Saturday, October 11, 2014

G no Reconguista is the future.........?

I know I haven't been around lately (busy with work) but I seriously need 2 minutes to rant.

For those who follow Gundam or anime in general, you would know that two new serious are airing this season; build fighters try and G no Reconguista. Those who've seen Reconguista and are familiar with Gundam would say "oh, that looks a lot like Turn A Gundam," and it is a lot like it except for 1 important detail... It's supposed to be at least 1,014 years after Universal Century...making it at least 1,071 years after Gundam Unicorn.

Now I don't mind them trying out weird things in a new Gundam series...but I have a huge problem with them saying that humans a thousand+ years after Unicorn evolved into hilariously awkward people with zero signs of Newtype potential (at least so far) that would break into interpretive dance suddenly for no reason.

Forget Newtypes...the 3rd guy couldn't pilot himself out of a paper bag.

Above that, they suck at designing mobile suits. Look at these relics from U.C.:

Now imagine if they had a thousand years to develop futuristic mobile suits with technology far superior than from UC, F91, and Victory. They would have amazing looking mechs right? Wrong...

Apparently CRT face here is the best they can come up with.

Now some people would argue with me now, saying "oh just because the mechs look stupid doesn't mean they aren't technologically advanced." 
.......Ok fine. Maybe I'm quick to judge. Maybe G no Reconguista suits have a built in feature that's not only exclusive to this series, but is essential to how wars are fought in the future.





I can't... that a.....



  1. Nope, it's a trash bin. -serious face-

  2. Bff... hahAHAHAH! Gahahahah!

    What's wrong with toile-pffts-ts in cockpit-hehe? Longer mission poss-hehe-possible. You know American B2 stealth bombers have toilets in them too. Now excuse me; GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  3. Huahahahaha! FK dam Japanese are so serious about making unique toilets! Its spreading out to their anime! O gawd cant stop laughing! Toilet paper too!

  4. Isn't that what a... catheter is for? Why in the hell would you create a freaking toilet in a gundam?!?

  5. Wow. All I can say is they better hope during massive Gundam battles (if they still have them that is), That the toilet doesn't break. Especially in space.

  6. Yes sir. That is indeed a toilet.

  7. They've perfected the personal work toilet. It's a shame that I can't wait thousands of years to live and see it