Monday, August 13, 2012

Brief updates

I am busy with Tasogare no Sinsemilla for the past week (slowpoke, I know. Sinsemilla's pretty nice and all. Decent plot with cousin and blood-related imouto route). Prior to that, my time is taken up by my temp work.

I am also done with Vol 1 and 2 reworks of Onii-ai. Reworking those 2 volumes was a nightmare. I've tried restructuring the sentences and improving the flow and readability, but I don't really give a damn about anything more than that. Vol 3 looks much better in comparison, so I don't think I'll be touching on that.

I'll resuming work on Eden and Piano. However, my lessons will be starting tomorrow. Taking into account of fact that I am in my final year, translations will probably be slow. 

I will also be reshuffling my priorities for my 3 current projects. Here's listing them from the highest to the lowest: Sayonara Piano Sonata, Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden and Onii-ai. Reasons:

1.) I am closest to finishing the entire series of SPS. Endings of Eden and Onii-ai are no where in sight.
2.) SPS manga is coming to an end, meaning it will cover only the first volume of the novels
3.) Onii-ai's getting an anime. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I prefer on working on LNs that has no anime adaptations. That's because I hope the English community can get to know more on titles which I feel are lacking the attention they deserve.

Which brings me to this. If there is anyone who wants to take over Onii-ai from me, I'll be more than happy to pass the project to you. Really. Also, I've done a pretty fucking horrible job for the 3 volumes, so it's best if you redo everything.

Now for the other random shit. Firstly, from my impressions on the first chapter (from Chinese scanlation), Eden's manga is quite ok. Art is obviously inferior than Kasukabe Akira's (I must say this, Syun-rei is pretty damn ugly in the scene she appears in), and it feels inconsistent. There are a slight change in the details, but other wise it is an okay read. Below are some of the pages.

Another thing. I'll be getting Biblia Koshoten no Jikentecho vol 1, Hitori Imouto vol 6 and Onii-ai vol 4 tomorrow (if they are available). Biblia Koshoten is an incredible read, which I feel is a much more realistic and perhaps better version of Bungaku Shoujo. I'll reserve my decision on what to do with Onii-ai only after reading the fourth volume.

That's all.


  1. yea i love this update. I really want to read more about SPS. Also good luck on your final yea i hope everything go well for you =)

  2. woooow eden! i'm glad that you have a good taste in novels, so your blog won't disappear from my toolbar anytime soon ;) gj!

    i have another 2 months until my lectures start again so I feel a bit sorry for you ^^ do your best an don't neglect your studies, good luck on your final exams

  3. Just don't go and remove your onii-ai work done so far.

    I'd like to archive it.

    Eventually, someone else will pick it up and continue where you left off, as they almost always do when something gets an anime adaptation.

  4. Please don't abandon Onii-ai!!
    Continue as you do in SPS!!
    Those are the only two thing that I read here!

  5. Oh my...
    Well if it is your decision then it can't be helped.
    Just for info, Onii-ai Vol 4 Chiness version has been fully translated

    1. Any chance you/someone could post a link? I may be able to get a translator on it.

  6. When you mean entire series of SPS, does that include that "5th novel"? The encore pieces (at least I think that's what I remember they're called)?

  7. PS: As I found your website recently in the past few months, I honestly only read SPS because of the manga. I realize you've been working hard on other works, and I hope I get a chance to read them in the future, so please don't remove them from your site.

  8. yey!, pianosara as the highest prior novel!, i love to read more of SPS, especially the encores, they say its great and i cant wait to read a great story.. i just need to practice patience as patience is a virtue.. hahaha XD

    btw, gudluck to your studies!!, and thank you for your hardwork in translation this novels for us..

  9. Congrats on getting Biblia. I'm also very tempted to TL that too. But so far, I've managed to resist it. xD

    1. Why? I am actually considering taking it up after clearing SPS.

      However, that's thinking too far ahead.

    2. Because it will kill my time, so I resist. *cough*