Sunday, April 3, 2011


Introductions. How do I begin?

I go by the nick of zgmfx09a.
Currently in university.

Started this site probably as a hobby.

What to expect from this site? I'll mainly be doing English translations from Light Novels that has been translated into Chinese.

This means that whatever you are reading undergoes two translations. Things may be lost in translation here. If you are particularly anal about it, close this window/tab now.

If you expect excellent grammar, then close this window/tab now too.

My aim is to ultimately share light novels that I find interesting to the English community. While I won't go to the stage of posting gibberish for people to read, ultimately, as long as the plot/idea gets across to the audience, I am done.

Currently, two of my friends are helping me with the grammar and stuff which I am weaker at. Alice and Drkmerc. I'll leave it up to them if they wanna introduce themselves or something. But yeah, this is not really a one-man-show now.

I am studying Japanese as my elective currently, but it is not proficient to the stage where I can read or translate. I can only work out simple sentences. So yeah. Chinese is my mother-tongue, which is the reason why this site exists.

You may ask why didn't I use Baka-Tsuki instead. I like my freedom here. Also, not sure if they will accept double translations, so whatever. However, they do offer better publicity, so I am not too sure how this will work out.

As for the frequency and speed of update, it all depends on how busy I am.

I may also use this blog to just do brief reviews on novels I've read (lots of incest stuff...), maybe some brief summary on titles I've no plans to translate alone (like Oreimo novels and stuff).

Just for the records, C.E. stands for Chinese->English. Also a small play on the Cosmic Era of Gundam SEED, because if you haven't realise, I am a Gundam fan.

Favourite light novels currently? Legend of Legendary Heroes and the Monogatari series.

So there. Hopefully you'll enjoy the stuff here.


  1. I think Baka-Tsuki takes CH > JP translations for some of their stuff like Zero no Tsukaima...but the problem with Baka-Tsuki is that they wipe translation projects just to satisfy NA publishing companies when they want to serializes a popular series. ( that they can release 3 volumes before deciding it's not profitable...then blame translation sites for it... -____-)

    ...and I'm supposed to post an introduction? :< First time I heard about that.

  2. the only series that was taken down without C&D was Shana, which has now been restored without the first 4 volumes. the rest of the other 2 series that was taken down have C&Ds.

    double translations are no problem, especially for slice of life like this.

    the only problem might be the content. I seriously hope this doesn't end up in incest ^_^".

  3. Is this the right place to post this comment...dunno if you'll read it but anyway big THX for your translations projects, really enjoyed oreimo series that ur group did ^^ any chance y'all might translate legendary heroes series? loved that anime and cant bring myself to read chinese versions of the novel lol

  4. LoLH is already done by Larethian on Baka Tsuki, so yeah.

  5. I am now stalking your site for eden! beware...

  6. Hi - nice to see another translation page. Ah, and I dont think that it would be a problem to do both, to post your translation here and in the Baka-tsuki wiki afterward, at least if you dont have a problem with us being a wiki, in which nearly everyone can do edits. Often are those improvements, in some rare cases not, but at least they can be undone easily. We have and had even before hosted projects in the wiki. I would even say, that nearly every project would be welcome, as long as it isnt licensed in the US, since Baka-tsuki is hosted there and a problem with a publisher could easily mean a severe end for Baka-tsuki.