Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chain Chronicle 1.03

Huge patch today, sharing link to those that might have difficulty finding it.!x5AFjb7J!PLshRSdOTbcZEx6gjcdX-DcdYAQJj2KeB0ikCOgdQ_o

Don't have to delete the old app, just install over it. Still, would have been safer if you've backed up your account before hand by using the transfer mode.

On another note, translations are still ongoing albeit slowly. Working sucks, traps are hot.


  1. Yay thanks! Been searching for this

  2. To add to that, copy/screenshot your friend ID AND your transfer ID. If all else fails, and you didn't set up transfer, you could always e-mail SEGA and get your account back (they require, note, REQUIRE you to have both your friend ID and your transfer ID).