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[Eden v1] Chapter 3: The festival of the stars (Part 3)

The word 'pantsu' is a man's romance, just like how it is wrong to use anything else other than 'onii-chan' when it is used in the text.

Part 4 will be the last part of Chapter 3, I think. I'll try to finish it within a day.


A transparent sky-blue sphere.

In the dark blue world, the fringes were gradually dyed red in the setting sunset.

"Yet another day that is about to end......"

This is one of the rooms in Orbie Clar that is closest to the sky. Ymy was sitting next to the window in her personal room, and glided her fingers past the glass.

Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, two hundred and eighty seventh story.

A height that is over one thousand and nine hundred meters tall, penetrating past the clouds and into the sky - it is a place that not even birds can reach with their pair of wings.

"There is less than twelve hours to go before the Stars Festival starts. The living sector should probably be bustling by now."

The crystal machine, which should originally be in energy-saving mode, spoke.


The Queen who has been maintaining Hyouketsu Kyoukai for twenty seven days is fast approaching her rest time, and Stars Festival is about to start as well. In another words, it is about time to hand over the control of Hyouketsu Kyoukai to Ymy and the other Priestesses.

There is no room for failure for the ceremony. Should Hyouketsu Kyoukai ever collapse, the whole Orbie Clar will fall under merciless assault by the Yuugenshu of Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden>.

"Don't worry, there will be no problems if you follow the instructions of Meimel. Her abilities in the area regarding barrier-type shinryoku spells are unquestionable."

"I have never once doubted her, you know."

Meimel is the most experienced in terms of barrier spells, while Syun-rei is the youngest and most talented Priestess.

Personally, Ymy was not too worried about the arts of Hyouketsu Kyoukai either. She had worked hard on her way to become a Priestess, and after becoming one, she has constantly studied on it.

"But please be careful. I have a bad premonition."


For a machine, the term 'prediction' should suit it better. However, Iris always prefers to talk in a human-like manner.

"The Yuugenshu seems to be at unrest. It looks like they might be up to something bad."


Ymy was confused. The Yuugenshu that attacks the floating continent has always been a source of danger. As such, it seemed strange for Iris to use the term 'unrest'.

"Before I explain. Ymy, do you know that someone had illegally hacked into Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>'s computers this morning?"

"Nope, I've only come to heard of it now."

"I guess, since I had helped the opposite party as well. There should have been no one who has realized it."

"I see, if so, then it is really............ Eh?"

She hurriedly walked towards the table, and roughly grabbed the crystal-machine.

"Iris! What's the meaning of that?"

"Simply put, I was quite curious about the intentions of the hacker. Judging from the methods of hacking, it was obvious that the person is someone who possess machines with high specs, and also well versed in the relevant knowledge as well. He does not seem like those newbies who are just hacking for the sake of having fun. Thus, I really wanted to know what information of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> is that person interested in."

"Which means to say...... you gave that person free reign in his actions?"

"I was the one who had retrieved the records, so you are right to say that. However, part of the reason for me doing so is due to my respect for the hacker.

The main computers of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> are protected by encryption program named 'Daibo Shinsuu'. It looked as though the hacker was spending quite some time there, thus I helped by secretly overwriting his trojan with the decodes. On the side note, it is already an impressive feat for that person to have hacked till that stage."

Iris said tirelessly. However, for a machine dummy like Ymy, it was quite commendable for her to be able to understand about roughly half the contents. The only conclusion that she could make is—

"This...... so, it means that Iris is really good as well......?"

"It is my honor to receive your praise. Alright, next is the important part. Having received my help unknowingly, do you know what was the hacker aiming for?"

...... How should I know?

She could barely make out the contents, much less come up with an answer.

"Don't be shocked. It concerns the female employees of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> - it's their three sizes and pantsu-"

"Iris? I am actually listening to you very seriously, you know?"

Her grip on the crystal-machine tightened.

"Ymy, it hurts it hurts...... the joke shall end here...... ahem, actually, it is the data on the appearances of Yuugenshu."

"Could it be someone from Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>? Typical people should not be interested in things like these."

"I thought so too back then. But not long ago, an interesting message has popped up on in the public terminal systems of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, and it was sent anonymously. The hacking had occurred at about over ten hours ago, and it read-"

"Warning - there is abnormalities in the behaviors of the Yuugenshu."

"...... It happened at only more than ten hours ago, meaning that not even a day has passed yet. Is it really something that has happened not long ago?"

Considering that Iris was explaining in such detail, could it be-

"That's right. There is a very high possibility that the hacker back in the early morning is the same person as the anonymous sender of the mail."

It was hard to imagine it as a normal staff from Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. Well then, could it be the guards of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>? No, rather than doing all that, it would be easier to just report it to Sennenshi Leon or Run - there was absolutely no need to post it anonymously on the public terminals...... If so, who could it be?

"Then it is someone from the living sector?"

"I think so too. He is definitely not your ordinary person though. Since he had made a warning about the abnormalities in the behaviours of Yuugenshu, he must be someone who is well versed about Yuugenshu."

A person from the living sector.

And well versed in Yuugenshu—?

"..... Oh. Speaking of which, is there some truth in the warning?"

Ymy asked casually. The crystal-machine on the table went silent.

"Looking at the way things are now...... Upon being reminded by him, it does seems like there is room for investigation."

"What do you mean?"

"It seems like the Yuugenshu are observing the Queen and Priestesses who are maintaining Hyouketsu Kyoukai - the recent sightings of Yuugenshu are spread evenly around Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> in a circle. And they are all within a fixed area."

"Observing us......?"

Which means to say, the Yuugenshu were closely monitoring the human's world.

"Then again, that is a phenomenon that has just happened recently. If we are to compare it against tens, even hundreds of years worth of data, then we can only explain it by calling it a coincidence. With regards to the warning, Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> will most probably just continue to monitor on things, and nothing more. As the warning has clashed with the ceremony of the Queen handing over the barrier to the Priestesses, there is really no manpower that they can spare to look into this."

The validity of the warning was unknown. Just like what Iris had said, if one is to extend it to tens, hundreds of years, then there might be similar incidents in the past. That's right, the people of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> must have thought so. Even for Meimel, as someone who has been a Priestess for quite a while, she may probably just consider it as paranoia.

However...... if the person is the childhood friend who she knew-

"If it is Sheltis...... then what will he say?"

"Not that, surely? Don't you already know the answer?"

"I'll investigate. Ymy, wait here for my return."

He will definitely say that.

...... Why did things turned out to be like this?

If that young man...... if he is the Sennenshi protecting her, then even if she was to encounter an inexplicable happening like this, she would definitely not feel uneasy about it.

"Ymy, regarding Sheltis-"

"I know, I should be concentrating on the things related to Hyouketsu Kyoukai, right?"

Emptying the swirling thoughts in her mind, Ymy once again walked to the window.

She touched the glass with her fingertips.

The hard and icy touch seeped into her burning body, and her soul seemed to calm down from that. Right now, she must fulfill her responsibilities as a Priestess.

"Alright, it's fine! I'll do my best!"

"Where are you going?"

While pointing to the ceiling, Ymy walked quickly towards the door.

"To the highest story. There is not much time left, and I wish to let my body get used to it first."


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