Sunday, January 15, 2012

More details about 不完全神性機関イリス

Or Fukanzen Shinkei Kikan Ilis. Or Imperfect Divine Arms Ilis.

Did a little digging for this title, since it's about Ilis. Couldn't find the raws sadly. However, I do know quite a bit about the story now.

Main info gotten from and the wiki.

It's definitely set before Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden, that's one. Blog says that about 3/4 of the world's destroyed in that timeline, so Orbie Clar does not exists yet, probably.

Main character, Nagi Ichisaki Zeal, is a poor 17 years old student studying in a military academy under its mercenary soldier course. Interested in machines and stuff, and it seems like he actually wants to transfer to the mechanical courses. Found an android in a scrapyard, and took her home to repair her.

Ilis sucks horribly with housework and she wreaks everything. Moreover, her real identity seems to be that of a military android. So trouble ensues in his house and during school - or so it says.

Then came the attacks on an unknown entity, "Yuugenshu". And somehow, in order to protect the Forbidden Crystal (and probably the human race), Ilis awakens as the "Divine Arms".

Well, here's a wallpaper which you can get by clearing an online survey by the publisher. Since I'm feeling high, I'll just share it here.

Male MC seems a little more rugged than Sheltis. Ilis is adorable as fk.

Well, author of the blog says that the writing style of the novel is slightly different from that of Kei Sazane's two works, and it focuses a lot more on the romance-comedy scenes (or probably fanservice...... but romance??? That soon?). It's kinda supported by the relatively revealing illustrations found inside... There's hadaka apron...... and stuff.

Oh yeah. Ilis looks pretty badass in the last image.

Blog author's practically raving about how cute Ilis is. Then there's Nagi who's moved by Ilis sincerity. Plebeians. I liked her since vol 1 of Eden when I know her as a crystal machine (and that means get your hands off her, Mixhe. Go lust after the body of some other girls instead). I don't think my heart can take it if I ever get to read this though.

Blog author also says that Kei Sazane's distinctive style still remains in the novel, including his character developments, the well fleshed world, as well as the climax late into the book. Well, I don't know if retaining that 'climax' part is anything good, due to his below par combat scenes and such, but I am glad the rest of the things are there. That's what make his works Kei Sazane's works.

Well, I am not too sure how Nagi comes into play though, because in vol 4 of Eden, Ilis was already with a different person, and she's in her combat form (it's sort of a flashback scene...... sort of). Oh well, I'll put in the illustration here as well.

Kadokawa Taiwan, translations when? Or rather, when will my Jap be good enough to read a raw novel in its entirety?


  1. I can't find the RAW... figures, since it's still new (December release).
    Dang! just when we can see more of Ilis moe-ness... >_<
    but...seeing that the main character is different, that's just makes me thinking...maybe her story is not a happy one...? T^T

  2. But is there a real, concrete, connection between the crystal Ilis (?) and this humanoid mecha Ilis?

  3. Man Ilis looks so cute in her human form, damn you nek0 for claiming her as your waifu :<

  4. That dude's blog post was hilarious. Must've been tough typing that while alternating font sizes and colors while doing 'reaction guy' poses.

  5. Replies
    1. It is unknown whether this is serialized yet. Fujimi pushes out 2 new series from new authors EVERY MONTH. If it gets a good response, then it will be serialized. You will know in another 3 to 4 months after v1's published date.

  6. This IS series - here link for vol1 (not my scan, midi-quality) ""

  7. hey,so here is the question of the century...i read the manga....and according to it
    the yugenshuu are taking over the world..and if this is in the same universe but a previous time,then does that mean who ever was the mc and the heroes got totally massacred/killed/eaten by them?....hmm thats not it..
    is this the same illis from hyouketsu?if so then...then...does that mean she lost her human longer a housemaid..and..and..HER LOVE STORY ENDED AS TRAGEDY????????NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. There's at least a 1000 years gap between Fukanzen Ilis and Eden.