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[Onii-Ai v3] Chapter 8: 13th April, PM7:15

This chapter took some time, because I went into slight hardcore-gaming mode during the weekends.


"Let's all take a bath together."

All of us were having dinner together at the canteen, when Kaichou suddenly said that.

"Since the olden days, the best way to improve relationships is to bare ourselves in front of others - that is of typical knowledge. So let us follow just that. How's that, caretaker?"

"Oh my-. How should I put it? In regards to that."

Facing the question thrown at me, I tilted my head as I stretched out my chopsticks towards the Saikyo-zuke spanish-mackerel in front of me. [TLNote: a Kyoto cuisine. Fish marinated with sweet miso]

"Well, indeed, the bathroom here is designed to accommodate multiple people at once. It is possible for everyone to take a bath together."

"That's right. So it is."

"Also, should everyone bathe by themselves, then we will have to reheat the water each time. That's just too inefficient."

"Yup yup, it is very inefficient."

"Even if we are to take a look at the past records, we can see that the opening hours for the bathroom is rather short. It seems like there were people who bathe together back then as well."

"Mhmm. Indeed."

"Therefore, well, I am generally in favor towards Kaichou's suggestion."

"Ohh. As expected of the caretaker. You are really understanding."


I stared at Kaichou,

"That is if everyone agrees to it. I somehow don't think there will be anyone who is willing to bathe together with a students' council president with the nickname of 'Predator'."

"Uhh. But, you are generally in for it, right?"

"Well yeah. There is no reason to oppose it."

We should try to stick to the operating procedures of the previous residents of the hostel as much as possible. There are more advantages to having a group of people bathing together as well.

"Well, let us hear from the others. Fuku-kaichou, what do you think?"

"I am not really against it."

Rather surprisingly, Nasuhara seemed to have agreed with that.

"Nikaido Arashi is unquestionably a beast, but she is a surprisingly level-headed person. Looking at how things are, she should not be doing anything that is reckless."

She was gracefully sucking on a piece of clam while maintaining her expressionless face - Nasuhara had put in some good words for Seito-kaichou.

Yeah, it's true, I do think Kaichou has that side to her as well. Though she is a dangerous predator, she should understand the unspoken behaviors or courtesy as demanded from her. In actual fact, even though she was surrounded by tens of lovers in the past, I had never once heard of something negative being said about Nikaido Arashi.

"I don't have anything against it either."

Ginbe said that as she cleared our dinner.

"This is a good chance for us residents to improve our relationship. I can't think of a strong reason for me to oppose it...... What does lil' sister think?"

"...... To be honest, I am not too enthusiastic about it......"

"Oh. Why is that so?"

"Because, it is quite unthinkable for Nikaido-senpai to be not doing anything in that sort of situation. Also, it is still better to take your time and enjoy your bath by yourself."

"Even though Nikaido Arashi is like that, she is still the Seito-kaichou of a famous school. You can trust the words coming out from her mouth. Also, it's not as though we have to bathe together everyday. Don't you think it is great for us to bathe together for just today?"

"It is pointless reasoning with her, Gin-Gin. She is trying to come up with all sorts of excuses, but ultimately, she just lacks confidence in her own body. Isn't that right, Himenokouji?"

"Huh!? What are you implying, Nasuhara!"

"Exactly as I have said. Since you are inferior to me in terms of three-sizes, height and even the length of our legs, you have no intention to stand side-by-side with me naked, right? You can always hide it with the clothes you wear, but you can't do that in the bathroom...... Well, that is how it is, Gin-Gin."

"That's how it is huh. Not wanting to bathe with us just because you are not confident of your own body - that's just...... Even for someone like me, who can easily be mistaken as an elementary school girl, I have never once hesitated to bare myself to everyone. You really are useless."

"What's with that, I do not have that sort of—"

"If so, please prove yourself with your actions. No matter what, you have your stand as the secretary of the students' council as well, so I do hope lil' sister can demonstrate to us your team spirit...... then again, has the nickname 'Gin-Gin' really stuck already?"

"Well, in any case, that's how it is."

As she said that, Kaichou gave a sinister smile.

"You may not be too willing, but just go along with it for today, Himenokouji. You can join us with your clothes on if you are that unwilling, and should you wish to enjoy bathing alone, you can do that after we have all left."

"Uhhhhh~...... I understand, I understand. I'll join everyone. That should be fine, right?"

"Good. That's my cute subordinate."

Kaichou gave a satisfied smile proudly.

But then again, the four girls will be enjoying themselves in the bathroom huh.

For all the fellow men in Japan, there should be no other scene that can quite make you guys as excited as that. Of course, for me, that is the case as well. I am a guy after all.

Still, that is the only period of time where the girls can enjoy a moment of rest. As a guy, all I can do is to thank the gods for allowing that sort of utopian activity to occur in the place I am living in. But whatever, I am satisfied with that.

"Alright. Let us take the bath after dinner. I remember the bath should take about thirty minutes to fill up."

"Ah, everyone, please prepare yourselves for the bath, and leave everything here to me. It should take quite some time for girls to prepare themselves for this, right? Ah, also, I will be clearing up the utensils and stuff while you girls are taking the bath."

Just as how us guys have our bromance, the girls do have their own girly world as well. I'll be in charge of doing the afterwork, so that the girls can enjoy their time in the bath comfortably - though I was planning to do that sort of thing to please them, however.

"Mmm? What are you talking about?"

Kaichou announced with a surprised expression.

I said, 'Let's all take a bath together', right? How can I leave you out by yourself? Hmm?"


And so, I was made to join them in their bath as well.

...... Ugh, though that is how it was written, I have absolutely no idea what I am writing, or perhaps there is something wrong with my narration. But despite how crazy and unbelievable things were, I could only accept whatever was happening in front of my eyes as the truth.

And thus, I shall say things just as they were. Also, due to my pride as a professional novelist (forgive me for my transgression), I am driven by my sense of duty to capture everything that has happened into words - I don't know if it is really due to that, or if it is actually something else.

"Fu-hyu. Ahh, the temperature's perfect."

"How incredible. It is no onsen, but somehow it really feels like it is an excellent bathhouse. Perhaps the old but excellent design of the bathroom has amplified that sort of feeling."

"...... Speaking of which, Akito has really joined us as well. Things like the atmosphere of the situation and how things develop from there, it will occasionally end up with us in a strange situation......"

"Bathing together with Onii-chan...... Bathing together with Onii-chan......"

*Chapu chapu*

*Pisha pisha*

The sounds of the water in the bathtub reached my ears, together with the words of the members of the students' council that St. Ririana Academy is proud of.

"Ahh, looking at how things are, I can only say that those bunch of people who want to demolish this hostel are really idiots."

"So Kaichou will actually say something decent once in a while. The atmosphere of this bathroom, which is comfortable and clean at the same time...... and also its design is retro, and yet it has those modern touches at some places at the same time. Everything is just exquisite. I have heard that this hostel was originally a females-only hostel, and looking at how things are, it is not surprising. The whole building may be so, but the bathroom is filled with even more hints that emphasizes about how the past residents have been taking good care of the hostel."

"...... After seeing how you girls can calmly exchange your views about the bathroom, I can only confirm that you two are both really impressive people. Ugh, but no matter what, I had still joined in your conversation, so perhaps I am not in a position to be telling you girls about that......"

"Bathing together with Onii-chan...... Bathing together with Onii-chan......"

"Yo Himenokouji Akito. You have not said anything since just now. Are you enjoying yourself properly? This bath ain't too bad."

"H-Haa. Mmm, yeah."

Despite me answering with that, in actual fact, there was no room for me to enjoy the bath properly. If there is any guy who can answer her with 'The water's really good' without breaking a sweat, while in an unexpected situation of  being among a group of stark naked girls in the same bath, then that guy may be a male but definitely not a man. At the very least, I will never want to befriend that sort of person in my life, and I have no wish to understand them either. That is something that I can say definitely and truthfully.

"Ka ka ka, why are you that stiff? Though we are bathing together, but not only are you blindfolded, but you are wearing a swimming trunks as well. It's nothing special, right?"

"No no no no."

She had really said something really crazy.

Of course, to be honest, my interest in the opposite sex is probably slightly lower than that of your average person, and it is not like I am not aware of it as well. However, I have not yet achieved the state of enlightenment where I can be in a bath with four other girls, without having any thoughts in my mind.

Of course, it is not like things will be fine just because my eyes were blindfolded. Rather, since I was robbed of my sense of sight, my sense of hearing and smell, together with my imagination, had all sharpened as a result.

"Well, even so, considering that you were suddenly thrown into this sort of away-ground, I will have to praise you for that. Even if this is an event filled with plenty of service, most typical guys will still escape with their tail between their legs."

"Which is why, Akito is an intriguing man who is stubborn, and yet easily influenced by the general flow of things...... Then again, I am not in much of a position to talk about it, in regards to that...... Ahh, I really wish to get out of the bathtub right now."

"Oh why oh why. Why is even Gin-Gin saying that sort of feeble words? Even if you are totally naked, it is not as if our caretaker can see you anyway. Just treat him like an ornament or something."

"Kaichou is right. As of how things are now, we should enjoy the bath in a dignified manner."

"Putting Kaichou aside, even Nasuhara is saying that. That's something that is hard to comprehend."

"Ara. It is okay for you to really leave the bathroom right now, Gin-Gin. Because that means I will have one less opponent to deal with. Should any sort of service happens after you have left, you will be the only one to miss it."

"How can I leave by myself, after hearing that from you? God knows what will happen should I leave you guys alone with Akito. In for a penny, in for a pound - I do understand that idiom at the very least...... Then again, even though it is off topic, is that nickname really stuck?"

"Bathing together with Onii-chan...... Bathing together with Onii-chan......"

"Speaking of which, isn't Himenokouji-imouto acting a little strange since just now?"

"She has always been strange."

"She is muttering to herself while in a trance. It's probably that - just by bathing together with Akito, her nerves are probably close to their limits due to their state of bliss."

"Her eyes are blank too...... She is really a bro-con inside out."

"To have reached such a state, she is really disgusting."

"Mmm. We should take this opportunity to let lil' sister take another look at her relationship with Akito. This is for her own good as well."

Well well.

I was not too sure of the details as my sense of sight was taken away from me. Aside from Akiko, who was saying something that seems to be from her dreams, it seemed like everyone else was used to the situation already, surprisingly. Even Ginbe was gradually settling down after her initial embarrassment phase.

Incidentally, this out-of-the-ordinary situation was lead by Kaichou with haste, with Nasuhara applying some pressure from the sidelines. Akiko was conned by their sweet words, while me and Ginbe were dragged along by the flow of things. I don't think it was a coincidence for us two to be in the same situation, since we had just transferred to the school. But for such a crazy act to be approved so naturally - that is probably the ethos of St. Ririana Academy. Oh boy, in every sense, it is a really scary elite school.

"Speaking of which, you guys."

Kaichou changed the subject with that.

"The deliberate act of us bearing our naked selves to each other is to improve the camaraderie between us. As such, why don't we hold a small activity?"

"Haa. An activity huh."

I could not see Kaichou one bit, and yet I was still struck by the usual uneasy feeling.

"I don't have anything against the suggestion itself, but if possible, please keep it within something that is on the tamer side. As of our current situation now, it is not something that is reassuring, from the school's point of view. Since I am the caretaker of this hostel, I hope that the activity will not be something too ridiculous."

"No worries. It is just scrubbing the back."

"Scrub? Back?"

Indeed, it is one of the long-standing activities done in the bathroom in Japan.

It fits quite well for our initial objective, and generally speaking, it is something that is healthy - putting aside the problem whether a mixed bath could be something that is considered as healthy.

"However...... it is something suggested by Kaichou......"

"There is no need to be uneasy. For a whimsical woman like me who cares about her reputation, one of the things which I hate the most is unclean things and disappointment. There is no bad intention, and I am not going to pull any tricks. I can assure you that."


It is true that Nikaido Arashi's words are definitely not something to be taken lightly. Since she had already put it like that, I should just believe in her earnestly. Even if she has some tricks up her sleeves, for a person like her, there should be another chance and method for her to execute them.

"Us living together under the same roof, are stark naked in the water and scrubbing each others' back. Should we do that, our camaraderie will definitely improve, whether we want it or not."

"It is like that. But upon thinking on it deeper, isn't this activity something that will be dominated by Kaichou, as someone who can be seen as a dual-wielding swordsman in terms of sex? Everyone here is a candidate for your lover."

"If you are still feeling uneasy about me, I am fine with just you guys doing it, you know? Just like I had stressed, this is to deepen the bonds between us. It is not something that I had suggested due to my own personal desires...... However, it will be really lonely for me to watch you people doing it while I can only suck on my own thumb. If possible, I still hope you can allow me to participate."

"Oh well, since you have said it like that, then I have no choice but to believe in you. I think it is totally fine for you to participate."

"Great. Thanks."

"I'll just take it as that. How about the others? What about Nasuhara and gang?"

"I do not really mind."

That was the answer from Fuku-kaichou.

"Ignoring her usual actions and words - just this once, what Kaichou had said is absolutely correct. I cannot find a single reason to oppose it."

"Urm, really?"

"Let's not talk about that. How many times have I repeated this already, that I hope you can call me by the name 'Anna'; when will that pig brain of yours actually remember that? Should you continue to ignore my requests, I will change all your underwear in the changing room to a fundoshi." [TLNote: Fundoshi is the traditional Japanese undergarment for adult males, made from a length of cotton.]

"So you are using your favorite gag at a time like this......"

She actually said nothing back when we were thinking of nicknames. I really could not understand this girl.

"To add on, I'll apply a thick layer of mentholatum to the crotch area of the fundoshi, so please look forward to it."

"No, really, spare me from that."

What would I do should it cause some sort of weird sexual fetish to awake within me.

"Urm, what about Ginbe? Are you in agreement with that suggestion too?"

"Though not too readily."

There was a hint of sigh in my good friend's voice.

"As of this point, I will only be a joke if I continue being timid. I will try to conform to you guys as much as I can. As the saying goes: when in Rome, do as the Romans do."

"Even you are joining in as well aye......"

This friend whom I knew for a long time, is basically someone who is stubborn and hardworking. Even if she has changed from that recently, she was someone who had persuaded the lazy me countless times in the past.

Generally speaking, though she is of a European blood lineage, speaks like a boy, and has overall character that is more striking than normal, she is probably the most serious person out of everyone in this hostel...... Thus, it is quite chilling for the nerves, to see someone like her to be gradually corrupted by the ethos of St. Ririana Academy.

"It can't be helped."

Did she read my mind or something? Ginbe continued on while laughing wryly,

"I consider myself to be someone who has common sense. However, since living with the student council members together, it feels like my 'common sense' is wrecked in an instant."

I totally agree with that.

Since transferring to this school, the students' council had given me lots of troubles. St. Ririana Academy is the most famous of all famous schools, and yet the elites of the school are actually this bunch of nutcases. Moreover, that includes my younger sister as well - I have no idea if I should be laughing or crying.

Forget it. In any case, things have already become like this.

Both Ginbe and I came from elsewhere, and we are both good friends - I hope we can continue to help each other out. The reason is simple: if the minority does not share a close relationship between themselves to fight against the outside threats together, then they will not be able to survive.

"Urm, Akiko, what about you? Do you want to join in the back scrubbing too?"

"Bathing together with Onii-chan...... Bathing together with Onii-chan......"

I passed the baton to my sister, but she was still muttering something inaudible. No response.

Judging from my rich experiences, that sound of hers is, you know, an indication of her being in her own world. Her dazed look was right there in front of me.

Mhmm, forget it, I'll just leave my sister alone for now. If I were to make her snap back to her normal self, then things may very well become even more complicated.

"Urm, then Akiko will be out. I think the rest of us will participate in the back-scrubbing."

"Alright. That took quite a while."

"Before that though, there is something that I would like to confirm."

"Hmm? What?"

"Do I need to participate in this activity as well?"

"Of course? Or rather, your participation in the activity is so important that it will not start without you."

"Ugh, but no matter what, I am still a man. It is barely acceptable for me to enter the bathroom and bathe together with the girls blindfolded. But if it comes down to coming into contact with a girl, then......"

"Why are you still worrying about insignificant things at a time like this? Isn't back-scrubbing about using a towel to scrub one's back with some force? That can't be considered as a physical contact."

"Urm, but, should I do that blindfolded, then I will not know where to scrub, right?"

"What, isn't that even better for you? You should take that opportunity to grope some boobs - only so you can consider yourself to be an outstanding man, yeah?"

"I don't really care what you are thinking, but please do not force your values onto me, Kaichou."

"What a stubborn fella...... alright, I get it. How about this. You will not be the one doing the scrubbing, but the one receiving it. There should be no problem with that."

"Urm, even then, typically speaking, there will still be a problem, you know?"

To allow a totally naked girl to scrub your own back - that should be some services that one can enjoy only at places that are legally operated, which accept only adults.

However, things will go to nowhere if I was to voice that out. I should have the 'in for a penny, in for a pound' spirit, just like Ginbe had said. So......

"I think there's a problem with that too."

Just as I was thinking of that, Ginbe voiced out her objection.

"I have reluctantly agreed to that only because I thought it was an all-girls thing. It is different if Akito is to participate as well. There is already plenty of problems just by having him around here. If it is going to be like that, then I will pass."

A totally correct opinion.

Or rather, I want to forcefully voice out an opinion that is similar to Ginbe's as well. However,

"Gin-Gin. That will not do, now that things have became like this."

Kaichou said something with a dumbfounded voice while I was thinking of doing so,

"It is hard for us to come to an agreement, so giving-up halfway is not an option. Think about coordination, you know, coordination."

"Kaichou is right, but there has to be a limit to things. It is hard for me to agree with it, and it goes against my conscience and common sense."

"Haha. You are smart, and you know how to talk, so why are you so surprisingly stubborn at things like these. Should I say you are just being hairsplitting, or what......"

"It's just Gin-Gin being too innocent."

This time, even Nasuhara spoke.

"I originally thought she is quite the carnivore, seeing that she has moved here all the way from Kyoto by herself. It seems like I was just reading the book by its cover. However, it is quite understandable, should I think deeper into it, since she is still just friends with Akito, after a long period of six years."

"...... What are you implying, Nasuhara?"

"Nothing. I am just voicing out my thoughts in a straightforward manner."

"Really? But to me, it sounds like you are indirectly insulting me."

"Ara, that is a misunderstanding. Or rather, that is just the opposite. If you want to know why, it is because I am starting to think you are really cute."

"You are saying cute? That's also seeing me not as an equal, right? I cannot accept your judgement of me."

"Regardless of whether I am willing or not, cute things are just cute, there is no helping it. Strong, faithful and yet slightly immature; despite your curves being really lacking, your limbs are slender, and your waist is very thin too. Your eyes are round and big, your eyelashes are long and thin, and your hair is silver and smooth...... Ahhh, why did I not realize it earlier? Gin-Gin, you are really a girl who is unrivaled in terms of cuteness. You are cute to the point where I want to put you into my glamorous room as part of the decorations."

"...... Nasuhara. Is there something different about your character?"

"To add on, your skin is smooth as a baby's - Gin-Gin, can you allow me to touch it?"

"Wha- don't do that, it feels really uncomfortable."

"Ah, that faint expression of disgust is really cute too. Neh neh, can I hug you?"

"D-Don't say idiotic things like that. Are you actually someone who shares similar interest with Kaichou as well?"

"Ara, you have misunderstood. I just love cute things, that is all."

...... Seemed like things are taking on a strange turn. However, since I was blindfolded and not too aware of what exactly was going on, I could not find the opportunity to interrupt.

In any case, what I could understand then was: a new relationship had developed between Nasuhara and Ginbe.

"Alright, it's about time you stop, Fuku-kaichou."

Just then, Kaichou stopped them.

"Gin-Gin is feeling really uneasy already, and we are straying too far off from the main topic. Should this continue, there will be no development to our current situation regardless of the amount of time spent."

"Ara, I am sorry. Just look at the things I have done."

"In any case, Gin-Gin. There is something that I can tell you with full certainty. I believe, upon hearing this, that uncertainty of yours will disappear in an instant - you want to hear it?"

"...... Please."

"It's something simple, really. Can you really bring yourself to watch Akito getting his back scrubbed by another woman, while all you do is to suck your thumb and watch without saying anything?"



For a brief moment, only the sound of the flowing waters could be heard.

"...... Just this once, alright?"

Ginbe said that with a whisper which sounded like it was forced out of her mouth.

"Alright, that's my cute subordinate. That posture of you coming to a difficult decision with your shoulders trembling slightly due to your anger - to be honest, you look really charming. With that, you have shot yourself to the first position in my rankings of <<People whom I want to be lovers with>>."

"Enough of that crap, let us start immediately. How should we get about doing this, and what about the sequence?"

"Anyway is fine. This is not a competition, just an activity to increase our camaraderie. As for the sequence...... right, let's start from Gin-Gin."

"What, me first?"

"Yeah, out of respect of your difficult decision. Also, Himenokouji will get used to this sort of excitement after a while, so the first to do it will get the best perks."

"I-I am not like you guys, I am not used to things like this. For me to be the first to do it, that's a little too......"

"Why? You have came to this point already, and yet you are wimping out? Should you think of yourself as a woman, then show us how broadminded you are. Should you run away at a juncture like this, you will find yourself dumped not soon after, you know? You had worked so hard to come from a place as far as Kyoto."


Despite Ginbe sounding really conflicted, I heard a soft sigh from her soon after.

"Akito, sit on the scrubbing place."

"Ah, mmm."

I followed her instruction, and carried myself to the scrubbing place with my memories as my guide, and sat on the chair.

My legs were slightly unsteady due to me being in the hot water all this time. Does that mean I was soaking for too long?

"Ahem. Urm, well, I'll start."

"Ahh, mhmm. Please, Ginbe."

"Needless to say, this is my first time doing this. Should there be anything that is unsatisfactory, please forgive me."

"Mhmm. I understand."

"Well then, do you have any requests when I am scrubbing your back? I wish to accommodate to you as much as possible."

"Ah-. But this is the first time I am enjoying something like this as well. I can't do it like I am at the hairdresser or the beauty salon, and just come up with a request right on the spot."

"I-Is that so. That's fine, I'll just take it that we are both equally unfamiliar about our current situation. Well then, I shall begin scrubbing now."

With that, Ginbe began her preparations.

The sound of the bucket filled up with water.

Dipping the towel into the hot water. And the sound of either soap or shower cream lathering - I am not too sure which.

And a sense of nervousness that is shooting out of control.

"Urm, then...... here I go, Akito?"

"M-Mhmm. Ah, but Ginbe, you have been soaking in the bath for quite a while already, right? Are you fine? Do you feel dizzy?"

"Ahh, I do feel slightly dazed. But no worries, it will not affect something as simple as scrubbing your back."

"Really. Mmm, that's fine."

With that, my good friend touched my back through the towel.

"...... It's broader than I have imagined. Your back."


"Mhmm. Even though you had always skipped them, Akito is still someone who was trained by the Takanomiyas. This is probably the result of that."

"Well, I did step up my efforts in the recent years, though initially when I had just arrive at the Takanomiya, I was not too serious about it...... Oh, Ginbe."


"Are your hands trembling slightly?"

"Stop playing with me, they are not trembling at all. Stop talking, or else I will not be able to concentrate. Just stay quiet-"

"Ouch it hurts."

"S-Sorry! I accidentally used too much strength...... I'll be gentler......"

"No, just go with that. For it to be slightly painful...... You can say that feels just right......"

"R-Really? Then...... how about this?"

"Ah, there. Feels really great."

"Really. Then, how about this?"

"Ahhh...... Mmm, this feels good too."

"Then, this?"

"Ah— right, that's perfect. Then just continue with that-"

"...... Hyu— hyu—"

Just then.

Kaichou interrupted.

"My my, look at this, how should I put it...... right, Fuku-kaichou?"

"Yes, the atmosphere is something difficult to comment on."

"Though it is a little that...... for me to be saying this, but us onlookers are going red in the face already. And it is not due to the heat of the bathroom."

"That is right. If this is not Gin-Gin but Himenokouji-imouto, then I will bully her till she goes on her knees and begs for forgiveness. However, as Gin-Gin is very cute, I'll forgive you this once."

"W-What's with you guys? Stop beating around the bush."

Due to the external disturbances, Ginbe stopped scrubbing,

"I cannot concentrate with you two yakking in the background. Be quiet for a while."

"Oh, we are really sorry. But...... isn't that right, Fuku-kaichou?"

"Yes, I understand what Kaichou is trying to say. Anyone in our shoes will probably experience the same feelings as well."

"...... If there is something that you two wish to say, then please say it clearly. If not, then have some moderation in trying to hinder me."

"Really? Then I'll do as you wish, and say it-"

A brief pause.

Then with an extremely sissy voice,

"Gin-Gin. You sounded like you are doing this unwillingly, but there you are, putting your vigor into this. The scene of a naked, blushing girl scrubbing the back of a guy is much more erotic that I had imagined. I am honestly reflecting on it already."

"Yes, I am beginning to cower a little as well. And also, Gin-Gin, you should not have realized it, but the mood between both of you is just like a pair of newlyweds."


There was a serious tremble from the hands at my back.

I could immediately feel Ginbe standing up,

"Please do not say idiotic things like that! Me and Akito- hyaa!?"

What followed, was an impact that came with a *thud*.

I only came to know of it later...... but Ginbe then was staggering due to her dizziness, and she had fallen into my back. Needless to say, with my eyes blindfolded, I did not even dodge it. And due to me not expecting it or preparing myself mentally for it, thus,


With that yell, I collapsed backwards onto the tiled floor.

Needless to say, it was together with Ginbe.

"Owwwowowow....... ah."

I opened my eyes while cringing my face due to the pain.

"....... Ah."

Ginbe was right before me.

I do not know if it was due to her still not coming into terms with our current situation, but there she was, looking down at me, while in an attire befitting of someone in a bath - she was stark naked.

And for some unknown reason, the towel covering my eyes had fallen off when we were collapsing onto the ground.



Ginbe and I were both frozen, and we continued staring at each other.

— We are good friends, and we had been together for a long time.

Even then, that will not change the fact that we are a pair of male and female. We didn't change in the same room before and after our sports classes, and we were separated during our body checkups as well. Meaning, I have never done things with her that are easily done between men - things like 'baring ourselves to each other'.

So obviously, things like this was something of a first.

I see. Indeed, she is not tall, and her curves are not obvious. But her face is small, her limbs are slender, and both are at a perfectly balanced proportion. Her European white skin are tight and springy, causing the water droplets that were dripping onto it to bounce off. Oh boy, isn't that impressive.

...... My brain must be going wrong somewhere, for me to be calmly thinking of things like that at such a time,


In the next instant.

From Ginbe's throat, came a voice that sounded like it was squashed. Tears appeared in her huge eyes, and her expression was contorted like that of a crushed ball of paper. Then-


And so.

Even for an old friend like me, that was the first time I heard Ginbe's cute shriek, and with that the activity came to an end. 'In order to prevent the same incident from happening again' - due to Ginbe advocating that strongly, the rest of us agreed to be more prudent in the future.

Well, naturally so.

In fact, I had no idea how we could get that sort of activity going. Let's just treat it as a lesson so that everyone can prevent things like that from happening again in the future. Yup.

Also, there was another byproduct from this incident, that I will have to inform everyone about.

It has to do with my sister, who was satisfied just by being in the same bath as me, resulting in her not interacting with us at all. You can say that the blatant display of her extreme brother-complex was the final straw which resulted in a proposal.

"Himenokouji Akito and Himenokouji Akiko - shouldn't both of them be sleeping in different rooms?"

That was the earth-shattering proposal for her, which she found to be hard to swallow.


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