Friday, December 30, 2011

[Piano v1] Chapter 17: Bagel Sandwich, Spring, Engineering Firm

Nao confirmed for newtype. Also, what sort of bet is that? He really has nothing to lose, though I'd lose if I were him.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[Piano v1] Chapter 16: Lucille, The First Drops of Rain

Here's 16. Enjoy.

[Piano v1] Chapter 15: Layla, Railroads, Everything that was Lost

Here's 15. 5 more to go.


[Mushi Uta] Chapter 2.02: Shiika Part 3

Hey guys!

Had a happy xmas? =)
Sorry about the long chapter, it was long and we had to take it down to review it. But now its back up and ready to go. Should be easier to understand now, so worry free.

So then, the next chapter is also ready to go. A late xmas present from me. =)


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[Mushi Uta] Chapter 2.01 The Others

Hello guys. I apologize for having to put down the content earlier for this chapter but I had to review it urgently for errors and reading problems.Me and my editor would like to thank the readers waiting for this past weeks. Enjoy this release.

I'll be clearing Piano first

As titled. Merc wants me to do piano first because of all the cliffhangers. I agree with that. So it will be piano all the way till vol 1 is over.

Late Merry Christmas / Boxing Day to you guys.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[Piano v1] Chapter 13: Eroica

Since this is still lagging behind Eden, I'll do chapter 14 as well. 

And it's horribly difficult, to the point where it's enough for me to keep it in its trial status. Though I don't think completing Vol 1 is that much of a problem.

Also, if there's anything wrong with the musical technicalities of the chapter, please let me know.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

[Piano v1] Chapter 11: Desert, Heart, Kashmir

As suspected, the part where they were playing Kashmir was the most difficult for this chapter. I managed somehow. For now. The dreaded Chapter 13 can't come slow enough.

Enjoy. For now.

Friday, December 16, 2011

[Eden v2] Intermission: Tranquility of the heart

And here's the intermission. I'll be working on 3 chapters of Sayonara Piano Sonata, which I think are the crunch chapters for me. If I can clear them successfully, I'll can most probably finish up volume one.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[Mushi Uta] Chapter 2.00 Daisuke part 3

Sup all. Here with a new release for mushi uta. The next few chapters are already translated but waiting for editing by our editor so look forward to them.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[Piano v1] Chapter 8: Princess, Revolutionist

Ah, I remember playing the bass of Stand by Me on my bass clarinet back in the days when I was in my school's concert band.


[Eden v2] Intermission: The night of initiation

And back to Sayonara Piano Sonata.

Edit: I've also changed Floating Islands <Lagoon> to Floating Archipelago <Lagoon>.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Eden v2] Chapter 2: Isolation (completed)

Removed the original Part 1 post because of the major changes to the terms, from Floating Islands <Lagoon> to Floating Archipelago <Lagoon>. It will be a pain in the ass to change that in Part 1 as well, so I chose to delete that instead.

Oh right. Many people's asking for Onii-ai vol 4. The thing is, I am waiting for the Chinese translations as well, just like how everyone here is waiting for mine. There is no news from Nuretapantsu yet. Remember, it has only been a month since the release in Japan. For vol 2, it took nearly half a year for the Chinese translations to be done. In the worse case scenario where he has dropped the project somehow, there is still the official translations to go, although I don't think vol 4 will be coming anytime soon as it is still at vol 1.

All I am asking for is patience. There is no need to bug me on when vol 4 will be released, because I'll be updating you guys when the Chinese translations are available for it. If there isn't any, I'll just focus on Sayonara Piano Sonata and Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden.

Here's the whole chapter. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

[Piano v1] Chapter 7: Towel, Insecticide, Sealing Tape

Well, I guess this is it for the series for now. I'll be resuming on chapter 2 of Hyouketsu Kyoukai.


[Mushi Uta] Chapter 1.03: Shiika Part 2


[Piano v1] Chapter 6: Funeral, Meeting, Funds

Here's a fun fact: Tetsurou was never once illustrated in the five volumes of the series. My mental image of him while I was reading the book is a guy who looks like Jintan's dad (Anohana), but that was not what the author had in mind. In the author's notes of the final book, Sugii said that the editor had once asked him what Tetsurou looks like, and the author replied with "A grown up L (from Death Note)". The editor never asked anything about it ever again.

I hope I have permanently shattered the image of L in your minds. Enjoy.