Monday, June 13, 2011

Intro of a new random guy


Well,just to start off this introduction. I am Sveroz, a new guy going to be here helping out.

A guy studying multimedia in a polytechnic in my country at the moment and in my final year.I do take japanese lessons during the weekends,been like taking it for 2 years plus already, just to be able to get a chance to live in japan if I can in the future.

Why do we want subs or translations.
(long winded text to some people.Can ignore it if it seems boring.just skip to my work if uninterested)

As a anime watcher and a guy who used to rely a heavy lot on translated manga and subbed anime by certain subbers, I feel there has been many a time that some of us are thinking,"Dam it.No subs,must wait for subbed anime or translated manga." or something along those lines.That feeling of anger and anguish just from waiting for some kind soul to do it.

I am sure there are light novels that many are dying to read or would love to try out in this world.But the problem is understand the content that is in the light novels.Not all of us can read japanese.Yes I do know there are translated ones in english and chinese. However chinese is also another language that not many of us can read either while the english is too slow sometimes or is discontinued due to low popularity amongs the readers. It pains me to wait 5 months just for one volume sometimes as there tend to be the "plot" at the end that clinches us.

Reason why I am here and how I came across this website

The first reason why I started reading light novels was because of wanting to know more about the plot and prefer text to animation videos since I don't need to sit down and watch for 20 minutes. Not to mention I actually dont like fanservice, I want to know the plot faster, not some darn part that is going to waste my time and delay the plot.(apologizes to those who actually likes it)

Second reason is that I feel sort of sad when I know that the anime was adapted from the novel but it ended up a failure and not receiving the chance to get a second season.I picked up a few novels of that anime, read it and thought it deserved a chance to be more well known.I tried introducing it to my friend but not being able to read chinese is kind of a barrier to him despite his having a interest in trying it out.I thought of translating it on my own but have not been able to find a place to do it.

While surfing the forums looking for some interesting stuff to read in my boredom,I found out the Nek0 or zgmfx09a had translated some chapters for light novels which was really good and quite clear in meaning before he retired from blogging in that forums.

It seemed like the kind of thing that I wanted to do, so when I met him for the first time, asked him if I could translate some light novels in his blog. He was really more open minded than i thought and let me join the team just like that.

My work I will be working on while on this blog:

I am a first time translator for this kind of thing. If my english is not really up to standard or translation does not seem right, please understand that I am not really as strong at my languages compared to the other translators.

I will be doing this for the community for a while and see how it goes.Since I want to bring up the name of the first light novel that sparked off my interest in them, that will be my first translation of a book in my entire life -_-"

Plans for what I will be translating:

Mushi uta or ムシウタ in japanese. About 11 main books,1 prequel and 8 side books in that series with the final volume being out soon according to the forums I follow. I have up till book 9 in my possesion with the exception of book 6 which should come in 2 weeks time, book 1-7 for the side story and the prequel volume. I read the books in chinese and will be translating from the chinese text though I will make use of the japanese text raws if need be for the descriptions in the story.Scans might or might not be inside if I cannot get but I will try to.

Other titles are pending as I am currently looking for some new stuff that might interest others,and also depends on how the first translation goes.I doubt I will do mainstream stuffs and will rather cover those that nobody did.

Order of translating mushi uta should be 1, 00 , then 2 and the side stories since i find 00 should be placed in between 1 and 2.However I cannot confirm it due to me being unsure about how people feel and will discuss with my friend about it as we go along.

My friend will be aiding me in editting my translations since my command of vocab and grammar is not really strong. my first chapter translation might be out sometime this week or next week so look out for it. \\ |>.<| //

Last of all to round this intro up. I apologize if my way of writing is weird.I would also like to thank neko for letting me join this team and hope the readers will come to enjoy light novels as I do too.


  1. 初めまして。:P

    I'm looking forward to read your translations, Mushi-Uta(ムシウタ) looks rather interesting, and a bit weird(more then a bit actually) the story seem to be about 2 main characters(A man and a woman) that live in a world infested with insect-like creatures called "Mushi"(Ones who seem to have some supernatural powers).

    I guess that I'll begin to understand as I read it.

    About you English skills, I had some trouble understanding a few parts(but as English isn't my native language that might not be entirely your fault). A few grammar mistakes as well, but noting that might trouble the reading.

    I'm looking forward to read Mushi-Uta, also to see how that(crazy) story explains itself.
    I wish you good luck and I hope you have the chance to finish this series you are about to start.

    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

  2. Dont sweat the details. I for one am happy to get whatever I can. As long as the gist of the message gets across. There are a lot of idioms that have no real equivalent in English though, so that when you need to get creative.

    I would help be the grammar police myself, but I dont have the free time I once did as a student anymore. *sigh and shakes fist at real world responsibilities*

  3. Hello, and in-advance thx qqq

  4. I can't quite express how overjoyed I am to see someone attempt to translate Mushi-Uta. Excellent job!

    Also, (it might not be my place to say this but...) have you considered putting it on While you might be on a one man mission to conquer this series, if you're not you could consider it as others may randomly sign up to complete a few chapters... at the very least the regular users can help you catch any spelling/grammatical mistakes that slip through.