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Mismarca V. 1, Chapter 1: The First Prince of Mismarca

Consolidated Chapter 1.



The continent.


To the north was the Republic of Zepilm, where humans and Majins live equally. [TL Note: The author seems to use 魔人 (majin) and 魔 (ma, usually mean demons or devils) interchangably for the race with superior magic powers, so I'm just going to stick with Majins. Especially since there's also 魔物 (mamono), which in this case refers to demons.]


To the south was the Gran Marsenal Empire, where Majins are the rulers.

“Prince Mahiro, where are you at?”

Stuck between the two powerful nations, in a place called the Middle Plains, were many small nations, and of these a country smaller than a city existed. It was a country that will create tremors in the entire continent in the future: Mismarca. Though, right now, it was only a small country where people lived peacefully.

“Stupid prince!”

This was the royal castle. The girl who had been calling for the Prince was Pariel Karyzel, an eighteen year old novice Royal Guard.

“Haa, haa...he's not here...”

She was drenched in sweat after running scatteredly throughout the city, and her throat was parched from shouting so much. Each time this happened, she was not sure where the prince disappeared off to.

Gradually, Pariel was overcome by a great anger.

“Come out here you idiot prince!”

Her loud voice reverberated throughout the wide corridor. Though she looked expectantly at the doors that opened occasionally, those who appeared were only unrelated soldiers and officials.

“Haa, haa...if it's like this...”

Pariel once again took in a great breath of air.

“~Prince, come hug me~!"

“Yes, my honey!!...oh, it's just Pariel.”

The handsome, black-haired youth that suddenly appeared out of nowhere was the next successor to the crown of the Kingdom of Mismarca, Mahiro Yukilsneak Edenfalt. He was 15 years old.

“Where did you come from!? If you could hear me from the start then answer me!”

“Geez, you shouted with all your might in such a misleading and mature voice, what are you trying to do? I am the prince, after all.”

“Err, I think there's something wrong with that...”

“Well, it doesn't really matter, I'm busy right now. I'll play along with your childish pranks when I'm free.”

“Wait a second, you immature kid.”

Pariel pulled violently the prince's cloak.

“You say some really horrible things from time to time, don't you...”

“Ah. No, see...”

The prince then touched her chest. Pariel couldn't keep her coherence as her chest was being fondled.


“Humph. See. This amount.”

Grope, grope.

“That's why I called you childish.”




“Hey, listen, you. Do you know what it means to hit a member of the royalty? In other countries, it is an act of treason, and means capital punishment, you know? That means the penalty will be extreme. You realize that it would be different from here, right...?”

Well, in the first place, there wouldn't be such a weird prince in those other countries; disregarding this, Pariel only walked oddly behind the prince, her head hanging down, and repeatedly nodded her head while following Mahiro.

“Yes, I really understand my mistake, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, prince...I just couldn't control myself...”

“Not being able to control yourself, isn't that a cliché used by criminals?”

“N-no, but, um, this, if prince suddenly touches me like that, what am I supposed to think...”

“That, see. Aren't I the prince? Ahahaha. Want to eat some frisk?” [TL Note: Frisks are a popular brand of mints in Japan.]

“No, thank you!!”

Only his apperance. It was really only his appearance. If he kept quiet and looked prim, he would fit quite nicely together with a white stallion, but to the maids, soldiers and officials in and out of the palace grounds, the prince's idiocy and eccentricity was well-known.

Mahiro turned around while putting away a rectangular tablet into his pockets.

“So, what did you want?”

“Er, ermm, right, the king wanted you to have an audience with him.”

“Eh? Father? Then it's all right if I don't go. It's just going to be another of his lectures and speeches.”

Pariel couldn't help but to wonder what kind of an upbringing the Prince had that caused him to become so weird.

“Even if you say that...isn't your father the king?”

“But, really, my father becomes really scary when he's angry.”

“No. That's the same in any household. It's not just in the royal family.”

“Ah, I still don't feel like going. Maybe I'll just pretend that I didn't hear of it. Yan-pi-kon-pi.”

“What country's language is that? So, we're going now. If not, I'm going to get scolded; now get moving!”

Pariel pushed the prince's back as she walked.

“Isn't it okay to get scolded once in a while? In our long lives, there will be such days. We'll just do better the next day!”

“Do you want me to repeat the same words you just said to you!?”

“No thanks. I'm a timid person, so if I get yelled at I'd want to die.”

“I'm the same, so keep walking. Lift up your head normally! Your crown is tilted, too!”

“That's because you hit me...ow, ow! My neck! I got a whiplash...!” [TL Note: Whiplash is a neck injury caused by sudden jerking movements of the head. The text used this term, so I just kept it.”]

They arrived at the audience hall. The king sat in his throne at the innermost part of the chamber, and before him were gathered all the important people who supported the country.

Despite saying that he was a timid person a while ago, Mahiro remained quite composed as he advanced along the red carpet that stretched across the center of the hall. Pariel parted from the prince, and stood close to the entrance of the audience chamber. She became a novice and started serving in this castle one year ago. This was not the first time that she found herself in such an occasion, but she still could not get used to it.

(Did something happen...?)

The air everyone gave off felt somehow heavy. The hair on her skin stood on edge.

“You're late, Mahiro.”

The king, sitting on the golden throne, said solemnly in a deep, grave voice, and with just that his voice reverberated throughout the audience hall. He was a member of the race called Majins.

“There were many unpleasant occurences. So, what do you require of me, Father?”

“Only one thing. There are some here who may know of this, but listen carefully. Last night, the Empire...Gran Marsenal resumed its invasion.”

Hearing this, the assembled vassals immediately broke into a commotion.

The principle of the Majin's rule was to use their overwhelming fighting strength to enslave humans, and therefore gain laborers. A mere twenty years after it was founded, the Empire had already conquered the southern half of the continent, quickly establishing its splendor and prosperity, becoming a nation where Majins reigned supreme.

Now, in order to protect the vast amounts of new territories from invasion by demons, the Empire had spread its army and supply lines wide, so it was thought that a second, large-scale invasion would not occur, but...

(A war is starting...)

“Calm yourselves!”

Upon hearing the king's thundering cry, Pariel, and everyone else, managed to calm down. A sudden, overwhelming silence struck the ears of everyone present.

“I understand your anxieties. However, if we were to be shaken by this, then the people will also be shaken by this. What is there for us to gain if we give into our fears? I will depart now for the Republic in order to discuss with the other members of the Anti-Imperial Alliance our future movements. Therefore...”

The king paused before speaking again.

“I will leave Mahiro in charge as acting ruler. I entrust the country to you, Mahiro.”

The hall became noisy as uneasy voices arose again. Mahiro met his father's gaze with some anger . It was an unfavorable situation.

“...Father. Even if you say that, it's too much to expect me to gain victory...”

“Do not be anxious. Who said that you will be fighting a war? Even though I said invasion, the Empire still has yet to make a move. In one month, or at the soonest in half a month, the Imperial main forces will start to deploy, that's the situation. I will return in five days, or a week at the latest. I only need you to take over for me in that time period.”



At the king's suddenly severe voice, the prince drew his body back.

“Right now it is still fine. But in the future, I fear that the continent will become a world filled with wars and disturbances. At that time, I will not be here. So, if that time comes, you will become responsible for the well-being of this country.”


“The military can be managed by the generals. The government can be managed by the minister. But, the ones who stand at the top of the country are still us from the royal family. Do you understand, Mahiro?”

Mahiro faced downwards with a gloomy expression.

“I understand...”

“I am aware of your reputation inside and outside of the country. But, that should not concern you. The problem is that you are not prepared. In other words, you must learn to control your playfulness. If you change yourself, then soon your scandalous name will change as well. I trust that you are aware of this.”

The king shook the crown sitting on his head slightly.

“No, first, you must understand this. A king can never earn the trust of his people by acting like a clown. To put it otherwise, it is the duty of the king to earn the people's trust. So, given this opportunity, this is something that I would like to teach you.”

Mahiro was overwhelmed by the king's powerful gaze. Silence...there was only silence. After looking at his son's reaction, the king lowered his gaze and sighed deeply.

“Only for a few days will you be taking up responsibility for this country. However, if during this time you clear off your name and perform well, and earn even a little bit of trust from the people...perhaps, when I return, I will remove the seal placed on your powers.”

Mahiro, who had been looking downwards, suddenly raised his head in surprise.

“ you really mean that, Father?”

“Your powers as a Majin are far too strong. Therefore, when you were young, your powers were sealed. But if you are able to become the king...then there should be no problems.”

Since the king was a Majin, Mahiro obviously was one also. But what was said in the conversation just now was the first time that Pariel had heard of these things. Sealing Mahiro's was probably normal. A powerful magical power, probably enough to rival court magicians or even the king himself, a destructive power, dwelled inside of Mahiro; it was dangerous.

“...I understand.”

Mahir stated.

“Then I will show that I am able to govern this country in your stead, Father.”

That proudly straightened back. That voice without any hints of hesitation.

Perhaps that was the real Mahiro.

That was the first time that Pariel saw that side of the prince, ever since she started attending to him. It was probably the same for everyone else present in that place as well.


The king was to depart from the castle gates. The king rode aboard a large black automobile of the highest class that was fortified by a magic coating, a legacy of the old civilization. In front of and behind the king shone columns of fully armored silvers, the most elite knights in the country. They were led by four captains and three generals. Aside from these, there were the Royal Guards, foreign diplomats, and a few chamberlains....

The automobile that the king was in was at the center of the formation, surrounded by chariots and the knights, all from this country whose entire military numbered in the thousands. A country's ruler setting out was definitely not an insignificant matter; many persons of importance accompanied the king.

“Then, I leave it to you, Mahiro.”

“I will take care of it, Father.”

Mahiro bowed deeply towards the king who was looking out of the windows of the automobile. The king nodded once, and then faced straight forward.


After hearing the order, the maid who was driving the vehicle sounded the horns, and the procession started moving slowly, not unlike a continental train. It took several minutes for the entire delegation to leave the castle gates. The sudden emptiness of the wide foregrounds of the royal castle that was left behind felt a little desolate.


“Are you not being a bit too strict with Mahiro?”

In the passenger seat of the car sat the old general who wore a black eyepatch, looking back over his shoulders. He was Schlevan, the White Mage, one of the king's old friends, and his most trusted confidant.

“Despite his playfulness, Mahiro is not without his virtues. Especially outside the castle, in town.”

“Isn't it good that he leaves the castle often, then?”

The king lightly raised his hand in response to the waving hands of the populace alongside the road. The automobile, a restored relic of the ancient civilization, was capable of moving at a faster rate, but it moved slowly, in order to match pace with the marching army around it.

“He really is a kind person. If he found the maids trying to kill rats or stray slimes in the castle, he would definitely stop them.”

“Heh, this is the first time I've heard of that.”

Schlevan laughed in a hoarse voice.

“If rats appear, then it is proof of the good grains stored within the castle. If slimes appear, then it is clear that the grass is growing well, and proof that the earth is fertile. Hmm, maybe I see his point.”

“Good grief...He's been saying that nonsense forever now, doesn't it ever grow old?”

On this continent, where countless lives, as numerous as the stars, have been lost, why did someone like him, who could not even allow the killing of vermin like rats, exist? Especially amidst all the political maneuverings and ploys that existed in the royal palace.

“In this world, being a wise king is enough. Being too kind to not even kill a times of peace, it is a virtue that is worthy of admiration, but...”

“Then, I cannot even begin to wonder why you forced the prince with such a cruel task if he is like this. Well, I wonder how the prince will handle this.”

The old man caressed his long beard, and held back a yawn.

“This is merely what I expect of his abilities. In case that Mahiro really proves to be a big idiot, I left Edelweiss behind.”

“Well, now that you mentioned it, she is there. Well then, the country will be secure, and...”

Schlevan sank his body into the seat, let out a big yawn, and then started to softly snore. The veteran maid seated in the front passenger seat glanced over.

“With all due respect, Your Highness, if there are any problems...”

“If you heard, you should understand. The problem is Mahiro, so I left Edelweiss behind. That's all.”

The maid, while slowly maneuvering the handle controlling the vehicle, let out a troubled sigh.

“That is true, of course. I heard the talk regarding Prince Mahiro, if it is Edelweiss-sama, then...”

“So what of it?”

“A few days ago, I found him sneaking into our changing room, so with the full force of the maid group, we went to beat him u-, erm, um, I mean, to educate him a little...”


“The cornered prince unleashed out of nowhere rats, cockroaches, wild slimes, our natural enemies...”

“It's fine...I understand now.”

“Then, please excuse me.”

The king imitated the old general by folding his arms and closing his eyes.


Mahiro gazed silently, through the opened castle gates, at the procession marching away on the country's largest road until the last ranks disappeared into the distance.

Pariel was the first to speak out of the senior officials and personnel left behind to watch over him.

“Then, Prince Mahiro, what should we do first? Everyone, please wait for the Prince's orders.”

With that, Mahiro turned around to face the group. Everyone had already replaced the shocked, troubled appearance that they usually wore around him with one of honest devotion towards their lord.


Mahiro spurted out.

“...ha. Mwahaha. Hahaha...AHAHAHAHA!”


Hearing this outburst, Pariel grew more worried than anyone else.


Mahiro cried out suddenly. He raised his clenched fists high into the air, almost as if trying to pierce the heavens.


With that shout, he used up all of his air in his body.

“Haa, haa... Let me say it one more time! FREE-”

Gon. Pariel had reflexively hit him with her clenched fists.

“Prince. What? Freedom, was it?

“I, right now! I have finally obtained freedom with these hands of mine! The unending dream that all humanity desires! In this appropriately democratic country, true freedom!!”


“Father is not here! And all the important generals left with him!...So right now I am...”

Mahiro suddenly cut off his words and thrust his thumb into the air.



“Hey hey Pariel, I am the king, you know? King! Day in, day out, I'll have no limitations imposed on me! In other words, right now, I have become someone who is emancipated from the pains and toils of labor!” [TL Note: He's using a formal word for “to become”, but there's really no direct English translation, I just put in another word fitting the context.”]

“Is that you using difficult words like emancipated, idiot prince?”

Pariel questioned, but the prince, in his elation, did not hear her.

“Freedom to eat canned mackerel with soy sauce breakfast, lunch, and dinner, three meals a day! Freedom to stay up however late I want to, wake up however late I want to! Ahh, what a wondrous week this will be!!”

“Erm...Your father, the king, did not simply go on a vacation...”

Rather, the king thought he would use this opportunity to force the prince to manage the country and to become wiser. Even he, who knew the prince's nature, probably did not expect such a huge idiot.

“I hereby order you as the king! Officials! Where is the Minister of Internal Affairs, Kalro?

“Ha, haa...Prince Mahiro, here I am.”

A small man, though quite portly, came running up to Mahiro. Mahiro flourished his cloak with an over-exaggerated motion, and held his hands afloat in the air.

“I order you to gather up all the females between the ages of twelve and thirty-five, dress them up in maid clothing and-”


A shock of a magnitude never seen since Mismarca's founding and would probably never be seen again ran through those present in the courtyards of the royal castle

The strange age limits spoke volumes about the seriousness of the prince. At that moment, everyone in that courtyard must have thought that the prince was a genuine idiot.

Why is that? Because I thought the same myself.

“Erm...excuse me, Your Highness, that order...are you serious about it?”

While the minister was flustered by shock, Pariel butted in.

“Prince! Did you not hear properly the king's speech? Stop saying these unreasonable things, you're becoming less and less a proper prince! This isn't the time for jokes! We don't even know when the Empire might invade us!”

“Pariel, did you yourself listen to Father's speech properly? They won't be here until after half a month, right?”

“I know, but!”

If that was really true, then the king would not have entrusted the country to Mahiro. So it meant that the country was still not safe yet.

“Heh. No matter what you say, I'm still the king! After living that long, oppressive life under careful watch in the palace, right now this freedom is calling to me like food does for a starving wild animal! That despotism, oppression, tyranny, those restrictions placed on me, can you find anyone else in this kingdom who suffers from such inhumanity?!”

It's the end. Everyone immediately thought that the curtain would be brought down over the country's few hundred years of tradition, and it would instead become another part of the Empire.


A sound akin to that of thunder came from the back of Mahiro's head, rending the air and echoing everywhere.

“What's happening here?”

Mahiro, who had fallen to the floor, turned around to behold a single maid, who held in her hands a relic from the old civilization, a forbidden tool used for educational guidance purposes – the legendary slapstick. [TL Note: Kanji is written as 張閃, meaning “flash spread”, but the furigana is given as ハリセン (harisen), a Japanese slapstick used in manzai.]

Uniform, neatly cut black hair. Eyes that were as cold as ice. She was the leader of the maids of this country, and as Mahiro beheld her, he rapidly blinked away the stars that were flying in his vision.

“E-eh? You're here, Edelweiss?”

“Yes. What of it?”

That cold voice. This person always gave off the feeling that she was never surprised by Mahiro's actions.

Head maid Edelweiss. Whether it were the chamberlains or the maids, this person commanded all of the vassals that served the royal family. Not only that, she also commanded the most elite of knights, the Royal Guards. It would probably be simpler to call her a general instead of a maid.

Of course, she was also Pariel's superior. Luckily, she was Mahiro's arch-nemesis.

“Did you not depart along with Father?”

“No, I did not.”

“ that so?”

“Do you have any last words?'

After seeing Mahiro cower, Edelweiss turned around to address the assembled vassals.

“Have no worries about His Highness. So, let us just await the king's return with patience. Everyone, return to your stations.”

Everyone assembled, who would not have moved even if Mahiro told them to do so, sighed with relief as if a typhoon had just passed by, and obediently dispersed.

Edelweiss was like the very embodiment of discipline in the country. The upholder of public morals.

“Ah..ahhhh. Wait! My ambitions! My dreams! My freedom...everything has...just been scattered...”

Sob sob sob.

“Even though...there was only one piece finish the Pandora's box...”

Sob sob sob sob sob sob.

“That's not something to despair about, is it?!"

“You say that because you don't know how wonderful freedom is....”

Sob sob sob sob sob sob smack.

“Your Highness, you are being very irritating right now.”

What a merciless person.



“You must keep a tight grip on His Highness's reins. You are not his escort for nothing.”

“Ye-yes...but...I've already tried, I mean, I have already attempted to stop him, but it was to no avail. If this continues I might go mad from trying to stop him...” [TL Note: She stumbled trying to talk politely here.]

Pariel refrained from commenting on Edelweiss's statement. An escort's task was to protect her ward from danger, not to discipline or to teach him. Assigning her such a task was barking up the wrong tree.

“The prince looks pretty sturdy. I will allow a bit of violent treatment as long as he could make a full recovery.”

She really was a merciless person.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes! I understand!”

She bowed.

“Then, Your Highness, please excuse me.”

“...Um. Eh. Ah. Edelweiss?”

“Anything wrong?”

“So how should I act as king?”

“I leave you the freedom to decide what is proper to do. ”

Translation, “I don't need you here.”

Pariel always thought that she would never want to anger this person. To put it in another way, it was amazing, in a sense, that the prince, who gets treated this way every time, was not discouraged from his hobbies.

“In other words, to say it plainly, I'm not needed?”


“Uu...uuuuu...I...I...I'm an unneeded unneeded king...this...this's becoming a democracy!!”


Crying and screaming like someone would from a teen drama, the prince ran off towards somewhere.

“...H-hey,wai-wait up Prince! Princeeee!”

Pariel ran after him.

Edelweiss, who was left alone in the castle, did not smile or sigh, and instead, simply stood there with no expression on her face.


“It's time.”

<This is Kaze Number 1. As we expected, the king left Prince Mahiro in charge of the castle.> [TL Note: "Kaze", meaning wind, is the designated name for an unit.]

<This is Kaze Number 2. The king has left the borders, heading northward.>

“Same as the “Report”, then.”

<Number 1, reporting no change.>

<Number 2, reporting no change.>

“Still, this castle is pointlessly big for such a small country, I've heard that it was as big as the Rottenheim Palace in the Imperial Capital.” 

<It is merely a remnant from the time when the Mismarcan Dynasty ruled over the Middle Plains.>

<The Middle Plains were once part of the Republic's territories. It was a huge country then.>

“However, the Republic's king at that time had a few screws loose in his head, instead advocating for democracy and allowing each territory to have its own independence and self-government. Well, at that time, the old civilization had already begun its collapse. It was the most peaceful time. It was great that countries only had to protect themselves from demons, but...”

<Stop with the pointless tales. Everyone knows how this age came into being. The king had left this country in a flurry in order to negotiate with the Republic.>

<And...that explains this castle. Not only is it an historical relic for this country, it is also pretty much a fortress. It will be hard to attack here.>

“And that is for us, the “Kaze”, to worry about, isn't it...”

<What is it?>

“...Nothing, I was just thinking aloud. There are no problems. Then, our next scheduled check-in will be at one four zero zero. No change reported."

<Number one, acknowledged.>

<Number two, acknowledged.>

“Transmission over.”


“Haa, haa...I finally found you...”

Despite the country's small size, this castle was the largest in the Middle Plains. Pariel always had to painstakingly search through it every time for the prince. Mahiro was standing on the rooftop at one edge of the castle, looking over the northward part of the castle town.


Sometimes, just sometimes, when Mahiro was alone, he would show such a detached face. Despite his fooling around, he still had things he thought about within his mind.

He was gazing at a small street, filled with houses and stores. A protective, outer wall, meant to defend against invasions by demons, enclosed the entire area. At the center enclosed area stood the huge castle, surrounded by ramparts and a moat. Its size was truly massive; one part of the courtyard contained a small-sized forest.

“...What are you thinking about?”

Mahiro was pulled back into reality by Pariel's softly uttered question. He raised his face, and turned around with a smile on his face. Whatever he was thinking was hidden away after he cleared his throat.

“Did you see that wind?”

“...Really, you were just daydreaming again.”

Pariel went to stand next to Mahiro, and together they gazed down at the city. From this height, the town below seemed tiny. But, it was still a pretty scene.

“This is a wonderful country, isn't it? The country that the king entrusted to you.”

“Well, that may be so.”

Mahiro said cheerfully, and then pouted.

“Do as you like, Edelweiss said? Though that's what she said.”

“Ah...ahhh, that, see, wasn't that just like her? She only acted coldly in order to discipline you who had gotten out of hand.”

“Is that how you think of her?”

“...Erm. To be honest, not at all.”

The Majin, Edelweiss. Pariel had heard that before she became the head of this country's maids, she was part of Gran Marsenal's Special Operations Chamberlain Corps. Pariel did not know why she came to this country, but someone of an inferior position like her would not be told anyway. Edelweiss was a maid, but also in charge of Mahiro's education, and on top of that was also a general. She was such a perfect person.

And she, showing such a perfect disposition for being a maid, was the one who established the current society of maids.
Right now, skilled gladiators, hunters, and performers are all sought after, and those with these skills are offered an extravagant contract, for hiring those with skill are a sort of status symbol for employers. No matter where she goes to, Edelweiss would always be treated as a super high quality maid, and thus would be offered ludicrous offers.

“But since she told you to do as you see fit, it is definitely okay if you think about the country's well-being and act on it, since this is a rare chance to prove yourself to the king.”



“...Prince, what have you been looking at since a while ago? It can't be that you were looking at someone changing? Though it is probably too far to see from here.”

“...Hey, you, haven't you been really disrespectful lately?”

Mahiro dodged the question with a laugh.

Then, he pointed somewhere.

“That house.”

He pointed at a part of the upscale residential area, where many nobles lived. It was outside of the castle, but still very close to it.

“That house hasn't been purchased by anyone yet.”

“That house with the blue roof? No one lives there?”

“What a waste, isn't it? If I had a little bit more allowance, then I could go buy it. I will buy it! Actually, say, Pariel, won't you come with me to the real estate agent?” [TL Note: Mahiro in this part, and repeatedly elsewhere, often shifts from a royal and formal speech, to casual speech, and back again, and so on so forth. I'll try to differentiate this based on diction and tone of the sentences, since when he's using casual speech, it's usually him messing around.]

“You're living in such a splendorous castle, what complaints do you have...”

“Edelweiss is here.”

Pariel sighed deeply.

“Well, if it was bought by other people, then that would be fine with me too. I will just leave in search of another world, my world. And I will establish a country with a doctrine of maids, where everyone aside from me is a maid, and conquer this continent!”

“What nonsense are you saying now? You have to stay in this castle until the king returns at least. Ah, hear that? The church's bell just rang. It's lunch-time now. Let's go eat, let's go eat.”

“Hmm, it's good that Pariel is in good spirits.”

If Pariel left him alone, then Mahiro would definitely waste all of his time away being lazy here. She tugged at Mahiro's arm with a bit of force, leading him inside. Mahiro turned around to look at the house one last time, and then went into the castle with Pariel.


For some reason, Mahiro always ate at the general cafeteria, where all the knights, guards, maids and other staff ate, instead of at his own room or at the royal dining room, whenever he had the chance to do so.

Diners picked out food that they liked from the numerous bowls lined in rows on the long table and the counter, and then went to find a vacant seat in order to eat. In other words, it was pretty much a buffet.

People who were captains, high officials, ministers, generals, or held other important ranks could order the things they liked here, and eat in separate, specially prepared rooms. However, Mahiro, as usual, took a hot dog and corn pottage soup at the counter, and was busy wolfing down his food. Mahiro's fondness of canned mackerel was famous inside the castle, as it was something that even commoners would regard as basic and ordinary.

Pariel herself had gotten a croissant with pork saute, a spinach salad, and some bean soup.

“After lunch, we're going to practice sword fighting.”


Mahiro shook his head with resigned dissatisfaction at this.

“I know that you really don't like practice.”

Mahiro particularly hated practicing the sword. He always spoke of soreness, muscular pain, or other various complaints.

“But, this time you are needed.”

Usually, at lunch time, this cafeteria would always be crowded and rowdy, but now that the king had left the country, it was almost deserted. Sounds of unease and anxiety could be heard in this unpleasant silence from those few who were here, leaving the air feeling heavy and ominous.

“I hope that the king will return soon...”

“Right now, only a skeleton force is left inside the castle. If the Empire invades now, we won't have the strength to fight back.”

“But the king said that it'll be at least half a month before they invade, didn't he?”

“I'm not so sure about that. If they discovered that none of the royalty remained here, then they might seize the advantage and attack.”

“That's right, isn't it. The main army isn't here, and only one division of knights remain to defend the castle.”

“But, conversely, we who stayed behind should do our best together in order to protect the country.”

“I see. So that means the future of this country lies in our hands.”

“If each of us performs our best, then even the Empire won't easily have it their way.”

Somehow, they suddenly grew energetic.

Mahiro paid great attention to the discussion.


“Yes? What is it?”

“It looks like I'm not needed. Not just in leading this country, but my existence.”

“Even if you say it yourself...”

She mumbled.

“Anyway, for me, a prince, savage practices like sword fighting is below me.”

It was like this every time. The prince had a bad habit of being able to fish out sudden excuses and justifications.

“In the first place, I don't need to learn such a thing. Aren't you, my escort, here to protect me?”

Saying that just makes you seem even weaker.

“T-that is correct, but you should still learn how to use a sword, just in case. If such a time comes, you won't even be able to protect yourself...”

“If you could get strong in one or two days, then who would work so hard?”

Mahiro then suddenly asked something.

“And, while we're on the topic, why did you decide to become a knight?”

“Eh? Ah, when I was young, I was attacked by a demon. I was on the verge of dying from my severe injuries, but then someone helped me.”

Mahiro stopped eating and raised his head.

“You don't remember who helped you?”

“Yes. I was playing outside of town with my friends at that time. When I awoke, I was already on top of a bed.”

As she thought about that time, she first recalled the back of the boy she was playing with, and then the worried face of her mother.

Whatever happened during that time was completely missing from her memories.

“So, um, as my life was saved because someone helped me, I wanted to help people, to protect people.”

“...I see. You actually do have a proper reason, huh.”

Mahiro listened with a surprisingly meek face.

“Yes, because of that, I want to protect the prince and everyone in this country.”

“Ah, I see, you couldn't become a doctor because you didn't have the talent to do so.”

“I became an Royal Guard because I had talent with the sword!”

“Hmm~, really~?”

“Ahh! You thought that I was lying just now, huh? That's stupid! Academic aptitude aside, that story about my childhood was true! Even now, I still have the scars from that time on my back right now!”

“Ah, that I know.”

“What is it?”

“Ahahahaha. Why do you know...did you see...?”

“I didn't see! Really! I really didn't see anythingggggggggg~!”


“Die you idiot prince! Smash your head in the cadium in this well-boiled tofu soup and die!” [TL Note: This sentence confused me a bit. Had no idea what カド (kado) meant, but I assumed it to be the cadmium (the element), since tofu does have a relationship with cadmium (google it yourself).]

Pariel panted and wheezed.

“Anyhow! Prince!”

“Yes...I won't peek at the changing room or the bathroom a second time.”

Smack. Smack.

“Back to our talk, learning the sword won't let you just protect yourself, you could protect others as well! While the governance of this country is left to Edelweiss-sama, if you take this chance to secretly practice the sword, won't the people around you be surprised? 'That prince?', won't they say? 'At last he's doing something', won't they say? 'After all this time', won't they say!?”

“You, you're just nonchalantly saying disrespectful things once again.”

“An-anyway...! You'll be more well-liked!”

“...Is that really so?”


Pariel said in affirmation. Mahiro stuffed the hot dog inside of his mouth, poured the soup in as well, and stood up triumphantly.

“I see now. It's the opposite of what I thought.”


“If Edelweiss is going to take Father's place, then it'll just be just as usual for me. Rather, Father's absence had nothing to do with me in the first place. As you have heard here, it won't even matter if I'm not here.”


“Then, I'll be leaving for the town.”

“Wai-, Prince!?”

“Don't look for me.”

“No, that's impossible! That's really impossible! But wait, why are you going to the town...!”

“Ostensibly, inspection to prepare for the time when the Empire comes. See ya.”

Mahiro raised his hands in an overly familiar fashion, and left the cafeteria with even, but quick steps.

“Ostensibly!? What the hell is he actually going to do? Prince!!”

Pariel, with extreme haste, gobbled up all of her remaining food, tossed the trays onto the counter, and chased after the prince.

“...That girl is still young, it must be tough on her.”

“She finally became an Royal Guard, only to be stuck with protecting the prince...I'd much rather remain just a normal soldier...”

“She is diligently trying to perform her job, what a nice girl...”


“It's time.”

<This is Kaze Number 1. No changes in the “rumor”.>

“There are no changes, huh.”

<Kaze Number 1 reporting no changes.>

<Kaze Number 2 reporting no changes.>

“A moat and a wall around the castle; a classic defense. I wonder what place should we attack?”

<We should request an investigation, then.>

“I just sent in a request right now.”

<We, the Kaze, are here in the castle. Isn't the best choice to open the gates from within?>

<Is this castle really such an impregnable fortress?>

<The founder of the old Mismarcan dynasty was the head of the old Majestia, in other words, he is of the same blood as the current Imperial family. That means our magic and our techniques are very similar. I don't know how much power Mismarca has retained, but this castle was built during that age. I saw some unfamiliar crests earlier...they had a bell and a hammer on them. I don't think those are ordinary magical defenses.>


“Hold on...”

<...What's wrong?>

“...It was probably some kid from the neighborhood who got lost.”

<It's an empty house; things like that probably happen from time to time.>

“Wait, where have I seen that kid...”


“No way, probably not.”

<Do you need backup?>

“Nay. Let's stop here. This country has good security. We should change locations soon. It doesn't look like he saw me. Then, the next time will be at one six zero zero. Acknowledged.

<Number 1 acknowledged.>

<Number 2 acknowledged.>

“End of transmission.”

The kid was leaving by climbing up the wall.

Then, just where did he enter from?

If he had jumped into this garden filled with bushes and scrubs, he would've made a louder noise.

“...Emergency. I need to change my location.”

<As I thought, there was a problem.>

“No, its not such a big issue.”

<Number 1 acknowledged.>

<Number 2 acknowledged.>

“End of transmission.”


Mahiro landed a bit roughly on the paved stone street. It was a pretty high wall. He brushed away the dust that gathered on his clothes, disguising him as a common citizen.

“Now, what to do...”

Mahiro adjusted his hat that was dislodged during the fall low over his eyes.

“As expected, the visitor was there, huh...”

Mahiro gave the uninhabited houses a fleeting glance, and was just about to leave when...

“I found you, young master!”

He turned around, startled. Pariel was furiously riding towards him on her fierce, gray horse.

“You already found me?! Ungh, you've been getting good at this lately...!”

“Now, young master, come home and study like an obedient young man! Oohohohohoho!”

She even chased him into such a street, shouting so scarily.

“Where would you find a home tutor that looks like an adventurer?!”

Pariel was wearing a casual, sleeveless attire instead of her usual collared uniform, brandishing her sword as she charged at him. Anyhow, Mahiro started running away from her.

“I'm currently a free person! Humans, no matter who they are, have the natural right to liberty! Heaven gave everyone equal rights! Someone! Anyone! Help me please! Right now an innocent, young boy's basic rights are being cruelly trampled over!!”



Mahiro sprinted with all of his strength, dashing all over the place, trying to escape.


And, so, Mahiro was caught.

Clip clop, clip clop. Pariel had put the exhausted Mahiro behind her, and the two rode together on the walking horse.

“Ha...It's bad to run so much...”

“Isn't it because you don't exercise enough? So, you should at least practice the sword a little...”

“Haa, haa, I ran...from the horse...for thirty minutes...isn't that proof enough...of my health...haa, haa.”

Well, that was so, but.

“By the way, Prince.”

“What's up?”

“Why are you riding behind me?”

“What about it?”

“What about it...a guy riding behind a girl be honest, poor behavior, isn't it?”

“Right now, I'm not a high-class young man, so that shouldn't matter.”

“But, still...”

“...Right now, I'm really tired.”


“Riding a living animal is very cruel, isn't it.”

“No one thinks that about riding a horse. And aren't you riding one right now?”

“If it's really like that, ride behind me, then.”


Pariel had a bad premonition.

“Prince...don't tell me you don't know how to ride a horse?”

“To be frank...yes.”



“It's okay. Turn left here. I won't escape anymore, so let's return to the castle together.”

“Turn left...wait, you want to go outside the town?!”

“Didn't I say so? Inspection.”


Mahiro kicked around his feet.

“Inspection~, inspection~”

“I-I get it! Stop throwing a tantrum like a child! You'll make the horse go wild!”

The town was surrounded by a wall, with various gates allowing people passage. They headed onto the main street, away from the castle, towards the southern gate.

“...What is it?”

This small country had no particular value for traders and other travelers. Therefore, there usually weren't many people entering and leaving the country. But today, the place was crowded and chaotic. The two went closer for a look.

“Out of the way, out of the way! We're closing this gate right now.”

“What's the reason? Tell us the reason!”

“We have orders not to let anyone in or out!”

“My fish will rot!”

“I need to deliver these goods today!”

“At least let me take these medicines!”

“I'm only going out to hunt for a little bit!”

“That's right! What do you mean I can't return to my home?!”

The crowd was grumbling its dissatisfaction and was just on the verge of erupting into a riot.

“Why are they closing the gates?”

“...As I thought, the Empire is coming? That's the captain of the defense squad...”

After getting closer, Mahiro got off of the horse and asked a young guard with a serious face.

“What's happening here?”

“Huh? It's as you see. We're closing the gates now, and will inspect and check everyone leaving the country...Y-Your Highness!?”

Hearing the guard's panicked shout and seeing his pointed finger, the tumult around the gate immediately died down as everyone turned around to look at Mahiro. The captain, however, had a different reaction to Mahiro's appearance.

“Don't tell me you escaped from the castle again...I didn't expect the idiot prince to be here...!”

“Don't say something cold like that. It's pretty mean. This is different from the usual.”

That was because the prince always acted like an idiot.

“It's exactly because of you always doing something like this! What are you doing...? You were supposed to remain in the castle as His Majesty's replacement...well, this gate is the center of attention right now.”

It seems that the captain knew of Mahiro's usual behavior. Inside the station, there were a few simple tables and chairs made out of wood, and several polished shields and spears were propped up against the wall. It was very much so a common guard station. There were several young looking guards inside .

“Ah, Prince! Welcome! Please enjoy. Do you want some juice?”

“Prince, I have some new card games here! Let's play together! I won't lose this time!”

“Prince, do you want some ice cream? Ice cream!”

“Prince, there's this dancer girl at the bar in the downtown's second district that makes you feel so good...”

Well, the guards were being friendly, and really almost overly so...

“Who said that you idiots could take a break?! Return to your stations!”

As the captain yelled angrily, the various young soldiers rushed out, escaping his rage.

“Prince, you seem to know these people really well. And wait, what was that suspicious comment about a bar?”

“E-eh, um, that was, you know, that was a secret message about Edelweiss.”

As Pariel sighed, Mahiro turned around to face the captain with a direct face.

“Leaving that aside, who ordered the doors be closed and caused such an uproar?”

“Yes, it was on orders from the Minister of Internal Affairs, Kalro. It was to prevent spies from the Imperial army from infiltrating.”

“...That was why everyone was prevented from leaving?”

“Of course they weren't told the reason. We can't have a disturbance after what His Majesty said this morning...”

“Then stop this at once.”

At these unexpected words, the captain's and Pariel's eyes grew wide with surprise.

“Why, Prince?”

“Hmm? There's no meaning to it.”

“No meaning to it...we can't so easily...”

“Anyway, if you continue this, there will be people hurt. Fish will rot. The factory over there will be unable to function because it didn't receive today's delivery. And most of all, if that clinic doesn't receive these medicines...”

(By any chance...)

Pariel wondered how this Prince was able to know the lives of the citizens so minutely. The captain was probably thinking the same thing as she exchanged looks with him.

“If some famous, wanted criminal snuck in, then how do you plan on stopping him from escaping? Return to the usual state of alert at once. I order you this with the full authority that Father entrusted me with.”


“Also, notify the northern gate of the same thing afterwards. Use Edelweiss's name, though.”

“Huh? But isn't this your order, Your Highness?”

“The captain over there won't listen if you mention my name. Even though I'm serious this time.”

“Aha, I see. I understand. Then, I will go immediately.”

The captain departed from the guard station. After the doors were opened, the crowd began to disperse with thoughts of relief. The captain returned, and used to telephone to relay the order to the captain of the northern gate. Chin. He hung up the wall-mounted telephone with a loud clang.

“They said that they will stop inspection at once.”

“Good. That's one thing settled.”

But, Pariel said.

“What if there really was a spy who infiltrated here?”

“It'll be all right. They haven't invaded here yet.”

“That is so, but...”

“Well at least everyone was able to return to their peaceful and stable lives.”

(How should I say it...)

As she thought, the prince actually gave some thought to being a prince. Even though it was supposed to be a normal thing, she felt great relief at this. Even though the prince was always messing around, he was still kind at heart. That was probably why the king said such things, and put such a task on Mahiro's shoulders.

Pariel unconsciously smiled.

“So, the king knew you wouldn't be going out to play?”

“...Well. As you heard from Father, I won't need to do anything special. The retainers will handle everything, so all I have to do is sit on the throne.”

“So, Prince, why did you do that then...?”

“Since I don't have to do anything, it shouldn't be a problem if I use this time to play!”

“It's important that you sit on the throne!”

So, in the end, the two returned together to the castle.


It was late at night. As usual, Mahiro was lying on the bed in his bedroom, reading a book.

“Your Highness. I am coming in.”

After knocking, Edelweiss entered the room.

“My name was used today, was it not? Was Your Highness unsatisfied with how Kalro was handling things?”


“All for one fish. One factory. In times of peace, it would be all right, but not at this time. What if the outcome of the whole war is changed because a spy infiltrated today? Please consider the whole situation.”

“Edelweiss, do you know what the “Kaze's Rumor” is? Of course, I mean a specific thing.” [TL Note: Mahiro uses 風の噂 (kaze no uwasa) here. Taken literally it can mean the rumor of the wind, or in short rumor or hearsay. Mahiro states that he does not mean that.]

The maid who seldomly changed her expression narrowed her eyes at this.

“...Where did Your Highness hear of such a thing?”

“There is no way you're not explaining this.”

Edelweis dropped her pretense.

“I am surprised that you discovered them. “Kaze” is the official codename for the most elite in the Empire's Intelligence Division. They could probably sneak into the trapped dressing room easily.”

“I'm confident in my ability to sneak around.”

“But, Your Highness probably shouldn't do something as dangerous as this again. They are known for getting rid of people as quickly as the wind blows.”

Mahiro sniggered at that.

“It will be okay. I'm an unwanted person, anyway.”

“The king did not say those words. Your Highness had only decided that on your own.”

“And that is why I decided to do this myself.”

Edelweiss paused a little.

“Is that so? Then let me ask something.”


“What does Your Highness think of the possibility of the Empire invading within the week?”

“They'll come.”

“...The “Wind's Rumor”?”

Mahiro closed his book with a thump.

“Not really. Somehow, they'll come.”

“How do you intend to respond?”

“Because I hate violence, I think I will try to open discussions with them.”

“No matter how kind you are, that would be something impossible to do.”


“Then, please excuse me.”

Edelweiss bowed, then exited the room.

“...Even though I understand that, isn't there something else we could do besides resorting to violence? That's just what I think...”

No one heard what Mahiro just said. He was alone in his room. Mahiro turned off the lights, and closed his eyes as he sank into his blankets. Because of the bustle earlier that day, he immediately fell asleep.


Under the cover of night, a slant-topped carriage slipped into the encampment. Around five hundred black-armored knights knelt towards the pure gold imperial crest of the “Lion in the Moonlight” inscribed onto the side of the carriage.

“It's a bother. Raise your heads.”

Declaring with a dignified voice, a beautiful girl descended from the carriage. While she wore a smile, her eyes glinted sharply. She was dressed in a black male military uniform, her chestnut-colored hair sweeping out behind her back.

The encampment had only been laid out today. The one who was entrusted with the task was a silver-haired, fair-looking young man. Instead of armor, he was wearing a long coat identifying him as a general in the Imperial army, and on his back hung a legendary, famous sword, further identifying him as a swordsman.

As his master's gaze swept over him, he rose promptly, obeying her wishes.

“Princess. You came earlier than scheduled.”

He said these stiff words. But the princess, knowing him well, calmly smiled and nodded in acquiescence to his words.

“I was free.”

She came to the battlefield just because she was free. It was a statement quite telling of the character of the princess named Lunas. The princess headed towards the largest tent in the camp, which was still being erected. Two maids followed gracefully three steps behind her.

As Lunas started walking, she asked the young general a question.

“So, Reiner, how does it feel, your first campaign as a general?”

“We haven't yet made contact with the enemy.”

“...You're such a boring guy.”

The young man called Reiner kept his stoic appearance even through the princess's teasing. He had no tension. His seriousness was trademark of the “Seeking Sword”, his alias as one of the three Imperial Swords.

“What is the situation over there?”

“Nothing has changed from the “Wind's Rumor” as of now.”

Obviously, the wind he referred to was not the breeze one could feel in the streets. It was “Kaze” of the Imperial Intelligence Division; they “blew” through the enemy to gather intelligence. Their information was extremely trustworthy, and they were an important asset in any intelligence war.

“As I expected then, they estimated that it would take us half a month to a month to invade them.”

“I see.”

“During noon today, the gates were closed once, but it seems that it was to prevent some criminals from escaping. Right now the north and south gates are wide open as normal again.”

“Hmm. Well, Father, His Imperial Highness, will declare war in two days. Unexpectedly, we have sneaked quite deeply into enemy territory without realizing it, haven't we?”

Lunas said in mockery.

The camp was hidden in a dense grove on the side of a gently inclined mountain. The base had a good view of the target of the invasion: a small, weak country, smaller in size than a city. It stood only a few kilometers away.

A raid force of only five hundred knights had made this infiltration possible. It seemed like a reckless blitzkrieg attack.

“Schlevan, the “Gale”, has left following the king.”

At these words, Lunas suddenly frowned.

“Is that so.”

“What is it?”

“Nothing...I was just a bit disappointed that the famous general won't be here to meet the raid.”

Reiner narrowed his eyes at this. Because of his specialty in swordsmanship rather than in tactics, it was all the more important for him to be aware of the entire battlefield.

“This is war, princess. There is no unfairness here.”

“That's not what I meant. It'll just be boring.”

The Empire was currently expanding its territories, setting out to unify the entire southern area of the continent. She, the third princess, the famous general, known for her valiant courage, was invading other nations for this purpose.

The princess raised her eyebrows at the lavishly decorated seat, which would not have looked out of place in the middle of a ball. However, despite that, her usual fearless smile was gone, replaced by the dark grays of the armor and the shining blades of the soldiers around her.

She felt slightly depressed at her lack of a worthy opponent. It was then that the noises of a commotion from a part of the camp entered the tent.

“What happened?”

“The demons close to this area pose no threat to us and wouldn't cause such a commotion. It must be some bandits.”

As soon as this was said, a knight came running to report, his head bowed down.

“Please excuse my interruption. We have caught someone whom we believe is a spy. What should we do with him?”

“Bring him here.”

As Lunas said this, the knight unintentionally raised his head in surprise, and then looked towards Reiner for confirmation.

It was very unusual. The person who was caught was at most a commoner and of humble birth. There was no need for those from the imperial family to concern themselves with such people.

“If there is a need to question him, then let us go instead.”

“No need.”

Lunas was quite serious, and did not look like she was joking around.

Before long, a man bound by ropes was dragged over. As he saw the flag of the army, the unveiled crest of the imperial family, and finally Lunas, he turned as pale as a dead person, losing his former composure.

“Wh...wh...why is the Third Princess of the Empire...! The Imperial Family, in a place like this...!!”

Obviously, he did not receive a reply. Lunas succinctly asked the vital question.

“Where are you from? Mismarca?”


The man desperately started looking for a way to escape. But he couldn't find one. He tried to think of a way to worm his way out of this. But he still couldn't find one. His opponent was the third Imperial Princess, the Sword of Luminosity, who could slay a hundred with one swing of her sword, massacre ten thousand in one battle.

When he finally realized that, he instantly lost all hope.

Lunas watched the man with narrowed eyes in ill humor all this time.

“W...wait! I'm from the Republic! I didn't come here to spy on you guys! I was only passing through! I didn't know you were here!”

Anyone placed in such a situation would panic; it was a normal response. But seeing how he was a spy, he should've prepared himself for situations like this.

“Please have mercy on me! I'll say anything you want me to! I'll defect to the Empire! I can tell you the movements of the Republic's armies, locations of their bases, anything! So please!”

Lunas looked down upon the cowering man, and then spat out a question in irritation.

“How boring. You still haven't resigned yourself to death?”


And that was the last word the man said in this world. Only a second passed between the drawing of the blade and the man's body being split open. Light then flooded forth from the blade in Lunas's hands. And after the light was gone, only ash was left of the man.

The long, single-edged sword had seven gems inserted onto the dull edge. There was a reason it was also called the “Sword of Luminosity”. It was a legacy of the ancient civilization, an artifact, a magical sword with “Seven Stars” crowned on it. Before the light it emitted, not even bloodstains were permitted to remain. [TL Notes: Both Lunas and her sword seems to be called the “Sword of Luminosity”. In addition, 七星, shichisei, meaning seven stars (or can mean the Big Dipper or Ursa Major constellations) was in quotations.]

The knights who saw the spectacle held no sympathy for the man; instead, they were fascinated by the princess's skill.

Lunas sheathed her blade, and then suddenly started laughing.

“Maybe I should've left it to you guys.”

“We probably could have gathered some important information from him.”

“Hmm. Well, it's alright. Aside from that, I'm hungry now. It's late, but let's go eat lunch.”

“With all due respect, Princess, it's not lunch, but dinner.”

Lunas waved her hands in response to the maid's interjection.

“I get it, I get it. Then let's go.”

The two maids who were like her shadows bowed in consent.

“Reiner, allow everyone to drink some wine and to dance. We should increase their morale in preparation for tomorrow.”

“I understand.”

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