Tuesday, January 6, 2015

[Seirei Gensouki] Episode 1 - Past Life

Amakawa Haruto was a college student living in Tokyo.

The season was summer.
The sun shone brightly in the clear blue skies.
From the asphalt all around, the heat haze that rose from it made it feel as if the air itself was melting.
In the midst of that wicked environment, Haruto, with a cool expression, was commuting to his college's campus walking on a gentle hill.
Along the way, a group of college girls who were walking nearby saw him and began secretly talking amongst themselves.

Although hard to approach, Haruto was tall and handsome.
Also, because he was trained in ancient martial arts, his physique was good.
Because of all that, Haruto became a little famous amongst the commuting college girls.

Haruto however, had absolutely no interest in those kinds of rumours.
It's not because he was homosexual.
But in the 20 years since he's been born, he never had a girlfriend either.

Haruto had a person that he liked.
That girl is Haruto's childhood friend.
But his feelings never came to fruition.
The girl that Haruto yearned for disappeared from his reach.
His childhood friend’s disappearance happened five years ago.
And the last time Haruto had spoken to her was ten years ago.

Perhaps because Haruto met her before he was old enough to understand everything, it was not long before he came to like the girl.
Playing with her everyday, falling in love with her before he noticed it was simply a matter of time.
But, the young Haruto's parents had a divorce, and Haruto was taken along to his father's home in the countryside.

At that time, the two of them made a promise.
That someday the two of them would meet again and marry.
It was without any binding power, a fleeting childhood promise.

Since then, Haruto dreamed of marrying her in the future, vowing to do his very best.
With enough effort, his wish will come true. Believing in that on no real basis, he studied zealously, learned agriculture, household chores, helped out around the house, and learned ancient martial arts at his grandfather's dojo.

I want to meet her.
In order to meet her, he never once stopped.
I'll work hard in anything. The more I grow, the sooner I'll be able to reunite with her. Haruto seriously believed in that.
Perhaps because Haruto's feeling had reached his father after having continued working so hard, Haruto was allowed to go to a famous high school close to where his childhood friend lived.

At that high school, Haruto had a shocking reunion.
Coincidentally, his childhood friend ended up entering the same high school.
Ba-bump, his heart began beating faster, and it was then that Haruto felt it.
Without a doubt it's her.
She's grown up now but there's no mistaking it.
She was in the distance, but he could tell. She was very important to him after all.

Glossy black hair that reached the back and fascinated people's eyes.
Small face with orderly looks.
White skin that seemed as if covered in snow.
Short, but balanced figure, and carrying a graceful, trim ambiance.
A girl that painted such an image.

Haruto was overjoyed at his fated reunion with her.
And at the same time, cursed fate.
Next to the girl was a boy that Haruto didn't know.

Haruto became scared.
What if those two are dating?
Thinking that, he was unable to call out to her.
And thus, as he worried over it, Haruto's childhood friend disappeared.

Since then, Haruto drowned in regret.
After she disappeared, Haruto finally realized the mistake he had made.
His heart seemed like it would break.
A bitter scream that couldn't even be called a voice resounded from his body.

But, he didn't give up.
He refused to give up.
He couldn't give up.
Because he hadn't even conveyed his feelings yet.

Holding onto the faint hope that he might meet her in Tokyo, Haruto left his hometown and entered a college in Tokyo.
However, even now he has yet to find any news about her whereabouts.

Three years since coming to Tokyo.
There was never a day where he forgot about his beloved childhood friend.
The police also looked into the disappearance incident of his childhood friend, but the truth of the matter is still wrapped in mystery.

After his college lecture, Haruto was returning home on a bus that stopped near his house.
There were very few people who rode on the bus at this time. Currently, including Haruto, there were only three passengers on board.
It was completely silent inside the bus.
As the bus drove along, Haruto was gazing at the scenery that flowed by.
At that time, the bus suddenly started moving violently.
A strong impact hit the bus, sending it flying, and Haruto's consciousness instantly turned black.

".......te..." (TL note: This line was left untranslated due to the raws being ambiguous here. If there’s a future scene that reveals what is being said here, I’ll correspondingly change this.)

The moment before completely losing consciousness, a beautiful voice saying something seemed to resound in Haruto's head.

"Next in news. Today, around 3:30 pm, in Tokyo, ○○ prefecture, there was a traffic accident as a mid-sized truck and a bus crashed into each other on the road. In this accident, three passengers on the bus died while the two drivers were gravely injured with one of them later succumbing to his injuries."

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  1. Just letting you know, there was only one bus driver (heavily injured but lived), and only the three passengers died - since I think that's important for foreshadowing future events.

    1. Yeah, one bus driver. But there was someone driving the truck. One of the two drivers died later from injuries. It doesn't say which.

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