replies!? If you do such a thing to your cute little sister, you will be struck by lightning some day!"

"Ah- so I see~ Eh-"

"Urgh! You have time and time again ignored my warnings - I understand, I have finally understood! If so, I have my own plans as well! Up until now I was apprehensive because I was being a respectful younger sister but as of tonight, I will be assaulting Onii-chan's bed at night—"

Her rattling speech came to a halt. Just like a radio with its batteries removed.

The reason was nothing else, but me.

"How's this? Are you satisfied with this?"


"Hmm. So you're in a state where you can't even answer me."

I shrugged and left my sister's back - by loosening my arms that had hugged her tightly from behind.

"Oi~. Akiko~?"

I scooted in front of her to look at her expression. It seemed like time had stopped for her just when she was saying "I will be assaulting Onii-chan's bed at night—". Meaning, she was petrified.

See — I shrugged just like that. I know everyone here understands without me having to explain anything, but I do have my own concerns as well. Do you think my love will lose to that of yours? Pfft.


Well then.

It seemed like my petrified sister won't be released from that state any time soon, so I shall leave the bathroom for now and look at how things are going elsewhere.


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