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[Eden v1] Chapter 4: Yuugen (part 2)

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The chant/song is quite a bitch to translate, so yeah. Just take note of that.

Side note, Onii-ai's gonna be published by a TW publisher, so fk yeah. Volume 1 is scheduled to be released in October, so I'll be camping for its release.

And so, enjoy part 2.

"Meimel, Syun-rei. I've made you guys wait."

The two Priestesses were already waiting for Ymy in the middle of the room when she reached the floor.

Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, two hundred and eighty first story - the Holy Hall.

The ceremonial equipment shining in a yellow brilliance, together with a huge colorful stained glass etched with images of the stars and the moon. This is the biggest praying hall in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, as well as the sacred room that is used for the initial training for the Priestesses.

"............ Morning, Ymy."

The Priestess dressed in kimono turned around. The expressions on the typically docile girl was much more stiffer than usual. It was probably due to her nervousness.

"Morning, Syun-rei. Let's work hard together today!"

"...... Mmm!"

The people outside Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> were perhaps already enjoying a lively celebration of the Stars Festival.

However, for the Priestesses, they were about to carry out their absolute mission. They are to gain control of the barrier from the Queen, and then the three of them will have to maintain Hyouketsu Kyoukai together for three whole days.

"Speaking of which, Meimel doesn't seem nervous at all."

"Fufu, how rude - I am really nervous too?"

Despite saying that, there was still a slight smile on Meimel's face.

"Alright, the three of us are already here. Queen Salah has been maintaining the barrier for a month, and she is nearly at her limits. We should hurry there to take over, yeah?"

There is the Queen, and her five Priestesses. However, not all Priestesses are staying in the tower. In practice, there will always be around two Priestesses who are in charge of patrolling the borders of the continent. This time, the three Priestesses staying in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> will be tasked with maintaining the barrier.

"Well I'll be heading there first. See ya later!"

Meimel gave a slight teasing look. She then disappeared into the lift.

Her destination is the highest story of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> - the story named <<Paradise>>, where the Queen was. The handing over of Hyouketsu Kyoukai cannot be passed to all Priestesses at one go. As such, by sequence, the Queen will first hand it over to Meimel, then to Syun-rei, and finally to Ymy.

"............ Leon."

"Syun-rei, don't look so worried. Just do as you normally do."

The silver-haired young man propped his body off the wall of the Holy Hall.

"You need not worry about the things of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. You just have to focus on maintaining Hyouketsu Kyoukai. Leave the rest to me."

"............ Mmm!"

The girl let out an almost inaudible voice, and nodded her head.

"............ I'll do my best."

With that, the black-haired Priestess trotted towards the lift as well. Upon seeing all of that, Ymy could not help but to mutter.

"...... Leon is really something."

"How so?"

The young man gave her a questioning look.

"It feels like Syun-rei trusts you from the bottom of her heart."


Leon's reply was not out of pride. There must be a undoubted trust between the Priestess and the Sennenshi who is in charge of protecting her. However...... why was it so? Despite knowing that it is something to be expected, she still could not help but to be envious of Syun-rei and Leon's relationship.

...... If only I can have someone whom I can entrust myself to, just like how they are-


"...... No, nothing. Sorry for the sudden lapse."

Ymy hurriedly squeezed a smile, and acted as though nothing had happened.

"Ah, that's right. Can I put this in your care?"

She took down the necklace which has a blue crystal hanging from it, and handed it to Leon.

"That's how it is. Please take care of me, Leon."

"Ah, so it is Iris."

"I will not be back for these three days, so I hope there will be someone whom she can talk to."

"This fella is really troublesome."

"Can you please use the words 'afraid of loneliness' instead? Not to mention, you should have nothing much to do as well, since Syun-rei is not around."

The crystal-machine flashed about in Leon's hand.

"Well then. I shall get going as well. I will leave the rest of the things to you both."

Ymy stretched out her hand in front of the small lift located in the Holy Hall.

It was then, when she heard something.

*Ding...... innnnn............ nnn......*

Ymy stopped her footsteps, and turned her head subconsciously.

It was the sound of a solid object cracking, nearing the cries of a wail. The stained glass of the Holy Hall perhaps? No, that's not right. They were perfectly fine.

"...... It's as though...... something has broke?"

It was a sorrowful sound which was not commonly heard, that induces a feeling of numbness to the listener. Did it come from below her feet? No, it came from way further than that. Not from the floating continent either, but something that is deeper-

"What's wrong, Ymy?"

"Leon...... what's the sound just now?"

In actual fact, that sound was really faint - it was like the illusion of a mirage. But she had indeed heard it. That-

Just then, her sight was dyed red.

The lights from the ceiling disappeared in an instant, and was replaced with the red lights used in emergencies.

"A warning? What's happening? Oi, tower controls! Can you hear me! What is happening?"

Leon yelled at the receivers at the ceiling.

*Za...... zaza......*

With a piercing sound, a broadcast came from the ceilings-

"Warning, this is an automated message to all members of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>.

Currently, the Queen has declared the status of a level one emergency.

According to Tower's Law article number twenty-one, all members are to stop their current task, and take instructions from the Queen."

The broadcast stopped, and all that was left was the warning sirens.

"What's happening? A level one emergency...... it can't be......"

The level one emergency will only be activated when the floating continent is facing a crisis of being destroyed. It also means that humans are facing the danger of annihilation.

"Ymy, you said you had heard a sort of breaking sound, right?"

Even the tone of the crystal-machine was filled with anxiety that had never been felt before.

"Actually, at that instant, my systems had detected a huge reading of mateki while it was monitoring Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden>. Base on the standard strength of a typical Yuugenshu, its strength is akin to that of hundreds, maybe even a thousand Yuugenshu."

"Hundreds...... how can that be possible? Iris?"

If that was real, then it would be the biggest amount ever seen since Hyouketsu Kyoukai has been erected.

"...... What exactly is happening here?"

Ymy clutched onto her wildly beating chest. As a Priestess who maintains the barrier, she has never encountered a situation as bewildering as that.

There will always be a few Yuugenshu that manage to break through Hyouketsu Kyoukai alone every year. However, that was due to them doing it alone, resulting in them being able to squeeze through the narrow gaps of the barrier.

But this time, there was over hundreds of Yuugenshu from Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden> that broke through the barrier at the same time?

"............ Hyouketsu Kyoukai was breached."

The voice came from Syun-rei, who should have had headed to the highest level earlier on.

Following her, was the Priestess in her gown.

"This is bad— What a headache."

Meimel's tone was as lazy as ever. However, her pace of walking was significantly faster, as though she was being chased by something.

"So even Meimel has came over...... what exactly has happened?"

"Calm down, Ymy. I'll explain it to you right now. Run, you there?"


** A dull sound rang, and the silver-decorated door of the Holy Hall was slowly opening. Behind the doors, stood a girl, whose skin was engraved with ritual marks.

"Firstly, there's me and Leon for the Sennenshi. As for the Priestesses, we have these three. Generally, that's all we have for the top brass in the tower. Though I am not sure what exactly is happening, but the situation seems to be really serious. According to the instructions from the top, all departments of the various guards are to gather at the two hundred and sixtieth story to await for further orders. At the lower levels, all Lions Squads have already been gathered, and are currently on a roll call. Currently, the Second, Forth and Fifth Lions Squad are ready to be deployed."

"That's excellent, Run. As expected from my Sennenshi-"

The teenage girl's concise report put a small smile on Meimel's face.

"In any case, I shall briefly explain the situation. Just like what Syun-rei had said, Hyouketsu Kyoukai was breached."

...... Impossible.

Having heard Meimel's explaination, Ymy felt as though it was all just a dream, and could not believe that it was all real. Hyouketsu Kyoukai is the strongest shinryoku barrier that has not been breached for over a thousand years, so why now-

"To be honest, the reason for its breach is probably due to us humans underestimating the Yuugenshu...... The Yuugenshu have targeted the moment when Hyouketsu Kyoukai is at its weakest."

The barrier will become weak?

Only one thing came to mind.

"Could it be—!"

"That's right, the instance when the Queen handover the control to the Priestesses. During the moment where the Queen passes control to the Priestesses, there will be a brief pause in the prayer that maintains the barrier, no? It seems like they have locked their sight on that brief window-"

The words "Star Festival" flashed past Ymy's mind, together with a chill that ran down her spine.

The festival starts at the same time as the Queen finishes her prayers. It was almost like the festival is announcing to everyone about the exact moment of the handover.

At the same time, she recalled what seemed to be a warning message, that Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> had received.

"Warning - there is abnormalities in the behaviors of the Yuugenshu."

So that warning was real...... If only she had tried to confirm its validity, perhaps-

"In any case, we have no time to be regretting. Meimel, please carry on."

"Well, up till now, there is only a small portion of Hyouketsu Kyoukai that is breached. It's a hole about the size of a few hundred meters. From the sheer size of Hyouketsu Kyoukai, that is nothing more than just a dot. That hole was opened for only a few seconds, and it has already been patched............ However, the problem is-"

At then, Meimel closed her mouth. It was not like she was hesitating to say it, but rather, there was no need for her to continue.

The Yuugenshu has always been waiting for the chance to attack the floating continent. For those strange beasts, a small 'hole' in Hyouketsu Kyoukai is more than enough for them.

Those unknown presence, has always been waiting for this very moment-

"In any case, I think the observation units should have detected over a thousand Yuugenshu that had passed the barrier...... By the estimation of Queen Salah, we have about an hour before the first wave of attacks from the Yuugenshu arrives."

Huge amounts of Yuugenshu were rising from the Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden> ten thousand meters below, up towards the floating continent. The sheer size is something that has never been seen before since the establishment of Hyouketsu Kyoukai, and their intention was-

"The observation units of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> has send back numerous reports. The Yuugenshu are currently moving upwards towards the floating continent in various large groups, instead of acting individually. From that, we can deduce that they are not targeting the whole floating continent, but rather, they are attacking a specific place."

Everyone went silent for a moment after hearing Iris' explaination.

There can only be one target on the floating continent.

Without a doubt, it is Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. The Yuugenshu will be here soon.

"...... Meimel, what should we do? Queen Salah should be at her limits soon."

Ymy looked at the senior Priestess in front of her, while clenching on to her trembling fist.

For the guards of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> like Leon and Run, the number of Yuugenshu was just way too huge for them to handle.

Without the support of the Priestesses, they will definitely suffer from huge casualties. However, the three Priestesses are required to maintain Hyouketsu Kyoukai, as the Queen is about to be exhausted of her strength.

"Queen Salah is nearing her limits, and as for us...... aside of concentrating on maintaining Hyouketsu Kyoukai, there is not much we can do. That said, are we letting Leon and the rest of them to fight against the Yuugenshu by themselves?"

"That's our only option."

The silent silver-haired young man broke his silence with a sigh.

"Run and I will gather our remaining subordinates who are on standby, to prepare for the attack."

However, a Priestess clutch onto his coat.


"............ Leon, don't....... Leon will die, so don't go alone."

The black-haired girl shook her head repeatedly, with an expression close to crying - Leon himself knew, that this is an attack by the Yuugenshu with a scale that was never before seen in history. There are some variants among the Yuugenshu that are strong enough to even take down a huge dragon by itself. No matter how strong a Sennenshi is, to be facing against such a number of enemies-

"But, what else can we do?"

"Hold on. That is just too reckless. We can assist you guys, but-"

Just when Leon was planning to shake Syun-rei off.

Meimel placed her hand on his shoulders.

"Listen. Us Priestesses can support the Sennenshi for up to a maximum of three hours. That is the time limit that determines if the floating continent will fall."

Upon hearing that, Leon stopped moving.

"...... What do you mean?"

"I am about to explain that, but I need to tell it to everyone on the floating continent as well. Ymy, Syun-rei, you two come over here."

Meimel elegantly waved her hands.

"I am about to send a telepathy message to the Priestesses and Sennenshi that are patrolling the borders, as well as the people of the floating continent. Similar to Hyouketsu Kyoukai, it will be easier if us three are to split our jobs. I will be in charge of the putting the spell together, while Syun-rei will be in charge of controlling the spell. Lastly, Ymy will be providing the necessary shinryoku required."

"...... Hold on, Meimel."

Run walked over with loud footsteps.

"Telepathy is Syun-rei's strength, and you are in charge of putting the spell together, so I have nothing against that. However, won't the burden be too great on Ymy?"

The telepathy shall spread throughout the floating continent.

That means, that Ymy will have to release her shinryoku to cover the whole of the giant continent.

"Well, don't worry. Ymy's not too good at controlling spells, but the amount of her shinryoku is shockingly deep. You should know that too, right? Aside from Queen Salah, Ymy is the only other person who can maintain Hyouketsu Kyoukai for three days, as though it was nothing."


"...... Run, thanks for your concern. However, I am willing to do it."

Facing Run who was still not willing to back down, Ymy gave her a nod of agreement.

Just do it without reservation. At that situation, it was due to the trust of the senior Priestess in her, that she was delegating such an important task to her.

"Ymy is a really good girl. It may be slightly tiring later, but not to worry. Your spells may be in a hopeless state, but it seems like you have a limitless source of energy to power them."

"...... Meimel, are you trying to turn around and be sarcastic at me?"

"Nothing of that sort. Well then, Ymy and Syun-rei. Let us resonate the spell with <<Threefold Sonata>>. Can you two do that?"

Her originally smiling expression disappeared in an instant. Her eyes became sharp with the smile of hers gone.

"Just do like we always do during practice. Don't worry, you both have accumulated quite a bit of experience from training already."

Upon hearing her said that, Ymy and Syun-rei could not help but to look at each other.

...... Aside from practices, that was the first time they were using it.

<<Threefold Sonata>> is an aria sung by three spellcasters. They not only have to sing in unison, but their lyrics have to conform to the other two singers as well, resulting in a melody with hundreds of combinations of different lyrics. Due to that, it was extremely difficult.

"Well then - Ymy, Syun-rei and me. Let us synchronize ourselves."

The Holy Hall became dead quiet in an instant.

All sound had disappeared from the sacred hall, including the faint sounds of breathing.

Lin Endes pel On Nes
<I, shall release the ever-changing blessings>

phia-So la telah sitra
<The triangular door shall light up our prayers>

ele So Phi-a Arma-Riris
<Please accept in all wishes that I can grant>

—————————————————————————     Following along the left side     Singing along to the melody
Threefold Sonata     Under the domains of the territory     This shall be the main tune     That links the melody together
—————————————————————————     Following along the right side     Singing along to the melody

A lengthy tone     A dreamy timbre     Circling the world     Weaving into time
    A faraway tone     Luring people to sleep     Converting into pulsation     Changing into spiral
        An unrestricted tone     Filled with rules     Creating ripples     Surpassing countless forms

The great     Blessings from within    Words and phrases     Are briefly sketched
    The intricate     And unparalleled glamour     Words and phrases     Interweaving together
The swirling Resonance overflows Similar to thin lines Circling endlessly

The trails of the dream Awakens the slumber from the faraway garden Dreams and reality Satisfy my body
The woven dreams The streams of the world transforms into a mirror Rules and regulations Makes me feel fulfilled
The burning stone within my embrace The scattered parts shall gather here today The lyrics and song Fills me up

The falling stars Streaks past the rings of the deep All so that I can know you here
The settling moon The intricate occasion All so that I can liberate you here
The torrential rain Flows along the lands All so that I can find you here

Winds Everything that is moving Shall become A miraculous road of impact
Winds Everything that has fluttered down Shall become A endless road of for the circling stars
Winds Everything that is ruffled up Shall become A road of hope for thousands

— The forth Priestess     Under the guidance of the domain,     Using the procedures of the thirty-third power of verse three to construct the world
— The second Priestess     Under the guidance of the barrier,     Using the procedures of the thirty-third power of verse three to create the world
— The fifth Priestess     Under the guidance of the baptism,     Using the procedures of the thirty-third power of verse three to recreate the world


The sound akin to a falling water droplet, is the sound created by the spreading lights of shinryoku.

Similar to how a water droplet strikes the surface of a pool, which creates small ripples - the light that envelops the three Priestesses are expanding outwards at a blinding pace.

It passes through the walls of the Holy Hall, and went out of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. The light gradually stretches out to a size big enough to encase Orbie Clar, including the other conservation areas that are outside of the floating continent.

"............ Capture."

Syun-rei opened her tightly shut eyes.

Her gentle black pupils were giving off a emerald glow, having received the shinryoku required for the territorial spells.

"............ Nature sector, to the north of the Park Number Three. The southwest side of the conservation sector. There are traces of Priestesses and Sennenshi."

"It's tough for you, Syun-rei, but please continue to trace their location. I shall be performing the telepathy. Ah— ahem."

"To the two pairs of Priestesses and Sennenshi that are patrolling, it has been hard on you all. As for the people of the living sector, good day everyone. I am Priestess Meimel. Sorry for the sudden interruption, but I have something important to tell everyone, so I have no choice but to do it via telepathy."

An amplified voice of Meimel rang in Ymy's mind. Not just herself, but Leon and Run, and everyone in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> should be hearing Meimel's voice as well.

"Everyone, listen to me calmly - just not too long ago, Hyouketsu Kyoukai, which seals Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden>, has been breached by the Yuugenshu."


Leon lifted his head in shock. Meimel was way too direct with her speech.

The contents of the telepathy bears a huge impact. The residents may fall into a state of panic should they know that Hyouketsu Kyoukai had been breached.

"Leon, believe in her."

Ymy nodded at the silver-haired young man.

...... Meimel knew that better than anyone here, so please trust her in whatever she is about to do.

"Thousands of Yuugenshu is approaching Orbie Clar. To elaborate, the floating continent shall come under their attack within less than an hour."

The tall Priestess continued on without pausing.

There was no room for hesitation - Meimel's calm tone clearly emphasized that point.

At the same time, her message cannot be vague. That will result in her unease being revealed for all to see, which will cause panic among the residents of the living sector, resulting in chaos.

"Does everyone understand the situation we are in? As such, I seek cooperation from the residents of the living sector. Please head to the underground shelters within thirty minutes. The guards of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> will be protecting those places with their lives on the line. Understand?"

Meimel heaved a huge breathe of air.

This time, her audiences had been changed to the fellow comrades that were outside of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>.

"The following content goes out to the two Priestesses and the two Sennenshi that are on patrol. Due to the time constrains, I'll cut to the chase...... Just as you have all heard, the situation is in a dire state."

The Priestess in her gown shrugged her shoulders.

Her tone was as lazy as ever, but it had a sense of authority in them.

"Currently, our biggest problem is that there are just too many Yuugenshu that have broken past the barrier. The Sennenshi and guards in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> will not be able to handle them all by themselves. As such, the Priestesses will have to support as well...... However, that will result in a situation where there will be no one who can maintain Hyouketsu Kyoukai. The Queen is about to reach her physical limits, so the Priestesses will have to take over as quickly as possible."

However, if the Priestesses are to take over at the highest story, then there will only be the Sennenshi left that will be fighting against the incoming Yuugenshu.

"As such, I am about to convey the suggestion from the Queen - ready?"

"I can still hold Hyouketsu Kyoukai by myself for about three hours.

All Priestesses, Sennenshi and the guards on standby are to eliminate the Yuugenshu that has broken past the barrier within the time period...... However, I will not be able to do anything should the time exceeds three hours. Once the time is up, the Priestesses will have to take over the control of Hyouketsu Kyoukai. Please remember that clearly."

Eliminate the Yuugenshu within three hours, and then the Priestesses are to take over the control of Hyouketsu Kyoukai from the Queen. Those are the absolute conditions for protecting the floating continent.

"As such, I am asking a favor from the Priestesses who are patrolling outside of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. As you all know, Yuugenshu are a creature with a mist-like body, and are floating upwards from Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden> ten thousand meters from below. They will be reaching the borders of the floating continent first, which means they will strike from the conservation sector and the nature sector. As such, prior to them attacking the living sector, please reduce their numbers as much as you can. Thirty...... no, a minimum of forty percent. The rest of us in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> shall take care of the remaining Yuugenshu. That's all, and good luck everyone."

The telepathy ended.

Meimel turned around, her forehead filled with sweat.

"Everyone heard it as well. We have to destroy all Yuugenshu within three hours, then gain control of Hyouketsu Kyoukai from the Queen. These are the absolute conditions to protect the floating continent. Once the time is over, even if there are remaining Yuugenshu, the Priestesses will still have to head to the highest story. We will not be able to wait, even if we are to see the Yuugenshu attacking others."

"That's enough. That is what us Sennenshi is here for."

Having received Leon's agreement, Meimel showed a smile.

"That's really trustworthy. Then I shall leave this place to Syun-rei and Ymy - let's go, Run."

With that, the Priestess turned away from everyone else.

"Meimel, where are you going?"

"Do you even have to ask? Who will be protecting the civilians if we do not head over to the living sector?"

The senior Priestess replied calmly, with her back still facing them.

"But, what about Hyouketsu Kyoukai?"

"Ymy, I shall leave Hyouketsu Kyoukai to you. We have always deployed multiple people to maintain the barrier, in order to play safe. However, you should have undergone training to maintain Hyouketsu Kyoukai by yourself, right? In actual fact, one Priestess is all it needs to maintain the barrier. To be safe, Syun-rei can support as well. Shouldn't the remaining Priestess lend their strength on the battlefield?"

"But......! If so, let me go instead. Should Meimel leave Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>-"

Currently, the one in command is Meimel.

Ymy and Syun-rei lacks the experience, and has never lead the whole of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> before.

"Ymy? How are you able to lead the battle without a Sennenshi protecting you by your side?"

"That...... However, didn't Meimel say that Priestesses are absolutely not allowed to die?"

An important task of protecting the civilians will be added to their objectives, should they head to the living sector to fight. Despite being a Priestess, such a mission would be way too dangerous for her.

...... As such, being the Priestess of the lowest position, I should be the one heading out. Should anything happens to me, they should be able to find a replacement for me easily.


The senior Priestess in front of her slowly turned her body.

"You must remember - there is no Priestess who should die in vain. The positions are just arbitrary - it does not mean that I am more important than you, due to me having a higher position than you."

...... How unbelievable. The positions of the Priestesses are bestowed by the Queen herself. Ymy was surprised to hear that from Meimel, as someone who views the positions with great importance, more so than anyone else.

"Just like how Syun-rei is good at territorial spells such as far-sight and telepathy, you do possess the absolute strength of shinryoku. Every Priestess have fields which they are good at - for me, its the barrier types. I am the only one who can construct barriers around the shelters, and fight."

"Still...... Even more reason for me to go!"

Facing Meimel who had continuously kept her calm, Ymy raised her voice.

If she is to direct her powers to the barriers of the shelters, then Meimel will not have enough shinryoku to protect herself. Should she come under an attack from Yuugenshu in that condition......

"Ymy, that's what Priestesses are. Priestesses are to protect the floating continent with all their might, while the Sennenshi are in charge of protecting the Priestesses. The floating continent can retain stability for over a thousand years due to such a trusting relationship. It is natural of us to put ourselves in danger to protect the people of the living sector. Isn't that right, Run?"

Meimel winked at her guardian and Sennenshi.

"Don't worry. I will protect Meimel."

...... I have finally understood.

I understand how deep the trust is between the Priestesses and their Sennenshi. I have understood what I, someone who does not have my Sennenshi, lack. The absolute relationship that is brought down for over a thousand years, is right in front of me.

"Well then, it's been decided - we shall be in charge of destroying the Yuugenshu that are heading towards the living sector. Despite us aiming to annihilate all of the Yuugenshu, considering the fact that we have to protect the civilians who cannot escape in time, we can probably clear about forty to fifty percent of them. As such, once they have broken past this line of defense, there will be nothing else protecting Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. Leon, I shall put Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> in your hands...... You must put in all your effort. I shall not let you off should anything happens to the Priestesses and the Queen."

"You just like to worry for nothing. You yourself should concentrate on protecting Meimel."

Having heard Run's provoking speech, Leon struck back with an aggressive smile.

"Syun-rei, Ymy. I shall be engaging the Yuugenshu at the hall at two hundred and forty first story. Please take over the defense of the Holy Hall. Once three hours is up, head over to the highest story."

"...... Mmm."

Ymy placed her hands gently on her chest, and gave a nod...... the overwhelming pressure had caused her chest to hurt a little. The final line of defense is herself and Syun-rei. That place shall be the last fortress that protects the Queen.

"Ymy, what about this fella?"

Leon took out the crystal-machine, that was tied to a necklace.

"Leon, bring me along with you. I can observe on the Yuugenshu that are entering Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, and give you the respective reports. You can then instruct your subordinates at the hall."

"Well, it seems like everything has been settled. Well then, dismiss. Let's hope that we can all be safe."

Meimel clapped her hands, and gave her last order.

The Holy Hall. Everyone at there began to make their moves, according to the tasks assigned to them.


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