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[Mushi Uta v4 ] Chapter 1.04: Chiharu Part 2

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Version: 1.01

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Chiharu Part 2

After parking her bike in front of the Urban Tower, Chiharu couldn’t help but widen her eyes in disbelief.

“Woah --- Did a typhoon or earthquake happened here or something??”

In front of the corridor connecting the Tower and Dome, the ground had split deeply into two. It looked as if a bulldozer had plowed its way through, the Tower’s wall was also destroyed, a large hole through the side. Even though she herself had suspected a natural disaster, if that was really the case, wouldn’t her who was living in the vicinity know about it then?

The surroundings were gradually turning dark. It could be that yesterday night it was dark when she was leaving the Dome, which was why she probably didn’t see the ruined area.

“Could it be that the construction has restarted? Or maybe they are planning on re-paving the road…”

After locking her bike, Chiharu walked towards the Dome.

The Dome’s entrance was the same as yesterday; unlocked, and as such she successfully entered without any problem. Chiharu was humming through her nose as she walked into the lobby and walked up the stalled escalator.

Although the ruined situation outside was incomprehensible, the lounge paradise on the second floor remained unchanged.

The trees glistened its greenness amidst the darkness of the night.

The soil was as soft as one’s bed.

And ---

“I’ve come back, to see you!”

Just like yesterday, a long-haired teenage girl was lying on the ground sleeping. For some reason, Chiharu could not help but bear a mysterious nostalgic feeling towards her.

She kind of felt that she know the reason why.

“I have a lot of question that I want to ask you… but seeing that cute sleeping face of yours right now, how could I bring myself to wake you up~~”

Chiharu showed a smile, and lied down next to the teenage girl. Turning her body a hundred eighty degrees upward, she then smiled before continuing with a whisper.

“Hey, let me tell you something about myself… I… don’t have the memories of five years ago… the memory of my childhood.”

She had spoken a secret that she hadn’t told anyone else beside her mother.

“I believed I shouldn’t have forgotten these memories. I felt I’ve done something horrible to someone, that’s why I can’t help but feel guilty about it even now --- I can’t just forget all about it, and live happy ever after… I still have things to do… that kind of feeling.”

Chiharu continued her confession with that unknown someone.

--- Right? I must have forgotten something really important…

Lying on the ground, Chiharu raised her head to look at the teenage girl opposite of her.

“Hey, do you possibly know… who I am?”

The only response the sleeping teenage girl gave was her soft breathing.

Chiharu chuckled, as she subconsciously gave in her body to dream-land, and closed her eyes.

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  1. Thank you~
    Good luck with your exams and projects

    Really gotta go back to reading Mushi Uta...

    1. Ooh, I just found out the author has a new series, did you hear about it Wing?

    2. Yup, saw it the other day while surfing the mushi uta chinese blog, it looks decent. I'll give it a try when it's translated i guess (After this semester ends)

  2. lol....nice...an update xDDDD well, GL there wing, xD

  3. Are you still working on Musgi uta? Just asking. Thanks for the hard work!

  4. Are you still working on Musgi uta? Just asking. Thanks for the hard work!

    1. Last few months I've been pretty busy with school and all, trying to pass finals. Now I'm taking a summer class, it's less stressful but I'm also working part time and have to learn skills so I can land a job sometimes in the future. To be honest, I'm starting to lose motivation for this series due to my tight schedule and not getting enough support(?) lol. I guess I can try to make one chapter out in early August or so, just for you. Thank you for your support for this series!

    2. @Wing, that's bad to hear, but I can totally understand...
      Anyway, you have my support even if you don't continue the series. You've still given plenty of effort and time for this and that makes you awesome.
      Good luck with whatever path you may choose!