Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Volume 0's Second Arc PDF Completed

Hooray~ Finally done with finals!

Now that I'm done with Volume 0 (I'm skipping the author's afterword and feedback watever, mainly cuz I feeel ppl dont care and its not important) , I'll move onto Volume 4. However, please give me some time to enjoy my break and to tl the prologue (it's pretty long). I think I can get the prologue done somewhere next month.

All of Mushi Uta's translated Volume PDFs can be found here -Link-


Also, "spoilers" for those who want to know about Mushi Uta's final volume, please Do Not click -read more- if you don't want to be spoiled. I've warned you! The pic holds the answer to the question "will" Shiika and Daisuke be together?

 (If you wanan leave some ty for the pdfs, do it in the chat box xD)
Well, due to finals and all that I haven't have time to read it (Thou it's fully translated into CHI). I was spoiled to this while I was waiting, so why not spoiling you guys too lol.

The answer to the question that ppl have been wondering!

"Will" Shiika and Daisuke get together?!

Tadaaa --- drum rolls ---

 Early xmas-present from me lmaooo xD

PS: This pic is what i got as a spoiler, It's unclear whether it's the reality(as in they didnt all die or shit in final vol cuz theres like no1 around lol, or that they are the real pair, I don't recall daisuke having brown hair but wth artist been changing their eye colors and hair style since day 1 so who knows)

At least, Mushi Uta finally ended, that's one less regret in my life now that it's finished... T.T still wishing for a Mushi Uta After lol,

I'll try to tl the 4th volume's prologue before i dig the final vol, if only if i can endure it.

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  1. What, it ended already?! I'm feeling old already