Friday, September 16, 2011

Oreimo volume 9 - Chapter 2: Summary and thoughts

Chapter 2 - Girls' Talk at Late Night
(Point of view: Kirino)

>Starts off by describing herself as a beautiful younger sister who is good at sports and studies.
>At the changing room of the onsen, lying down with her arms and legs spread wide.
>Dizzy from the onsen.
>Nearly fainted again when she thought back about the 'imouto paradise'.
>Kuroneko came and offered her iced green tea. Both her sisters had ran away from Kirino.
>Kuroneko hoped that Kirino can talked to them sometimes.
>Kirino went wild and asked if she can sleep together with Hinata.
>The Kosaka siblings are living in a different room from the Gokou family, but she felt they should shuffle the people in the rooms, since, "I may be attacked by that sis-con Kyousuke?"
>Kuroneko's father had decided on the room allocation, which is... Room 1: Kirino, Kuroneko, Tamaki. Room 2: Kyousuke, Kuroneko's father and mother, Hinata.

>Late at night, Kirino wondered out loud countless times if Kyousuke is alright.
>Kuroneko asked Kirino not to worry, since she had given her father the 'Genesis-chapter' and 'Phoenix-chapter' of her 'Chronicles of Destiny'.
>Kirino felt that those will do nothing, and was worried if Kyousuke was being beaten up by Kuroneko's dad.
>Kirino ranted on how heartless Kuroneko was, to leave them suddenly.
>Kirino thought about how someone has always been by her side, and yet she did not notice that. Thus, she could not let Kuroneko make the same mistake as her.
>Just then, Hinata came bursting into their room, saying, 'Kosaka-kun is really cool!"
>Hinata was in her pajamas, and was in an excited state.
>She had originally thought that Kyousuke was so useless he should die, but it turned out that he is way cooler than she had expected. She was falling for him.
>Kirino wanted to know about the conversation between Kyousuke and Kuroneko's dad, but having guessed their conversations already, Kuroneko stopped Hinata from saying it.
>Hinata revealed that the talks were peaceful, so Kirino do not have to worry. Kirino was more curious as a result.
>Kuroneko's dad had even invited Kyousuke to the onsen to take a bath together.
>Hinata said that since Kuroneko had broken up with Kyousuke, she wants to marry to Kyousuke. If so, she can be real sisters with Kirino.
>"Stop talking rubbish, young girl! Do you want to be hungry for the rest of your life!?"
>"Haaaaa!? Even if you don't do that, Hina-chan is already my wife! Idiot!"
>Hinata shivered in fear, and ran away after apologizing.
>Kirino said to Kuroneko, that after the incident, she had realized Kuroneko is still not qualified to have a boyfriend.
>Kuroneko said she had intended to prove Kirino otherwise.
>Both of them stared at each other in their blankets.

And here we go. Kuroneko's dad has already accepted Kyousuke to be their future son-in-law. And yeah, those two sentences are actually in bold, with a huge font size. For that impact.

This chapter is kinda short, but then again, there's three chapters coming from Kirino's pov, so I guess that is fair. 

Next chapter is probably one of the funniest chapter out of the whole book.


  1. amazing! The chapter was super short but it was great none the less

  2. liking how kyousuke is getting the seal of approval from kuroneko's parents ahah, thanks for the summaries.

  3. I do enjoy knowing Kirino's point of view, I have wandered about it for quite some time now and I have to say, is kind of disappointing having everything figured out so easily, but I can live with that. :P

    Now, I would be scared to death to be alone in a room at night with my future Father-in-law. Even more if he haven't liked me. :P

    And now you got me wondering about the "funniest chapter out of the whole book.", just not enough for me to trie checking out myself. :P
    I'm still lazy you know. :P
    So, Chapter 3, Go Go Go. :P

  4. awesome thanks a lot!!

    I'd like to know more about kyousuke and ruri's father talk

  5. thank you very much!

    " Both of them stared at each other in their blankets." that's the end? so simple!