Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New function added to blog

Sup guys. Sveroz here, wanted to put this post up to inform people about the new function(the thingy on the right hand side), reason behind it and other stuff like that. Please do read this as there are rules for this.


First of all this idea did not come from me. It came from Wing who thought that this chat box will help make reading the translations more fun. Discussed it with zgmfx09a for a bit and it got approved.

We hope this chat box will help make the lives of the readers (and the staff) much easier since if you guys got any questions,suggestions, or even criticism regarding any of the translations, feel free to put it there so that we could talk about it and make the blog more lively.

We have plans on trying this out for perhaps a week or so, see if it turns out to be a good idea.I encourage the readers to use the chat system in addition to the comments under each translation post. Sometimes the staff do want to hear some feedback instead of just reading through comments, so yea please do.

Rules on this chat box(yes I know we all hate rules but there are reasons for them being there)

1. no links to websites with pornographic content
2. no use of abusive and vulgar languages
3. no advertising
4. no spamming
5. no posting of messages that are racist towards other races or religion
6. no impersonating other users such as staff or other readers

Those are the rules for now, and I will be the moderator for this chat box for now. If I see anyone breaking this rules despite being warned too many times, I will close the chat box. But please do not try to test my limit as this is supposed to be a user friendly add on, not work.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope to chat with some with the readers on the blog in the future. Please leave your comments if there are anything you would like to suggest or feedback on this function for future reference.


  1. Good thing it does not appear to be Flash...

  2. Gah, I've gotten so cynical. This actually can make it more fun and interactive, but my first thought was "great, now I can see the 12-year olds complaining in real-time."

  3. I think this is a good idea, but I have 2 suggestions:

    1. I think it's better to keep the Projects' links up and the chatbox below them.

    2. If you are going to keep a chatbox, I recommend to use chatango. Cbox often introduces spam, and has a bunch of bugs. Chatango let you customize the interface and other things.

  4. @Ariel

    Thank you so much for suggesting Chatango as a chat box. I really do find it much more powerful and user friendly as compared to cbox. I probably will customize it later when I got more free time in my hands.

    1. You're welcome ^^

      I use this option in my own blog too.

  5. Is smart, but i can see all theough your evil plan.

    This is a scheme to make Keito stop uber-commenting but it will not work, you wont take me down that easily.

    Ubercommenting. Will. Survive!!!