Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Seirei Gensouki Progress Report

As some of you may have already noticed, my translations of the first two chapters of Seirei Gensouki have now been released and the content page has been made. As I stated before in my previous announcement post, I'll have zgmfx09a add it to the project page and sidebar the next chance I get (I haven't seen him at all lately due to our schedules). Thanks goes to Kiydon for helping me with a few of the lines that were troubling me, in particular a certain section in Episode 2.

As for when my next release of Seirei Gensouki will be, it depends mostly on my mood really. In truth, I could have gotten Episodes 1 and 2 released several hours ago, but the holiday laziness started hitting me pretty hard making it difficult for me to even open up my translation documents. That said, my mood tends to be on the whimsical side and I do like this series enough that I'm trying to make it my goal to get the next chapter done within the next week, so you readers shouldn't have to wait too long hopefully. At my current pace, expect to see Episode 3 within the next 4-6 days.

Until then, Kyureki signing out!


  1. Thanks for tling the series... it looks promising....

  2. i realy like the chapters the other translator did cant wait for you to get over chapter 4 :)

  3. T.T~~! Finally my hope was responded~~! I thanked you on behalf of my friends in Animesuki who has day by day waited for a saviour like you to appear~~! Once again, Thank You!!! T.T

  4. Done adding project to project tab and slide bar =)

  5. I'm glad you're translating this. I couldn't understand what the other translator wrote.

  6. I hate to throw cold water but This


    Does it have anything to do with you and your project?

    1. No. I'm doing my own translations from scratch. As far as I know, that person is working off a machine translation. Do correct me if I'm wrong about the nature of that person's translations.

      To put it simply, that site is doing speed releases in exchange for accuracy while what I'm doing is focusing on the making the quality of the translation as high as possible.